Mujhse Shaadi Karogi (Eng Subs) Hindi Full Movie & Songs- Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra

Five! Five! Five! Greetings, sir.
– May you be happy. Please take a look at my grandson’s
horoscope and predict his future. Certainly. Let me see your forehead. The lines on his forehead
make it so obvious… that the fury of Jupiter, the Sun,
Mars and Saturn will rule his life. They will dominate his life totally!
Should he be provoked by someone… this boy will certainly
not spare him. What should we name him? Sameer. A gust of cool breeze.
– Sameer? By nature, he’s hot-headed.
The name will keep him calm. Come to me, come… Sameer. Guess what? Don’t ever make the
mistake of getting him married. There you are! He has kicked me! As he grows up, he’ll use his fists
and kicks more than his mouth! I’m not sparing you! Leave me.
– I’m not sparing you! Never! Sameer. Move children’s. Move. What are you doing, Sameer?
Leave him. Sameer! Sameer. I said… No Sameer. No.
Oh my God! Sameer! Let him go! Leave him alone!
– How dare you, Sameer. Sorry, sir. I am very very sorry. Please, sir.
– Okay. C’mon, Sameer! Come with me! Sameer, why did you raise
your hand at the Principal? When I lose my temper… it feels as if a hundred guitars
are playing in my brains! Cool down, Sameer. Cool down. Now tell me something.
Why did you hit Chintu? I was angry because he abused you! Sameer, my mother says,
anger is love’s worst enemy. One who can’t control his temper,
he can’t control anything in his lifetime. Now stop being angry
and smile. Smile! So you won’t smile? I’ll set
your mood right in a moment. The insolent!
– Go topless. Those with iron pajamas…
– Have an ape for an Uncle! Whose aunts are cats…
– Have dogs for friends! When it comes to the pickle…
– They hug, buddy! This is too much.
This is too much. Sameer gets into a fight with
someone or the other every day… and today, he raised his hands
on me! The Principal! So much of anger is not good, Ma’am.
It’s Arun who always calms him down. He was born with the temper.
How will I explain? Ever since his parents have died,
his temper is getting worse and worse. I understand, ma’am. And that is why I’m not throwing
him out of the school. But I’m really worried. If this is how Sameer
Malhotra’s childhood is… how is his adolescence going to be? Sameer, stop it! Sameer. Sameer, no. So these three fractures
and the 35 stitches… …is it all your doing?
– Yes, sir. I’ve thrashed them. But you must ask
them why I hit them. Hey, come on. Hey. Come on.
– Stop it. Help! No! Come on, baby. Stop it! Stop it! There’s this girl Sameer
wants to marry… and these guys were treating her
like a ball in the basket! In 1998, you beat up a professor
in the college? He didn’t have any time
to teach the boys. But he used to call the girls home
all alone and gave them tuitions. He had evil on his mind.
So I gave it to him! What wrong did I do? In the year 2000, you rescued
a man who was drowning… …and gave him a beating?
– I was the one who saved him too! There was a board which said in
bold letters, Swimming is forbidden. Danger zone. Why did he go there? I gave it to him… what wrong did I do? Look, we have received
eight complaints… …against you in
the last five years. You might get more. Listen, this is my last warning to you. If I receive another complaint,
you’re going straight to jail! Rupees 3000/- Fine. You kiss the bride. Roma? You’ve got married? Sameer, please.
Today’s my wedding day. – What? Don’t be angry today. Please don’t hit someone
– What? Please, Sameer. I’ll…
– No, wait here There’s no saying when
he might hit someone. You think I’ll hit you? Why?
How can I hit you? I… And I thought you… Did you think I’d marry you?
– Yes. Have you ever told me
that you love me? – No. Then. And look at him.
He’s so sweet, so gentle… he loves me so much. And you… Now listen to me. No girl can
ever fall in love with you. She can only be afraid of you.
– Why? You have such a temper,
even I’m afraid of you. Remember how you thrashed those
boys at the basketball court, Sameer? But they had made a mistake.
They had to be punished. Every human being makes a mistake.
What if I had made a mistake? You’d have hit me too, isn’t it?
Isn’t it true? – No. Let’s go. Sameer, are you really going away? Yes, grandma. I’ve got the job of a lifeguard
in Goa. It’s a nice job. Besides, I get into a lot
of fights here, grandma. If I go to a new place and meet new
people, I might not get into fights. My son, think again before you go. The reason behind the
fights is your temper. Your temper will go with
you wherever you go. Yes, brother. If you leave, I’ll
be worried about you all the time. You’re the one I’ll worry about. I’ve got to get you
educated and married. I’ve got to have an operation
conducted on grandma’s eyes… and send her to grandpa
in heaven at the earliest. I’m not going away in a hurry.
He’ll have to wait! But before you leave, you’ll
have to promise me… …that you won’t get into fights
and brawls with anyone. Is that clear, my son? Grandma, I swear it on your head. I’ll never lose my temper again. One, two… Is that your luggage, mister?
Also this bag? Four? Four bags?
All this four bags belongs to you? Yes. Which bag contain that thing? I mean, the bag in which you’re
carrying the cash and Valuables? Terrible times, you see.
You could easily be robbed. Robberies are commonplace
in trains nowadays. Difficult to tell the bonafide
passenger from the thief! Go to sleep. I’ll stay awake.
– I’m not sleepy. Mister, this period between
3 and 5 in the morning… …is meant to be spent in slumber.
However strong a man is… …he does drift into it at least once. I want to see when you go to sleep.
– I told you, I’m not sleepy. All right. Actually,
I love my forty winks. I’m going to sleep. Yes, grandma, I’ve reached
safely. Okay… What? Thank you, mister.
– What for? For looking after my luggage. I’ll explain. I have a weakness.
I can’t stay awake in the night. And I can’t sleep in the train,
for fear of losing my luggage… …and that is why, I pulled
off the fast one. So that I could go to sleep and
you’d look after my luggage. Nice idea, eh?
Know what? You’re a great guy. I think I must travel with
you on my way back too. Here’s my card. Phone me on this
number, I’ll find you at the station. Bye-bye. Help me, grandma! “Sing in the praise
of Govind! Gopal.” “Sing in the praise
of Govind! Gopal.” Praise the Lord… Lord, protect my grandson
wherever he is. “Don’t go away,
become a part of me” “You’ve become a part
– I’m intoxicated” “The time is right,
my heart is crazy too.” “Let’s have fun in our lives.” “That’s the way I like it” “That’s the way I like it” Strength, might” “Who has the guts to fight us” “Come fall in love.
As young days are here” I’ll help you.
– Thank you. “It’s time to live, live in gusto” “Sing in the praise
of Govind! Gopal” Lord, help Sameer find his love. “Beloved…” “Beloved…” “Hail Lord Rama…
Hail Lord Krishna.” “Hail Lord Rama…
Hail Lord Krishna.” “Come along beloved” “Come along beloved” “Come Dance” “Come Dance” “I like it” “Come dance and sing” Hey, babes. Move.
– Hey. Lord! You?
– Yes. I’m Raj. He’s Paul. Our misfortune, we’re brothers.
Twins. I’m an astrologer, predicts people’s
future from their birth charts… …and he ruins their future! What does your brother do?
– He belongs to the Eagle gang… Very dangerous people.
Never cross their path. Never. – You appear to
be a stranger in town. Whom are you Visiting?
– Mr. Duggal. Mr.Duggal!
– Yes, he has a Vacant room. Not just a room,
his brains are empty too. He used to be a police
inspector in Goa… …and has blood clotted in
his head ever since… …a thief struck him with a stick. Wherever the clot stands,
that part becomes useless. He plays deaf, dumb and blind Let’s see what he’s playing today. He’s playing blind today. I don’t believe this!
– You will, Very soon. That’s Mr. Duggal! But he’s looking at me.
– No, you’re looking at him. Let me show you. Wait. Rascals! You hit me because
I’m blind today? When I start seeing again, none of
you will be seen around here again! Do you believe it now?
Wait a moment. I’m glad you’re here.
I haven’t had any tea. Give me half a litre of milk. Is the milk over, Bansi? I’m not Bansi. I’m Sameer. I’m sorry, I thought
you were the milkman. When did the headlights go off? How does that concern you?
You’re not a doctor, are you? Give me the milk.
– But I’m not a milkman… I’m Raj, the astrologer!
– The astrologer! Such a big mouth!
– It’s not my mouth. It’s a bag. Is it? And here is your mouth!
– Let me be, please! What brings you here?
– I’m the one who came here. I’ve landed a job
at the beach resort. Mr. Sharma has had a word with you. For the room, isn’t it?
Come, I’ll take you to your room. I’ll show you to your room. Go upstairs from here. Your
room is right ahead. Go on. There’s no room there!
– No? But I saw it last night. Did
it disappear overnight? Hello. – You’re showing
him the wrong place. The room is over there!
– Where? Here! Come with me.
– You’re throwing me out? We’re actually going in!
– Come. I’ll check out the room later.
Let’s talk about the rent first. I can pay you 2500 at the most.
– I’ll collect at least 5000 rupees! It’s okay if you agree.
Or you may leave… Hey! It’s me!
– Why do you keep butting in? Give him half the room for 2500. Find
another tenant for the other half. Is Bansi staying with you too?
– But I’m not Bansi! Don’t be angry. Give me
half a litre of milk. But I’m not the milkman!
