Music and Copyright – Copyright on YouTube

Music and Copyright – Copyright on YouTube

Hi, I’m Michelle,
here to answer your copyright questions. Today’s topic is Music and Copyright. I played, sang
or whistled the song entirely by myself and didn’t use
a single second of the recording. Why did I still get a copyright strike? There are two distinct copyrights in music. Most people are familiar with the one
for the artist or band who recorded the song but there is a second set of copyrights
for the lyrics and melody also known as the composition
or publishing rights. When you sing, hum
or play a song on an instrument even if it’s in an entirely original way,
you’re using the copyrighted melody or words. If you use all
or even just a small part of a song you may receive a copyright strike
or Content ID claim. But keep in mind that most composition claims
are eligible for revenue sharing for creators in the YouTube Partner Programme. If you’re eligible you’ll be offered the option
to share the revenue of that video by confirming the video is a cover. I keep hearing about Content ID claims
where the song isn’t even there. What is YouTube doing about that? At its heart, Content ID is
what’s known as a matching system and it faces all the challenges
and limitations all matching systems face. Sometimes the system
can make a totally incorrect match like claiming someone’s video
where they’re doing a simple microphone test or even white noise. In these cases,
YouTube engineers immediately go to work to diagnose and fix the problems. In other cases entirely different original songs
can match parts of each other because they use the same beat track. We’re constantly working
to find solutions to avoid problems like these but we also understand that
no automated system will ever be perfect. This is why the dispute process
is an essential part of Content ID. As a creator, you have the most knowledge
about the content in your videos and how it was used so we built the dispute process to empower you
to escalate problems to the claimant and even escalate
as far as the courts if needed. If both you and the claimant are attempting
to monetise the video under dispute we will continue to monetise your video and will release the accrued earnings
to the appropriate party once the dispute is resolved. What rights do I need to buy
to use a song in my video? To properly use a song in a video,
typically you need an official music licence. These grant you the rights to use a song but be sure to read these licences carefully. Licences typically contain
explicit permission for using the content but may include limitations on exclusivity,
duration, geography or other terms. You should seek legal advice
for any licensing agreements. Although YouTube can’t
help you get these licences we can help you find music
that you can use in your videos. Our YouTube Audio Library is a great way to
find free background music or sound effects. There are also third-party services that
allow you to purchase music for your videos that won’t result in claims. Why are music publishers
enforcing copyright on YouTube but not anywhere else? Music publishers administer rights
on behalf of songwriters and provide an important service in allowing songwriters
to profit from what they create. In fact, music publishing rights are enforced almost anywhere music is performed,
streamed or otherwise transmitted and not just on YouTube.>From music playing on the radio
to live performances, to cover songs publishing rights are relevant in all cases and, where necessary, enforced. And that’s it for Music and Copyright. Check out more info in our Help Centre,
linked in the description below and be sure to check out the other videos
in our Copyright series, linked here. Bye!

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  1. I'M BEGING you. please help me and reply.

    Really thank you for Advice and link. link article saying "This means you upload content from multiple sources, or that you reupload or repurpose someone else’s existing content"

    I did't reupload or repurpose another persons videos or content. My videos 100% created by me(no team-only me). These are all fight videos recorded by my pc screen. I have placed my logo with my all videos. Now I've seen more mugen channel videos. Most channels do not use their logos. Each Mugan channel often uses the same fighting characters to create their videos. This all channel has used small description to their videos(same to me). but problem- my monetization closed again again 4 times .(monetization problem only with me. Why?)

    please can you kindly advice me. if i did't reupload or repurpose another persons videos or content – what i doing for my videos. how i get a idea, how many videos must i delete? What is that video? how many videos must change context.? please kindly reply me.

  2. There's a free production track I've been using as the unofficial official theme music for the main character of my channel since 2007, but in the last year, on two different occasions, that track has been claimed by two different third-party policing companies. Both times I disputed the claims, but only one was successfully removed, while the other dispute was rejected. Again, this is a track of production music that was composed specifically for free use, there's no reason why it should be claimed by any third-party company at all.

  3. If you know no automated system is going to be perfect, then you need to acknowledge human beings are not perfect either so to strike them immediately without any sort of warning system is just vile and malicious.

