Movies That Were Too Disturbing To Finish

Movies That Were Too Disturbing To Finish

Everyone has a weak spot, and there’s bound
to be a film out there that pushes one or two of your buttons. These movies, on the other hand, push all
of them. They aren’t just hard to watch. They’re deeply disturbing on almost every
level, and some of them are downright vile. In fact, many people couldn’t even finish
them, and for good reason. Hold on, because these are some of the most
disturbing movies ever made. Veronica Netflix’s quick ascent to the top of the entertainment
industry goes hand-in-hand with the rise of binge-watching. In fact, the company seems dedicated to trying
its best to make sure that you never, ever turn off your television. That’s what makes Veronica so surprising. In March 2018, this Spanish-language horror
film made headlines because people were so scared that they couldn’t make it through
the entire thing, and Netflix couldn’t be happier. Plot-wise, Veronica doesn’t break any new
ground. The title character misses her deceased father,
and her friend wants to talk to a deceased boyfriend, and so the girls use a Ouija board
and a solar eclipse to summon their spirits. As tends to happen when Ouija boards are involved,
things don’t go according to plan. You know what to expect. Or, at least, you think you do. Veronica succeeds where other films fall short
through a mixture of real-life terror and pitch-perfect filmmaking. It knows how to push all the right buttons,
and that elevates a standard horror flick to what some people are calling the “scariest
movie ever.” After watching Veronica, some viewers are
plagued by nightmares for days. Others can only go to sleep with the lights
on after watching. And those are just the people who finished
the movie. Many don’t make it that far. Life is short, after all. Why spend the rest of it cowering in fear? Teeth Of course, Veronica isn’t the only disturbing
movie on Netflix that people keep bailing on. In Veronica’s aftermath, the streaming service
reached out to Forbes and provided a list of ten movies that are so scary, people just
won’t watch them until the end. Many of the entries on the list make sense. The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence? So gross that it was banned in Britain and
in Australia. And if the violence in 2016’s Cabin Fever
doesn’t get you, the rest of the production probably will: it has a shockingly low rating
on Rotten Tomatoes. And yet, even among these shockers, Teeth
stands out. In the film, the main character is Dawn O’Keefe,
a Christian abstinence advocate who suffers from a condition that or, to put it as mildly
as possible, has teeth where she shouldn’t have teeth. As such, many of Teeth’s scenes aren’t just
uncomfortable. They’re intentionally squirm-inducing, especially
for the guys in the audience. It’s no wonder so few viewers last until the
credits roll. Mother! Darren Aronofsky’s mother! isn’t a traditional
horror movie. It doesn’t have any monsters or supernatural
threats, but that doesn’t make the film any less troubling. Love it or hate it, mother! is successfully
disturbing, thanks largely to the brutal and relentless abuse heaped on Jennifer Lawrence’s
character. Taken all together, it’s kind of a lot. Too much, in fact. Some critics found mother!’s graphic depictions
supremely distasteful. Audiences agreed. People flocked to the exits during mother!’s
theatrical screenings, and we can’t say we blame ’em. Raw Maybe you didn’t complete a film because you
decided to turn it off. Maybe you’re simply too grossed out to stay
in the theater. Sometimes, however, you don’t have a choice. People didn’t just walk out of Raw. They found the movie so disturbing that they
passed out in the theater. Try finishing a movie while you’re unconscious. As far as Raw is concerned, it only takes
a single scene to get everyone’s stomachs heaving. When Raw begins, veterinary student Justine
is a lifelong vegetarian, but she’s forced to consume meat as part of a hazing ritual. As a result, she’s consumed by a very specific
hunger. A hamburger doesn’t do the trick. Neither does raw chicken. It’s only after Justine’s sister accidentally
cuts off her own finger and passes out that Justine finds the answer. Justine picks up the severed appendage and…you
get the idea. For a couple of viewers at the Toronto International
Film Festival, that was enough. At least two people passed out, forcing the
festival to call an ambulance. Others fled to prevent vomiting. And that’s just the beginning, too, Justine’s
cravings don’t end with just a finger, and it’s probably best for everyone that the more
