Murder Mystery | Trailer | Netflix

Murder Mystery | Trailer | Netflix

(rock music) – I don’t wanna give it
away, it was the butler. The butler did it. – Leave my books alone, okay? Just let me read. – Timber. (rock music) – What brings you across the pond? – It’s my honeymoon. – Where’s your husband? – Dead. (Nick snoring) – Asleep! He’s dead, dead asleep. (both laughing) – Sir, if you don’t return to your seat, I’m gonna have to call– – The cops. – Hey, hi honey. We’ve actually been married for 15 years, but we’ve just been very,
very, very, very busy. (Nick brushing teeth) – I’m flossing. – I can see that. You’re doin’ it extra hard tonight. (rock music) – Charles is inviting us to
spend the weekend with him on a yacht. – Crashing the party with civilians. – You’re an actress, right? – Grace Ballard. – (laughing) I an Nick Spitz! This is my wife, Allison! I can’t believe– – Audrey. I’m Audrey.
– I said Audrey! Did ya ever fool around on a boat? I just lay here and the
boat does all the work. (Audrey gasping) (women screaming) – [Man] There’s been a murder! – Should we pull it out? – No, it’s a foot long knife. (knife gets pulled out of body) (crowd screaming) – Will you listen to my husband? He’s a detective! – I’ll put it back.
– Don’t put it back. – No! (Audrey screams) (police sirens sounding) – My name is Inspector
Laurent de la Croix, and we now summon you for questioning. (puffs smoke out) – Why is that smoke ring so good? How did he do that? – Did you notice anything
out of the ordinary? – [All] The Americans. – But we didn’t do this. – [Nick] Someone’s trying to frame us. – We do things together, so can we please just figure this out? (gun fires) (Audrey screams) – [Audrey] It’s just like
“Death in the Library”. – [Nick] What happens in
“Death in the Library”? – They died. That’s why it’s called
“Death in the Library”. (gun fires) (Audrey screams) (“Look What You Made Me
Do”, by Taylor Swift) ♪ Look what you made me do ♪ – You guys are all over the news. They say you killed someone. – Do you think that’s possible? – We’re trying. (gun fires four times) – Shoot at him! – Those were warning shots, honey! ♪ But I got smarter ♪ – If we’re gonna do this,
we gotta look confident. ♪ And me I rise up from the
dead, I do it all the time. ♪ – Boom. – [Audrey] Go, go, go! (gun fires) (police car crashes through plane) – Ferrari!
– What? – Testarossa! Magnum, P.I., I’ve got the mustache! – Okay, go! – It’s a fantasy! (doors slam shut) What the? Are you kidding me?
– I’m so sorry, I don’t know what to say!
– Ah, go, go! (engine revs) ♪ Ooh, look what you made me do ♪ – You have any idea how gorgeous you look? (Audrey screaming) – Hit the brakes! (police car crashes) – I love you, that was sweet. ♪ Look what you just made me do ♪

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  1. Look what you mad me Do Hahaha They Featured that song and it's so matching on this Trailer 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Im so sick of this trash trying to sell his name, i only wish harm upon him and his ilk. Fucking sub septic trash

  3. I just watched it now. At first I thought the story was like Murder of the Orient Express, then I saw the ending LMAO

  4. My god, this movie is so unbearable to watch…the bickering is just way to much. Every single sentence of every scene is them bickering. It's not funny over and over and over.

  5. Terrible, cheesy, corny, silly, weak. Jen's acting is the same as every movie she makes, feels like she plays the same character she had in FRIENDS. My opinion, don't get mad about it. Lol.

  6. No disrespect to Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston but Steve Carrell and Tina Fey wouldve been far more better suited for this film. tbh this shouldve been a sequel to Date Night.

  7. I loved the movie. It was really funny. Critics like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb can all go fuck off. They're all just old men behind screens wasting their lives.