  4. Hi, actually my channel is based on music [ providing the notes for that song or albums ] . In one of my video some group raised the copyright claims from [ 1.39 to 1.50 ] time duration , so that i trimed that claimed play match duration and saved ,once again they raised copyright notice with the same time duration from [ 1.39 to 1.50 ] , so i trimmed once again up to half of the song what i uploaded. now the total video length was 1.22 MINS .but still the video was in copyright claim and showing the same time lenght duraion [1.39 -1.50 ].

    my question is now the total length of the video was 1.22 but how they will claim the video song and showing the playmatch duration from [ 1.39 to 1.50 ]





  5. This is why I tell events to not seek sponsorship from Radio Stations. They usually want free tickets to give away and want their music played during events. The problem is I am there to film the events and post on YouTube. So what happens when a song is played over my action. I find similar-sounding audio and place it over radio station songs. I remind people that is songs are requested, do it during downtime and stop it well before the crowd's attention is needed on the action of the event. I have had several strikes over the seven years I have been doing this. I recently had a Soundcloud user reach out to me and offer to use his song. I think it worked out well:

  6. i disputed on a video . the person that claimed it had NOTHING to do with ANYTHING in my video and still said it was theirs . What do i do ?

  7. I make nothing off my videos, I am not distributing the video other than I want people to see black and white videos in color. That's what I do colorize video, copyright should not apply under fair use. I hope people will boycott this site sooner or later or organize a strike until personal freedoms and liberty's are restored. People don't have the right to express them self anymore. You may say that tree belongs to me I own it because I paid for it but in a 100 years that tree will outlast you. So who can't own a tree. Movies and TV shows will outlast there creators they don't really own it because it now belongs to the people, the ones that enjoy the shows. It's like sharing a loaf of bread, you pass out each slice you can't ask for it back because it originally belonged to you. Everyone else has already consumed it and that's what seeing a movie or tv show is, People consume the show in there hearts when they enjoy something like star trek or doctor who. They become fans.

  8. I have been on a monetization review for 2 months and there are no copyright violations or other violations.
    Until now I am still waiting for the youtube team's decision. Where is my mistake? Please explain.

  9. So basically its the youtubers fault, not the company, hail the company the consumer is the problem. I just saved you 3:38 you'll never get back.

  10. I have problem to my channel ….why I can’t subscribe any YouTube channel ? I can’t understand any YouTuber to answer my question thanks I Ofw here in hongkong am join here in youtube because I want to go home in my country to see my family nd take care of them.. and also I have completed watch time and subscriber ,4000 hours and 1000 Subscriber.
    "why hasn't it been reviewed until now

  11. Hi Youtube My Name is MVAMBA TV TZ my channel cross 1000 subscribers but community tab is not given yet please unlock this feature Thanks You.
    Channel URL

  12. You left out the one question I have:
    If you buy a proper license … how does the content ID system know that you have the license?
    I think it does not know and you will get flagged.
    Do you have to dispute EVERY single flag because you have a license?

  13. So I get copyright strikes often and once I win the dispute, I never get to know how much money that video made. I get no timeline on when I’ll see the revenue earned while under copyright dispute, how much the video earned while under the dispute, or anything I really need to know. It takes a month to “win” a dispute from these terrible automated systems you have in place. We all know a video generally does it’s best right away and so the creator sees a “0” for a whole month for revenue earned while under the dispute.
    Is YouTube doing anything about this?

  14. Hi YouTube Team,

    My name is Faisal Mahmood, I've created YouTube channel on my personal email [email protected] and make the Primary Owner to Anam Princess ([email protected]) now the Anam Princess email has hacked and the third email of Akash Bashir ([email protected]) is Owner. I've also tried to change the manager from but I can't. Please make changes the settings from your system. If you want to know more information I'll give any information but make changes from your system.

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    Many Thanks

  15. I have been always struggling with how to add music in my videos. Right now I have to stick with no-copyrights music, such as NCS.

  16. We have listed about 100 copywrite free creative common pieces. Each song has a link back to the people who provided the music. We have had no trouble with them. Please feel free to view our videos and connect with these content providers. I hope this helps a few people out.

  17. według mnie ten co wrzuca "szczęśliwa minutka 5 minut" , szybko zniechęca się , …o ku.. ograniczenia to nie zabawa dla dzieci , dlatego własna ramka ekranu nawet tylko dla siebie ewentualnie przyjaciół jest dalej w telewizji kablowej nie w internecie

  18. Let me just be dumb and a newbie here … I was wondering – also because I have a few copyright claims on some of my older videos but they don't seem to affect my channel status – I saw other youtubers getting strikes and being threatened to being taken down because of some copyright stuff. They are monetizing their channels. So I was wondering. I am not monetizing my channel and am not planning on doing that. Will I be threatened to be taken down too via strikes if I use a track in one of my videos that is not royalty free? (Because some of my paintings are inspired by music and I would like to put that into the videos I'm making for them …) Or is that just a problem for monetized channels?
    Googled this already but couldn't find an answer …

  19. supposing that i walked on the street and filmed my video and they played a copyrighted music on that street very loud. the copyrighted music appeared in my video, so this would be counted as i violated the copyrighted music or not. thanks for the answer.