I’m Raj… the astrologer! So what are you doing here? Go
and look up people’s horoscopes. Till then I’ll show him the room.
Come, Sameer… It’s me! Where’s Sameer?
– Here I am, sir. C’mon. For my grandma’s eyesight. For my sister’s education. For my sister’s marriage. Lord, it’s Your responsibility
to have an operation… …conducted on grandma’s eyes. My sister’s education and her
marriage is also Your responsibility. Fill up the coffers at
the earliest, please. And okay, it’s my responsibility to
make offerings to You at the temple. For God. “O beautiful one…
Come to me” “I want to love” “O beautiful one…
Come to me” “O beautiful one…
Come to me” “O beautiful one…
Come to me” What are you doing? Oh God! Has Mr. Duggal asked you to come and
go through the balcony, brother? No.
– Not your mistake, though. Whoever stays in that house,
does take a fall in his lifetime. It’s because of the sight ahead.
– You’re right. And I wish you keep doing
this to me every day. I feel so nice today! You? Already here to pick me up?
I told you to call up and come. No, I can’t go with you so early.
Okay, do something. Look around Goa for a couple of
days, then we’ll leave together. Good morning.
– Good morning. Good morning. Who is he?
– Our new manager. New manager? Oh no. He’ll kill me! Hi.
– Hi. How are you? I am Sameer. I am Raj.
– How’s going? You called, sir? Are you Suraj?
– No. Suraj Prakash.
– Time for you to set, Suraj (Sun). You won’t ever rise
in the morning again. In your 14 years of service, you
were never in the night shift. From now on you will work
in the night for a month. Sir, I’ll die.
– Two months. I’ll be ruined, sir.
– Three months. And listen…
– Yes sir? Sleep is man’s worst weakness. And the time between 3 and 5
is the most Vulnerable one. If I see your shoulders droop at
that time, you are off the roster. I get it. Mr. Sameer. “Beloved” When did you get this motorbike?
– My company gave it to me today. No, you got it yesterday.
– Today. You’re talking about the motorbike,
I’m talking about your eyes. You clapped your eyes on
Rani yesterday, right? Rani? Who? I’m watching
the kids play. Really? I’m a gifted astrologer. Really? I’ve seen your horoscope.
Let me introduce you to Rani. Else, you will keep falling
off your window. I’m a priest of Love. Because of
us priests, two hearts meet… a family is made, new
babies are born… …there’s no
greater joy than this. “Beloved” Her father, the colonel,
is a strict man, I hear. He’s retired. He may
be pulled up any time. He won’t find a better son-in-law.
– Never. He’s going to embrace you
in the first meeting itself. Okay, I’m leaving.
Thank you for the coffee. Bye guys. Is Ms Rani cross with you?
– No. Then why is she going that way? Rani! Yes, priest?
– Please come here. She’s coming.
– Yes. Once you guys shake hands… …it won’t take much time
for your hearts to meet. Come… Be prepared. Haven’t seen the colonel for days.
– Our car in the garage. He’s gone to pick it up.
– Ill-fated carburettor, I told him. He must at least fill
gas worth 125… …but he won’t spend
more than 25 bucks. Anyway… this is my childhood
friend Sameer. “Come along beloved” Not that we met in childhood…
the two of us met as adults. She’s Rani. Sameer is a lifeguard, and
Rani is a fashion designer. Won’t you shake hands? Mummy. Can’t you take care of your kid? What happened?
– A flat tyre? No, someone got smacked. Who?
– Daddy! What an introduction! Who slapped him? It sounded
like an explosion. Are you all right, Papa?
– Don’t ask me, dear. It feels as if someone hammered
a hot nail into my ear. You shouldn’t have hit him so
hard. This boy is naughty. Thank God the colonel applied the
brakes in time and saved him. Are you in your senses?
How dare you hit my Papa? I didn’t know he was your
father. And that kid…
– What kid? Her mother is here, there
are so many people around… …but they didn’t utter a word!
You wanted to be a hero, eh? – No. I mean what were
you trying to do? Stop fighting and take
him to a doctor, quick. Conductor? I need a doctor, dammit!
– That’s where we’re going. He’s gone deaf! What have you done? You were to ask Rani’s hand from
him and you just handed it out to him. “Come along beloved” “Come along beloved” “Come along beloved” “Come along beloved” Who is Rani, sir? You? Are you working day and night? No sir. I just came to request you. Please be kind enough and turn my
bad nights into good nights, sir. What for?
– Because after office hours… …when I go home and shut the doors
and windows to catch a wink… …the kids around assemble outside
my house and scream together… The matinee show begins now. And my wife takes it out on the
kids saying, There is no late night shows. Sir, my honour is at stake. All right. Give me
some time to think. Really? How much time?
– Say, a month or two. A month? What?
– When will my duty hours change? Three months after that. Okay sir. Okay, okay. Oh my God! Who is this Rani, sir? “Youth is short” “The rest of life is no good” “Youth is short” “The rest of life is no good” “Once…” “once it’s gone…” “youth never returns” “Youth is short” “The rest of life is no good” “Once…” “once it’s gone…” “youth never returns” “What do you…
think about me?” “Don’t take me for a foe
Be my friend” “Lay off. Let me go” “Don’t harass me” “Sweetheart, so much…” “…of attitude is bad” “Youth is short” “The rest of life is no good” “Once…” “…once it’s gone…” “youth never returns” “My love, enjoy…
every moment” “What you have, is in the present
Tomorrow never comes” “I think you are crazy” “You and I don’t sail
in the same boat” “I can’t just…
stop following you” “Youth is short” “The rest of life is no good” “Once…” “…once it’s gone…” “…youth never returns” “youth never returns” “youth never returns” It’s really fun. Sameer. Sameer. Hi, Rani.
– Hi. Thank God you’re here.
I was really worried. What for? Aren’t we friends now? Yeah, but your father
hasn’t forgiven me yet. When things go wrong
in the beginning… …it all falls in place in the end. I don’t get it. Please explain. I mean, I’ve brought Papa around
and he has called you over for dinner. Really?
– Yes. Look, he’s an army officer
who is Very punctual. You will be there at nine sharp. You know what? I’ll be there at eight.
– No way. Neither early, nor late. I see you at home. At 9:00 o’clock.
– Alright. See you later. Bye. You look Very happy. Tommy’s sister
says, see you at home… …as if you’re going home to become
Tommy’s brother-in-law. But to impress Tommy’s father, don’t
forget to buy champagne for him. And, you must uncork it at one go! Good evening, sir. Is it Sameer?
– Yes, sir. Come on in. – Actually sir,
I’ve come to apologise. I committed a mistake the other day.
Please forgive me. I’ve forgiven you, that is why
you are standing before me Yes. Lovely dog. He’s Tommy, not a dog He’s like my son. Remember. Of course. Of course. Sit.
– Thank you. I’m from Patiala, Punjab.
– Really? My uncle was in the army. Once I took his gun and ran to the
fields, for some shooting practice Enraged, he snatched the gun… Oh no. …and said, It’s an official gun. I was so peeved that
I joined the army… …and I got my own gun. “Come along beloved” A few years later, war for
independence broke out in Goa. They posted me here in Goa. After the war, I settled
here with my family. Luckily, I love Goa. Luckily, I love Goa too. “Beloved…” What do they call a chicken
in Punjab? – Kukdi. Chicken.
– And a girl? Kudi. Kukdi.
– Kukdi. Wow! Those medals…
did you win them, sir? My wife wasn’t in the army, so
obviously they belong to me. Sorry sir. Actually sir, your personality
unsettles me. That’s why I’m talking like a fool. Never mind. And that Chinese
pot near the medals… Looks like an antique piece,
does it for Chinese tea? It contains my late mother’s ashes It gives me a feeling that
I always have her blessings with me. You dearly loved your mother.
– I still love her. We tried really hard to save her. But what God wills…
– Let it be, Papa. Let’s eat. One… one second. Why did you have
to bring that, son? It’s my first time here.
– Let me uncork it. No, sir. Let me have the pleasure. I’d like to propose a toast to the
brave Colonel, his beautiful wife. And to you, beautiful lady. May you find a
handsome man one day. First time. Sorry sir. 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3… …2, 1, 0. What have you done? Sorry sir. Come on, the player of love
and enemy of troubles. Shut up!
It all happened because of you. Because of me, really?
– You asked me to uncork it at one go. I asked you to open the bottle,
not to break the pot of ashes. Good that the pot broke. At least
it has set his mother’s soul free. “Come along beloved” I think the colonel is insane. Oh no…
he’s a Very intelligent man. Intelligent, my foot! Mother’s ashes
ought to be immersed in the Ganges. No one keeps it at home.
Never in a pot, at that! It’s okay, we’ll talk later.
– Let me clear this now. Please try to see
it from my point of View. Why don’t you try to
see it from my point of View? Have you seen the colonel? He looks as if he grew
old twenty years back. Look at his wife… as if
she has just stepped into youth. Tell me, from what angle does Rani
look like the colonel’s daughter? Yeah, Tommy does
appear to be his son. Look. You’re not understanding
what I try to say. You should ask the concerned person. Who?
– Rani. The colonel would never
reveal the secret to Rani. Sameer. The other day I spared
you because it was only a mistake. But today, you intentionally… That day you hit my Papa on his face… …still I forgave you. But today you’ve
hurt me in the heart. Can you explain?
