Movie theater Food Hack!

Movie theater Food Hack!

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we’re gonna do a phone hack and it has to do with going to a movie theater so
if you’re interested in finding out how to do a boom hack at the theater stay
tuned and let’s do this so when we go to the movies I mean you
almost can’t go to the movies and not get popcorn it’s just they go hand in
hand it’s like peanut butter and jelly you just gotta have it and then when you
get your popcorn you gotta have the butter also like peanut butter and jelly
popcorn and butter go together I’m not suggesting this is healthy I’m just
saying it’s good okay stop judging me so when you go in and you get your popcorn
and you stick that bucket underneath the butter dispenser and it’s like shooting
it and you’re doing this you know trying to get as much of it in there as
possible and then you get to your seat and your first half of your popcorn is
uber soggy with butter and your second half of your popcorn doesn’t have any
it’s so not firstworldproblems Heather I know I know but anyway here’s a way to
fix that problem when you’re going to the theater get a straw stick it halfway
down into your popcorn in different spots and just give it a little bit of a
squirt around and then shake it up a bit and you will have evenly distributed
butter on the top and the bottom and it will all be fabulous and then you can
enjoy your entire bucket of popcorn for the entire movie and all will be well
with the world okay so that’s it super quick super easy I know it’s not rocket
science but hey it’s something fun we tried it out it totally worked so next
time here at the theater if you want butter evenly distributed throughout the
bucket try using the straw I hope this inspires you to try something new and
fun at the movies and go see something with your family otherwise I hope you’re
having a great day and I will see you in the next video see you late

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  1. Heather. Omigawd!! I love this tip. I always have trouble because I lose half the popcorn trying to shake the darn thing. I never ever never would have thought to use a straw. Lol. Awesome.

  2. Wow, that's an awesome hack!! Did you come up with this yourself or learn it from someone else? I'm impressed! Cheers!

  3. I’m not a popcorn person but I will surely blow people’s mind at the movies when I make this recommendation 😉 Thanks Heather!

  4. OK, now I have to get popcorn at the movies, I avoided it before because I couldn't get enough butter – the real reason is I'm on a low carb diet….BUT, I'm allowed all the butter I want! Go for it!

  5. Popcorn addict here! Love this tip. I would have never thought of this. will be giving you a high five next time at the theater getting poopcorn! 🍿

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