Mr. Fred Rogers’ Widow Joanne Rogers Talks About The New Documentary About Him | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Mr. Fred Rogers’ Widow Joanne Rogers Talks About The New Documentary About Him | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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  1. At 9:20 Idk why, but I just started crying. For a second, I just felt seen. As a fifteen year old, I didn't grow up with him, but looking at old clips now and seeing stuff like this makes everything seem okay somehow.

  2. I like the subtle nod to GOP lunacy “it was a win if he wore the red sweater” then go on to talk about race tolerance. Nice segway what Megan this is about something beyond POLITICS honey 🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. Mr. Rogers had the gift of seeing beneath the physical, and sometimes unpleasant, constraints of humanity into the beauty and preciousness of each individual soul. Truly a man after Jesus’ own heart.

  4. When I see Mr Rogers after 20 plus years.


  5. It would serve our president very well to binge watch Mr. Rogers instead of his steady diet of Fox News. Can we get an executive order for that? Imagine how much better a world if all people, and especially politicians, were required to watch his show. It takes you away to a better place

  6. The moment for me was when one day my toodlers were excited about a new cartoon on PBS, and they wanted me to see the commercial with them. For weeks I was always too busy to pay much attention until the first episode aired. I was in the kitchen, and as the music🎶 started I began singing the intro automatically. It was so familiar and comforting that I went to the tv to figure out why I felt so nostalgic. I sang with a knot in my throat. The kids were surprised and asked why I already knew the song? And why I was crying? I was surprised myself. For days the song nagged at me, it pulled at me heart strings but I had no recollection of ever watching Mr. Rodgers. I called my mother and she said that they didn't air Mr. Roger's show where I grew up, yet my older siblings debated it by simply saying: "He was a national spokesperson for kids, everyone knew who he was even in the 80s. Of course she must've picked up the songs from somewhere." To this day I still feel peace mixed with nostalgia whenever I watch either Daniel's Tiger's Neighborhood or Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

    The child I used to be is still listening…not loosing contact with the tv screen as if he were talking only to her. My guess is that maybe at the Day Care I was taken to, my friends and I were shown taped 📼 VHS shows during "TV Time" 📺 which lasted more or less 30 mins twice a day. I remember that watching TV was considered a treat so they made it count, and we only watched educational skits (I can still recall some memories of this). So maybe, that's how I know the songs?? 🤔

    All I can say is that It's nice to now have the opportunity to share that experience with my kids as well.💖

  7. When I think of Mr. Rogers, all I can think about is the beautiful life lessons he taught me and the joy he brought to me as a child. I wish he were still here and on the air. He is what we need on tv for children nowadays. May be rest in peace and may his lessons always be a reminder to us on how to be as people.

  8. I remember being small watching and yoyo ma playing his cello. It was so bueatiful! I wound up growing up to play violin.

  9. Mr. Rogers taught my generation love, compassion, empathy and so many other lessons that were not routinely taught in my home when I was little. He is greatly missed and his widow is such a beautiful soul, as was her husband. We don’t have such enriching programming now for earlier generations… I am so honored to be able to watch the documentary ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Fred oh fred what a good soul. if he is alive today, people would always find dirt on him or even label him as a pedo…

  11. 162 people don’t want to be our neighbors. It’s too bad because I have treats, laughs, and memories to share. 🙂

  12. For all the good he did all those years I know look at the many racists today who seem to take great delight in rejecting all the things this man stood for.

  13. Mr Rogers still loves you 162 people that downvoted anything to do with this great man of peace love forgiveness and kindness.

  14. As a kid, I always watched me rogers, but never really payed attention to the important messages he was trying to tell young viewers. Now that I look back at this, I start to tear up knowing that he made such a positive impact on people. We need him now more than ever

  15. I actually think Megan at one moment had to look deep inside herself for supporting what she does, when Mrs Rogers made the comment about kids in cages. If the Rogers are against it, then you know you’re wrong.

  16. I was born in 1970. I grew up watching Mr Rogers, Captain Kangaroo, Banana Splits, Sigmund the Sea Monster, New Zoo Revue, Speed Racer, Felix the Cat, Hercules, The Smurfs, Zoom, HR Puffenstuff etc….I was a boob tube kid.

  17. It would be neat if there was a compilation of testimonies of those whose lives were impacted by viewing Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. The Legacy of Mr. Rogers . . . hmmm, now that's a thought.

  18. I just knew that a man of his character and the merits of the output of his work had to be someone who knew the Lord God Jesus Christ personally. God truly destined Mr. Rogers for such wonderful feats. God put all his love in his heart to share with all the children and their families, God's wonderful and special creation. Who wouldn't want to know the God who reigned in his heart?

  19. Wanted to share 3 of my own favorite Fred Rogers videos, especially with those who might not have know about them:

    Emmy Legends interview which includes his account of addressing the fears surrounding the Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy assassinations:

    His 1969 testimony before Congress regarding PBS funding that prompted an immediate response from them:

    His Emmy Award acceptance speech that moved audience members to tears:

  20. I watched it a few times and thought it was pretty banal. Then started to really watch the content. Amazing man.

  21. I will say this if we all had just half of what Mr.Rogers had in him this world would be a paradise.Rip Mr.Fred Roger's until we all meet again in the neighborhood of make believe👫👬👭💏💑👪👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👧👩‍👦✌

  22. Thank you so much for posting this video about the new documentary about Mr. Rogers and his life, He is greatly missed and was a very rare and caring person to everyone. Especially helping children understand the ups and downs of life and to be kind to your neighbor ! He will be remembered fondly by many ! Thank you !

