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– Fake banana. – It’s really not good! That’s really not good! – I’m really sorry. – And then it lingers.
– Yeah. – (bleep) you. – Yeah, that’s been the
general reaction around here. (rock music) Welcome to “Snack Talk,” the
show that answers every snack-related question you
could possibly imagine. You know, the movie theater
Experience has really changed in recent years. It used to be that you had
a stiff chair, and you could barely get Twizzlers,
but now you’ve got giant, relaxing chairs, and
you can practically get an entire meal right there in your seat. But one thing has not changed. You guessed it, popcorn. But have you ever stopped
to wonder why exactly is buttered Styrofoam the No.
1 cinematic sidekick? It’s been a mystery until now. Our guest today is gonna help
us get to the bottom of this. You may know him from movies
like “Wet Hot American Summer” or legendary comedy groups
“The State” and Stella. He’s also got his own
podcast about snacks, “Mike and Tom Eat Snacks.” Please welcome Michael Ian Black. (bleeps) Don’t worry about it, just– (indistinct chattering) No, no, no. You can’t break popcorn. Please welcome, here. – I have to welcome myself? – Please welcome. All right, so Michael,
you are here to help us get to the bottom of movie theater snacks. So this episode is all
about movies and of course therefore popcorn, because
it’s the No. 1 movie theater snack. What is your relationship
with popcorn like? – When eating popcorn at a movie, I feel like the instinct,
my instinct is to make it as buttery as possible. But now I know that
doing that is essentially painting my arteries with
plaque, and so I’m reluctant to add additional butter
or butter substitute to the popcorn. My hope is always that it
just kinda comes like that, that they’ve already
pre-buttered the popcorn so that I can absolve
myself of responsibility and I can say to myself,
“Well, I didn’t know. And I’ve already paid $45
for this tub of popcorn, what am I to do?” I almost never, if I’m
by myself at the movies, I never buy popcorn. If I’m with my stupid
children at the movies, they always want popcorn
and so, we generally share a medium-sized popcorn. – Huh, so we’re here to get
to the bottom of all things movie theater snack related,
and to help us with this, I’ve come up with a little
segment that I like to call the Snackademy Awards. – Are you looking for a reaction from me? Like, oh that’s (bleep) great. (tape rewinding) – The Snackademy Awards. – Oh that’s (bleep) great. – Fantastic. So we know that popcorn and
maybe nachos or even hot dogs, they kinda have that top-
shelf billing, you know, in movie theaters. And so I feel like every great snack needs a supporting snack. So the nominees for Best
Supporting Snack are… Reese’s Pieces, Sno-Caps, Milk Duds,
Raisinettes, and Sour Patch. And these are in support
of what, ’cause to me, I would get an either-
or; I wouldn’t get nachos and these, I don’t think. – Well I think that a lot of
people like to combine these with popcorn.
– Oh with popcorn. – Yes and of one of these very
specifically I think is best paired with popcorn. And unlike the actual Oscars, we have actual people of color. Look: that guy’s green, that guy’s blue. (chuckling) – Well, all right, so if you
were just talking about pairing with popcorn, you’re never
gonna pair Sour Patch Kids with popcorn. – That was my choice.
– No you don’t do that. It’s a chocolate– It’s a chocolate-based combination. – Yeah but let me defend
the Sour Patch Kids. This is the only time in the movie theater where you will encounter acidity. – What you need is sweet with salty. – Mm, I see. – My palate when I’m at the
movie theater isn’t going, “How acidic can I make this experience?” That’s never a thought
that’s going through my mind. – Fair.
– Sweet and salty, absolutely. – OK.
– Milk Duds do not work. – OK, why so? – Because the popcorn
kernel is easily chewable. The Milk Dud is an arduous
trek that you really have to undergo with full concentration. You can’t just casually eat a Milk Dud. So you can’t combine it with
the popcorn because by the time the Milk Dud is gone, the
popcorn will have been gone for days. Also, you can’t eat a box of these. – Chocolate, caramel all in one. You eat them in the movie
theater, and you eat the whole box even though you said you’re
only gonna eat one or two or three and that you’re
gonna share: you’re not, you’re gonna eat the whole thing. Bam. – So what you’re left with,
with popcorn are Raisinettes, Sno-Caps, and Reese’s Pieces. I would suggest any three
of these could work. It really then becomes
a question of palate. – Sno-Caps, really? – It’s the simplest of the combinations. I agree with you — it’s probably
the worst of the three. So let’s eliminate that.
