‘Mr. Happy’ – Starring Chance the Rapper | Short Film (2015)

Vicky! Whats up, Victor? Hey man. Woo! Boom, you blow it up at the end. So uh, how’s uh, how’s Shirene? Uh, Shirene, how’s Shirene doing? Haven’t seen her in a while. [Voicemail of Shirene] [Victor speaking on the phone] Hey it’s me. I’m just calling to look in uh, I’ve been trying to get to you. Awesome man! That’s awesome. h-hey victor! how you doing huh? how about that weather *distortion* miss? Miss, are you alright? I’m hurt umm.. here use this let me get you a bandage you want one of these? thank you I want to fuck your little dick while you come inside of me thank you thanks so much hey you’re welcome bro well now wlecome to mr. happy where we’ll take the pain away today that’s right, you’re just a few clicks away from ending it all whatever the reason don’t matter I’m here for you all you have to do is answer a few questions on your computer punch in some credit card information and – boom! you’re that much closer to getting rid of all those pesky little problems customer satisfaction guaranteed you just gotta- you gotta kinda force it in there you gotta manpower it you know hey victoria- hahahaha! so uh saw you gotta bunch of checks piling up back there yeah might wanna go grab those, ok? telling you man, lots of dollar bills supply guy? oh, hey uh how’s it going? how the hand? you know, I think I’ll live you-you work here? oh no, I’m just uh doing a show here later tonight oh I didn’t know I didn’t know this was a gallery it wasn’t until this morning but I was looking for a good space to do this and this was the cheapest place I could find so voila! alright, cool but you should, um, you should stop by later yeah yeah for sure yeah? you totally should yeah for sure I’ll see ya see ya there bring your friends alright hey hey! you came uh you’re really good at this thanks I try who’s this? why, you want her number? she was um a girl at my art school she was kinda odd never really said much kinda like you did you uhh sell anything today? no uhh how much for this one? who, her? you wouldn’t want her hanging up at your place I found out a few months after painting her, she was murdered what happened? all I know is apparently they found her in her apartment chopped up into tiny little pieces some really sick shit that’s uh that’s really sad (rip teeth lol) so you’ll believe anything, huh come on I always wanted to fly just be able to pick up and go no matter where you are no matter what’s happening around you, you can just fly away I know that sound so fucking cliche but I guess when you’re little dreams are such a big part of your life big part of who you are yeah I mean no, no that doesn’t that doesn’t sound corny not at- not at all well what about you? what is your dream? what is- you dream? I don’t- I don’t know I uhh I don’t really dream that much you kinda get tired, tired of them not coming true, I guess so… I don’t really like having them well aren’t you a downer come up here nahh I’m- I’m ok are you scared? no, I’m just not going up there come onn, come up here come on there we go see? you don’t have to be so afraid I’m- I’m not can I- uh can I help you? you called, didn’t you? I just called but nobody picked up and I was trying I was calling so that I could cancel I need to cancel Look I know I didn’t drive all the way down here for nothing no, no there was, what I’m saying is, I made a mistake I made a mistake I can’t uh I don’t want to go through with this anymore look the pipes aren’t gonna fix themselves what? wait a minute this isn’t 606 Ay man, this is, this is 609 you need to get that fixed call me man, sorry for the inconvenience you have a good day hey Vic, wait up man wanna do some ects tonight, maybe hit the strip club uh, naw no thank you you wanna maybe do some cocaine? for ya nose? no thanks you sure man? pretty sure ka-titty-cat’s working tonight, remember her? tattoos all up and down her body bid ol tittys like big ol tittys- like you just wanna rub your face in there hello? hey uh it’s Victor oh- hey this is gonna sound weird but I was wondering if you wanna come up to my uncle’s cabin with me it could be like a little valentine’s getaway thing umm I mean like that’s not necessarily my cup of tea either I just yeah that’d be so cool alright well why don’t you pick me up after I get off work? hey it’s so good to see you it’s beautiful up here what are you thinking about? actually, uh nothing for once just, having a really good time wow, did we make it? almost, we’re like, 30 minutes out just gotta get some gas real quick best valentines day ever well I have to pee

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