sensitive members of the audience didn’t stick around to see just how depraved things get. A Serbian Film Even if you’ve got an unnaturally high tolerance
for grotesque scenes in movies, you’ve probably got some kind of limit. Chances are, A Serbian Film will find it,
and then blow right past it. Of course, A Serbian Film isn’t just shocking
for shock’s sake. It’s got social and political messages. That’s what the director says, anyway. He told Electric Sheep Magazine: “It’s a struggle against all the corrupt authorities
that govern our lives for their own purposes.” When it comes to Serbia specifically, the
director said the movie represents a metaphor for “The monolithic power of leaders who hypnotize
you to do things you don’t want to do.” Whether it’s successful is up for debate. What we do know is that A Serbian Film is
intensely disturbing. Even some employees at the distribution company
responsible for its U.S. release couldn’t finish it. Unless you’re desensitized to, well, everything,
there’s no reason to think that you’ll do any better. Caligula According to legend, the Roman emperor Caligula
wasn’t a nice guy, and the movie Caligula is as depraved as its subject matter. There’s also just way too much of it. With a runtime that borders on three hours,
Caligula requires a major time investment, and all of that debauchery gets exhausting
fast. Even acclaimed film critic Roger Ebert couldn’t
sit through it, saying: “Disgusted and unspeakably depressed, I walked out of the film after
two hours of its 170-minute length.” The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael You could watch The Great Ecstasy of Robert
Carmichael all the way through, but why? By all accounts, the film is thoroughly unpleasant. According to Variety, a few of its scenes,
quote, “make A Clockwork Orange look like a Britney Spears video.” When the film screened at Cannes, one scene
prompted a mass walkout. Given that one critic called The Great Ecstasy
of Robert Carmichael’s climax “a sequence excruciating beyond any in memory,” we’re
going to bet that the Cannes showing wasn’t the only time everyone bailed. Not that the rest of The Great Ecstasy of
Robert Carmichael is particularly easy to watch, of course. By the time Robert becomes an ecstasy dealer,
he’s more or less beyond redemption…and the audience is more or less done with it
all. Hereditary In Hereditary, Toni Collette plays an artist,
Annie, who just lost her borderline-abusive mother to cancer. Meanwhile, her relationships with her husband,
her son, and her daughter are slowly deteriorating. That’s enough to make Hereditary uncomfortable
from the start. When the scares start dropping, it becomes
unbearable. Writer-director Ari Aster describes his critically
acclaimed haunted house film as a personal project, saying, “I had gone through some stuff with my family. I took my sickness and now put it inside all
of you.” Aster didn’t elaborate further, but whatever
the issue was, it must’ve been messed up. Hereditary isn’t just the strongest debut
from a horror director since Get Out, it’s one of the most terrifying films to come along
in years, if you can manage to sit through the whole thing. Not everyone can. While Hereditary received rave reviews when
it screened at Sundance, it was also scary enough to drive many viewers from the theater. Even people who stayed for the whole thing
didn’t really want to. By all accounts, the film isn’t unsettling
because of its jump scares; It’s hard to watch because the characters’ pain is so real. Meet the Feebles If you’re bored, try this: invite some friends
over, make sure they’re relaxed, and then put on Meet the Feebles. Don’t tell them what’s coming. Don’t reveal that what starts as a low-budget
Muppet knockoff quickly transforms into something much, much worse. Let your buddies discover that for themselves,
and see how long it takes before you don’t have any friends left. Anyone who grew up with the Muppets will either
find Meet the Feebles darkly hilarious or deeply disturbing. Watching off-brand versions of Jim Henson’s
classic characters dropped into the seedy underbelly of a crime-ridden city is nearly
unbearable. Oh, and did we mention that Meet the Feebles
was directed by Peter Jackson, the man who brought Middle-earth to the big screen? Yup, that’s right. At some point, someone saw Meet the Feebles
and thought Peter Jackson should be given nearly $300 million dollars and the freedom
to make a few of the most ambitious films of all time. Sure, Meet the Feebles may be too disturbing
for many viewers to finish, but for Peter Jackson, it worked out very well indeed.

