(Anthony) I wish you were romantic like all the guys in the movies. (Ian) SHUT UP! Movie… I saw you at a gas station and followed you across the entire state and over two oceans, just to be with you. Kiss me, you strange man that I don’t even know! Reality. I saw you at a gas station and followed you across -the entire–
-Molester! No! (screams in pain) Bitch! Uh! (Ian) Owie… MOVIE! (crowd yells) Yeah! Yeah! So good at punching! (crowd cheers) Reality. (crowd eggs them on) AAAAAAAH! Punching sucks! Movie. (multiple gun shots) CLEAR! Reality. AAAAAH! Kicking sucks! (groans in pain) (sighs) Movie. What do you say we, uh, get it on? Frick, yeah! (slurred) Reality. What do you say we, uh, (makes slurping noises)… -…get it on.
-Frick yeah! What the f*ck?! Why’d you just
ruin all my stuff, you dick?! You like it when I ruin your stuff?! Huh?! You like it?! (grunts) Moooovie. (screams in fear) (shrieks) (screams frantically) (sighs in relief) -(engine stalls)
-(whines) (engine stalls) -(engine starts)
-(gasps happily) AAAAAAH! (groans in pain) My nipple hair! (slurred) Reality? (screams frantically) (car starts right away) That was easy! (laughs) Oh wait! I’m a woman driver. (screams) (car crashes) MOOOVIE! Help! Don’t worry, I’ll save you! Fire! (multiple gun shots) Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam! -(gun shot)
-(groans in pain) -(gun shot)
-Ow! -(gun shot)
-Uh. Are you okay?! (scoffs) Who cares! Let’s just go get to that sex scene. Mmm. (very slurred) Real–I don’t even know to even spell it. Help! Don’t worry! I’ll save you! -(gun shots)
-(groans in pain) Are you okay? (flies buzz) I think he’s okay. God. Movie! (bomb beeps) Which one is it? This? Uh…oh…what is it? Oh, god. The green wire? No. No, no, no, no. The white wire? No, no, no, no, no. Wait…I think it’s the blue wire. (groans) (sighs in relief) I guess you could say when it
comes to defusing explosives I’m… “the bomb”! YEAAAH! (rock music) (very slurred) Reality… Heh. This’ll be a piece of cake! Heh heh. -(bomb keeps beeping)
-What the?! Oh FUUUUUUUUUUU…dge brownies! -YEAAAAH! (rock music)
-(explosion) So what’d you think of the video? Yeah, mom. What’d you think? I thought it was a really good effort and you should both keep up the good work! Yay! (slurred) Reality. So, what’d you think of the video? That f*cking sucked! To see a deleted scene about college party movies… This is the best night ever! And the weirdest behind-the-
scenes ever, including Anthony breaking my nose… At least it looks realistic. It was perfect for the scene. And a house catching fire… Fire trucking, fire, and there’s fire trucks… click the video right here. Congratulations! You have been
selected to win a million dollars and an all expense paid trip to Cayman islands if you click that subscribe button! (slurred) Reality… Click the subscribe button to get…nothing! Except our videos in your subscription feed! A-And we’ll love you forever…

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  1. I love that every one in the comments knows how to take a joke with the female driver scene, because when I went to the comments I was expecting a lot of comments that said that smosh is sexists

  2. Watchibg these make me realize just how neutered Smosh became, how much synergy Ian and Anthony had, and how much they have aged. That being said, I don't dislike the Smosh crew as it exists now, its just very different.

  3. 0:46 if you go to this part in the bts Anthony hit Ian’s nose really hard and it broke that’s why they cut a part but made it look like they didn't

  4. I will gladly click the subscribe button after Anthony comes back and I get 1 million bucks on that vacation trip as well.

    I don’t want your goddamn subscriptions or new video notification shit!

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