– Rani… What do you want to say?
He is not my father. No!
– That my mother is wanton? No! Don’t ever talk to me. Ever. It was tough convincing
myself that you are a nice person. And you, priest!
I’m really amazed with you. How could you consider
such a lowly man as your friend? – No. He even don’t know how
to respect others. Rani. See? She is hurt because of you!
– Because of me, really? I was only kidding. When you
knew Rani was standing behind me… why didn’t you tell me?
– I was telling you… …see from my point of View!
– Your language is too tough for me. For all the mistakes you commit,
you pass the buck on to me! God! Uncle, ball please. Ball? What happened?
– A flat tyre? No, someone got thrashed. Who?
– Papa! Granny! I’m ill-fated, it’s writ. Reading my
horoscope won’t turn things around. Just checking what’s
worse is in store. – What? Your past was your golden period.
– Golden period, really? Yes. Your future is worse.
– Worse than what I’m going through? Jupiter’s place is right up here.
Yours is down in hell. The Moon’s place is in
the 7th house. Yours is homeless. Moreover, Saturn is about to enter. You said, Saturn left me last week.
– And it did. Usually, once it leaves, Saturn
never returns for another seven years. Not in your case. Saturn is about
to re-enter in a few seconds time. “Wicked Sunny.” “I kill for money.” “Wicked Sunny.” “I’ve got money.” “Wicked, Sunny.” “Back up your money.” Right, anything is possible
with me. – Saturn is on its way. And it will wreck me. This Saturn is going to…
change your life and destiny. It will come like a tempest. “Wicked Sunny.” “What say, dude?” “Sunny.” “He’s going to steal
the princess away.” “Wicked Sunny.” “What say, dude?” “Wicked Sunny.” “He’s going to steal
the princess away.” As per my calculations, it
will stay with you in your room… …and knock at Rani’s door. Hello, uncle. Hello, I say. Remember me? I’m your distant relative. Sunny. For miles away,
uncle has no relatives. Go away. Uncle, your servant is very ill-mannered.
Ask him not to mess with me. Why is he so quiet? Not that he is glad to remain quiet
He’s ailing. Shut up
Uncle, I’m Sunny. Mr. Khurana’s son. Who… Khur… ana? Who Khurana? Back in Gurudaspur this
road in front of your house… There’s one in front of every house. it turns around the corner. They all turn. No road is straight. And where does it go?
Straight to his friend’s house. Friend? Who?
– Mr. Khosla. He just said Khurana!
– How smart! You caught me. I was only testing you. Know what?
When I asked your address… …everyone said there’s only one
decent and honest boy in Goa. You. Boy? What a fraud! Tell me honestly, why are you here?
– Well, I… …want to hire a room. Yes. No, he says. Go away Uncle. No way, get lost, he says.
Look, he’s pissed off. Now tell me.
– Stay here. Yes. Well, now that you are dumb,
you won’t pick up a fight. So let’s go to my relative’s place. Relative, aunt? Then who am I? Who are you?
– Sunny. Not Sunny, he’s Shani (Saturn).
– Shut up, dude. Uncle, for my sake don’t
tell aunt where I come from. Well, uncle himself doesn’t
know where he comes from. Aunt, I’m a tenant here.
Here’s 10,000 bucks. Take another 9,999… take care. I’m a bit tired.
Show me the way to my room, please. Let me see you off
at the next street. – Idiot! Hold this. Bring it upstairs. Oldie’s got a nice room.
– Yes. But we are sharing it. What are you staring at me for? Why share? We’ll be exchanging beds. We’ll also sleep in the same bed,
as brothers… Don’t touch me. I don’t like it. Like the rent, we share the room too.
This side is yours, that’s mine. I see.
– By the way where are you from? All right, give me a hug.
– No! I don’t hug men.
– Really? How Vain. Whatever.
– Okay listen… why don’t you take your God there?
– God doesn’t belong to one person. God belongs to everyone. And listen, we’ve shared
the room… not the walls. God’s not moving.
– And where do I stick my posters? Wherever you wish. God’s not moving. I got an idea.
Stick them up in the bathroom. Why do you get so angry?
– Am I angry? Now! Even while you are talking.
– Yeah, where am I angry? Look, the room’s got hot.
Need to open the window. Don’t open the window! Why? She comes there. I need to check her out then.
Since I pay half the rent… I’ll open half the window. You’re on my half, let me
embrace you! – Don’t piss me off! I tried my best to keep him off. What a sight! Mr. Sameer deliberately
kept the door shut to keep me off. But smelling a scent
from a distance is my forte. What a dish!
– Don’t you say that! Does she mean
anything to you? – No. But decent folks stay here. By the way she is
a nice and decent girl. And she’s a colonel’s daughter.
He will shoot you if he hears you. For a beauty like her,
I’d take a bullet on my chest. On my chest. Idiotic! Don’t you jump!
– Why not? You are in bad times, as it is. For all your good intentions, you
might fall on top of the colonel. Hi. He’s going in.
– No. As per my calculations… Tommy will have a go at him. Very friendly. Very friendly. Very good doggy. He’s gone inside. Not to worry.
My calculations say… …the colonel will
kick him out in a minute What’s your name? Tommy. Nice name. My respects, uncle. Who are you?
– Sunny. What do you want?
– I just wanted to meet you, uncle. I’m new here.
I’m told that you are the only… …decent and honest boy around. Boy?
– What else? Look at you. You can put any young man to shame.
Besides… Hang on. What’s that in your ears?
And what’s around your neck, bro? Don’t ask me.
My blood boils when I think of it. Screwed my calculations! What are you doing?
– Don’t worry. I have fixed many bones. And it’s only a sprain.
Look straight… here goes. What say? How do you feel? Be honest.
– Feels nice. Where are you staying?
– At your neighbour Mr. Duggal’s place. The one who broke
my neck also stays there. Don’t be angry. I’m his roommate. I know he’s ill-mannered…
and he’ll surely change, …but this is not how
one should treat an elder. A ball hit me, by mistake. Darling, what’s happening?
When did you employ a masseur? From today. – Oh no,
he’s not a masseur, darling. Sunny is a nice boy. He’s Mr. Duggal’s tenant.
– Greetings. I see. Tell you something, massage
is not actually done indoors. A garden, or an open
terrace would be just amazing. We have a terrace garden.
– Don’t tell me. Really? Where? Upstairs.
– Can I check it out? Sure.
– Thank you. Sunny. “Wicked Sunny.” “Wicked Sunny.”
– Did he swallow something? He’s dancing…
advancing towards the girl. “He’s going to steal
the princess away.” “Wicked Sunny.” Sorry. Hi! I am Sunny.
A flower for a beautiful lady. Thank you.
– It’s my pleasure. Damn… your love-story began here
and ended in the colonel’s ears. He began it by shaking hands,
and it’s going to end in honeymoon. Sir, do something.
Please do something to me. What do I do to you? I want a baby. Give me a baby, please!
– What? Security! Listen. – Yes, sir. What are you doing here?
– You! What are you doing here? You know her?
– She is my wife. Don’t you have children?
– Yes, two in fact. Both of them are boys. And you know
what these boys are like. I want a daughter.
– So why me? Ask him. Listen… please
– What? He promised to give me a daughter. After duty hours, he used
to get me sweets and flowers… …and shut the doors and windows. But ever since you put
him on the night shift… …the doors and windows only shut
to allow him get a good day’s sleep. It’s a mistake but
a mistake is a mistake. You must also have committed
a mistake, by mistake, no? Yes, you are right. And I can understand your problem.
I’ll definitely help you. Hang on. Rocky!
– Yes, sir. From tomorrow, you will buy
her sweets and flowers every day. Got it? Yes, sir. What happened? Get up. Was I wrong? “Watch this.” “Somebody touch me.” “Somebody…” “Somebody love me.” “Somebody love me… yeah.” “Somebody…” “Somebody…” 500 for grandma,
500 for my sister’s studies… 500 for her marriage, and 500… For my roommate. Roommate? What a sight! It’s worth paying a
hundred thousand in rent. What are you upto? Watching the colonel. Really?
– Wanna check? Show me.
– Look. “Watch this.” That’s his daughter. Do they look alike? “Alright.” No way! And what are you drinking? Water.
– Really? I swear by you.
– I see. Go on. Let me smell it… is this water? Fenny is Goa’s speciality.
It’s nothing but cashew nut juice. I see. I’ll juice you! I’m going to tell Mr. Duggal
that you are boozing here. Listen… Don’t touch me.
– I won’t booze any more, promise. All right.
– One last swig. What’s that?
– Oh, those? Your God’s on my wall, so
I glued my goddesses to your wall. So why get angry?
– I’m not angry. You are peeved.
– I’m not. Relax… easy. You feel like abusing me.
– Not at all. I know, you want to
tell me something. – No. You want to hit me.
Go on, hit me. – No. C’mon, hit me.
– Oh no. Why don’t you go to your half?
– Okay. Peace. Peace
– Yes. What was that? Earthquake? Mr. Duggal. Mr. Duggal, where did you pick that
roommate from? He boozes, and… …watches Rani through his binoculars,
You must go and inform the colonel. Oh, why would you
inform the colonel? The idiot has stuffed you with money. Rather I’ll go and inform him. Mr. Duggal…
Looks like he’s deaf today. Mr. Duggal. Mr. Duggal. He’s deaf. Young man, my neck feels better now. Hello aunt.
