My iPhone Won’t Send Pictures! Here’s The Real Fix.

My iPhone Won’t Send Pictures! Here’s The Real Fix.

Hi guys, David David here from,
and in this video, we’re going to explain what to do when your iPhone won’t send pictures. The first thing we’re going to do is close
out all the apps on your iPhone because that’s a universal fix that’s going to work. So if you have an iPhone that’s older than
an iPhone, X double-click the Home button on your iPhone and swipe all your apps off the
top of the screen. If you have an iPhone X, swipe from the very
bottom of the screen and hold your finger in the middle till the app switcher appears.
Press and hold on any of the apps until these red minus signs appear. Swipe them off the
top of the screen, unless it’s the future. Yeah, you got iOS 12 and you can swipe just
wipe them off. No press and hold. Yep. So let’s talk about iMessage
versus text messages or MMS messages in this case because you’re sending photos. Right, so when you send pictures with your iPhone
as David just said you can do so in two different ways. iMessages or text messages. So I’m going to open the Messages app. The
easiest way to tell which one you’re sending is by the color of the bubble when you send
a message. So the blue bubbles are iMessages. And the green bubbles are text messages or
MMS messages as David just said: picture messages. So we need to do for the rest of this video
is divide it in half. The first half we’re going to talk about what to do if iMessages are not working you’re sending
photos with iMessages. The second half of the video, we’re going to talk about why your iPhone
isn’t working sending pictures with text messages. Before we get to that though, let’s talk about if you’re trying to send a iMessage to
one person, but they had an iPhone, now they have an Android right and they’re still logged
into their iMessage account. They can’t get your pictures what we do there,
right? We log on to Apple’s website and we’ll have
a link to that in the card up above and the description down below. Yes, and you can have them go in there and
deregister their iMessage account from their iPhone from their phone number and they’ll
thank you because they’re not getting messages from a whole lot of people and they’re really
confused right now. So so first step when iMessage can’t send
photos with iMessage is to make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data. Right. So here’s another fundamental difference: with
iMessages you need a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. An internet connection, so make sure it’s on. It’s gotta be on. So I’m just going to swipe
down from the upper right-hand corner of my screen here and then iPhone X to open Control
Center. Right you can see that cellular data is on that’s
the green button and Wi-Fi is on, so iMessage is going to work. So I’m just going to disconnect from both
of those to show you the difference, close this. All of a sudden, no internet connection.
Goes through as a text message. If you have an earlier model iPhone open Control
Center swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Right. Up from the bottom instead of down from the top right. So I’ll turn this back on. Just make sure you
have that internet connection. Next up, let’s log in and out of iMessage. It’s kind of a pain but it fixes a lot of
these problems. Go to the Settings app. Yep messages messages down here tap on that. Let’s just turn iMessage off and back on. That
actually fixes a lot of these problems too. So if I tap iMessage button, turn it off,
tap it to turn it back on. It will say waiting for activation. Sometimes that gets these types of things
unstuck. Now it’s back on. As David just said we’re also going to try signing out in signing
back in. And you’re already here. Tap on Send & Receive. Here I am. Tap on your Apple ID at the top of the screen. Tap Sign Out. I don’t want to do that right now. It’s kind of a pain but try that sign back
into iMessage. It’s really sort of unplug it plug it back
in thing for iMessage. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to Reset Network Settings. We’ll go
back to the main page of the Settings at right back to messages and the upper left back to
Settings and tap on General and then scroll all the way down to reset. Yep down here at the bottom and Reset Network
Settings. Right. Reset Network Settings is the great
middle-of-the-road solution. You will lose your Wi-Fi passwords, your Bluetooth
devices, VPN Settings, and cellular data Settings. Good stuff. You’ll lose those but you won’t lose any of
your personal data. So enter your passcode a couple of times. Yeah hit Reset Network Settings. All set. Your iPhone will reboot. Yep. Hopefully that’ll fix the problem. Try again. That’s what to do when iMessage won’t send pictures. What about MMS text messages. MMS. So that’s if you’re trying to send a picture
to one of your Android friends and all your rest of your messages are in green bubbles. We need to make sure first that MMS messaging
is actually turned on otherwise pictures won’t send only SMS which are those short little
text messages will send so we’ll go to the Settings app, right and scroll down to messages
again and then should be a switch down at the bottom there. It says MMS messaging that switch is on. Maybe you just want to try to turn it that
switch off and back on maybe its a minor glitch. Off. Turn it back on. Yeah that’s actually going to fix the problem
for a lot of people. If that doesn’t work Reset Network Settings. So same deal Settings General reset Settings
enter your passcode reset network Settings. Indeed. So if you Reset Network Settings and your
iPhone still won’t send pictures probably time to contact your carrier or Apple. So if it’s a text messaging issue definitely
talk to your carrier because MMS messaging it has everything to do with them. And a whole lot of nothing to do with Apple.
iMessages: it’s the opposite got nothing to do with your carrier, especially if you’re connected
to Wi-Fi try a different Wi-Fi network, like at Starbucks. If you’re connected to cellular data connect to
your Wi-Fi network. Try different internet connections. Could have just said that. Well you just did say it. I said it. So if you tried all this stuff the last ditch
effort here is to perform a DFU restore your iPhone. If you go to the Apple Store, I’ll probably
do one for you anyway. We can show you here. We’ve got a great video. I’ll link it to a card up above and the description
section below walk you through the whole process. Yep and DFU restore will fix it because usually
this is a software problem. It’s not like a hardware problem, especially
if your iPhone is working connected to the internet just fine for other apps and just
pictures one send not a hardware problem. So a DFU restore will fix software problems. Yes, that’s what to do when your iPhone won’t send pictures. Thank you guys for watching this video! Give it a thumbs up if it helped you fix your
problems. Leave us a comment down below if you have
any other questions. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel
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  1. Question about sending a video from iPhone to someone with a Samsung, The last time I checked I could not send a video longer than 13 seconds if it was someone who does not also have an iPhone. Do you know if this has changed or is going to change with an update? Or is it a problem on Samsung’s end?

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  3. If I understood The first 10 minutes of what the hell I was supposed to do, perhaps the remaining 10 would have made sense! You talk as if everyone knows exactly what the heck your saying… talk way too fast. Pretty sad when the guy that speaks whatever language makes more sense than this tutorial…

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  9. That was useless. Try not talking over one another, and maybe slowing down…a lot. Your entire dialogue was incomprehensible.

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  11. Here’s the problem I have I can’t send or receive pictures because I don’t use cellular data there for iPhone is useless to me over my WiFi unless I pay a big monthly fee to upgrade my plan

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