( comment section) Hey pOOdS yOu SHoUld pLAY CoMEdy niGHt tHat wiLL be ReALly fUnNY SHUT UP I played it, this game is garbAge I’ll show-ok-i’ll show you look. look Ok? Just look You go in, and there’s these fucking guys What is this? SHUT UPPP (btw to show u how much cancer they are the name Ayağım Kaşıning means my foot itches and although in Turkish present continuous tense is -yor suffix,he is using English -ing and finding this funny 🙁 ) How do I speak? (btw to show u how much cancer they are the name Ayağım Kaşıning means my foot itches and although in Turkish present continuous tense is -yor suffix,he is using English -ing and finding this funny 🙁 ) Hey, listen-listen, Shut the fuck up Get off the stage, put on a shirt- No shut up, get off, get off the stage, you suck You suck You’re about as funny as a celery Legit fam, get off… Get off the stage Guy: Shut the fuck u- *interrupted by pewds* You shut the fuck up, I’m not gonna listen to this put on a shirt and get a job, go home *Pewds Kicked* *Pewds laughs xD* *I’m proud of this* Augh What the fuck is wrong with you, what is wrong with you! get off the staaaaage Guy: Shut up- *Pewds* YOU shut uuuup UGLY GLASSES You look so stupid– ay ayay ayayyay Don’t say the n-word, I will fight all of you. I will f- goddamit *Kicked again* How dare you kick me out! you kick me out one more time, and I swear to God I will go up on stage And squeeze your nipples so hard, milk will come out. you fucking– goddAMMIT (lol) Fine! fine, say a joke then alright, say the joke. I’m waiting, say the joke Guy: Shut the- Okay, I’m quiet! Say the joke then. Guy: Okay I my- “mumbling* nonon NoNO. Quiet, let him do the joke *kid laughs for nothing* *in Turkish:Yea we are listening to you* *the kid on the stage:damn dude* Do the joke! *Turkish kid sings the music of Recep Tayyip Erdogan* …Allah Huakbar (Translation=God is big) This is comedy night for ya. This is what happens… *speaks Arabic* oh mY GOD JUST SHUT UP EVERYONE JUST SHUT UP, this is a game abOUT COMEDY! AND YOU’RE ALL JUST RUINING IT *says you pewds XD* STUPID get off- Thank God. Thank fucking god. Alright. Listen you want a real joke? aight my relationship… is… OGRE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Guy: Fuck your joke! So I’ve been… SHREKS-ING some other girls GODDAMMIT. God dammit. How dare- who kicked me off *kid sings a Turkish political party music* *pewds booing* Why does all these fucking people play this game, I don’t get it I don’t get it This is the only room available and this game is like what? free? (it’s 5 bucks) Professional. Oh wow, this is fun. It’s just me, so, anyway Ladies, am I right? 😉 Gotta respect them ♫all around me are familiar faces♫ *kid imitates a Turkish youtuber* Pewds: Oh, look its Jon Snow *x2* Wow! Wow, nice hair dude You look like Pippi Longstocking Wow, nice pants too, what are yo- *Gets kicked again and laughs* My best friend.. is Amy Schumer and she owns this stage. and she will ban you from all comedy shows in Los Angeles. If you don’t listen to me Listen to me, listen to me hello *kicked* *guy singing*
Pewds: Where are you from?, where are you from? x2 What country? Guy: *distorted* I’m from your fuck- idiot Pewds: What my fucking idiot that’s where you’re from? Guy: From Turkey Pewds: Same thing 😛 Other Guy: Yes I am from Turkey bitch *pewds laughter* Guy on stage: Hello where are you from salad? Pewds: I’m from your mom’s asshole *XD* *in Turkish:don’t insult the family values you damn fucker* Pewds: That’s right! *kicked again* This game is so bad! Like why do people want me to play it? these guys don’t know how to- “Saladass Giremez” What does that mean? What does “giremez” mean in Turkey? It means not allowed. I’m not allowed in this room Guy: Fuck you saladass Guy: saladass, fuck you bitch! Pewds: What are you- What are you gonna do? huh? What are you gonna do? Guy: I’m going to… fuck you. Guy: …and kick you. Pewds: That’s pretty fuckin gay Guy:look at..I am going to… I am going to sing a song In Engresh gen Guy: I’m going to sing a song Pewds: Okay sing. Sing, I’m listening. Guy: Wait a minute, I’m opening the music Pewds: This is really good. Kid:Wait I am going to open it Pewds: Wow, that was really good *starts singing despacito* Pewds: HEY NOW, YOU’RE AN ALLSTAR GET THE SHOW ON, GET MAY HEY NOW, YOU’RE AN ALLSTAR GET THE PLAY ON, GET RAY ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOLD
