My friend takes 1,000 pictures a day! [Hello Counselor / 2017.07.31]

My friend takes 1,000 pictures a day! [Hello Counselor / 2017.07.31]

“The woman who must shoot to live.” Hello. I’m a man in his 20s from Masan. I have a close friend who is a girl. I think she has a serious illness. The sky looks so beautiful today. Hey, take a picture of me. She and I are dressed the same. Hello. We are dressed alike. Will you take a picture with me? One, two, three. Click. She always asks to take pictures of her. Whenever I do… “Make my head look small and my legs look long.” “Make me look well-proportioned.” She makes so many ridiculous requests. One time, she went to stay at a temple. “Monk. Look over here.” ♪ Pick me pick me pick me up ♪ I go crazy because of this friend who will do anything to take pictures. Even her other friends have said, “We can’t take pictures for you anymore.” “Don’t ever call us again!” They’ve cut off their friendship with her. I can’t take it anymore either. Is she going to die if she can’t take pictures? Please help her get a grip. There are many people like her. He is here as a representative of her friends. Please, come on out. (Who suffers because of his friend?) (Noh Taeho) (How fun) Tell us how much she loves to take pictures. I can tell just by the way she behaves. She stops walking and poses out of the blue. She just stops and poses like this? Then you have to take pictures? I naturally take out my phone. (No need for words anymore) Does she have many followers on social media? No, not really. She doesn’t care about it. She just likes pictures. I don’t understand why she poses with strangers. Just for being dressed alike. That’s the picture? They look like family. They resemble each other. She took the picture for wearing the same outfit? They resemble each other, too. (Who else is peculiar like her?) How many pictures have you taken for her? I take hundreds of pictures a day. How many of her pictures do you have on your phone? About a thousand. – Pictures of her? / – Why don’t you delete them? It’s too cumbersome to delete them all. Do you have feelings for her? – No. / – You don’t have feelings for her? We’ve been friends for 5 years. I’ve never had feelings like that for her. (Adamant) I want someone who doesn’t take pictures. (You really suffered a lot) You want someone who doesn’t take pictures? Can’t you refuse to take pictures? I did at first. I’m tired. Let’s stop now. I’ve talked to her about it. Then she gets upset. Then I feel guilty about it. All I have to do is take pictures. So I just decide to do it. When was the time you thought she went over the line? When did you think it was just wrong? She stayed at a temple to discipline her mind. But all she did was take pictures. What is this? The “Pick Me” dance. This seems cute. A monk took the picture. A monk took the picture? Oh, goodness. What else? She went on her first overseas trip. It already sounds dangerous. You know the airport security? At the airport security? She took pictures there because she was amazed. Because it was her first time at the airport. – Was she all right? / – Security guards came. – They took her? / – Yes. Let’s meet her first. Where are you? Hello. Hold up the microphone. Why do you take so many pictures? You can’t touch or feel time. That’s why I capture it through pictures. I contain good and bad feelings in pictures. That’s why I’m obsessed with pictures. Must you take pictures every day? I have to take them every day so that I can capture everything in detail. You take pictures every day to make memories? Our production staff members asked for some pictures, but you couldn’t find them? It was too hard. I don’t know where they are. I want to cherish the memories. But they are memories you can’t find. (Memories she can’t keep in memory) Memories that she can’t find. I could if I had plenty of time. I was trying to find certain pictures. Did you keep all pictures? You didn’t delete any? I delete pictures that are out of focus. How many pictures do you have? 50,000? I have more than 50,000 pictures. I got a new cell phone 2 months ago. I already have 10,000 on it. 40,000 on my last one. I have millions if I count the ones on my hard drive. (Unbelievable) – Do you look at all of them? / – Yes. I think it’s great that you leave memories this way, but did you have to take pictures in front of a monk while dancing? When I take pictures, I think it’s more memorable to take pictures while doing something funny so that’s why I did it. Didn’t the monk think it’s absurd? I pleased him by dancing in front of him. He enjoyed it. Did you like the pictures that the monk took? He took about 5 pictures and told us to go back. Go back now, please. Let’s go bow to Buddha. He was quite adamant. Why do you yell at him when he takes pictures? I get frustrated because he isn’t good at it. How do make someone look well-proportioned? I have my own expertise. How? I’m good at it because I take so many pictures. Let’s take a look at her pictures. Isn’t that Taeho? I think it is. (His legs didn’t look this long on the slide) His legs look really long. Who is that? It was taken on our trip. Who is that man? Her boyfriend? No, he’s just a friend from school. This is why reunions are so dangerous. (Embarrassed) That’s a great photo. I think she has long legs to begin with. Can you make Yeongja look well-proportioned? Make me look well-proportioned. (Let’s test her skill) Tell us what to do. Let’s have the before and after pictures. (Taekyun will take the “Before” picture) I should take her picture first, right? Since you can take a different picture. You can make me look well-proportioned? Don’t make me look like a fool. Come this way. – How should I pose? / – It’s up to you. Look sexy. One. (Knee bent / One foot on tiptoe) (A sexy pose becomes funny) Pose the same way. Why are you bending your knee? To look skinnier. Can you move to the side a little? I can’t tell the difference. – Please show us. / – They look totally different. Show the camera. This is Taekyun’s. – This is the one I took? / – Yes. (Wow) – They’re different. / – Why are they different? She looks skinnier. – She’s good. / – Why do they look different? I was born well-proportioned. How do you take those pictures? I’m good at getting the right composition. Why don’t you pose? Ailee, she’ll take a nice picture of you. Me? – Take Ailee’s picture next. / – How? Why don’t we take a picture here? Why don’t you lie down? Lie down? Me? (I prepared it for you) – I’ll make it look dreamy. / – Dreamy? How should I pose? (Ha ha ha ha) You went in too deep. Move up a little. Wait. I don’t believe this. (Her passion is burning up) Move up a little more. Should I move up a little more? Okay. (Sigh) She’s throwing balls for me, too. Move your pelvis back a little. She’s good. (Like this?) (She takes pictures again and again) I’m done. Sam, why don’t you pose, too? We’ll compare their pictures. Sam, why don’t you come down the slide? (I will leave my body to you) A bucket full of balls were thrown out. (Sexy boy) (Let’s pose) You’re looking great. I just want Sam to come back. (Well then!) (Here!) (Full of dreamy looks) (Clapping so hard) (Great photos seem to be taken) She sets it up well. Here are Ailee’s pictures. (Hard-working golden feet!) The best pictures of Ailee. What were you trying to portray? Like she’s in a photo shoot. What do you think, Ailee? I like them. The composition is nice. What were you trying to portray with Sam? I wanted him to look macho. Macho cutie. Macho cutie. Shortened as “ma-cu.” This is the best one. (Looking masculine) The one with balls in the air. It’s quite dynamic. (Cute William’s dad) Thank you.

