Movies That Were Ruined By Really Bad Editing

Movies That Were Ruined By Really Bad Editing

While editing might sound like the simplest
part of a movie’s production, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s not just putting footage in a timeline;
it’s determining everything about how that movie will be perceived. In the editing room, a movie’s entire tone
can change on a whim. No big deal, right? It’s only everything. An editor—often working side by side with
the director—has the ability to reshape the film as they see fit. However, as we all know, with great power
comes great responsibility—a maxim the editors of the movies on this list couldn’t live up
to. Here are movies that were ruined by really
bad editing. Justice League The Justice League movie didn’t swing the
DCEU around, much as Warner Bros. had hoped it would. Instead, Justice League sank into rotten territory
on Rotten Tomatoes, with slipshod editing being among critics’ top complaints with the
film. Due to Zack Snyder leaving midway through
the film’s development and Joss Whedon taking over, there are two distinct tones in Justice
League: Snyder’s grim realism and Whedon’s campy optimism. “OK, yeah, here’s the thing: um, see, I’m
afraid of bugs, and um, guns, and obnoxiously tall people, and murder, and I can’t be here.” While that’s not the easiest issue to fix
in the editing room, it is something the film’s final cut should’ve done a much better job
of rectifying. Worse yet, the haphazard editing led to important
exposition being cut from the film in order for the studio to achieve its desired two-hour
runtime. “I honestly didn’t hear anything after ‘we’re
all gonna die.'” These are just some of the biggest reasons
fans continue to petition for a purely Zack Snyder cut of the film. Sadly, even that rumored version likely wouldn’t
be able to remedy Justice League’s largest editing flaw—namely, mustachioed Superman. The solution to digitally remove actor Henry
Cavill’s mustache, which only existed when he returned for re-shoots, was ham-fisted
and blatantly obvious in the final cut. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Sorry DC, we’re not done with you yet. One of the most high-profile cases of bad
editing in recent years was Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice. The biggest point of contention most people
had with the film was its running time. Clocking in at two-and-a-half hours long,
the film was simultaneously really, really long… and way too short. How could a film possibly be both? A lot of important exposition was left on
the cutting room floor, leaving audiences feeling that characters’ motivations were
underdeveloped. At the same time, most agreed that the film
had a lot of fat that could’ve been trimmed down. While Warner Bros. released an even lengthier
director’s cut that did alleviate some of the plot holes and character motivation issues
found in the theatrical version of the film, the theatrical cut had already left a negative
impression on millions of viewers. “She’s the key! Am I too soon?!” Alien: Covenant Misguided editing and pacing issues squandered
the potential of Alien: Covenant. The film inserts lengthy sequences of exposition,
seemingly at random, so that scenes built to provide context ironically end up further
confusing the entire narrative. “You were too human. Too idiosyncratic. Thinking for yourself. Made people uncomfortable.” Worse still, in the movie’s horror moments,
so much unnecessary foreshadowing was left in that, by the time anything actually scary
does crop up, the audience is aware of what’s going to happen three minutes too early. “Breathe on the nostrils of a horse, and he’ll
be yours for life. But you have to get close.” Transformers: Age of Extinction In a movie titled Transformers, a franchise
widely known to be about giant transforming robots punching each other, there’s absolutely
no reason for the majority of screen time to go to a human cast and their tiny, fleshy
problems. You’d be forgiven for forgetting that Optimus
Prime is even in Transformers: Age of Extinction; the film’s editing completely drops the ball
and treats its robot aliens as a subplot. Clocking in at an exhausting two hours and
forty-five minutes, this film chooses to prioritize downright embarrassing sequences: “Well she’s a minor!” “We’re protected by the Romeo and Juliet laws.” “We dated for a little while I was a sophomore
and he was a senior. It’s fine.” One can only hope there’s an alternate reality
where this movie’s editors decided the heavily advertised dinobots received more screen time
than a father and daughter discussing the suitability of short-shorts. “Sweetheart, your shorts are shrinking by
the second, okay? Cold water, air dry, please.” The Snowman The Snowman was a movie caught in an unfortunate
position right out of the gate since, according to director Tomas Alfredson, he and his production
