Naani Maa (Ammammagarillu) 2019 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie |  Naga Shaurya, Shamili

Naani Maa (Ammammagarillu) 2019 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Naga Shaurya, Shamili

Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten! Where are they hiding? Hey fatty! Out! -Oh God, no! -I
was hiding at such a nice place. I thought you wouldn’t find me. You still found me Sita. I didn’t see you.
I heard your voice. Heard my voice? How? -I could hear your munching. Oh no! Asha! Out! Out! It’s useless catching me. Go and catch Santosh first. Then I will salute you..
-Is he very intelligent? I will catch him right away. Who are you searching, child? Grandma, it’s Santosh. -Oh! Thanks Grandma! Today grandma hid her grandchild
and made him win the game. This scene may seem
ordinary to see. But this scene will
always stay in.. ..the heart and mind
of this child. We don’t know if this boy.. ..will have to return
this favour.. ..of his grandma after
20 years with love. Beside our own house, there
is only one home.. ..which we call our own
without hesitation. And that is our grandma’s house. ‘Naani Maa’ Brother-in-law, do you know what
happened yesterday? -What? My wife asked me yesterday
what is.. ..a lucky guy called in English? What did you say?
-I said unmarried. What happened after that? I had to visit the dentist. Daddy! -Hey! Stop joking. -Brother-in-law,
have your coffee. God has gifted humans
with laughter. So we must always laugh. How are you, brother-in-law?
-I am absolutely fine. At the beginning she asks
about your health. After that she starts talking
about ornaments. Thank you for reminding me. Brother-in-law,
you’ve a friend in Dubai, right? Ask him to get a gold
biscuit for me. I will surely ask him to get.. Thank you.
-Brother-in-law, how are you? When did you come? -Hi Ravi! Hey! The T-shirt looks awesome.
-Brother gifted it to me. It’s nothing, brother-in-law. -It
was loose when I purchased it. When I tried at home.
I found it was small. That is why I gave it to him. Brother-in-law. -Yes.. -I’ve to
go out for some urgent work. You are going for a movie
with Basu, right? Yes. -Go. Go and enjoy yourself. Why are you working slowly? Do it quickly. -Right sir. If you peel the skin off
you get the fruit. If you break the fruit
you get the cream. But what do you need to do to
remove what’s in a human’s mind Sons-in-law visit people
on festival days. But here when the son-in-law
comes home. It’s a festival day. What great did he do
if he is a doctor? I drive a tractor. He stitches. I sow seeds. If I go to the city
with some money. Watch out.
I will be a great businessman. Wow! Take this. What is this? -Coffee. Are you sane? Have you given your mind on
loan or is it for rent? Does anyone drink coffee
after having sweets? You look pretty.
But you are not smart. Will you have coffee? -Dad! Dad! I asked mom for chocolate milk.
She refused to give. -What? Are you speaking the truth? The house is mine. So is the
kitchen. And the gas stove. How does it matter to you? Go and get chocolate milk. I will get it right away. Let the property get
allocated once. I will be stern with them. This woman drives me crazy. I gave birth to a rude child. Dad! Grandpa, this closed fist
is the symbol of unity. What does it mean?
-Unity is strength Grandpa. Wow! Sir, your grandchild
is exactly like you. Wow! -They have lost it. Put some more. Yes. -Enough. Enough..
-You have to take it. It’s alright now. I will win. You will top in everything. Excuse me. -Yes. Your elder son wants
to talk to you. What does he want to say? What else can it be?
Just one thing. What did you think about
the property? If you ask the same
old question.. will not get a new answer.
-Ask me something new. If not about property.
Should I ask about snacks? As you are not giving
me the share.. ..I and my family
are staying here. My friends went to the city
and are settled down there. And look at me.
I am caught up here. Dear. A house is not made of walls. A house stands when people
live together. And the fields are
not to be shared. It’s for sowing. Suryarao. -Yes.. -Talk to him. I don’t need any explanation
from.. ..a person who works for us, dad. He is a member of our family. Sir, forget it. I am talking in your matter
being a son-in-law. I am sorry. But dad is right. What is right? I am married. But everyone in the village
call me his son even now. Taking care of his guest.