  23. I had the privilege to meet Francios Clemmons recently. It was such a wonderful experience. I cried at this documentary.

  24. I knew she was going to "TRY" and turn this segment into an Anti Trump thing. I KNEW IT!!!! Hahahahahahahaha. IT FAILED!!!! Hahahahahahahaha. Mr Fred Rogers was a life long conservative republican Presbyterian Christian family man and Christian minister. He strongly believed if you broke the law you deserved to pay for your crimes; he said it hurt him to see adults drag children into their mistakes. You putrid rotten evil democrats want so badly to claim Mr Rogers as your property yet he belongs to everyone. Even when you horrible Ashkenazi Jews SPAT on him saying he was a child molester he turned the other cheek. Mr Fred Rogers was a man of *THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.*<—————–BOOM!

  25. "Look for the helpers" very appropriate for anyone that has gone through any of the recent shootings that have been happening in the last few years.

  26. It's wonderful to see puppets on the table instead of those ridiculous " sippy " coffee cups that make the show look more like a baby feeding station for adults .

  27. He talked so slow I could not relate as a kid. Then we find out he was a cheater who cheated on his wife. Well, at least he portrayed a decent character on screen even if he wasn't off screen.

  28. My favorite episode was when Maya Angelou was a guest. I loved her warm rich voice, and her gentle engagement with all of the children there that day.

  29. I was in a foster home when I was about 15 years old and my foster mother told me that Mr Rogers was her teacher when she went to school.

  30. He also went on the air with a special message after Robert Kennedy was assassinated.

    When Mr. Rogers neighborhood went off the air, it was replaced by Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, which was an animated cartoon.

  31. I would not miss this program as a child in the 70s.. funny thing is that even in my teens in the 80s and early 20s in the 90s I would find myself occasionally watching his show.. so nostalgic to even hear the songs and jingles he often preformed during the our world of chaos I was able to unplug for half an hour and put myself into a safe and happy world that was not fantasy but definitely a reminder of how much beauty was in the truth of my life growing up in a home with two other brothers and a single mom.. which was perfect for me.. I can honestly say that watching Me. Rodgers was an inspiration for me to stay on the right track in life.. not to say I was an angle but he definitely played a role in my life as far as making better choices… Example… Not joining a gang, not drinking not smoking just to always try to be a better caring person… Thank you for the upload

  32. She seemed like she was a very good wife him. I wonder if her working piano play influenced him at all, like if she taught him how to play because in the other videos it shows him playing piano. He will be missed but I'm sure she will miss him most of all. They must have been married for eons and eons like my grandparents. I think my grandparents are on like 55 or 60 years now.

  33. we have the media and democrats to thank for the devided , this immagration thing started under bush ,megyn kelly brought up politics to try to make another point for her crooked lying self, but i do pray for all the crooked democrats and megyn. insult me tell your pink i will not responde congrats race card denied liars.. mr rogers was a great man and i dont think he would took sides democrats are republicans, that part about the kids she shouldnt watch lying nbc are cnn they are liars them sites and all that separation was a policy made by bush then updated by obama ,, trump is just carring out there laws.

  34. Mr. Rogers should have been President of the United States, they would have had to rewrite the law and let him stay in office forever. I grew up watching Mr. Rogers.

  35. This just popped into my head and so I think prisoners in jail should be allowed to watch one thing. Mister Rogers neighborhood

  36. You can't bash Mr. Rogers, but here in Canada we had our own-his apprentice, Mr. Dressup. No that doesn't mean cross dressing. We also had The Friendly Giant, who was also an apprentice for Mr. Rogers, he was great because he actually had the camera pointed at childrens books and read during the show, which helped children learn to read, and taught how to play the recorder. Unfortunately in canada we don't celebrate childrens show hosts like in the US, but Mr. Rogers originally started in Canada.

  37. The best way to educate and change the world arent through forcing ideas, or constantly telling us we are wrong, but through just setting an example, and doing it yourself, showing us

  38. Those last 3 faith, pardon and love echo St. Paul faith, hope and love.
    This makes me want to be less cruel.
    I could not make it fully through the documentary. People who hurt kids should be put against the wall. Fred Rogers is a Saint, a Holy fool

  39. We need to share the Word of God it would help someone that is thinking of committing suicide that Jesus is the only one through Him salvation.

  40. I

  41. When I was 10 went though sexual assault I went into my basement he helped me maybe I was too old as I was told to like his show help a scared little black girl but with him I was just a scared child that why I truelly love him

  42. The more I hear about this man, the more I respect and honor him. It's unfortunate that he was such a rarity then and even more now. This was a terrific documentary and I am so thankful that Mr. Ma was inspired to produce it. Hopefully, it will inspire others to imitate this truly great man,

  43. NBC was crazy and bullied into letting Megyn Kelly go! I hope a producer with more brains picks her up. She did not deserve to be let go.

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