– Do something to my ear. Let me fix your neck first.
Fixing the ear is no big deal. It will be all right. Where’s Rani? See, Rama? Though they share
the same room, they are poles apart. That swine injures me,
and the other… …the decent one, comes home
everyday to give me a massage. Hush, Tommy. Hey. Sameer is not around,
then who is Tommy barking at? Dogs have a Very
sharp memory, uncle. Tommy must be barking
at Sameer’s thoughts. Where’s Rani? Bloody dog! Papa. Papa. Papa. Guess what? You look so happy. What’s the reason? This year, the All India… …Fashion Designers’ competition
is going to be held in Goa. The designs I had
sent have been approved. And I’m participating this year! Very good. I am proud of you, dear. Very good. congratulation. Papa, I got to pay the entry fees
within two days. Only 20,000 Rupees. Let her have it. I’ll return
every cent after marriage. 20,000? No dear, I can’t afford that much. Please Papa, for my sake.
It’s Very important for my career. Golden opportunities
don’t knock twice. Give her the money.
– Please. Where’s the money, son?
I’m a retired colonel. We manage with my pension.
Where do I get 20,000 from? Selfish father. It’s okay. You upset her. Expenses have already risen this
month. 12,000 for the hearing aid. 3000 for my neck-collar.
Where do I get 20,000 from? Why won’t you give her?
You still have your eyes… …heart, lungs and kidneys intact.
I’ll puncture them all. Granny you ask me not to
lose my temper! Tell me, why not? The colonel won’t give Rani the
money. Who will help the poor girl? I wish I could strangle his… Granny, I got a solid idea. Postpone your eye surgery.
Let’s first help… …Rani realise her dream.
What say? Besides, granny, Lord Krishna’s
birthday is approaching. The Lord is here! Be careful
with your pots, lassies… So much! Let it go! That’s not a biscuit. Bloody dog! Let it go. Tommy…
– “Come along beloved” What’s that?
– “Come along beloved” “Beloved…” “Come along beloved” “Come along beloved” Dearest Rani, I know you want
to become a famous fashion designer. I’m sending you money… …to help you cross the first
hurdle in the path of your progress. Not a favour, just consider
it as a gift from a friend. “Beloved…” And, if you win the show… …you will be happy, but my happiness
will be greater than yours. I expect nothing in return for
this small help. Not even thanks. I’ll always be with you.
– “Beloved…” Your well-wisher. “Beloved.” Yes. “How long will you conceal
your youth, my love?” “How long will you conceal
your youth, my love?” “How long will you
torment the bachelors?” “Someday you are going
to become someone’s bride” “Will you marry me?” “Will you marry me?” “How long will you conceal
your youth, my love?” “How long will you
torment the bachelors?” “Someday you are going
to become someone’s bride” “Will you marry me?” “Will you marry me?” “Move it. Shake it.
Move your body.” “Move it. Shake it.
Move your body.” “Move it. Shake it.” “I’ll buy you earrings
and bangles…” “I’ll buy you everything, I swear” “I’ll steal the Moon,
I’ll even pluck the stars…” “I’ll make the Sun
bow before you, I swear” “Someday you will go crazy for me” “Will you marry me?” “Will you marry me?” “The day I come as a bridegroom,
I won’t go back…” “I’ll take you away
in a palanquin, I swear” “I’ll steal you away,
before everyone” “I’ll make you my bride, I swear” “How long will you show
indifference, my love?” “Will you marry me?” “How long will you conceal
your youth, my love?” “How long will you
torment the bachelors?” “Someday you are going
to become someone’s bride” “Will you marry me?” “Will you marry me?” “I will marry you” “I will marry you”
– No. Cheater! Betrayer! I’m very happy. Sunny. Sunny. Rani. You never told me you
play the guitar so well. Rani.
– What a revelation! I’m impressed. “Wicked Sunny.” All those lessons in
guitar seem worthwhile today. Sunny.
– How sweet. Have a laddoo. What’s the occasion? I told you I want to participate in
the fashion designing competition. I paid the entry fees today.
– Really? I don’t believe it. I’ll take two laddoos.
– Why? One for me and one for my God. “He’s going to steal
the princess away” Go ahead. Thank you. Bye
– “Wicked Sunny.” What a shame. Bloody unturned drum! Did your
father ever play a guitar? Give it here. Papa is… a businessman in Indore. A businessman, really? And
you were playing the guitar, eh? When did I say that?
The poor girl thought it was me. And you were tongue-tied, no?
You could only grin. Couldn’t you say that it was me?
– Am I nuts to tell her that… …it wasn’t me but it was our master
Sameer Malhotra who was playing? She was so impressed, dude. And she even saw the
posters of your goddesses. Know what she said? What a shame. You’re in my half. I’ll kiss anything
that comes my way, I told you. The priest said it right! You
are not Sunny but Shani (Saturn). Stay away from me. “Sunny. Sunny. kiss me, baby.” I got my temper under control!
I wish I could tear you apart. He’s coming. Sunny, haven’t I reminded
you to pay the rent? I’ve mailed the address to Daddy
He should be sending the money If it doesn’t arrive this time
you will have to leave. Remember. Uncle… did I ever harass you?
Have I ever troubled you, aunt? Then why don’t you
clean the railings? Look… Pay the rent,
we’ll clean it daily. What? He’s gone.
– You should’ve told me. Is Mr. Duggal in?
– Yes. So? There’s a letter for Sunny
Sunny stays here, right? Yes, dammit! Go in. Mr. Duggal,
there’s a letter for Sunny. Hey, where are you going? Give me.
– Two? Two letters?
Whom is the second letter for? Only one! I asked him to give it. So take it and drive him out.
– I’m going. Move it. Do you fancy eating
and sleeping here? Has he left? Okay, read the letter. It’s for Sunny
Why should we read it? Why not? He’s our tenant. We must know what
type of a person he is… …what kind of people write to him. Read. Go on. Let me open it.
– Is it made of steel? Dearest son, Sunny, ever since
you have left, I’ve been worried. Your planes are grieving.
There’s no one to pilot them. Son, without you, six bungalows and
eight factories are useless to me? I heard that,
you are staying with a beggar. If you wish to extend your stay,
revert back. I’ll present a huge
bungalow to your landlord Your Papa. “Wicked Sunny.”
– What happened? Sorry, Uncle. I must leave now.
– Where are you going, son? Papa hasn’t sent money, not
even a letter. How can I stay here? Did I really offend you?
Do you have a problem here, son? No, no.
– I don’t have single penny with me. You guys snatched
10,000 bucks from me… …and you ask me
if I have a problem. 10,000? Just ask me,
and I’ll give you 10,000 every day. Yes. But please don’t leave from this place. From now on, we’ll cook for you.
I’ll do your laundry too. Let go of my hand, will you?
And who will wear my underwear? I will do that.
I’ll even give you a bath. But don’t ever leave this place.
– Don’t ever go, son. Tell you something… …somebody has rightly said,
if you want true love… …stay in a poor man’s shanty. “Wicked Sunny.” Put the binoculars down!
Else, I’ll inform the Colonel. Go ahead. Are you boozing?
I told you not to drink, didn’t I? Wait till I tell Mr. Duggal.
– Go ahead and tell him. You wait here! Mr. Duggal! Who the hell? Are you boozing here? Do you want me to sit on the roof?
What if I fall down? You’re drunk.
I can’t! You are blind now,
I’ll talk to you in the morning. Makes no difference.
I’ve been blind since morning. Don’t mind the poor fellow.
Here, grab your bottle. Where?
– Here you are. Wow. See? That’s a tenant. And you never offered
me a single cup of tea. He’s helping me live it up,
you know. Where is he taking you? Oh, I forgot!
We got to meet Bijli! Let’s go. Come on. Not there… this way. Don’t go. It’s a bad habit.
– Don’t go, my foot! Clear the litter, will you?
– He tells me to clear the litter. Don’t do it. It’s my house.
Who is he to give orders? I’m going to throw it away!
– Pick it up and throw it outside! Here goes! Who got smashed?
– Who? The Colonel. Who hit him?
– Brother Sameer. Our friendly neighbourhood hunter.
He’s hunted many a colonel down! You are in my half, let me kiss you. Go, neck Bijli! Rani, once again, forgive me. Neck Bijli, you will be forgiven. “The thorn” “The thorn” “Check it out.” “Oh, the piercing thorn” “Come, my love” “Behind your bungalow,
under the berry tree…” “my love…” “a thorn pierced me” “Come on, let’s do it
one more time.” “Now that you are in trouble,
you wonder…” “…why you couldn’t stay without me” “Your friends were
right when they said…” “…you will be trapped someday” “Get that?” “I’m sorry…” “let bygones be bygones” “Save my heart this time, my love” “Your clothes are skimpy… even
the blind man says, show it to me” “Show it” “Get lost” “Move it” “Behind your bungalow,
under the berry tree…” “my love…” “My love…” Another 15,000? What for?
I have already paid 20,000. That was entry fees.
15,000 is entertainment tax. You should’ve told me before.
The show is at hand, how can I raise? Entertainment tax is a government
policy. Everybody knows that. I am very sorry. If you don’t pay by evening,
you cannot do the show tomorrow. Why can’t she? She is my Rani. Now what, madam? Rani… Don’t weep… please don’t. You will do the show. I promise you, you will do the show. Sis, I just heard that
the government says… …it’s illegal to get a girl
married before she turns 21. Which means you have
three more years to go, sister. And your sister-in-law
has only three days. Why don’t you concentrate on your
studies for the next three years? Shall I break the pot? Thank you, dear sister. Still short of 5000!