Peeling off coconut skin. I have no identity in this
village and the house. I despise such a life. Son, dividing the property
will shatter.. ..the people of this house.
-You have sons. You nurtured them to
live on their own. But you still control
their lives. You want your son to live in
this village like you do. But I can’t do it.
Let me tell you this. I want a share in the property.
That too right now. If he wants to do something
in the city.. ..give him his share. Alright. What is your opinion?
Please tell me. Speak up. Are you all dumb? I will do what father says. Sister, you speak. Father, even we want to do
a business in the city. I am fine with the share. Did you see that?
Chote, you speak up. Speak up. What’s wrong? I don’t want the property
to be divided. No. This is our family issue. Please don’t speak. Stupid! There is no difference between
a son and son-in-law. Son-in-law, you are right. I built this property on my own. But I have no greed.. ..that I rule over it. Will I take this with
me after I die? Fool, I will give this
to my three sons.. ..and two daughters. But listen. You will live as
a member of this family. Only then you will get your
share. This is my final decision. What did you say?
Giving up all our wishes.. ..we will have to stay here. Right? Listen everyone. He is satisfied. He doesn’t care
what happens to his sons. He will not let us go. Give me the share.
Otherwise it’s fine. God knows he may take all the
property with him after he dies. Brother!
It is wrong to speak to father.. such a manner
just for property. It is wrong for a son-in-law
to speak.. ..between a father and son.
-Brother! The way you talk is not right.
Speak to me with respect. Whom are you teaching? Who are you? Today he exceeded his limits. You want to see him happy. And he wants to live in the city. But the decision is
yours to take. Here have some milk. We are leaving..
-Brother, where are you going? Listen! You have to take
care of everything. If you go then.. The one who lives in this family
will get the share, right? I don’t want anything. Everyone says I killed my father.
Burnt him alive. I can’t stop them from talking. So, I will leave this
village and property. Brother, father’s funeral ritual
aren’t even completed. What had to happen is done.
What’s the use of rituals? I am going. -Brother! Brother, no. No. Brother, stop. You are waiting for your sons
for almost 20 years. How long will you wait? Time can change.
Then even people can change. I will wait for him till
my last breath. For his soul and for
your peace of mind.. ..I feel God will have
to come down to earth. Grandma! Mom, grandma is calling up. Take this. Talk to her. Mother, how are you? I don’t know how long
will I live? Oh no. What are you speaking? Grandma, don’t feel sad. Look, one day all the uncles
and aunts will return. That day will surely come,
grandma. If what you say comes true then
I will go for a pilgrimage. Grandma, I want to meet you
leaving all my other work. No dear. Not at all. Your
dad gets very angry. You know his behaviour. Yes. I know. Mom! -Mother,
it’s time for him to return home. I will call you later.. -Alright. What is this? Grandma is so sad. She is living with this sorrow. The same old talks.
The same old fights. Your father was insulted
that day. He hasn’t forgotten his insult. I too want to meet my mother. I feel like going
and meeting her. Doesn’t your brothers feel
like meeting their mother? You very well know. How your uncles are? By the way where are the uncles
staying currently? Please come.
Come in P. K. Baburao. The number one contractor. That’s great. Hearing your
words I feel so happy. I am not the number
one contractor. You were in a hurry
to call me that. I am sure you will be one anyday. Try to give me the Port contract. Then I will be the number
contractor, definitely. Sir, that depends on you. It depends on you. Black or White?
-You got the point. Look, it will take hours
to count the money. It is difficult to handle cash
these days. You know about it. Tell me if there is a plot
worth 10 to 12 millions. That will be better. Are you talking about land? Actually my wife is a devotee
of Lord Hanuman. She wants to build a temple. And after retirement I will have
to say my prayers, right? If there is any land about
10 to 20 acres in Surat.. ..check it out. Land in Surat will be expensive. There is lot of competition in
the market for this tender. Within 15 days about
20 acre of land.. ..will be on your wife’s name.
