My Red Train (+1 hour funny Train kids videos compilation)

My Red Train (+1 hour funny Train kids videos compilation)

Hey! HEY Fish! Hello! Hello THERE! Fish! HEY Fish! Hey, CAN you hear us? Be quiet, kids,
don’t make noise in the Oceanarium, you are scaring THE fish! Ha!…. One more time! Arghhhh! Hrrr… HEHEH… What a great catch! Argh! Ahem! Aweso-ome! Ethan, ….you ran around, like… Like a real submarine. Hey you! ….Be quiet! You are scaring my fish. Why are fish scared of everything? They are mysterious creatures. ER, This is REALLY very interesting. Ah, awesome! Something is missing here… I’VE GOT IT!! This is our new submarine, now we are going
to know everything about fish! I shall wait for you ashore. Don’t be afraid! George is a genius. He has everything worked out. Take the radio AND Keep in touch. Hey! Fish! Hello! Hello fish! Ahahaha! Hehehehe! Are you all right IN THERE? We are fine VERA!… Ah! What’s that? THE Oceanarium doesn’t have all this metal
junk, LOOK AT ALL THIS, what a mess! Let’s make a present for Grandpa Billy! OH Yeah! He will be happy. One… more… time! ARGH… ARGH… ARGH… Ah, ah, ah, Vera, would you help me? Aaaah, yeaahhh, ah,
oh! HEH…. What a great catch today! Awesome! You won’t believe how much junk Grandpa
Billy pulled out NOW! Whom are you talking to? Me? You. Nobody. Just myself. HMHM…… Don’t go off your head for joy. RIGHT…I’m going home! Are you rising to the surface? Vera, WE’VE BEEN ruptured! We are drowning
OH MY GOODNESS Help! Help! SOS! Ethan and George are drowning! One more time! Grandpa Billy! One more time! Thank you! You saved our lives! Did you find out why fish
ARE scared of everything? WE Didn’t have much time, let’s go to the Oceanarium!

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  1. Anybody else not crazy about all the Russian-ness of these videos (Russian lettering, the one engine in Soviet military uniform)? Wouldn't doubt if there were subliminal messages throughout. Just because it's against U.S. law doesn't mean Russkie companies would pay attention. Putin probably owns them, too…

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  3. I am confused as to why silly channels that wind parents up so badly have mega millions of subscribers and viewers, cough Ryan's Toy Review cough, and this only has 33k subs. My son hasn't enjoyed a watching programme so much in quite a while. He was laughing and telling me how funny it was. I found it watchable as well! Is this a recent production as it's very good? To be fair Ryan's toy review is only ruined by his mother and her obnoxious voice and personality!!! Ryan himself is a cool little boy.

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