*Japanese audio* Shut Up! What if we took some popular movies and translated them into Japanese with the crappy online translator and then? Translated them back in English. Well. We did it so enjoy compositions the movie would appeal to Slow people of the trees chocolate box is a life You do not know whether I am ever going to take it Chocolaaaaaaaaate man of bat will get up Theater and Deception we are it is a powerful drug for the nervous. [that] is not [blues] But what we will start shadow of lead member Snake and airplane. enough is my concern. [I] had a nasty snake and ended of these a nasty face 50 [sunglasses] of light darkness a Sadist is you dominant is I What it mean? it mean that you have abandoned you are willing to unto myself accepted Empty Stomach game i For myself vote to engagement. Odd thing let us in a benefits for a extended time. N. exit robot, I’m Back come sence number six i look at the people who died Although most doctors. I did not know thirst it for how dominant my blood that there is that possibility? Vampire Edward And I was non cancellation in him with loving its speeches it speeches loudly to me Mosquito man, what movie should we train [fight] [now]? Put your suggestion in the comment Thanks for subscribing if you want to see bloopers from this video and see a deleted scene from independence day we is Independence Day Celebration and [eight-Mile] his palm arms are heavy knees slightly less Bit you sweat click the video on the Lab and if you want to see some failed auditions from Smosh the movie Click the video on the [right] Yeah, I’m hired and if you have a touchscreen device just click the all the links down below

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  1. they should have put it in a japanise translator and then into another english crappy translator

  2. The intro was hilarious
    Japanese voice talks and then a different voice says “shut up” I can’t man. 😂😂😂😂😂

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