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  1. Veronica wasn't even that scary. it was well done for its genre, but nothing too scary. Also hereditary isn't that scary either

  2. I mean I believe that it was Heavenly Creatures and The Frighteners where Peter Jackson proved his chops for LOTR, but it's still hilarious to see where he started out.

  3. Veronica and Mother! were suspenseful dramas at best. Teeth was a comedy. Hereditary was the perfect amount of scary. Good story, just the right scare-to-mindfuck ratio, and if you're a little twisted, at least one really good laugh.

  4. Tusk should be in this list, that movie makes the human centipede look like The little hungry caterpillar.

  5. No looper I don't have a limit.
    I've seen
    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    Wrong Turn
    Friday The 13th
    Nightmare on Elm Street
    Anime like
    Blood C
    And Elfen Lied
    What else mmmm
    Really cringy gory movies like
    …I don't even know anymore
    Point is, these movies are so fake, it just doesn't get to me.

  6. So they asked netflix what movies people didn't finish then assumed the reason was they were too scary? I turned off a few and the reason was because they sucked veronica included.

  7. People who cannot finish the movies as they were too “scary”? Get a backbone! Literally saw Raw on Film 4 the other day and it wasn’t even that bad.

  8. ah, Teeth was actually pretty good. This list should have had Terrifier though. I actually had to watch it in two sittings.

  9. bruh veronica was fucking sorry , if you are a horror fanatic hear me out on this and take notes watch the VHS 1 OR VHS 2 and the new FEAR FOOTAGE movie not the third installment called VHS:Viral that was a shit show but nonetheless if you want a actual type of scare and like to get the hibbyjibbies like you did in the 90's with the blair witch project then you are in for a treat its like a cross reference if youtube's lost footage genre got together and made a movie and no its not with shitty acting and pointless content, although you cant get close to the characters because each movie shows 5 different lost tapes they tell you somewhat of whats going on and they are things that sci fi horror fans like so all in all its good if you like anthology , POV type of movies such as cloverfield , REC, chronicle and the great The taking of Deborah logan all GEMS. there is a segment about satanic ritual in VHS 1 going on that these people where documenting a asian secret school i believe?dont worry im not spoiling just giving you a lil trailer and in that whole lost tape footage scene was just oh my god terrific . scary , makes you think and how it all played out was fucking crazy if you havent watched it go please like now! lol i love horror movies, video games and ideology but please looper stop lying stop acting like ya are some Enews channel lmao and tell the truth half these movies y'all insisted where shit . if there is a list where people couldn't finish watching ill give you the real because of the GORE and The sickness of it close thing you got it teeth just because some girl who got a nasty ass yeast infection lmao if any of you other you tubers want some real facts not like what this fucking tool is proposing hit me up ill be glad to guide you in the right direction ! 😀 happy horrors everybody and do let the bed bugs bite 😉 dont get me started on korean horror because they are the crown holders sorry not sorry I SAW THE DEVIL and TRAIN 2 BUSAN just a lil cake 😉

  10. haha humanity are a bunch of pussies, i saw all these and most where hilarious Raw was funny as hell… human once more shine with there disgrace

  11. Veronica is a boring, average film at best that lacks any substance and little to no GOOD horror. A movie shouldn’t rely on shocking gore or jump scares to make its viewer last through its entirety. Just because a film is “disturbing” That doesn’t make it good

  12. I think Netflix interpreted ppl turning off Veronica 1/2way thru wrong, honestly. We turned it off b/c it was boring

  13. Holy LMAO people passed out to these stupid low budget movies? My god these arent even scarry😅 netflix made a bigdeal about that obsession movie…like it was so scarry…was the stupidest movie ever…

  14. I love how The Seasoning House never seems to make these most disturbing movies lists. I love horror and disturbing. That was the only movie I actually threw up multiple times while watching, but I had to see it through. Because they make you feel like this is a real life commentary. Maybe a little too real for most lists?

  15. So far the first 3 mopvies sucked, wtf are you doing?? RAW is the first distubing movie on this list, then A Serbian Film also but Hereditary?

  16. I think Heriditary is the most overrated film since Get Out, it was just boring, tension wasn't sustained. I've tried watching it three times and usually end up playing Clash of Clans

  17. Maybe add the worst movie ever attempted. The only reason I ever tried was beacause I thought"hey, how bad could it be…it has Willem Dafoe…" the Movie is 'ANTICHRIST'…. I mean why do people agree to make this rubbish!!

  18. Really? Really….? Teeth was funny, A Serbian Film was interesting and Hereditary was boring as hell. Y'all need to get a grip

  19. To people who didn't watch Serbian film, just don't watch it, believe me, I don't know other movies from the video, but I did watch Serbian film, DON'T watch it

  20. Turning a movie off on Netflix usually means it's crap, not disturbing. One of the many reasons I won't give $$$ to Netflix anymore. Too many free options out there.

  21. Raw was so disgusting, I hardly finished it. The rest I don't agree with a lot, but I am really pissed to the person who told my 5th-grade cousin to go and watch raw.

  22. If you for some reason didn't finish hereditary, please just watch the rest of it. It's not the kind of movie that you just watch half of.

  23. Oh come on….to say that Clock orange seems like Britney Spears video comparing to Robert Carmichael…… is ridiculous.

  24. People didn't finish Veronica because they couldn't be arsed to read subtitles. It's an incredibly bland film really.

  25. the human centipede trumps all disturbing movies… that shit is on a whole other level… who the hell wrote it? lmao

  26. The first movie is Veronica…. one of the shittiest horror movies I’ve seen in a while I already have no hope for this list

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