I promise. The application form
of that tender.. ..if you give it to me then.. I wanted to give it to you. Here. Thank you sir. -Be happy. He asked for 20 acre land.. though he is asking
for sweets worth 20 kgs. Sir, the cost of sweets
is expensive too. Stop talking nonsense. Go and
search for a land in Surat. Stop talking nonsense. Go and
search for a land in Surat. Choudhary, how are you? -You give
cheap clothes to your wife. You give expensive
clothes to others. When will you return my money? Forget that topic.
Tell me what’s happening? Don’t pretend. When I call up
your secretary takes the call. Your watchman throws me out. Hey, you must inform me
when there is a call. Right? Why do you upset him? Okay. -Shut up! Both of you are making
a fool out of me. The money that I gave you.. ..I want an account of that money
right now.. -Choudhary. Calm down. Calm down. A person’s words are
of great value. You have started speaking
a lot these days. Let me tell you a story..
-Which one? A starved snake was nurtured
by a man who gave him milk. After drinking milk that snake
bite that man, he died. Do you know what we lesson we
learn through this story? That snake was ungrateful. -No! That man was a fool. -What? If it’s a snake it will bite,
right Choudhary? And I am a snake. When you wanted the money
you pleaded to me a lot. Because of people like you people
don’t trust even dogs. I told you, I am a snake.
Not a dog. I will treat you like a dog. Don’t exaggerate this issue,
Choudhary. I will show you my power. -Is it? Will you knock at
Delhi’s assembly? There is no need to go so far.. Do what you want to do. Go away! This is your last week. -Go! Will he do something, sir? Who is it? Choudhary? If he was intelligent he wouldn’t
have given me the money. And if he was powerful.
He wouldn’t frighten me. Don’t think about him. Everyone says I will
show you my power. Am I some movie star? Mom! Mom! Daddy, I am coming. When I got out of the house.
I must see you and leave. And when I return I must see you. Now your father is going to
be number one contractor. Really? -Yes. Congrats daddy..
-Check this tender form. Go and keep it in the temple. Alright daddy. And when will you become the
M.D of Seeta construction? Just one year, daddy. -Once I
finish the civil engineering course. Then I’ve to do this work. -If
a person has to be successful. Then you must have a daughter. And my daughter is far
greater than sons. Ramesh, is the target completed? Yes sir.. -What about you,
Vittal? -Yes sir. Ramna, you?
-Sir, the deal didn’t take place. What happened? -The customer
didn’t understand the deal. Shut up! You must change the programme
considering.. ..the customer’s mind set. -Only
then you can complete the target. Is it clear? -Yes sir. -Good. Brother, why is he so rude? It’s five years I joined this
company. I never saw him smile. He is just like this. Some hot samosa’s for Kriti. No mom. I don’t want to eat it. I just want those earrings. How many times do
I tell you your.. is busy with
his office work? When he gets free we will
make it for you. Daddy has always been busy
since I was a child. Is my lovely Kriti getting angry? Take this. Eat some. Looks like dad is home. What happened now? Ramna. -Sir. I told you many times you.. Just a minute.
Hold the line. -Yes sir. Son, is your classes going
on well? -Yes dad. Did you finish your homework?
-I did it. Yes. I did it, dad. -Good. Yes Ramna. Listen to me. -Sir.
-Your target must complete by 2nd. I don’t want any excuse.
-Right sir. Mummy. -Yes.. -Just like we
get homework from school. In the same way does daddy
get homework from office? Mummy, I was thinking that.. We haven’t spend time with
dad from a long time. One kg of sugar.
Take the detergent packet. What things did they take? One kg of sugar. One detergent
packet. It cost Rs.50. Do you have a change of Rs.500? Brother, do you want something
else? -No. -I don’t want anything. Try to remember.
While leaving the house.. ..your wife must have
asked for something. Your daughter must have
asked for a chocolate. Ask for something, right? Today he will empty his pocket. Looks like you forgot it.
Think over it on a cold drink. Listen, give him a cold drink.
-Yes. Orange. Orange. Didn’t you hear what he wants? Go. Take your cold drink. A bath soap. How will one soap help? Brother, your family is so huge. Take a few more. -Right ma’am. Listen. Three bath soap. -A small paste.