  8. Honestly this movie is absolutely rubbish. Dont waste your time or money. About as entertaining as holmes and watson.

  9. Just watched this movie and it was a great movie and a great story and funny aswell I suggest watching itttt😍

  10. why is no one talking about LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!!! In the backgroundddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Queeen Tayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  11. Look what you made me do is one of those songs that sounds disgusting for a while but it can grow on you and can fit in with some situation

  12. There´s something I really liked about this movie, and how it turns stereotypes upside down.
    Women drive and take a protagonic role saving the day.
    Indians are funny and cool
    Latinos are smart.

  13. Убийца должен был быть морис или как его там, повар, слишком много на него было отсылок в фильме с самого начала… Окцентрировали внимание вначале что на яхте собственный повар, затем акцентрировали внимание какие они голодные и пусть он готовит мол побыстрее по времени, потом когда он забрал в номер криветки он нахваливал его, и когда уже был детектив местный отпровлял их в отель опять же они упоминали повора мол хорошо отдахнем если там так же готовят как морис… А в завершении интересное когда китаянку убили и её просила показать убийцу что она показала, когти, что похоже на креветку или на тигровую криветки, показала что кто то есть типо ложкой что может символизировать повара… Так что я в сомнении

  14. Great movie, very funny and loved the storyline based on the game (Clue). then in the end (murder on the orient express) wonder if they're going to make one based on that. I'd watch it.

  15. The French guy playing the french inspector is actually great actor!! If you like romantic comedies you have to watch my favorite french movie "Fly me to the moon" /' Un plan parfaid ' with this actor! You won't regret, I promise. Greetings from Serbia!

  16. Hey, this is a parody! 😁 Watch a classic Agatha Cristie movie and you will laugh even harder watching Murder Mistery. 😎

  17. Just finished watching this movie. I didn't know it would make me laugh so much 😂😂😂
    Also, I loved Jennifer's and Adam's characters!
    They were hilarious af XD

  18. When Aniston in a movie how can it be possible it will be not win hearts and make you laugh and amazing actress and and actor both are ..Great Sandler great job…wonderful story .

  19. the Africa American officer at the first start is like a Stephen rogan off piapple express lol see what I did there trying to play it safe from being a racist scam lol

  20. You'd think Aniston and Sandler would stay well away from each other, after the appallingly unfunny pile of shit that was 'Just Go With It' (did anyone actually see that at a cinema – it had straight-to-video written all over it).
    The trailer for this equally fraudulently labelled 'Comedy' shows its every bit as unfunny – and Aniston and Sandler look every day of their 8 years older. (Why do women have fillers by the way, when by now everyone knows fillers make you look much older?!!)
    The minute I saw British actress whatshername (God, what IS her name? Plump faced, unremarkable brunette who has never achieved a starring role in her life… Nope, sorry, it'll come to me… But probably not), I knew this was a turkey with no budget left for supporting cast after they paid Aniston & Sandler's inflated fees.
    Thanks for the trailer – trailers are made up of all the best, most amusing and action-packed parts of the movie. So this tells me it really would be the longest 90 minutes of my life and about as pleasurable as anal sex with Donald Trump on a bed of rusty nails, while undergoing root canal surgery without anaesthetic. With Justin Bieber playing on repeat and a rabid komodo dragon chewing my bunions.
    That's a NO from me!

  21. What's with all the rave comments for this turkey of a movie – it couldn't possibly be NETFLIX publicity folk could it??!!
    The last Sandler – Aniston movie 'Just Go With It' deservedly got lousy reviews and returns – but at least it could afford to hire a big name in a supporting role (Nicole Kidman). This follow-up just has that dough-faced British actress no one can ever recall the name of, who never snagged a starring role in her life. This is clearly another turkey!

  22. Adam Sandler needs to be more active he has made great legendary comedies he should collide with people like Jim Carrey, Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, he should be in Rush Hour 4


  24. Its a shame of movie.. Non sense and no creativity.. Just because its Adam S. and Jennifer A. but the movie its a shit!

  25. The cast was great,. Adem Sandler and Jennifer Aniston were the only bad thing about this movie . They play the same characters that they always do. I was really hoping this would be a good movie. I really like both of them. Sorry but they both sucked.

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