Movie Theater Employees Reveal Secrets About Movie Theaters

Movie Theater Employees Reveal Secrets About Movie Theaters

beware of the hot dogs not sure where they’re from how can you get something for free well it’s free if you don’t get caught you can get free movie passes pretty much if you about anything enough they have these guest services desk if you go up and you’re just like it was too cold or it was so loud your movie passes so just the real trick is you get something for free honestly is just flirt with us tell us what we want to hear what we want to know this one guy no girl just flirt so just a tiny bit he kiss and whatever they want all this food drinks candy for free what’s the most wild thing that you saw in the movie theater I was assuring one day and this woman came out and said that there was some funny business going on in the back of the theater no she that’s where all the funny business goes on and there were two high schoolers getting down when I had to shine the light and feel like my guys you need to leave right now and it was so awkward I was actually taking out the trash and I heard like a moaning sound another remove their clothes there’s no reason as last movie I look up and these people are having sex in the movie theater when I heard the moaning I was like hey and you know they got just they just left like so bad in the theater when I was cleaning up I wanted to be like you should just get some of that movie theater Butterick sit straight oil it’ll do the same job and it tastes real good so what happens if you get caught movie topic obviously we really don’t care unless it’s like a huge movie premiere like it’s sold out like the Avengers type movie we’re not standing in front of the doors like checking every ticket like walk over out like you own the place like yeah I’m gonna bounce from movie to movie you’re not gonna tell me that some employees are really strict and they will literally ban you or they will let you make you leave some of them will even call the cops it’s not even that deep what is the best seat in a movie theater let’s say like in the middle so that way you’re not like you know don’t have your head arched up a dead center that’s where the sound quality is the best in the rolls between the middle and the last room this is the middle the back I would say like somewhere here it’s not so crammed it’s not so crowded but there’s an empty theater don’t sit next to someone that’s weird find your own space we never see this here with the lights off how dirty is it mmm you have like less than five minutes to clean in between films so most the time we just like sweep trash under the seats and hope no one really notices God knows when last time those chairs were like actually clean I never saw them clean those seats there’s a good chance he probably sent in the chair where some old dude probably just urinated on themselves because I had to help a dude out of his chair to make sure he did not do that so yeah so as you’re getting all comfortable curling up into the seat just think of all the bodily fluids that are on there and dirt and trash and it’s crazy you find money in the movie theaters too we actually do not always return them or supposed to let me take it I subscribe that Zoo employees care if you bring in outside snacks if you keep it in your bag nobody cares I don’t care maybe Jake and Antwon don’t care but Margaret cares because she loves a manager and she sucks ass so yes she cares if she won’t let you go anywhere because you bringing snack I’m seeing people bringing a whole box of pizza one-seven-one there was a guy I had like two shopping bag just coming in like he had gone to the grocery store was like he had like alcohol all this stuff and because I was the worst employee ever I was just like yo can I have a beer after one time when I was cleaning I actually found at KFC box so they even coming in finger-licking good let’s talk about the butter I remember this girl came up to me and said could I just get plain popcorn please I’m vegan so I can’t have butter and I want to be like girl you could have as much of that butter as you want because there is no dairy in that it’s not real butter it’s like an oil with some type of um I don’t even know it’s like artificial oil you know that I can’t believe this not butter it’s like that I guess math fake if you saw the big tins of oil and the little powder flavor thing we use it would turn you off but whatever it’s still good you have to eat it a little bit of it what’s the most annoying part of the job cleaning toilets is probably the worst part of the job because eating all that nacho cheese and corn like I’ve have to clean up feces off the floor it was literally like right at the base of a toilet I’m like how did you miss best day or time to go to the movies definitely during the week Monday through Wednesday morning or early afternoon cuz if you go in the morning you get matinee showings which are cheaper tickets the fastest way to get kicked out of movie theater is if your phone’s going off they don’t play that at all not even a little bit not even a little bit they don’t play that and people like that stop talking stop talking okay so now you know when you’re both goal stop yelling people will come out and they’ll come to us and it’ll be like this guy right over here doing this woods he keeps doing it all movies and we’re like we’ll have to go in and if they’re not gonna work with us you’re out I ain’t paying you for everything no because you breathe the wrong way band you talk to one way bad your phone goes off bad they just ban you for no reason it’s sick [Music]

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  1. 4:12 so that’s why movie theater bathrooms are always nasty…y’all hate cleaning them so you just don’t do it 😂

  2. I remember one time I went to the movies with my parents and I was 99% sure this couple at the end of our row were having sex. Due to my anxiety, I wasn’t able to tell someone but I was stressed the entire movie and wasn’t able to focus on the movie 🙊

  3. There is definitely something nasty in that popcorn butter, I had to stop eating popcorn at the movie theater years ago because I would get sick every time I had their nasty ass popcorn.

  4. A movie theater here in our city doesnt ban snacks. Yesterday we saw spiderman and brought two pizza boxes, ice cream, sodas, chocolates, banana bread and a big bottle of water😂

  5. Outside food didn't bother me unless they left like giant containers or glass bottles behind. Cause you cant sweep a wine bottle or KFC buckets under seats. My coworker busted somebody pulling the padge in the front row of Mission Impossible on opening night though. BOLD.

  6. Me and my best friend snuck in two 10 piece wings and fries with two drinks in the movies. It was hidden under my dress in a shopping bag! Best movie ever 😂😂

  7. For my 11 birthday party at the movies these people were making out and when I say making out they were full on doing it..