-How will small paste help? Take a big one,
it will last for few months. A bigger one will last a lifetime. If it isn’t like you.. Will you take anything else? Anything else? -Enough dear. Give the popcorn packet here. Will you take anything else,
brother? -I don’t want anything else. Along with the cold drink the
bill amounts to Rs.495. I will give you the change. I don’t have the change. I will give you this chocolate. She gave me a chocolate..
-The bag is for free. Thank you! Please visit us again. We are only three members
in the family. I will meet you next year. Oh God! No. In the name of the Father.
The Son. And the Holy Spirit Amen. God, no. What happened? -It’s a crash. My shares have gone down..
-First you relax. How can I stay relaxed? There is more to life
beside money. What else? -What else? Kids. I want to make some
property first. Before planning the kids I want
to make some preparations. Please understand me. Ma’am. Ma’am. What happened? I don’t want it. Give it to him. Son, eat this. Janki! -Mother! How are you, mother? -I am fine.
How are you’ll? Dear, what are you doing?
-Let me tell her. Ma’am.. ..fell unconscious
a few days ago. She was hospitalized
for a few days. She just returned home today. Go. Go. -Ma’am. Mother, how are you now?
-I am getting old, right? God must be wanting
to call me back. Mother, what are you saying? I wanted to see everyone
together. But I never thought
what you’ll wanted. That is why I decided to
divide the property. Why are you in a hurry?
-On this pretext. I will stay with you’ll at
least for a few days. I am awaiting to see
my daughters.. ..sons-in-law, grandchildren. I called up everyone today
and told them.. ..that I am dividing
the property. Twenty years ago the
fight took place. Your husband was insulted.
Speak to him. And get him here too somehow. I will try, mother.
Take care of yourself. I am disconnecting. -Right. What happened, mom? Mother fell ill suddenly.
Maybe she is serious. Mother wants to see us
all one last time. You’ll go. Dad, just a moment! What is it? -What happened in the
past was not your mistake. But for the last 20 years
grandma and we.. ..are bearing the punishment. During my childhood, all my
friends their grandparents.. ..during the vacation. But I never visited them. I feel very sad about this. I could have visited grandma
without informing you. But I.. respect you a lot, dad. We never stay for long.. ..with our cousins or friends.
We feel bored. But only grandma’s house. Is not a strangers house.
It’s our own house. Anger must be in our words.
It shouldn’t stay in our hearts. Whatever uncle did was
a huge mistake. But love must stay in your
heart and in your words. You are doing a mistake
purposely. Poor grandma. She gave her daughter to you. She just wants to see her once. I beg of you. Please dad. Yes son. Whatever your uncle
did in anger.. ..I was angry on it
since 20 years. A little bitterness and hurt
is still there in my heart. Your uncle did a mistake
by slapping me. And I did the mistake
by stopping you. But I won’t stop you now. You can go to your
grandma’s house. She will go to her
mother’s house. And I can go to my mother-in-laws
house anytime. I can go anytime.
No one can stop us. Thank you dad! The day the officer asked
us for 20 acre of land. That day my mother called up to
say settle the property issue. You are superb, Baburao.
You are superb. Control. Control. Control Baburao. Control. Listen. -Tell me. Juice. -Give it here. Mother called me up afterall. I have to go to the village. What do you say? Listen, what did you think about
going to the village? Don’t think much about the shop. We will take our share
and return in a day. If we go there we will get the
investment amount easily. Once we get our share.
We will plan our children. The smell of the mud.
It’s awesome. Halt the car.. -What happened? Mother, go.
I will stroll in the village. Dear. Do you remember
your grandma’s house? I remember it. I will come.
Driver, go. -Come soon. Take care. Grandpa,
the fist is the symbol of unity. What does it mean, son?
-Unity is strength Grandpa. Grandpa. -Sir,
your grandson is just like you. Uncle Suriram. Who are you Son? Don’t keep your hand open. The strength lies when
you close your fist. Your grandson is just like you. Santosh! You? -Who is he? -Why
are you so happy on seeing him? Who is he? He is the grandchild
of SeetaLaxmi. -Is it? Dear, how are your parents? They are good.
-Grandma is not well. Did you come to visit her?
-Yes uncle. I will stay here till grandma
gets well. -That’s good. On this pretext you and your
grandma can see each other. Yes uncle. How are you?
