MOVIES ON DRUGS 2 (La La Land, Pinocchio, Taken, & More)

MOVIES ON DRUGS 2 (La La Land, Pinocchio, Taken, & More)

Alcohol’s not a drug, its legal! SHUT UP! La La Land on CRACK What a waste of a lovely night… Why is she singing? Where’s that music coming from? Is she trying to kill jazz? *whimpers* She’s … trying to kill jazz… Snakes on a Plane ON AMBIEN Uhh… I think these snakes might be on ambien… Is everyone on ambien? Pinocchio ON VIAGRA Why are there two… Those are both my noses! Ahh… dang it! Taken ON XANAX *phone rings* We have your daughter. Oh man.. And if you ever want to see her again, I do, for sure, I really like her, Heh Heh, Well, you better come find her. Um, wrong number! (shut down phone) What? What? Hello? Hello? The Sound of Music ON ACID Oh, oh, the hills, the hills the hills are alive with the sound of music Snow White and the seven dwares on CLARITIN I’m happy soooooo sleepy I’m grumpy I’m just a normal dwarf thanks the claritin Please don’t sue us Claritin. Fean and Loathing in Las Vegas on SOBER This sucks ya we just losing money i know BraveHeart on NOVOCAINE (incoherent mumbling) Her on MUSHROOMS oh..Samantha, I love you baby. that guy is tripping balls Ah no. He is not high,that just the plot of this movie really? ya! These mushrooms are pretty great though right? family

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  1. This makes me so happy.
    I’ve never had alcohol or drugs but after this I feel liked I just smoked so much weed and drank everyone’s vodka

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  3. Did you know that alcohol is way more dangerous than weed? Alcohol kills 6 people every single day. Weed hasn't killed anyone in the history of history. Maybe except for Bruce Lee, but that’s because he maybe was allergic. Weed should be legal and alcohol shouldn't. Weed isn't even dangerous. If your brain is fully developed (when you are 25) it isn't dangerous for the memory at all. Weed isn't a gateway drug. Most stoners don't do other drugs.

  4. Why does whenever I watch this I get get serious Deja Vu? I don't even know if this is the first or 20th time i've watched this. Thought this needed to be said out loud. Then I wouldn't confuse myself. :/

  5. I get the joke and all, but sober isn’t a drug. You guys should’ve done the opposite and had them be really drunk and lose all their money and become homeless.

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