I’m seriously stressed now. You got to help me now, God. That was for my sister’s studies!
You could’ve broken Your piggy bank. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you’ll enjoyed the scintillating
show we had on tonight. It gives me great pleasure
to announce the winner. Rani Jagraj Singh, from Goa. Rani! Fantastic! Congratulations and all
the very best. – Thank you. Come here… do you know her? No, but she is really hot. Hot, eh? You’re throwing
kisses at your sisters? Hey, what’s wrong? Thank you. Thank you so much. This is like a dream come true. I can’t figure out what to say. Many people are responsible
for this dream come true. But there is someone
I want to specially thank. “Beloved.” I don’t know his name,
nor do I recognise him. I’ve never met him,
but he’s the anonymous friend… who helped me out when
I needed support the most. He calls himself my well-wisher
– “Come along beloved” I appeal to him.
If you can hear me… please come and meet me.
I’d like to personally thank you. “Come along beloved” Please.
– “Come along beloved” Thank you. “Beloved.” My dear God, grandma always says
that a princess will come into my life. But not even a maid-servant
has come into it till today. But I feel today as if
the Princess will surely come. God, don’t mess up things.
I love her too much. I’d have called her home,
but Sunny’s around, you see? So I’ve called her here.
Nothing wrong, is there? Nothing wrong.
Everything you’ve done is good. I’ve heard it all Sameer.
That which you tried to say… …and also that which you didn’t say. You did so much for me… …and didn’t even let me know? “You shall pine at heart, my love…” “…by God, you too shall fall in love” “At heart, I shall desire you too” “…by God, I hope I fall in love too” You’re charming… “…you’re my love, you’re my romance” “I’m bowled over…
yes, I acknowledge that” “I know,
your love is full of mischief” “But I can’t help it,
my heart just won’t agree” “How I wish I rule your heart” “By God, may you fall in love too” “They call me beautiful,
they call me the proud one…” “…and you’ve gone crazy;
you have no control over your heart” “I’m no less crazy.
I’m not conceding defeat” “I’m here to steal your heart,
and steal it, I will” “How I wish I begin to trust you” “By God, I hope I fall in love too” “May you begin to pine at heart” “By God, may you fall in love too” God! What a sweet dream!
Make it come true, please! “Beloved.” Here she is! “Come along beloved” By the way, You’ve done
a great job in making her, God. “Come along beloved” Sunny? Can’t be! Sunny. God, why’s he? Sunny! You? Which means you’re the well-wisher? I didn’t want to say it.
But I knew… …you’d get to know some day. But… Thank you. God. Stop necking him! Give me the hug! He’s a fraud! You… my? Let’s go. Rani! “Beloved.” “Beloved…” Rani! Don’t go with him!
I’m me… I’m not him! Oh, God. What are you doing? What to do now? “Beloved…” She loves me.
Leave her alone! “Come along beloved” God! Make him see reason!
Let go of her cheek, you scoundrel! Rani, I’m the real one!
I’m not him! Out of the way, Colonel! Step aside! What? Step up? Out of the way! Out! Sunny, don’t be shy,
have some more. Eat to your fill. The milk reminds me of home. This is your home too.
– Absolutely. We can’t ever forget what
you have done for our Rani. And you didn’t even let me know.
– Mom always says… …your left hand must not
know what your right hand does. Hear that? Such lofty ideals! Pickles!
I don’t know where they are. Not pickles, ideals, darling.
– Ideals, I see. They are poles apart. One is
an angel while the other is a demon. The more distance I keep from him,
the closer he gets to deal a blow. With a football, when I’m at home.
With a bottle, when I’m outside. When I’m walking on the footpath… …he calls me in
the middle of the road… …and rams his motorbike into me. Be careful. Say it again, Sameer. Colonel, I’m sorry,
I’ve been a bloody fool. Accept these flowers
and please forgive me. Okay, I forgive you. Where does the Colonel
get his Voice? – God knows. Where did he transpire from? Wake up! We are here. How much? Who is this sleepy character? A security guard. He tried to mess with me, I put
him on a three-months’ night shift. No wonder he brings his
wife to make an appeal to you. Uncle! What a pleasant surprise. How are you, dear niece?
– You’ve pulled down! Can’t tell you what
I’ve been through. Rani’s uncle? This man
could’ve been your Cupid… …but you’ve already plunged
him into the darkness. Brother-in-law, you are wrapped all
over in bandages? What happened? Sunny, he is my wife’s brother. Swine! Where have
you been all this while? Brother, I’m cross with you.
We live in the same city, yet… …you haven’t been here for months. What city, sister?
I don’t even get to see my wife. What does that mean? This new manager, the swine, has
put me on night shift since two months. He sleeps during the daytime, and
stays up like an owl during the nights. He’s suffering from
constipation and acidity. Look at the dark
circles below his eyes. That’s fine,
but who’s that scoundrel? That’s fine, but who are you? Uncle, he is Sunny. Our neighbour. I see. Glad to meet you. We’ll meet later. You were talking
about some manager… Don’t even mention the swine. “Wicked Sunny.” What has he done? He’s made life miserable for me. What’s his name?
– Bloody Saturn! Shut up. Sameer. Uncle, our Sameer.
Your neighbour. My roommate Sameer. What? Sameer stays
in the neighbourhood? Which beggar in the neighbourhood?
– Not a beggar, it’s Sameer. One who wrecked you!
Now he’s after him. Look. – See.
– “Wicked Sunny.” That swine is after my whole family. Time’s not favourable, Sameer. Forget the flowers, forget
the colonel, placate the uncle. Uncle… Uncle. Uncle. Oh Uncle. The tables have turned.
Now watch the fun. Uncle, aunt…
I’ve got some presents for you. Okay. Okay. Skirt and blouse for you
– Thank you. Bush shirt for you, uncle. Sweets for the kids. Also some fruits for the two of you. I hope you don’t expect
these things to bear fruit? Oh no, of course not. Uncle, if by any chance
I have uttered something wrong… …please forgive me. I’ve realised
that I’ve been unfair to you. You are off the night shift. What?
– Yes. Then how about tonight?
– Sure. Yes tonight. Son-in-law…
– Son-in-law? Son-in-law, indeed. The other
day when I asked you about Rani… …had you answered me,
you’d have been married by now. And I would be your uncle. Uncle, a mistake
is committed by mistake. You must also have committed
a mistake, by mistake, no? Aunt, am I wrong? – You
are absolutely right, son-in-law. Hello. Hello.
– Hi. Sameer. Greetings.
– Greetings. Come in. Colonel sir…
– You! Don’t you dare step inside!
Stay where you are. Colonel sir, consider
it my bad luck or my karma… …for all my good intentions,
things invariably goes wrong… …and I end up hurting you.
– 5000 people live around here. Of all, why do you
always choose to hurt me? Colonel sir, the new year is
about to set in, in a few hours time. With the passing year,
let bygones be bygones, please. I beg your forgiveness. Do you take me for a coward?
– No. Remember, I’m a soldier. Yes. I kept forgiving you
because I considered you a kid. Yes. Not any more. Oh no. Get this loud and clear. Yes. Henceforth,
for 50 meters around me… if I see you,
or see you throwing anything… …the last time I fired my
gun was against the Portuguese… …this time it’s going to be you. Out.
– Yes, colonel sir. Get out. Uncle! Happy, happy new year. Happy happy new… handcuffs Is this a new way to wish
a new year? – I’ll tell you. Where’s Charles? Charles? Or Sameer?
– Sameer? Is he a new kid
in the Charles gang? Aunty!
– Aunty? Have women joined
Charles’ gang too? Aunty!
– There’s no aunty here! Oh, this one?
– What’s the problem in his pants? Today he’s become a police officer. Become, eh? Tell me something… …you’re an honest officer’s wife,
how do you know such criminals? I’m not a criminal,
ask you neighbour if you wish. Who neighbour? The retired soldier? Now I get it. After retirement
he’s been sheltering criminals. Let me go. Rani is waiting for me.
– Waiting for what? To murder someone? To loot a bank? Or to print fake stamp papers?
– What the hell? Boy, you are going to rot
here until the police Van arrives. Then you’ll go to jail.
Come on, don’t stare at him. The idiot who smashed his head is
on the loose, and I’m trapped here. Am I wearing a convict’s clothes? Am I going to meet Rani in 2010? Ladies and gentleman… …and friends,
let me show you another magical act. Look, this is magic. Thank you. Forgive me, Mr. Magician, but
pulling out a bouquet from a cloth… …a pigeon from a turban and
a rabbit from a box is quite simple. I’ll believe you if
you can cast a spell on me. He’s challenging me. All right, boy, it’s no big deal.
Lie down on the bench. Sure. That’s no big magic. No, but it’s going to be. Friends, now my magic wand is going
to suspend this boy in thin air. If a stick can make
someone float in the air… …no one would care
to buy air tickets. They would be waiting for the stick I’m an astrologer, you see.
– Before you stands a magician, fool. C’mon, lie down!
– At your service. Show me your magic.
– Windbag! Here I go. Abracadabra! Magic wand.
Let the boy float in air. Don’t mess with a magician!