-What can go wrong with me? I am leading a good life because
of your grandparents. You are here for a few days.
Please visit our house too. I will surely come, uncle. -Bye
son. Please do come home. -Sure. Do you have net recharge here? Yes.
I have 4G too. It’s superfast. You can do Paytm recharge too. It’s urgent. It’s very urgent. Listen. I have a small job to do. Sit in the shop. I’ll be back.
-I don’t know anything. Stay here for a while. -I will be
back soon. It’s urgent. Please. My stomach is upset. He’s an amazing man. Take care of his shop. There’s a biscuit packet here. Listen. Give me the newspaper. Hello! What are you doing?
That’s today’s newspaper. It is possible.
But it doesn’t matter to me. It’s so dusty here.
Can’t you clean it? I am doing your job. So thank me. Is this chips? Do you call it chips?
-Go and ask the manufacturer. Okay.
Shall I pay him the money too? Do you have a cigarette?
-Do you also smoke? No. I puff it. Do you have a cigarette or not? Hey, are you the shops owner? Don’t you know where the
cigarettes are kept? Hello.
I am not the owner of this shop. He has gone out. I am handling
his shop for sometime. Oh! Oh my God! Sorry. Sorry. I was mistaken. Doesn’t matter. I understood on seeing you. You are not capable
of running a shop. You are eating chips for free. Hey, get up. Give the money. Why are you over-reacting? He is creating drama for Rs.10.
Take your money. Who will pay for that paper?
Your father. -Hey! Don’t talk about father.
-Whom should I call out to? Why are you fighting
like siblings? Pick it up. Fold it. I never saw such an ill-mannered
person like him. She is showing off her
father’s money. You proved that you are
Seetalaxmi’s grandchild. I am leaving. Wait.
Wait. Wait. What are you doing? How long haven’t you
washed your pants? We washed it for Diwali.
How does it matter to you? How do you talk?
Don’t you know to talk to us? Are you my girlfriend to talk
to you? Go away from here. Let’s go.
-All of them have grown old. Hey! -Motu. I don’t remember your face. But how do you know I am Motu? You are the only Motu
in the village. Hey, I am Santosh. Don’t you remember? You came to our village as a
child. We played together. Santosh, is it you? -Yes. What are you doing?
-We are not rich people. That we will have lots of pants. We wear one.
And hang the other one. We purchase the pants
on discount. If we wash again and again
it will fade, right? If you do that, won’t it tear? If it tears,
will we not do anything. We will make it a new fashion. If it tears from below. We will
cut it & make it a short pant. If that doesn’t help.
We will shorten it further. If needed we will make it a mop. Hold the stick and roll it..
-I am very happy. Why Santosh? Because you met
me after a long time. -No. You are just the same. Now take me to my grandma’s
house.. -Grandma’s house? My grandma’s house.
No. I won’t go. I am talking about my grandma. Okay. You are talking
about your grandma. Hey guys, carry on.
I will come. -Right. Brother,
you will have to catch me. Ramna, are you listening to me? Uncle from Bangalore. Let’s go. What? Can’t you hear me? Wait! Yes.
Ramna. -Sir, I can hear well now. Hello! Hello! -Can you hear now?
-Yes. Uncle. -Ramna. The company must earn
twice the profit. Target at least five people..
-Uncle. Ramna, are you understanding me? Listen, three new people
must join. -Right. He is very busy on the phone..
-Alright. Say hi and hello on the
phone the next time. Grandma, your house is lovely. Seeta Mahalaxmi residence. Let’s go. What is stuck to your hand?
-Paint. Mother, your grandson is here. Go and wash it. Hey, Santosh..
-Why are you looking at it? You took so much time. To come here from your house. Are you alright? You used to hid under
my drape as a child. Now look he has grown up. Grandma. -I painted the house
as you’ll were going to come. I forgot. The happiness that I will
get when you’ll come. Compare to that this
colour is so dull. Look, your hand is dirty..
-Doesn’t matter, grandma. It will clean after washing.
-I will look pretty in this sari. Aunt, how are you? I am fine. Who is he? My son, Santosh. She is Suvarna, my daughter..