  20. Thank you for this. I had 1 video that fell into this category so took it off and deleted the part. Is there a way to saved an upload? Most of my upload took 30-40 mins and sometimes even an hour and a half (10-15mins long videos). I had to upload several times over because it wasn't saved.

  21. Снимая похороны или катастрофу в кадр может попасть фоновая музыка из плеера машины например. И на видео будут заявлены права правообладателя композиции. И даже при отключенной монетизации в ролике будет показываться реклама…Пока что авторское право в таких случаях работает не коректно.

  22. Utilicé una canción del AudioLibrary en uno de mis videos de hace 2 años, y hace un mes me lanzó copyright porque la canción ya no está dentro de su Audiolibrary. Entonces las canciones del Audiolibrary tampoco son seguras🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  23. شكراا على هذا الفيديو اوجو الاشتراك في قناتي

  24. Dear Youtube Team,

    According to YouTube policy a user must have 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers to enable monetization, As I have already reached 4000 Watch hours and also completed my 1000 Subscribers. My request you to please review my channel and enable monetization as soon as possible.

    My channel name: Best in care

    My channel Id:

  25. I never understood why people received copyright strikes for music. Technology should be able to automatically replace copyright music with music from the youtube audio library. Afterwards a notification is sent to the content creator explaining what happened. The publisher should be happy because their music is not being used and the creator should be happy as they will not receive a strike. Everyone wins and the time and expense reviewing this topic would be greatly reduced.

  26. This is great, how can we become an ambassador for these contents, in remote places in the world where copyright is not respected?

  27. Back in February, I made a violin cover of YNW Melly's "Mixed Personalities" and someone illegally downloaded the music from my Youtube video, registered copyright with my recording claiming that it's his, and ended up releasing his album with my recording. I almost sued the company who proceeded the copyright and release of this music, but they apologized and took the video down. The problem is, this kinda thing can happen on Youtube anytime and I believe that it happened because Youtube provided them a chance to illegally download which was the cause of him being able to use my recording illegally, but when I wrote an email to Youtube explaining the situation and telling them it's also their responsibility to solve this problem, they weren't giving any solution to that and just said they cannot solve between two parties about copyright issues. I think Youtube needs to protect more of illegal downloads as well as copyrights, and have to know better who really the copyright belongs to.

  28. Dear YouTube Team, No video has been getting better views in one day than in the last 3/ 4 months.Video quality has been declining since 12 hours, despite the fact that video quality is good.The channel is losing viewers drastically.What to do . N.B The first 12 hours are a good view.After that the view is completely reduced.

  29. En mi caso he ganado impugnaciones en los audios con derechos de autor; me liberan los reclamos sobre esos audios y llega otro a reclamar lo que ya se ha legalizado. Por qué Youtube no toma medidas al respecto sobre los derechos de autor a los creadores??? Y se respete lo adquirido. No tienen una base de datos de los canales para que se mantenga vigente esas derechos ya autorizados por los representantes con las licencias que presenta en la impugnaciones.???

  30. Great video! Well, I have a different problem. I am going time to time on parades and then there is music played. I had already the case that videos got blocked because songs were played on a parade that are not allowed. I have several videos where also copyrights where claimed on songs and then revenue goes to owner. I was already thinking about to exchange whole sound, but then the video loses the feeling since also all other sound is being removed. Do you have an advice here what I can do? I am not adding music by purpose, it always depends on what is being played on a parade.

  31. Объясните мне, почему я не могу использовать в ролике песню, купленную 20 лет назад на СД-диске? Ведь я уже давно за нее заплатил, когда купил альбом. Получается, что правообладатель пытается мне продать один и тот же товар дважды. Разве это не мошенничество с его стороны? 🙂

  32. I'm a brazilian content creator original, I had a problem with copyright notifications.

    after 2 years. a song that was not copyrighted became someone's favorite.

    because of that, I even left to record games for my channel. I got bored with everything.

    my channel is Science & Technology Video Explanations Lessons and Educational Videos.

    games was eliminated in august 2019.

  33. Alguna ves harán el mismo video en español quieren!!! no todos saben ingles. Y me parece absurdo que por pequeños fragmentos de música que uno no mismo usa sino se escucha en tiendas o lugares comerciales den strike. Ojala mejoren el sistema.

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