Or, you will stay suspended in air. Magician, I believe you now. I fear, I might go right up there. I pray, put me down. All right. You’ve shaken everything.
– Thank you very much. Thank you. Oh, God, he’s so good. How he lifted him up,
we didn’t even get to know. This girl wouldn’t believe me. She’s so silly, you know. Rani, your arm on my
shoulder is one pretty sight. Let me make it simple
for you, Sameer. Stay 50 meters away from Papa and
500 meters away from me. You dig? I’ll show you guys a wonder now. You… please come here. Me? Don’t go! He’ll put you in a box… …and hack you to pieces… One boy. Any one, please. Mr. Magician, there’s a boy!
Strong, rough, tough and reliable. Seize your chance
before Sunny arrives. Go! Come this side, please.
– No, I’m fine here. Please come here. If he is in, I’m off.
Find someone else. Listen.
– Hang on, lady. Rather I’d leave. I get it. The two of you are cross
with each other. All right… I’ll turn the enmity into
friendship. – Can you do that? Of course,
and I’ll turn your hatred into love. Is that possible? Yes!
– Impossible! Hang on. Your name?
– Rani And you are?
– Sameer. So, Sameer and Rani… …the two of you are
man and wife from now on. And tonight,
is your first New Year night. Tell everyone how
much you love each other. Abracadabra. What are you staring at? Admiring you. Had you not traipsed into my life,
I’d have been a nobody. I’d have been an
anklet sans the chime. I’d have been a sole less shoe. A heartless body. If not for you, Rani…
– Not Rani… …call me Mrs. Sameer Malhotra. Mrs. Sameer Malhotra. To be honest, I fell in
love with you at first sight. I have endured so
much to possess you. Don’t torment me any more. Come… Well… I can wait no longer either. “Your beloved seeks your heart” “Come to me, my love” “Profess your love
Give in to me, my love” “I’m pining, so are you” “I’m waiting for you” “Profess your love
Give in to me, my love” “Come to me, my love” “Come to me, my love” “Your beloved seeks your heart” “Come to me, my love” “You want to dance…” “Your charms…” “like the tempest, my love” “Your looks…” “my identity, my love” “Gaze into my eyes” “Make me belong to you” “Profess your love
Give in to me, my love” “Come to me, my love” “Your beloved seeks your heart” “Come to me, my love” “You have done me a favour” “You are in my dreams…” “you are all I desire” “Let’s make a legend of love” “Come my love,
make me go crazy in your love” “Profess your love
Give in to me, my love” “Come to me, my love” “Your beloved seeks your heart” “Come to me, my love” “Profess your love…
give in to me, my love” “Come to me, my love” “Come to me, my love” “Come to me, my love” “Come to me, my love” “Come to me, my love” “Come to me, my love” “Come to me, my love” “You want to dance…” Abracadabra. Happy new year. Happy new year.
– Thanks. “The Prince has fallen
in love with the Princess…” “In first sight…” Sameer, I’ve been thinking.
– What? You can play the guitar,
paint, sing… …you’re quite a multi-talented man. Guess why?
That’s because I’m me. Not you! Good one. Having a ball, aren’t you?
– You have a great talent too. What? – You’re fooling
people by telling lies. I don’t believe you, God! Listen, make a portrait for me too. Don’t mind,
but I paint only beautiful people! Again. Okay. Know what?
– What, what? I’m in a great mood today.
Say what you want to. You aren’t as innocent
as you appear to be. Why? How you brought Rani around
in just two hours last night. Weren’t you jealous! I knew it. As close as you get to her,
I want to get closer to her too. Aren’t you jealous? Aren’t you? What’s your problem? My problem is that I want to score
with my friend’s girlfriends… …it makes me Very happy! Okay. Okay. Okay, serious. Now, that’s something
very serious. When I get married, I want you
to paint me and my wife together. You know, with her at my side.
And I lying down in her lap. She in black-and-white,
I am in colour… Sure, I will. Whom are you marrying? Bijli? No, it’s Rani. Aren’t you jealous? Aren’t you? See? Your temper hurts
you yourself, doesn’t it? If it wasn’t for the oath, I’d have
squeezed him out like the tube! Happy new year, Uncle Duggal! Where’s Sameer?
– The brush! Get to be the master’s
disciple! Quick! “Life’s a dream…” “In dream…”
– Sunny. Who? Wicked Sunny. Rani, you? You can even paint!
– Well, I… My painting? How sweet! Wicked Sunny. Tears and desires, that’s how it is. You’re quite a revelation, Sunny.
– No revelation. Painting, singing, the guitar… No wonder they call
you multi-talented. Sameer’s multi-talented too. You ought to have seen
him at the party last night. The way he sang and danced… He completely rocked the party.
– Oh, he rocked? – Yes! I’ve been teaching him classical
dancing and he’s into rock? Hey! Sameer, good. Good. Anyway, fresh orange juice
for the two of you. Where’s he? He’s in the latrine right now. He’ll take some time.
You can wait. – No thank you. Give him some and you
have some too. Happy New Year. Happy New Year. Was Rani here?
– Yes, she was. You’ll now ask me if even my
father has even done any painting. And I’ll say, my Papa’s
a Very big businessman in Indore. You’ll say, Liar, dog…
– That you really are. Your dream of making Rani fall in
love with you will remain a pipe dream. It won’t be a pipe dream. Because
I know what your weakness is. Really? What is it? You can never tell
Rani that you love her. So listen!
I swear it on my grandma! I will profess my love to Rani in the
presence of the whole world today! And I swear it on
my father in Indore too. I’m the one who’ll bring
Rani to this house, as a bride. If my love is true,
I’ll be the one who’ll marry Rani. And if I’m determined enough,
I’ll lead her here by the hand. For me. You are Rani’s brother. Not brother. I’m her lover. Rani, you think this lover-boy is
an accomplished singer and painter. I’ll expose him to you today. Sunny. C’mon, sweetheart, let’s go. This juice Rani brought
for you I’ll have it. Hold it! Who did she bring it for?
– For you. So I’ll drink it! Wicked Sunny. Share it with me! I can’t share anything of Rani’s! May you find it bitter! I find everything
of Rani’s to be sweet. At least let out a burp! Sunny. Sunny. I’ll paint a picture
and also sing a song… and expose Sunny. Okay? What new ailment is this?
One Duggal is difficult to tolerate. Three, five?
More than I can endure! Sorry!
– It’s okay. No problem. No problem. I’m happy. Move! Where do you think you’re going?
Stop there! “Beloved…” Sorry, Rani! Lie down here, Rani.
I’ll put them to bed and return. C’mon! Eagle! I’m going to make you a seagull! Senior! Swat this fly! You’ve made a mistake
by messing with the Eagle Gang! One Sunny I can’t tolerate.
And six of them walk up to me! I’m going to thrash
all six of them! C’mon! Mummy!
– Attack boys! Stupid! Bravo! Tommy, come here. Come here. Tommy, come here. You always bark at me, don’t you?
So bark now… bark! The next time you bark, you’re
going to disappear. You get that? Take care of your
kids and your dogs! I’ll spare you this time.
Next time, you’re gone. Tommy, my son,
don’t keep going outside. There are bad people
in the locality. Have I ever raised
my Voice with you? Have I? And how Sameer was yelling at
you yesterday! The insolent chap! Go and play in the house, son.
And don’t go out… my good son! “Wicked Sunny.” “Can do anything for the money.” “Wicked Sunny.” “I am not funny.” “Wicked Sunny.” “Anything for money.” “Wicked Sunny.” Tommy! Tommy… Tommy, where have you gone? You ought to have considered what
would happen to me without you! Darling, we too are sad
that Tommy’s gone missing. But how long will you keep
starving, thinking about him? Let’s eat, Papa. I’m hungry too. No, my child. I don’t feel like it. Colonel… Why don’t you wait?
– Did you find it? I’ve looked everywhere in Goa,
but there’s no trace of Tommy. I don’t know where he has gone.
Could someone have kidnapped him? But who could be Tommy’s enemy? Mr. Duggal! That’s it. No… he hasn’t been
around since yesterday. Sameer?
– Why Sameer? No, can’t be Sameer. But
he could do a thing like this too. Remember his public threat?
That he’d make the dog disappear! If the dog barks,
I’ll kill him, I’ll finish him! No way, he was drunk.
– Really? But who then? He’s the culprit! Who is it? That scoundrel has broken
me in every part of my body! Uncle. I don’t know what revenge
he is extracting from me… …by having Tommy separated from me! Sameer! Where are you hiding,
you thief? This is a warning! If you don’t
return Tommy to me in 24 hours… I’ll have you sent to jail! I still hold sway among the cops. I’m not sparing you!
– What does that mean? He has influence
– Sameer. Give him the dog!
May the worms get you! What new fuss is this?
Have your father treated. Why’d I have my brother-in-law
kidnapped anyway? Why? Where am I going to
look for this dog now? You have a Variety of dogs.
– Hush! Don’t call them dogs.
They take offence. I’ve brought them
up like my own children. That’s Rustom, that’s Sohrab.
Eats less, snarls all the time. That’s Cyrus. Faithful.
But eats and enjoys a good life. And that is… This is the dog I want.
Do you have it? I do have it!
That’s my boy, Tin Tin! Say hello! Hi, Tin Tin! Quite a good boy.