-Hi brother. -Hi Suvarna. Hi uncle. -Hi! If you have finished saying hi,
let’s go. Take your tea..
-Hello aunt, how are you? I am good. How are you? I am fine.
-Hey, he is your brother. Say hi. Hi! -Hi! Grandma, who is this foreigner? Actually people eat lot of pizza
and pasta these days. Grandma called her
to prepare that. Right grandma? -Shut up. She is
the wife of your U.S uncle. They got married there.
-Listen, come here. -Yeah. Uncle is lucky that
he married there. If he married here then he would
marry some useless girl. Hi aunt. -Hi! -Sandra. -Yes. Hey Santosh. -Hi uncle. You have grown up. What are
you doing these days? -MBA. That’s nice. Sandra, I want to have a word..
-Okay. Excuse me. Mother, is elder brother coming?
-Yes. Santosh, is he your elder uncle. He has become healthy.
-Yes. It’s him. I feel he hasn’t changed. Look,
how he is starring at the house? Mother! Mother! He didn’t even see grandma. Where are you? Hi daddy! Did you bring apples for me?
-I got it as you like it. Is it good? Thank you daddy. The girl who was showing attitude
at the shop is his daughter. Brother, how are you? I am alive. Santosh. -Yes mom.. -Come here. Brother, he is my son, Santosh. Okay. This boy at the
shop is aunt’s son. What does he do? -I am doing MBA. These days everyone is doing MBA. Where is your father, by the way? He had an urgent operation.
He will come after he does it. No. No. Tell him not to come. If he wouldn’t come
here 20 years ago. Then we wouldn’t have
to come here today. He gives medicine to
the injured there. And here he comes to injure us. What’s the use of talking.. ..old issues? -When the hurt is
deep the injury gets healed. But the mark remains
all your life. Uncle, I know how to reply.
But I wasn’t given this values. I am happy that you
all came here. Now I want to tell you’ll
about the property. 100 acre of land. 5 acre of
coconut fields. And this house. Just as your father wanted. 100 acre of land will be divided
equally among you’ll. And the coconut fields. Till I live. That will be my support. After I die, the fields.
This house. Everything will be yours. If anyone has any objection
then tell me right now. I have no problem, mother.
-Mother, it’s okay from me too. Okay for me too. -Then let’s do
the registration tomorrow itself. Brother, come on. We are together
after such a long time. Let’s stay together for a day. After that we will do the
registration slowly. Have you started speaking.
I was thinking about it. Who will fill up your
husband’s absence? You started it. Good! The auspicious time is
sought to meet people. There is no auspicious
time to separate. Registration will
be done tomorrow. Do anyone object to it? -Look! Do whatever you want to do
quickly. -I have lot of work at office. Absolutel true. If the
registration is done tomorrow. The day after everyone
can return home. Yes brother. We must first do what
we came here for. I will get the documents ready. Kishor. -Yes sir. Can you hear
me? -Yes sir. -Do one thing. Book 4 tickets for tomorrow
evening. Be quick. -Right sir. Hello! -Okay sir.
It will be done. Sister, our evening flights
tickets are already booked. My planning never fails. Book tomorrow evenings ticket.
Okay. So that we reach home the
day after tomorrow. And take care of the shop.
Let’s go. Why did you make me a mother? You could have made a property. At least my children would
have kept me with them. I thought if everyone came
grandma would be happy. But these people are cunning. Mother Seeta, listen. Did you see how much she respects
me? She came with one call. Why are you calling her?
-She is my good friend. We played together as childrens.
-She respects me a lot. Why did you call me Mother Seeta?
-Am I your mother? And you are my father? I said Mother Seeta out
of love and respect. Henceforth call me only Seeta. If you call me by another
other name.. ..I will kill you. -Alright. Mother Seeta. I mean Seeta. I feel you’ve forgotten. You don’t remember what I did
for you the other day. I will tell it today. I am the
hero of this scene. Shut up. Wait. -Why should I? What does she think of herself?
She will have to listen. I will speak today. -Alright. Tell me what did you do? Do you remember when we
had school vacation? Help! Seeta! Get up. I saved Seeta’s life. I don’t know how to swim. I still saved her life. I saved your life.
You forgot about it, right? First of all I saved your life.
