Movies That Earned A Standing Ovation In Theaters

Movies That Earned A Standing Ovation In Theaters

There are a million and one different ways
to praise a movie. Attendees of Hollywood premieres and festival
screenings will often stand right up in the theater and cheer as the credits roll. Here are a few movies that earned themselves
a standing ovation when they hit the big screen. Nearly 30 years ago, Spike Lee took the film
world by storm when his uncompromising racial drama Do the Right Thing made its premiere
at the Cannes Film Festival. Since then, the in-your-face director proved
himself as one of cinema’s most gifted, if often divisive, filmmakers by releasing a
steady stream of artistically ambitious and politically-themed movies. In 2018, Lee took Cannes by storm with the
timely, racially-charged BlacKkKlansman, the true story of an African American police officer
who infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan in the 1970s. “There’s never been a black cop in this city. We think you might be the man to open things
up around here.” Simply put, BlacKkKlansman is a film that
refuses to be ignored. According to Variety, the usually stuffy Cannes
crowd seemed more than happy to give the film its due, awarding it with a six-minute long
standing ovation, as well as the festival’s Grand Jury Prize. The other flick to get the haughty crowd at
the 2018 Cannes Film Festival to its feet was, of all things, a remake of a horror movie. It helps, of course, that this remake was
directed by Luca Guadagnino, the man behind 2017’s Oscar-winning heartbreaker Call Me
By Your Name. The stylishly demented and utterly brilliant
remake of Suspiria wisely doesn’t stray too far from the original bewitching narrative. “Higher! Higher! Higher! Higher!” But Guadagnino manages to twist the formula
in shocking new directions, and he takes his sweet time in letting this unholy tale unfold. The result is an epic 150 minutes of pure
horror hysterics, and according to Deadline, it brought the Cannes crowd to their feet
for nearly eight full minutes. There was more than a little reason to worry
when Danny McBride and David Gordon Green set out to “reboot” the Halloween franchise. As we learned more about their film, particularly
that it would ignore all of those ill-fated sequels and remakes, our fears began to subside. “Wasn’t it her brother who murdered all those
babysitters?” “No, it was not her brother. That’s something that people made up.” But the odds still seemed stacked against
the new Halloween living up to the original’s legacy. Not officially in competition at the 2018
Toronto International Film Festival, Halloween instead had its premiere at a midnight screening,
playing to an eager crowd of film critics and horror enthusiasts. According to the LA Times, that crowd met
the return of the Boogeyman, and a take-no-prisoners turn from Jamie Lee Curtis, with the expected
amount of glee, giving the film a standing ovation and helping launch it towards a record-breaking
box-office run. While Kristen Stewart became famous with starring
roles in big budget fluff like the Twilight franchise, it’s worth nothing that she built
her career by starring in indie flicks, and continues to shine in the indie world. Personal Shopper, which made its premiere
at the Cannes Film Festival in early 2016, is an eerily muted study of loss and grief
in the guise of a sexy paranormal thriller. Though the film’s initial festival screening
met with a slightly divisive reaction from critics, the official premiere event was quite
a different scene, with Variety reporting that the audience heaped some serious love
on Stewart, in the form of a lengthy standing ovation. After scoring back-to-back hits with the formidable
one-two punch of Creed and Black Panther, Ryan Coogler has proven himself a rare director
capable of making big-budget films that all but demand you stand up and cheer. Neither of those films, however, was his first
project to inspire a standing ovation alongside his go-to actor, Michael B. Jordan. That honor belongs to 2013’s “based-on-true-events”
drama Fruitvale Station. Part slice-of-life drama, and part damning
examination of police brutality, Coogler’s sobering film premiered at the 2013 Sundance
Film Festival, winning the hearts of festival audiences, and a couple of the festival’s
top prizes. Fruitvale Station’s undeniable virtues were
further praised on the international stage when it made its way to the Cannes and, according
to Color Lines, received a rousing standing ovation.

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  1. Funny how the only movies mentioned has liberal propaganda in it, but films like Infinity War and Hacksaw Ridge wasn't mentioned. Hmmmmmm.

  2. I dont know about Standing Ovation, but I know that at the end of Rogue One when Vader single handedly wipes out the Rebel flagship crew the audience cheered.

  3. what about the most obvious …… Rocky …… I was 6-7y when this came out, I remember being so enthralled with the narrative, everybody was…. we were standing and cheering as he calls out for his love after the fight, everybody was…. my mother, a huge movie buff, said she had never seen a reaction like this before

  4. The only movie I seen at the cinema that people clapped was The Dark Knight Rises,rightly so its my favourite movie ever.

  5. Rogue One, Incredibles 2, and sadly Transformers: Age Of Extinction (hate that movie) got standing ovations when I saw them in theaters.