team weren’t even able to shoot the whole thing before moving into post-production. It’s troublesome projects like these where
editing becomes the defining aspect of the film, often becoming the the only way to fix
a problem movie—especially once the shooting budget is gone and the crew is out of time. You’re probably heard this phrase before. “Uh, we’ll fix it in post.” “Well, we’ll fix it in post.” “I’ll fix it in post.” If you didn’t guess it already, The Snowman
was not fixed in post. Beyond creating tonal inconsistencies throughout,
the shoddy cutting openly exposes the film’s nightmarish production history, smashing from
shot to shot so sporadically that one can practically tell that there wasn’t enough
footage to work with. Suicide Squad Sorry DC fans, but here we go again: Suicide
Squad is the rare example of a studio publicly advertising a movie as one thing, panicking,
then completely reshaping the same film all inside of one frantic marketing blitz. Need evidence? Check out the insane differences between the
movie’s first trailer and second trailer. It’s this complete overhaul of the movie’s
tone that contributed to a lot of the negative reviews. The general consensus is that in Warner Bros.’
haste to reshape the movie in a more electric, upbeat style to match the popularity of Deadpool,
they created a muddled product that spat on director David Ayer’s original vision. “Do somethin!” “Don’t touch me!” “Do somethin!” “You wanna see somethin?! You wanna see somethin?!” “Yeah, I wanna see somethin!” Warner Bros. did more than just confuse the
tone of the movie by usurping editing power from Ayer and his team, the execs also cut
out a lot of Jared Leto’s Joker. (Suicide Squad summarized) Fantastic 4 There’s no easy way to say it: Fantastic 4’s
2015 iteration was a failure, both critically and financially. While the movie had a lot of bright spots
and sported entertaining, experimental ideas, its overall execution was slaughtered by a
plodding editing that gave the team superpowers over halfway through the film. That late-bloomer mentality resulted in the
movie having only one major superhero and supervillain throw-down in the entire film. If that massive editing faux pas sounds like
a deal-breaker to you, just know that the director himself agrees. Director Josh Trank bad-mouthed the studio’s
cut on Twitter before the movie had even released. In the now-deleted tweet, he said, “A year ago I had a fantastic version of this. And it would’ve received great reviews. You’ll probably never see it. That’s reality though.” Taken 3 Taken 3 is a severe case of death by a thousand
cinematic cuts. It plays out at the speed any other movie
would run if you accidentally hit the fast-forward button several times in a row. If you blink, there’s a pretty good chance
the film will have already barreled into another scene entirely, leaving you absolutely lost. Unfortunately, while some films choose this
speed as part of a broader stylistic choice, Taken 3 uses it because whoever was responsible
for the theatrical cut’s editing just didn’t do a very good job. [Sirens and intense, exhilarating music] At worst, this editing is a recipe for motion
sickness and migraines. At best, it’s an intensely discombobulating
style of editing that makes it hard to keep track of virtually any of the on-screen information. Star Wars: Attack of the Clones As a wise Jedi once said, “I hate bad editing. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it
gets everywhere.” That wisdom was nowhere to be found during
the editing of Attack of the Clones, the second Star Wars prequel movie. While the movie itself sported plenty of noteworthy
elements, like an imaginative story, impressive world design, and some cutting-edge special
effects, the one thing it sorely lacked was sharp editing. Far too much of Attack of the Clones’ two-hour
and twenty-two minute runtime focuses on undercooked romantic and political subplots—side narratives
that could’ve been cut down without affecting the film’s overall story whatsoever. The quality of the movie could only have improved
if these lengthy sequences had been cut down to their essentials, giving the happy couple
enough screen time to resonate with audiences but not so much that they overstayed their
welcome. Han and Leia? Awesome. Anakin and Padme? Who cares? Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. When you say a movie has bad editing, you're saying the editor was bad at his job basically. A lot of these aren't the editors faults and are just bad movies that weren't made well (like really, you want to blame transformers on the editing when it's the director / producers etc. who made those decisions?) Good editing isn't noticed, bad editing is noticed. The only movie you mentioned where I can see the bad editing, and would place the blame on the editor themselves is taken 3. All the other movies you don't notice the editing while watching the movie (except maybe Clone Wars with their weird transitions between scenes.)