And you hit me. You saved me. But what about
the flower that I caught? He saved me? Sorry Seeta. I didn’t knew
at the shop who you were. If you knew it was me wouldn’t
you bother me? You are lucky, brother. That I am returning tomorrow.
Or else? Fool! What are you thinking? That if grandpa was here today
it would be good, right? If grandpa was here. He would be more sadder than me.
-What are you saying grandma? Your children are here.
Their children are here. The whole house is full of
activity. What else do you want? I was sad till you didn’t come. I used to think. At least you will stay
with me for.. ..a few days to get the property. But everyone wants to
go back tomorrow. The paint on the walls
is not yet dried. Grandma, why don’t you
ask them to stay back? Your grandpa told everyone
we will stay together. But still everyone separated
20 years ago. Who will stay here if
I ask them to stay? No one will stay.
No one will stay. Uncle. The property will be divided. Why don’t we stay here
for a few days? Grandma will love it. The registration will complete
in a few days. -Is it? You talk nonsense.
-This property is mine. Registration is mine.
Even the house is mine. Why are you interferring in this? You and your father
are just similar. Surely father and son
has planned this. They will not let our
propert get divided. If the shop is closed for one
day. People go to the next shop. If we keep the shop closed
for so many days. Then they will get used to
the neighbouring shop. We will not stay.
We will go back tomorrow. Take a drink.. -I don’t drink. Why don’t you drink?
Then start from today. Hey, why are you crying? I saw grandma crying. Seeing her,
I too felt like crying. Grandma is waiting for
us since 20 years. Can’t they stay here for 20 days
just to make her happy? Even God can’t make them
stay for 20 days. Anyway the registration
will be done tomorrow. Tomorrow everyone will
book their tickets I need to stop them. -How? Somehow. Think quickly. Everyone will
leave tomorrow morning. When will he come out? He came on time. You are lucky. Whose phone is it? Hello Suresh. The world runs on money.
-How will your problem affect me? I must get my commission.
Or your work will not be done. The registration won’t
be done if.. ..the commission amount is not
met. -Disconnect the call. Let’s go. Be quick. He is coming. Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir, please.
Sir, my mom is very sick. Come on sir. I did this incident for him. I am doomed.. -Good job. -I
did what you told me to do. If his bones are broken.. will that benefit us? If the officer’s bones
are broken then.. ..the registration can’t be done. That’s an amazing idea.
I salute you. You are great. I am good.
My bones are not broken. He is doing break dance. Looks like our plan failed. Did anyone see me falling? What are you doing there,
my sweetheart? His fingers are hurt.
Luck is on our side. He’s doomed..
-Come on, let’s go from here. What happened? Why did you stop?
-This is Kavya’s house. Kavya? Our Kavya. -Yes. Kavya. Kavya. Look, who is with me? Why are you starring at him?
Do you remember anything? He is the one who taught
you maths as a child. Santosh. -Santosh! Childhood memories are so sweet. Yes. But that same sweetness
becomes bitter when you grown up. Are you thinking of grandma? I came back for her. Yes sir. -Mr. Baburao. Are you’ll coming? -Yes..
-Is everything ready? Shall I tell you what your uncle
is saying? -Yes we are ready. How do you know? I was weak in book reading.
But I am expert in lip reading. Okay. What is he saying? Sir, I can’t come to
office for 4 days. So we need to postpone
the registration. Your uncle. Why? My hand got stuck under the bike. My fingers are smashed
like some sandwich. But sir..
look it is important that.. ..the registraton is done today.
-Now the officer. Sir. I can’t come to office
for a few days. Sir, please get the registration
done somehow. Now look how angry your
uncle will get. And how uncle will shout
with anger? Watch it. I have come to office directly..
-You have reached the office? We will be there in half an hour. Come soon. I have to go home too.
-Yes. We are about to come. Listen, have coffee.. Forget the coffee. The registrar
officer is waiting for us. Tell everyone to leave. Stupid.
Let’s go.. -How did it happen? The officer is here..
-How did he reach here? This officer is left handed. If I knew it then I would have
broken his other hand. Let’s go. His right hand had broken. But his left hand cheated us. We can’t do anything now. The
registration will be done today. The family will leave without
listening to you. I feel sad seeing you sad. That is why I am going.