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  1. Wow she would be my perfect friend I love taking pics I always bug my friends and ask them can I take pics of them and they get annoyed

  2. She knows how to find her angles… I do this to all my friends too… I can make them look taller slimmer, v faced ..pouty lips.. Whatever is long as I am behind the camera taking the picture… Unfortunately…….. I don't get the same thing lol…my friends things any snap they took of me looks pretty… Liars.. Lol.. I know I'm a potato.. All angles are the same hahahaha

  3. That boy was handsome. Is it only a typical person in korea? He looks like a idol. Seriously who agree with me?

  4. he didn't introduce himself maybe they know that if he would tell his name its a trouble ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I really tried my best to replay the first part to the thought that I misheard his name but no he didn't introduce himself. he's so cute. he looks like renjun of NCT

  5. I was gonna say somethings wrong with her, but all she needs to do is use her skills in a way that can get her some income, those are some good photo taking skills!

  6. I though the boi was a idol at first but no his just fucking handsome by what I mean I watch a clip first and saw the boi for tge first time he looks greats I said ohh a new Idol but actually no anyways his handsome

  7. Well If I were her friend I would leave her alone doing those weird poses by herself I dont really like pictures😅😅😂😂😂

  8. I guess i am the one friend in my group that likes to take photo but not for social media but only for memories. I don't say i am a pro but for someone who never take professional lesson for photography, i got good eyes in order someone to look good or well proportionate in a photo but it also depends on what he or she wear at that time as well as the lighting. However, i don't own more than 50,000. Sadly for me, i only able to make me look good in photo if i selfie or i find my own angle, lighting, and find a background as well as set a timer. For someone who never have photography lesson, i do receive compliments from people i help to capture their picture.

  9. With that storage I could've downloaded a hundred games on my phone. It'll be heaven ghadddd where to find one?😍
    (As if I could afford buying a phone😪)

  10. Dang I even thought my mom is worse cuz she always take selfies maybe 2 times a day she even full up her storage but mostly nail art and then her selfies for me personally I don't selfie that much if I feel like it then I do it that's me I just selfie like maybe once a week or twice

  11. If you want to remember the memory you had why dont you just make a video off it then having thausand off photos in your phone

  12. DANG. My family only has barely 1,000 pictures all together! SOME FROM WHEN I WAS A LITTLE GIRL. AND NOW THIS GIRL HAS LIEK WHAT? A MILLION?! 😂

  13. 7:42 the pictures she showed to the camera is completely different from the one that was edited into the vid. Taekyun’s picture has her in a different pose

  14. i actually clicked because i was like…. " this idol looks new, let me check"….😂😂😂 really cute.. i need a guy friend like him…😂


  16. The most pictures I’ve ever heard was 12,000 on my phone, and 4,000 of them were screenshots of schoolwork. I literally tried to mass delete them in June 2018, and my phone had no reaction delete and blank. I ended up resetting my phone a month later because a new school year was starting lol.

  17. Once i went to sea on a 5 days trip with my friends. There was a friend who is just like this, everyone ignored her nagging. Eventually i ended up capturing many of her photos. But i couldn't endure it. So i talked to her at the end.

  18. Everyone is laughing and having a good time, but she needs someone that recognizes her gift and will encourage her to take a course in photography to become a professional!

  19. This is soooo me😂😂😂😂😂I always take pictures and ask my friends to make me taller +++ on the pictures because I’m short 159cm…if they don’t make look taller I will keep on asking them to take more and more sometimes we can reach 100

  20. She has a passion for photographs…she should pursue bt the problem she just have to make sure tht it's not inconvenient to others

  21. I'm not gonna lie but the guy who came from the slide is quite good looking and mane even an idol singer or a model I mean look at that face and Legssss

  22. The boy has idol vibes. And i think it's better for her to be a professional photographer, she has talent.

  23. i wanna be her friend lol, in all the photos my friend take of me i look like a troll, she'd be a big help kkkkk

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