  8. I would say as a former employee it helps move things along if you take 30 seconds to throw your popcorn on the way out especially if it's opening weekend of a sold out show. Bc we don't have enough time to prep the theater if a packed house didn't throw everything away and that inconveniences the next screening

  9. Ummm don’t go to the movies as soon as they open unless you want the same popcorn from last night 🤣🤣🤣

  10. “you breathe the wrong way, BANNED”
    “you talk the wrong way, BANNED”
    “your phone goes off, BANNED”

  11. I went to watch Spiderman in the theaters on Monday, and the Cineplex was EMPTY. There were two guys and this one girl just sitting, waiting for the movie to start, and I was like 'where the hell is anybody?'. I was waiting for a guy with knives to just pop out from the seats and slaughter everyone. Lol. At least I had leg space.

  12. One time I went to the mall vies, and I was the last movie. All the employees were nowhere to be seen. So i hopped over the count and got a large cup of sprite. I was trying to be fast and I nocked over something on the counter. It was really loud, and I jumped into the car and sped off

  13. I accidentally kicked this elderly lady chair and I apologized and then she just left and an employee told me to leave 😑


    Me: Dealing with people that they want the manager because they showed their kids sausage party even though it’s supposed to be rated PG because it’s A CARTOON

  15. Feces at the base of the toilet? Consider yourself very slightly fortunate. On my birthday, two years in a row, I had to straighten up stalls with feces all over…. walls and all. And then there are the couple times it was in the hall between all the stalls.
    But hey, I was making that Crew Leader $8/hr!! >:|

  16. My theater has luxurious seats they got a couple years ago. They are COUCHES, where you have buttons to push backwards into almost a bed. It’s a good three feet of space with cup holders, and my mom usually brings a blanket and pillow and falls asleep while we!re watching a movie she digest want to watch.

  17. I remember my friend and me went to see Endgame but in the most expensive movie room (the only screening where we could make it, also my first time going there but it was worth it lol) and for real, no one checked our tickets- really, not even a single guard at the entrance. I don't know movie theaters from US but in my country, they separate the expensive screening rooms from the regular ones. We entered and even though we bought our tickets online, no one asked for them. Honestly we could have easily entered for free but I guess we are honest people lol we could have also watched the other movies if we wanted to but didn't have the heart to do it. Anyways, we were indeed surprised at the lack of security lmao (also sorry if my english was weird, not my main language)

  18. My first job was at a movie theater. We had people order Domino's Pizza and have it delivered to the theater before their movie started.

  19. 4:21 omgggg so true😂 I worked at an ice cream store & I literally questioned “how did you miss”

  20. I'll pay your exorbitant ticket, popcorn & candy prices. But if you carry the wrong soda, you best believe I'm bringing my own.

  21. Working at the movie theater was seriously the best job ever. True do not ever get a hot dog!! Nobody cares if you bring in food/drinks, just put them in your purse. I had this lady who would always come with her own Tupperware container of popcorn and put butter on it lol. McDonald's was always brought in, I worked at AMC like 10 years ago and there was no rules about bringing in your own food or drinks I don't know if that has since changed. I will say that concession was always immaculately cleaned every day, probably the cleanest food "kitchen" I've ever worked in in the restaurant biz. Don't be afraid to complain if someone is on their phone nonstop or talking, you will get free passes.

  22. I have sneaked in a Subway sandwich, chips, and cookies one time; only bought a drink and my ticket at the movies.
    Another time, my mom and I snuck in Burger King, even our drinks if I’m not mistaken
    And of course I sneak in candy

  23. I would highly advice against using the "butter" as lube unless you want a yeast infection. That's nasty.

  24. apparently this one lady complained about me and my first date making out at the back to one of the staff i knew, she replied "pull up your panties and let the kids live" i swear i couldn't be happier.

  25. One time my friend bought a burger at burger king, she Didnt know that the movie was starting so soon, so she like smashed the Burger into her purs😂😂

  26. 0:41 Wow, what a hottie. she must be a model by now. I wouldn't mind doing funny business in the back of the theater with her!

  27. I went t a movie theater a few seats over I saw a lady eating a bucket of Churchs Chicken and wrapped around in a blanket and yes I took Chikfila but regret it because I had to put Polynesian sauce on my sandwich 🤦‍♂️

  28. That why I watch bootleg movies…it's free save $ & time..🤔 I got my girl giving me blow job & hand Job all the way back seat middle …no one see it

  29. They actin like cleaning feces is such a huge deal lol I clean feces probably 10-20 times per 8 hour shift as a CNA so……… where my buzzfeed feature at LOL

  30. I was explaining to my mother what was happening in a Marvel movie and one of the ladies in front of us got up left the movie and a couple minutes later an employee came in to tell us to be quite. He said we would have to leave if we kept talking. There was practically no one in the theater. I was not talking loud and they should have moved if it bothered them that much.

  31. I remember one time, me and my girlfriend snuck in some fried chicken and waffles inside the theatre. We thought one of the employee personnel staff would notice as they sometimes randomly walk around inside the movie theatre, but they never did so…yeah, that was pretty cool!

  32. I had a white lady accuse us of smoking weed in a movie theatre but we weren’t,I had 2 other friends with me and her fatass was with her kids so as soon as we saw that we just stayed quiet but then here comes an employee telling us and we say we weren’t smoking weed (we were high off edibles tho) and she made us leave the theatre but not the premises so the manager comes out and we explain everything and he lets us back in then the lady I assume she wasn’t happy with that went again and told another lie but this time the manager came and instead of kicking us out she kicked her and her little kids out…no more lion king for them

  33. I used to work at a theater and people would be so obvious about bringing their food in lol like at least hide it 😂

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