  6. I saw, Where the Wild Thing Are, with a friend on Sunset (Hollywood, CA) and when it ended the entire theater stood up and howled at the screen. It was pretty intense, and so appropriate.

  7. Why doesn't the Stewart chick get her rabbit teeth fixed? It's not like they're fangs. Thankfully I've never seen any of her movies, looking at still photos is bad enough since she only has one expression. I guess she came cheap for the first Twilight movie and then they were stuck with her.

  8. Me and dozens of children cheered when Superman finally manned up and killed General Zod at the end of Man of Steel

  9. call me by your name, proves that pedophilic relationships are considered "okay" even "beautiful" and "heart-warming" as long as you are gay and/or jewish 😉

  10. Film festival audiences and their ‘tradition’ of booing or clapping is as sincere and meaningful as those who, for some reason or another, go to game shows like The X-Factor just to boo.

    It’s understandable if it’s occasionally, in the case of a film that is not only brilliant but can stand the ‘test of time’ (like Smiles of a Summer Night, or Rashomon), but when it becomes a staple, it becomes meaningless.

    Now there are standing ovations for Marvel films…I think I remember Avatar getting a standing ovation, which was a bad, unemotional film trying to promote and capitalize off of a new style of 3D…

    On another note, Personal Shopper was a brilliant film. Kristen Stewart is trying to find what she’s capable of. Look at Robert Pattinson, also I’m Twilight. Terrible performance, but once David Cronenberg got ahold of him, he became incredible. Just watch Cosmopolis.

  11. The people who clap at the end of a film are the same who clap at the landing of a plane. If you are going to a screening with the actors in person and the clapping is for their performance at the end then it makes sense. Other than that it's kinda silly.

  12. When I worked at AMC Lincoln Square 13 in NYC, every time movie goers left a showing of Fruitvale station, you saw many with tears in their eyes. It got to a point that I was going to have a box of Clean ex for anyone who needed it.

  13. We saw Rogue One the day after Carrie Fisher passed away. That final scene got a standing ovation out of our theater. Despite your feelings on the film that has to mean something.

  14. A standing ovation for a spike lee film? What was the demographic who went to go see that movie? I've seen 3 of his films and none of them were worth clapping to.

  15. The Greatest Showman, The Dark Knight and Rises, Interstellar, Creed, Hacksaw Ridge, Infinity War, and Rogue One all got ovations when I saw them in theaters. Not standing, but whistling and clapping. The only one that actually got people up and cheering from their seats was the Dark Knight.

  16. so where’s braveheart on this list? i know it got standing ovations when it screened here in SCOTLAND. whoever makes these lists really needs to do better!

  17. Looper: You keep wanting new subscribers. Videos like this keep me from doing so. None of the movies in this video were the kind I'd even consider going to the theater to see, let alone give it a hand-clap.

  18. My dad said when Star Trek 4 came out, they applauded, and when the applause subsided, there was a 2ND wave of clapping!

  19. The Dark Knight. I saw it six times in theaters, yes six times. Each time people stood up and clapped. Amazing film and the first time a film got Batman right.

  20. No Cloud Atlas and Hacksaw Ridge? I'm very disappointed. The Suspiria remake isn't that great. Halloween (2018) received praise because of nostalgia thing. It's a good movie but not great

  21. I don't care if a movie gets a standing ovation at some film festival, those people make up only a tiny percent of the movie-going population. What should be the mark of impressiveness of any movie should be what the general movie-going population thinks of a movie. If having just a couple hundred people out of a billion people liking a movie makes it great, then the benchmark of the movie industry isn't much of a benchmark. I bet you can find a couple hundred people that like the 2016 Ghostbusters movie, that doesn't make it a good movie. Just means that there are a couple hundred people that like a suck ass movie. lol

  22. I didn’t hate the new Halloween, but as a long time Halloween fan it was a huge disappointment. Expecting fans to forget every other Halloween film after the first is a ridiculously tall order and then changing the relationship from Michael being Laurie’s brother to some random obsessed psycho slasher actually made it much less scary for me. Mix that in with the fact that they humanized Michael Myers and the horrible editing, unnecessary weak scenes, and a lack of the infamous Halloween music and FLOP. I’m sorry I love the Halloween franchise and Jamie Lee Curtis, but this film was a let down. Still better than Resurrection though. That was a joke.

  23. Brainwashed re3tards gave BlacKKKlansman fake-news movie standing ovations???? LOL. Bet Spike lee never told those sheep that the K3KK was literally a terrorist wing of the DEMOCRATIC party. That one of its main recruiters Senator Robert By3rd was even a Democratic Senator and mentor of the Clintons.

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