– Great. – Now, you’ve got a problem. You’ve got Raisinettes and Reese’s Pieces. – Thank you for pronouncing
it the right way. – As opposed to what? – An 8-year-old who
says Reese’s Pee-sees. – I’m gonna give the edge
here to Reese’s Pee-sees, because, the melt factor. And when you’re combining
hot with meltable, I guess I want to take
advantage of the meltability of the Reese’s Pieces, and
also, I don’t wanna have even a hint of health
with the Raisinettes. – Fair. – So I think Reese’s Pieces is the winner of this particular category. – Fantastic, well there
you have it, the winner for Best Supporting Snack is Reese’s Pieces. The nominees for Best Foreign Snack. So here we have (chuckles). Bananko.
– Yeah, Bananko. – Which I believe is a Croatian snack. Here we have the Swedish Fish,
which were invented in Sweden and then copied here in America. Then we have sunflower seeds,
which I believe are very popular in Spain — I don’t
know what the spit situation is like there. Maybe they just consume them all. Then gummy bears, the original,
these are actually called Gold Bears made by Haribo
Company of Germany. I’ll be honest, I’m very biased there, truly one of my favorite gummy snack. – You’re biased towards. – Yes, yes, yes. They just make the best
gummies, I love them. Even though this is Japanese
packaging, dried squid is a very popular movie
snack in South Korea. – Well this is gonna be a
difficult category for me, as somebody who is not an
international moviegoer. – I see. – And I think a lot of it
is gonna depend on context. So my instinct is to go all the way. My instinct is to be like, well,
if the category is foreign, then I wanna get the
most exotic consumable to enhance my foreign
moviegoing experience. So my instinct is to go with the squid. – Have you ever had it? – No.
– It’s truly delicious. – It’s sitting right there. – Would you like to try it? – Not really, but I will. – All right, let’s fire it up. I don’t even know that I can open it. It’s really quite good. I eat this very frequently. – How does it pair with Reese’s Pee-sees? – Well this has a desiccant,
which you should not eat. – But yeah just try it with– – How will I know what
the desiccant is versus the part that I’m supposed to eat. – This one, I don’t know,
it actually doesn’t say. But I would take just a
thread, it’s kind of like string cheese but meat of the sea. – Oh I see. – It’s fun. You can manipulate it. And it has a little bit
of a fishy funk to it, but you can see how this
would pair really well with like beer. I think of this as a fantastic beer snack. – Yeah, this is quite good,
it’s, yeah, it’s like a jerky. It’s like a squid jerky. – Yes, exactly. Well I’m inclined to agree with you. I eat this all the time, my
wife and I, we really dig this kind of palate of
stuff, and we eat this all the time while watching movies. – Great, I think that’s
a great choice, now, just to sort of play
this out a little bit. (sighs) Swedish Fish and gummy
bears, both delicious. But both so closely
associated to America to me at this point that I don’t see
how they can be contenders. And then, Bananko, have you tried this? – I have. It’s not my jam. – It’s chocolate and banana? – Allegedly. – I mean you can tell by looking at it– – That came from Croatia. – That’s not gonna be
a delicious experience. It’s got kind of a marshmallowy
taffy texture to it and I suspect it has a kind of chemical-y. – There’s a weird crunch
to it as well, yeah. Anywhere, anywhere. Spit it wherever you like. It perfumes your mouth
immediately with that vile, fake banana. – It’s really not good! That’s really not good. – I’m really sorry. – And then it lingers.