  2. transformers: age of extinction, justice league attack of the clones, and batman v superman didn't suffer from bad editing…. they suffered from bad EVERYTHING. they were just bad movies , and not in the good way… don't blame the editors for those dumpster fires.

  3. Just to be clear editing is not simple, it's complicated and takes smart people to make edits that are impressive. Nothing about making a movie is simple not even a youtube video there's plenty of video evidence that proves this on youtube look it up

  4. Alien Covenant is ruined by the fact that it's Alien Covenant. The plot is terrible and no amount of editing could save it. Same with the Snowman. The editor just didn't have anything to work with. On top of that, you might want to read 'Making Movies' by Sidney Lumet to learn exactly what an editor is supposed to do. You're assigning them far more power than they actually have. Instead, you're confusing bad scripts (Alien C., SW AOTC), studio meddling (Most of the DC movies) and just generally messed up productions (The Snowman) with flawed editing.

  5. For that Taken 3 clip from 7:01 to 7:07 there were about 14 cuts of him just climbing over a fence. Thats way too much

  6. Transformers always had a creepy innapropriate sex vibe but this one went all out peodo.What the actual fuck was that about?

  7. Shit… I’ve only seen attack of the clones so I’ve learned barely anything about how bad things can be edited. Though good lord like 10 straight cuts to get Liam Neeson to jump over a fence…. that really looked awful

  8. Someone needs to save DC in movies. I like Marvel, but even I admit that DC comics are better, but when it comes to movies it doesn't stand a chance. I'm sure they'll get better though, after Aquaman (at least I hope)

  9. I didn’t understand half of the things you were talking abt maybe they should make a video about top 10 YouTube videos that were ruined by to much talking

  10. Man. Finally, someone says it. The director can only shoot the movie. Actors can only deliver their lines. And the end of the day it is the EDITOR who can make or break a movie. Even a shit movie with an amazing editor can be mediocre. A top tier actor, director and a SHIT editor equals a garbage movie. Just my opinion. I could be wrong.

  11. Doesn't matter how much or how little screentime Anakin & Padme got, we hate their relationship because it's creepy from the get-go. "Hi, I'm an adult woman and you're a 6-year-old boy. Now you're an adult man and I'm somehow still exactly the same age and also sexually attracted to you." Ew.

  12. I never listen to critics, for the most part they like movies I hate and hate movies Iike, so for the majority of movies if they hate a movie I usually think it will like it.

  13. Oh man I hate every single movie in this list and of course Taken 3, my eyes still crying in front of that shit. Also this list need Quantum of solace, Bourne trilogy and John wick….ops….this no. John wick 1 & 2 are masterpiece of editing. The fights and the action sequences are very well made.

  14. The Star Wars prequels have LOTS of issues besides editing, but competent editing could have made them a LOT better (the Phantom Edit of Attack of the Clones proved this.). The editing is lethargic and lazy. So much unnecessary filler and there are SO many scenes that go on a few seconds too long – it reminded me of Austin Powers' jokes where scenes intentionally went on too long and the actors became self-conscious.

  15. Who writes this rubbish – nothing actually to do with the editing here – editors follow the instructions of the the Director . Technically there is hardly ever a badly edited film.

  16. The Snowman wasn't ruined by bad editing; it was ruined long before then. The director only shot about 1/2 to 3/4 of what was planned, so it had no chance to even be good. Not even a masterful editor can salvage a film from such scant material.

  17. Actually, all Transformers movies by Bay have too much time for humans, in my opinion. Brcause all the comics and cartoons focusing entirely on transformers themselves are the great success.

  18. I'm Russian and such films as the Uhlan Ballad have terrible editing. Film Critic BadComedian even created a meme named "Moronic Russian Editing" (Мудацкий российский монтаж).

  19. Being a huge alien fan aliens being my favorite movie of all time . Alien covenant could have done more but you have to ask yourself is covenant better then alien 3 or resurrection I definitely would say alien 3 the directors cut has grown on me a lot more. I personally liked covenant better then resurrection.

  20. You don't know anything…BvS had a great editing of all DC. My opinion. Taken 3 and too fast editing ?? sorry but this is the best style for this action flick.

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