But once he loses his temper… he’s going to bite. And remember… …don’t ever give him a cold bath. But this one doesn’t have
a black spot. – Don’t worry! Here’s the solution! “Beloved…” Mr. Colonel… Look who’s here. Tommy! My son!
Where had you gone away to? Where did you find him, Sameer? The poor chap… was sitting
by a lamp-post, shivering. He used to always bark at me. But this time, he said, Papa…
and went for my feet. He appeared to be telling me,
Please take me to my Papa. Papa?
– You. Oh yes!
He’s like my son, of course! Oh, Tommy. Thank you, Sameer. Thank you so much. Papa, it’s because of Sameer
that we have Tommy back today. You must forgive him at least now. Sure, I forgive him!
– Thank you! Rama, lay the table. Come.
– Let’s go. Thank you so much.
– Tommy, where are you gone. Wicked Sunny. What’s happening here? Look at this, Sunny! Tommy’s
back today because of Sameer. Well done, Sameer.
I am so proud of you. Look me in the eye, my brother!
Where did you find the dog? Where did you find it?
I went mad looking for it! For Rani’s sake, look into my eyes! Where did you find the dog? Tell me! Sunny, I don’t know
what’s gotten into my Tommy. He’s been behaving like a
stranger ever since he has returned. He seems to have changed.
– He has stayed with the stray dogs. I know a cure! Squeeze
him in a bucket of cold water! Squeeze him?
– I mean, give him a cold bath. Oh, I see. All right. Breakfast is ready. Please sit down.
– Won’t you give Tommy a bath? No! I’ll first give Tommy a bath.
I’ll have breakfast later. The breakfast will get cold, papa.
– I’ll be back soon, my child. Let’s take a bath, Tommy boy!
– Where’s Sameer? Sunny, please call Sameer, will
you? – Not me, he sleeps till late. He’ll hit me for no reason.
You go and call him instead. All right, I’ll call him. “We shall overcome…” Sameer. Who is it? Are you asleep, Sameer? Wake up! Sunny, don’t change your
Voice and bother me! Let me sleep! Sameer. Rani? One second. I’ll be out there “Thorn pricked me.” Wake up. Who are you? Who on earth are you?
– Bijli. But who?
– It’s Rani. One moment, Rani. I’m coming! What are you doing here? What?
– What are you doing here? I was sleeping with you. I came to call you for breakfast. I’ve said nothing!
I’ll join you in two seconds! Go away!
– Where? Want me to come?
– Go away! Give that to me?
– What? That one.
– What? That one. May I come? Come. I’m coming inside.
Sameer. “Thorn pricked me.” I’m so sorry, Rani. How disgusting! What you think is wrong, Rani!
– How about what I see? This one? It’s not mine. It’s hers!
You wear this. I’ve done nothing wrong, Rani.
Please try to understand… You… I’ll fix you! Rani… “Thorn pricked me.” “Thorn pricked me.” “Check it out” “Pricked me.” I swear it on you, Rani!
I don’t know that girl! How could you with
a girl you don’t know? I swear, I don’t even know her! Without knowing them will
you call just about any girl? Listen to me, Rani… You’ve started getting
girls into your bed now! This is too much, Rani!
Listen to me! – What? Good morning, boss.
– Boss? Hey girl, can’t you hear
what boss is saying to you? Do just as the boss says. Okay? Else the Eagle Gang will catch you
and present you to the boss, okay? What are you guys saying?
– Command us, boss! No one dares oppose you! Do what
you want to. Here on the streets! Go for her! Grab her!
– Grab her? Grab her?
– No, I won’t This was all that was left! You’re a loafer.
And a drunkard! – No, no. You’re a womaniser! Now
you’re leader of the Eagle gang! I’m not the leader.
– Shame on you, Sameer! Forget her, boss. There’s
one better than the other in Goa Point out a girl.
She’ll be in your arms. Yes, every where is ours rule.
Boss, just give order. Rani! Rani! After a nice cold bath…
Tommy will become a handsome boy. He’ll be good looking.
Those dirty dogs in the lane? Don’t ever play with them, okay?
See how dirty you are Good boy! Good boy! Bravo… What’s this? A black dye? So this isn’t my Tommy! Hey… Are you a wild dog? Rama! The dog has bitten me! Rama! It isn’t our Tommy! It’s a duplicate of Tommy!
Sameer has given us a wild dog! Oh my God!
– See. The black dye came off when
I was giving it a bath! Look! I’m not sparing Sameer!
He’s made the dog bite me! God! He acts like a butcher! After beating him black and blue… …he’s now setting
the dogs after him! He has no respect for his elders! He’ll need to take 14
injections in the stomach now. Go and take the first one.
– Go on… Tiny injections they’ll give him. Stop it, stop it… Rickety old rickshaw!
– That’ll be 40 rupees, ma’am. Here you are. But this is 20 Rupees. Every senior citizen
gets a discount of 50 percent. Whether it’s the
bus or a railway train. Besides,
yours is a rickety old rickshaw! Grandma! Grandma is here!
– Oh God. Look at this kid!
He’s calling me a grandma! Sameer…
– Grandma, don’t call Sameer. He’s a bad boy!
– Why? He ran away with
my chocolate yesterday. And today,
I will run away with your glasses! Give my glasses to me!
– I’m running away… come after me! My glasses…
– What’s happening here? Make this old fossil
see reason, please. But he’s my husband.
– What! No, I’m her son!
– Son? She’s my Mummy! Mummy,
ask grandma to get me a chocolate! My darling son,
give my glasses to me. On one condition.
– What? We’ll play Cricket with it.
– I can’t see anything! I’ll toss it up like a ball.
You must catch it. Everyone in Rani’s family hates me.
That includes her dog, Tommy. Grandma, that’s your
grandson’s love story then. Now you tell me what I am to do. My son why must you worry? Now that I have arrived,
everything will be all right. Just show me the girl once. I’ll
go and talk it over with her, okay? Come, I’ll show you.
– My son! That’s Rani, grandma. Where, son?
– Over there, grandma. She’s right there. Yes, yes…
– Isn’t she beautiful? Absolutely beautiful! But I can’t see a thing! You go to the office and
get on with your work, my son. I’ll go to her house
and talk it over, okay? Okay, grandma.
– Bye, son. My child…
– I’m here, ma’am. What spell have you
cast on Sameer? – What? He’s madly in love with you! You’re the only one he talks about,
in everything he does. What are you talking about?
You know the Colonel… My child, I know the Colonel
is Very angry with Sameer. Once you agree to the wedding… …the Colonel will have
to get out of your way! My child, do not be afraid.
If you’re in love with Sameer… …not the Colonel and
not any power in… …the world can separate you both! Sameer? And Rama? My grandson will give you
the bliss the Colonel never could. If you’re afraid of the Colonel,
I’ll help the two of you elope! Sameer hasn’t come yet.
I wonder what’s up. He’ll come, grandma. Here he is.
– Sameer. – Grandma… Have you talked it over, grandma?
– Oh yes, son. I have. Very good. Has Rani agreed?
– Yes, Rani has agreed. Good. – You now need to
talk to her mother… …and she’ll bring
the Colonel around. Make an eleven rupee offering.
And that’ll be it! Grandma! That’s water!
The coffee’s in this one here! Ever since my glasses
have broken… …I can’t see a
single thing, my son. Grandma, how could you
have spoken to Rani then? One uses his mouth to speak,
my son. Not one’s eyes. You must’ve chosen right.
– Sure. How many fingers, grandma?
– Four. Three… two…
– Grandma! I’m not totally blind yet, son.
I can still see a bit. And why must you worry? Go
and talk it over with Rani’s mother. Sameer! Let me have your
glasses fixed, ma’am. Okay. In just a little while,
we’ll reach your in-laws’ house. And here we are! Praise the Colonel!
– What are you doing? Holy water from St. Peter’s church. Go on. Neither is
the old man there… …nor is your future wife. Go and talk it over with
your future mother-in-law! Will she listen to me?
– Of course. Just latch the door
from inside! – Why? Neither will she go out,
nor will she send you out. Once the matter is settled,
unlatch the door. Very simple. Go on. I’m right here! Here, I lock it. Sameer…
why are you latching the door? So that you don’t send
me out of the house… …nor leave the house yourself. Was this the time for
this angel of death to return? What you’re doing is wrong, Sameer. Is falling in love wrong? I ask you… …have you never been in love?
– Well, I… You have, haven’t you? So why all the
restrictions in my love? Now look, Sameer. You… Sameer! Where’s Sameer? He’s in there,
with your wife – What? You can’t go inside
till Sameer’s work is over Till Sameer’s work is done? Give me an opportunity.
I have so much to give in love! I beg you, Sameer. Please go away. No. Unless you agree,
I can’t go away. It’ll take only two minutes.
Let him do it, Colonel! – Move. I’ll see what he’s upto! Colonel! Why’re you so scared even
after grandma has spoken to you? The Colonel used to be a colonel. And you are the
colonel of this family. – No. If you say yes,
what can the colonel do about it? For God’s sake,
leave my sari alone! Let them get on with it! If the youngsters run away,
who’ll lose face? Who’ll get a bad name?
– Get lost! For God’s sake Sameer. Your sari’s stuck. Don’t worry. I’ll have it freed. Rama! Rama… Hello, Colonel! Look at the evil man! Rani. What’s on your mind, my child? Like you folks think. Nothing happened… Sameer didn’t misbehave with me. I thought very hard over it. What I feel is… …he had come to talk about you. He’s madly in love with you.