– Yeah. – (bleep) you! – Yeah, that’s been the
general reaction around here. All right so that’s out of the question. – And as far as sunflower seeds go, this feels like a very viable snack to me. At a movie theater. If you’re not gonna
have popcorn, it’s got, essentially it’s the same
thing, it’s just a salty, crunchy little kernely thing that you can mindlessly munch on. – So who’s the winner? – You know I started out
instinctively going with the dried squid, and I think I’m
ending with the dried squid. – Fantastic, I’m right there with you. I’m gonna have some just to celebrate. I wasn’t sure if anyone would go for this, but I’m glad you did because
I think it’s a pro choice. Mm, delicious. So this leads us to our next
category, which I kind of enjoy as a movie, and I
also think it makes for a great snack and that
is for a Best Short. We’re talking miniatures, small things, some even frozen. It’s like mini versions of a real candy. – Oh I see. – Like this is a miniature cookie. This is a tiny portable Butterfinger. A Combo I believe is taking the place of a pretzel with cheese. That’s a claim. Dibs, these are like frozen Crunch. – There’s your frozen needs. – Yes, they’re cousins. – OK, these are terrible. I know that because I’ve
tasted these professionally in my other work as a snackologist, I have eaten these critically, and they were very disappointing. As a kid who enjoyed them
and then approaching them as an adult… terrible. – Not even the textural juxtaposition? – I am if the flavors were good. – I see. You have a pizza one? – Oh come on. I’m literally about to walk off. – I’m so sorry. – Cookie Dough Bites. It says try ’em frozen and
that seems like how you kinda wanna eat them. – I would think so. – So just, that’s an easy
way to eliminate these. – Mm, mm. – No. – But easy to share. – These do say that they’re easy to share. I would hypothesize that all
of these are easy to share. So I don’t know that
Butterfingers get extra points for being easy to share. – They at least advertise it. – They’re trying to bring us together. – OK so here’s where I think we’re at. We’ve got two Crunch
products and a Butterfinger. – Indeed. – If I’m gonna have a Crunch
product, and I have the option of it being frozen into ice cream, I’m gonna take that option. – There you have it, Dibs. – So then I’m left with
Butterfingers or Dibs. Now, there’s a real
problem with Butterfingers — to me. Which is that once you
reach a certain age, let’s say it’s my age… There’s a fear with Butterfingers
that you may lose a tooth. – Really? Because they’re sticky?
– They’re so sticky, that I always feel like
I have some dental danger of eating them, and so
there’s really only one way to eat a Butterfinger,
in my experience now, which is staccato, short, staccato bites that don’t commit the
Butterfinger center to– – Back teeth.
– The back teeth, so you have to– – Gotta do the incisor,
gotta get, nibble it. I understand. – And it’s like a squirrel.
– Right. – And, surprisingly not delicious. – Hmm. – When was the last time
you had a Butterfinger? – Uh, I wanna say I had
one last week or so. But you know what I like,
and maybe I’m just like trying to be an old man, I like Zagnuts. – Oh. That feels very hipstery to me. Do you put on your zoot suit
when you eat your Zagnut? Go swing dancing? – How are those? I wanna try one of these. – Huh. Almost flavorless. Almost flavorless. I’ve eliminated everyone
now, so now I have to go back to the ones that I eliminated
because I don’t like either of those. – Best Short. Who knew this would be so traumatic? Let’s find out. – What the sh*t, they’re really small. – Really, really tiny. – These are pebble-sized.