*kid on stage wants pewds to get on the stage* ALL THAT YOU’RE A STAR, RAISE THE MOOOOOOLD *pewds gets on stage* *allstar starts playing*
Pewds: SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME The world is gonna roll me I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb IN THE SHAPE OF AN L ON HER FOREHEEEAAAD THE YEARS START COMING AND THEY DON’T STOP COMING *ruined it* (still singing the goddamn lyrics as he’s kicked off the stage) HEY NOW YOU’RE AN ALLSTAR GET YOUR GAME ON GO PLAY HEY NOW, YOU’RE A ROCKSTAR, GET THE SHOW ON, GET PAID ALLLLL THAT GLITTERS IS GOOOOOLD ONLY SHOOTING STAAaaaRS BREAK THE MOOoooOOOOooLD *mumbling lyrics* UM IN THE- UH- *gibberish, laughs* (Guy singing Eye of the Tiger)
Pewds: This is pretty good. Wow. You know, I was wrong. I was wrong, you have talent! THIS IS INCREDIBLE! You guys hear this? You hearin’ this? This is perfect rendering! Guy: Eye of the tiger- fuck you bitch! Nonononono YOU fuck YOUR bitch keep singing I love it Guy: face-to-face ohh, there you go…oh…yeah YEAH *speaks over him* Together: EYE OF THE TIGER IN THE GAME OF THE FIGHT RISING UP *what a lovely duet* eiEHHHHEEHHHHHHENND See, I’m way better, you’re terrible pls get off stage Pewds: Hey, hey, I got a question, can I ask you something Pewds: can I just ask you one thing?
*guy on stage keeps singing a damn song* Can I just ask- I just have one question just one- one question ONE question- lemme just ask you ONE question pls can I ask one question I have one question i just wanna ask-
(guy still ignoring poor poods v_v) pls excuse me sir, excuse me sir I don’t wanna interrupt the show I just wanna ask one thing one thing, can I just ask- ok comment section: “YoU sHOUld plAy coMedY NIhght this Gaem is greAT” Wow that’s really good Wow is that you rapping? *plays Roomie’s song Brofist* Good times no racism you go down. It’s… AIDS night hehehah oh, it’s Floyd Oh my god, it’s Floyd Mayweather. i love you ohhh, no no no no… keep telling the joke tell the jok- tell the joke then ok, alright, I’m listening. come on do the jokey i am try- I’m trying to be quite but you don’t make a joke… Make a joke. come on man Dude: Shut The Fuck Up! no you shut up. okaaaaY what do ya waaaAAaaant WaaaAAAhhhhhHHH I thought this was AIDS night, not cancer night (OOOHHHHHH) Dude: You sound like a — tale, shut up Ohh wow, good one. GOOOOOD ONE. oh wow, that’s real funny boy wow okay, i see how it is I just came here for some jokes. I haven’t heard a single one. *distorted talk* Oh that was hilarious! Joke: Did you hear about the Arrainian- who locked himself up in his car? It took three hours to get his family out, of it. Kill yourself. Dude: yoyoyo saladass, saladass. you look like a veggie tale, and you sound like veggie tale shut up.! *REKT!* OHH SHIIT, HE CALLED ME VEGGIE TALE!! THAT WAS HILARIOUS! oh my god, he judged me based on my avatar, in a randomly generated video game that is brilliant! oohhhh ohhhh, wowww Everybody: Ohhhhh Dude: Allalagealaa oh I got that one. That was funny Dude: …do with a mustache tonigh- This is worse than Amy Schumer’s Netflix special Does anybody know how to line for the Chinese men? Yo, you sound black, why you white nig-*KEEPIN IT FAMILY FRIENDLY* Okay, please excuse my digital blackface this has been comment a night. Thank you guys so much for watching leave a…. leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed and I will see you guys next time Goodbye squad fam out *blee-bleep*

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  1. As a turkish person pewds….i feel bad for you man. You encountered "toxic turkish 12 yr olds can barely talk/understand english"

  2. Felix was that friend who ruins the night by getting too drunk and starting fights with random people. I love this video!


  4. 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 asın bayrakları 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  5. 12 yaşındaki çocukların odasına girip aniden küfür et sonra seni atsınlar sen ısrarla tekrar gir ve yine küfür et sonra toxic çocuklar olsun xD

  6. Turkey's almost half of teens is 12-13 kiddos… what a shame for my country… this kiddos lost his/her thinking ability 🙁

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