What about you? Is it Sameer? Or Sunny? I don’t understand, Mama. Sunny is a nice guy. He treats me really well. I like Sameer too.
But Papa hates him. I’m in a dilemma.
– Look, my child… …don’t worry about mine
and your father’s likes. Decide for yourself. I’m finding it difficult to decide. What you got to gauge is,
who loves you the most… Sameer, or Sunny. And if you are still confused,
leave it to God. “Come along beloved” “My red Veil…
flutters in the flowing wind” “My red Veil…
flutters in the flowing wind” “And my beloved casts
glances at me…” “…on the sly” “I know he will love me…” “…but he’ll make my life miserable” “I know he will love me…” “…but he’ll make my life miserable” “Red Veil…” “Your red Veil…” “…flutters in the flowing wind” “Your red Veil flutters
in the flowing wind” “And your beloved
casts glances at you…” “…on the sly” “I’ll give you my heart…
I’ll even die for you” “I’ll give you my heart…
I’ll even die for you” “For all my efforts
to hide my pretty face…” “…it hardly took time
for the cruel breeze…” “…to break my resolve” “Your moon-like face
has cast a spell all around” “The sight of you…” “…puts even the moon to shame” “I’m coy.
– Goodness me” “I’m apprehensive.
– Goodness me” “Come into my arms,
let not this opportunity go wasted” “Your beloved has
already seen you…” “…on the sly, though” “I’ll give you my heart…
I’ll even die for you” “I know he will love me…” “…but he’ll make
life miserable for me” “This fragrant ambience…” “…invites us to make love” “My pretty love…” “…give in to your beloved” “The fragrance of your love…
has merged into my breath” “Here, my love, I give up
everything… I give in to you” “You are desirous…
– Goodness me” “You admit.
– Goodness me” “No stopping me now…
I’m unstoppable” “My beloved has seen me…
on the sly” “I know he will love me…” “…but he’ll make
life miserable for me” “I’ll give you my heart…
I’ll even die for you” “My red Veil…” “…flutters in the flowing wind” “Your red Veil…” “…flutters in the flowing wind” “And your beloved
casts glances at you…” “…on the sly, though” “I know he will love me…” “…but he’ll make my life miserable” “I’ll give you my heart…” “I’ll even die for you” My son, you came
here in quest of peace. Where will you go now? I’ll go to a place… where there are no people at all.
The Andaman-Nicobar islands. You’ll clash with a guy even
if he’s the only one around in town. Do what you will,
but you can’t change your destiny. I know how much
you love Rani, my son. Will you leave
her also and go away? I’m not happy to leave. I have to go away.
That’s how the situation is. Let’s go, grandma.
It’s time the boat sailed. Look after yourself.
– Sameer… Well, well!
The priest, if not Rani, what say? Wicked Sunny. What’s up?
– I’m leaving. Hey! You can’t leave me and go away. Not you alone.
I’m leaving this world behind. You’ve only seen Rani
and me getting together. Won’t you stay for the wedding? Guess who played the biggest role
in bringing Rani and me together? He kept making mistakes
and she kept getting closer to me. Oh yes, that’s a
solid idea you gave me! Of publicly proposing to Rani! Incidentally, India and Pakistan
are playing a cricket match today. I’ve invited her father.
Rani will be there too. I’m thinking of saying
it to her in public! Rani, I love you. Rani, will you marry me? You’re lucky… …because I’ve stopped
dreaming about Rani. Enjoy yourself. Fights, brawls, show of temper… …and proposing to girls
are things real men do. I’d rather you play
the guitar, Sameer. Everything is fair and love is war. Rascal. A very warm welcome for the
viewers all over the world. It promises to be a
glittering extravaganza. On the rip roaring occasion,
my dear friend. Today’s match is going
to be a terrific affair… …because, for the first time, we’ve
the Indian and Pakistani teams… …playing a friendly match
in this stadium in Goa today. Ladies and gentlemen, this is
what will sweep you off your feet. A colossal figure who has left
indelible imprints on the sand of time. The living legend the
one and only Kapil Dev. Kapil! Kapil! Kapil! Kapil! Kapil! Kapil! Paa-ji’s here! Get out of the way! Hey, shut up! What a stupid man. Where do you think you’re going?
Get out! Hey, boss! There’s been an intrusion on the
field… Goodness gracious me… Charging towards that great man…
He has broken the security… What the hell is happening? Who’s that in the stadium? Sorry, sir! He’s grabbed the mike
from Pa-ji – I’ll… Rani! Rani! Where are you? He’s come here, looking for Rani! Rani! Who’s Rani? What’s he shouting Rani for?
Who’s she? It has to do with the heart.
Keep it up, brave lad! Go for her! Looks like it has to do with love. Rani… listen to me… Where’re you hiding, sister-in-law?
The boss is so upset! He’ll find her. He sure will. Sister-in-law! Rani… where are you? Sameer! Sameer, I’m here,
Sameer! Sameer! “Beloved…”
– Sameer. You mess with my mike?
You fight with me? Rani! All I’ll say is
that you mustn’t marry Sunny! He’s not worthy of you!
It’s a all about your life! Hold it, hold it… he has something to say.
Looks like it has to do with love Here you are Love is the condition of the mind… …and the mind is out of condition,
my dear friend. Sir, but we have a match to start. After the lovers depart. Rani, I’m not the sort
of guy you think I am Yes, I made the mistake
of keeping my temper under control Else, I’d have beaten Sunny black
and blue and throw him out of Goa But Sunny’s done
a wonderful thing today He has stopped me from going away There’s something I
want to say to you, Rani Rani… I love you “Beloved…” “Beloved…” I have loved you ever
since I first set eyes on you. Since the day the
Colonel started hating me. Colonel… I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Please forgive me. Rani, if you’re
not in love with me… “Come along beloved” It’s cool. I’ll go away. But I have a feeling that you do. That you do love me. “Beloved…” And thus, I publicly… He’s Very upset! I’m not asking for too much.
I only want you to marry me… so that we can have a family.
We can have kids… who take after you in looks;
eyes, nose, lips, cheeks all. I only want them
to have my surname… …because my dad had
the surname Malhotra But all in short. All I want to say to you is… “Come along beloved” Ask her, Will you marry me?
– I’ll marry you, if she doesn’t! Rani… …will you marry me? Louder! Will you marry me? Can’t hear you! Louder my friend! Let the whole world
hear the sound of love. Not only strike when the iron is hot.
But make it hot by striking. Rani! Will you marry me? Will you marry me? Say yes, sister-in-law.
– Please say yes! Rani, I think he’s
the right boy for you. He at least won’t hit
me after he’s married to you. Say yes, girl! Go on! That’s a spirited boy.
He’s in love with you! He’s saying as much in public.
So say yes! Rani! Rani! Rani! Rani! Let the birds fly! Say yes, sister-in-law!
– Please. Go on, my child. Go! “Beloved…” Stupid. Our kids will take
after you in eyes and smile. And I like the surname Malhotra. Could I have the mike, please? As my mother used to say… …anger is love’s worst enemy. One who can’t control his temper,
can’t control anything in his lifetime. Sameer, my mother says,
anger is love’s worst enemy. One who can’t control his temper,
can’t control anything in his lifetime. Not your mother! That’s what my
friend Arun’s mother used to say! You remember what
your friend used to say. But you’ve forgotten your friend? You can’t be Arun!
You’re a scoundrel! Arun was a gem of a guy! Guess whose house I went to first,
on my return from America… …after 19 years? Yours! Hey, Sameer! Sameer’s not here.
Who are you? – It’s me! Sameer’s childhood friend. Arun! Arun. Good God! Where’s my buddy, grandma?
– He’s away in Goa. Is he still as hot-tempered,
or has he calmed down? His temper has got
worse with age, my son. Grandma then told
me about your problem… …how you had had a heart-break,
how you had gone away to Goa… …met Rani there and
fallen in love with her… …and how, for her sake,
you had suppressed your anger. Okay then. I’ll go and phone Sameer. No, grandma.
You won’t say a word to him. I’m going to treat him not
as his friend, but as his adversary. Arun. That’s how I landed in Goa… …to stay with your house,
in your room, with you! Now, I know why you did
this all the time, buddy boy! C’mon! The insolent!
– Go topless. Those with iron pajamas…
– Have an ape for an Uncle! Whose aunts are cats…
– Have dogs for friends! When it comes to the pickle…
– They hug, buddy! The insolent!
– Go topless. Those with iron pajamas!
– Have an ape for an Uncle! Whose aunts are cats…
– Have dogs for friends! When it comes to the pickle…
– They hug, buddy! What happened? What’s up now? All over again! What wrong have I done now?
– You’re ill-fated, son. I’m jinxed!
But nothing can go wrong now. “The poor chap’s been
suffering all this while” “For your sake,
he has remained a bachelor” “You shall now become his bride…” “Marry him” “Marry him” “It seemed as if this
chap was my tormentor” “But he’s the one who
has shown me the right path” “However, you are the
one who shall become my bride” “You must become
his sister-in-law…” “You must marry me” “You must become
his sister-in-law…” “…you must marry me” “Beloved…” “Beloved…” “Come along beloved” “Beloved…” “Beloved…” “Wicked Sunny.” “He’s going to steal
the princess away.” “Beloved…”

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