– Yeah. And also not very good. I feel bad hating stuff. That sucks. – I’m going to lunch
after this, and I’m sorry. Now I have to try — some Japanese place. – Dope. – Yeah it’s dope. – Now I have to try the
cookie dough just to make sure that that is also not a contender. Oh I hate the mealiness
of the sugar in it. The sugar is undissolved. You know what? Combos looking pretty
good all of a sudden, huh? I get it, I like your rationale. – If you wanna give it
to Combos by default, you’re welcome to. – And finally, the nominees
for Best Snacktor and Snacktress. Nachos. Pretzel. Fries. Chicken tenders. Popcorn. – Popcorn’s allowed? – Yeah, popcorn’s allowed. I mean you might have an
argument for chicken fingers. I might have an argument for nachos. – You don’t — popcorn. (chuckles) – All right. – I mean if you eliminate
popcorn, then we’ve got a contest. But popcorn is gonna win this every year. – Why? – Because it’s (bleep)
popcorn at the movies, and the two are inseparable. Chicken fingers and movies,
those are separable. – Fair. – (bleep) room temperature
fries and movies, separable. – Got it. – This is an institution. This is the entire game right here. You can’t even allow this
into the competition. – OK then let’s not. OK. For the sake of having a show. – This is like the Michael
Jackson Video Vanguard Award. It should be called the
Popcorn Award given to another food product that
rises to the level of popcorn, which none do. – Got it, fair. – Of these? Crap. Now, none of these work for best anything. – OK. But this, absolutely, put it back in. Then you’ve got your year
after year after year winner. – Right. – It’s the Meryl Streep of this category. – It really is. Well thank you very much for
helping us get to the bottom of all of these movie
theater snacks or alleged movie theater snacks, and I’m
glad that you can confirm popcorn as–
– Of course. – The best and No.
1 movie theater snack. Listen, I gotta give the
people what they want, and what they want is to know why. They wanna know, “Why is
popcorn the No. 1 movie theater snack?” Do you know why? – I don’t. – Well, I’ll tell you. The answer is at the bottom
of this tub of popcorn. – Well how, I know, I’m
not gonna plunge my arm in and root around in there like
a pig looking for truffles, so, and I’m not going to
eat this tub of popcorn, because as I said, I
have lunch after this. So I guess it will have
to remain a mystery. – So now what are we gonna do? – I guess we’ll never
know, so, well, goodbye. Oh wait. – Are you guys open? Crazy Legs? – Crazy Legs? Professional competitive eater Crazy Legs? Crazy Legs, are you gonna help
us get to the bottom of this? – I am hungry and focused,
I’d love to have a little movie popcorn. – This entire thing is probably
considered a snack to you. – Oh that would be a large
tub for everyone else, but for competitive eaters,
we actually call that a small. – Wow. – A kid’s small. (chuckles) – Well at the bottom of this
is the reason why we eat popcorn at movie theaters,
and we need to know that. – Well let’s find out. Mike, if you don’t mind
moving it towards me. You can leave it if you want. – I did some research. – OK.
– Yeah. I read people like water. – I guess I’ll move this
over here just in case. I’ll put it down here. – Oh boy. You’re gonna do squats, too? – Are my fingers in any danger? – No I think I’ll recognize
those ’cause they’re not buttered yet. – OK. – I like the way you switched your hat. (crunching) You can see there’s some of
the, and we’re not judging, but some of the popcorn tragically
falls to the ground, so. – I guess I thought there
would be more to it, but it’s really, literally
just eating popcorn, I mean what else could you do? You have to eat it. – Yeah, yeah (chuckles). We don’t have to, one does not have to. – But if you’re gonna
eat it competitively, I mean the whole point is–
– Jesus Christ, you’re eating popcorn. – Yeah. – And I can tell you by
feel, he’s nearly done with this tub of popcorn. – You’re never bitching about a medium. It’s way too much. – Is this at all uncomfortable
for you at this point? – No, you’re fine. I see it. – Oh there it is. There’s the card. And that will tell us. Wow, thank you, gentlemen. – Thanks, Crazy Legs. What does it say? – Well it says, “Though
originally wanting nothing to do with popcorn, movie theaters
began selling it during the Great Depression
because it was cheap to make and affordable for moviegoers,
which kept movie theaters in business.” – Well there you go. Very interesting. – It is interesting. – Michael, thanks so much for being here. Crazy Legs, thank you for joining us. How are you feeling? – Oh I feel 100%, I mean,
Michael Ian Black’s also my etiquette coach, so I would be sure to shut the door behind
me, and he taught me how to eat the popcorn correctly. – I am very impressed by
all this as I’m sure you– – You did great, by the way. (indistinct crosstalk) I have notes, but otherwise, you did well. – If you all have notes,
comments or burning snack-related questions,
please leave them in the comments below. That’s all for “Snack Talk.” See you next time. (rock music) Thanks for watching “Snack Talk.’ Be sure to like and subscribe. And if you’d like to win this
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