The time is not right. Hurry up Sandra. We have to go
to the airport from there. I’ve an important meeting
after the registration. We have to catch the flight
after that.. -Oh! Is it? Son, at least eat some food. Mother,
I don’t have that much time. We will eat something on the way.
Bye! Bye aunty. Listen, did you keep the paste,
brush, towel? -Yes. Listen, did you pack everything.. eat on the way.
-Alright. Take care. Let’s go. -She is never happy. Mother! Mother! Mother! -Daddy, I am coming. Yes daddy. -Mother. Did you keep everything? Did you
forget anything? -No daddy. Your husband likes
this sweet a lot. Take it with you.
-It’s not needed. When I have no respect
in this house.. ..then I don’t need
anything else. You must be having a large
heart for sure. But don’t put me back in that
heart. Let’s go everyone. Everything is a show. Where are the children?
-They are waiting in the car. Mother, how will you come back
alone after the registration? Don’t worry. I will come back. Alright. Let’s go. We will meet again, mother. Is everything ready? -Yes sir.
It’s ready. Everything is ready. -Everything. Take this. Sign here. -Here? Alright. -Sir,
are you registering my fields? Yes. I am. So? -Well done. Listen carefully.
Forget the signatures. First give me my share.
Then do what you have to do. Suryarao, your share? Yes. That’s what I am saying.
First give me my share. I am sowing that field
since 20 years. The one who sows for
so many years.. ..that land belongs to him. This is the rule of this village. Even the law says the same thing. You must be knowing
it more than me. Did you see the result of
pampering the servants? What do you want? -My field. Your field. The land is ours.
The property is ours. We are doing the registration.
What do you want in that? Shut up. The land was surely
yours. But I was working on it. Where did he come from? If you’ll will share the field.
What about me? What do you mean? We will give
all our property to you. That’s good. -Sister, wait. How much money do you want?
I will give it right away. Don’t do that.
-Keep it in your pocket. This is not some issue to
tackle with some money. Isn’t he speaking too much?
-Baburao. -Yes. The time is up. I’ve to go home. Sir, just a minute.
We will come right now. If this registration
is done then.. ..I will call the village court. You should end this matter
out of court. Yes sir.
We are coming. Give us some time. Brother, be quick.
We are getting late. How much land do you want? If it’s decided here then
I won’t get anything. The decision will be taken
by the village court. Brother, what can be done? The local court will do what they
have to do. -What nonsense? Let’s go home and talk. We were just about to
get our property. When he came and snatched it.
He ruined everything. I understood his intention today. He stopped our registration too. Shut up. Brother,
I’ve to reach the city tomorrow. No one will talk about going now. Prepare to go to the village
court. No one will go home. Whether it takes a day or more. We will leave when I tell
you to go.. -Oh my god! It will take 10 days. Brother,
I don’t have that much time. The one who wants the property
will stay back. The one who doesn’t
need it can leave. How can we leave just like that? Since we are here we will
do what we came here for. And what about me.
I will stay here. The problem is yours.
If you want the property. Then stay for a few
days or leave. I never thought Suryarao
would do that. Why won’t he do it? The milkman must stay
in his stable. And servants should stay
out of the house. If you pamper them then this
is bound to happen. We need to cry. No cheers! How can you drink? It’s stinking. While drinking you use the
tongue not the nose. I can bear any stink
but not cowdung. Forget that. You must party today. Luck favoured you so much today. I did it all. What did you say?
-You heard it right. You stopped them from going? But how? After I left with you from
the registration office. I was thinking hard.
I thought of uncle Surya then. Uncle! Come in, son. Do you have some work with me? Uncle, you need to help me..
-Yes, tell me. Everyone were separated
for so many years. They came together on hearing
about the property. Grandma was happy that
everyone came. But everyone will leave once
the registration is done. We need to stop them somehow. The children these days send
their parents to old age homes. But you are thinking so much
to make your grandma happy. I am feeling very happy, son. Tell me how can I help you?
Tell me. You are taking care of our
fields for 20 years.. Yes. -You should have the
right on the field too. Stop the registration. -Alright. The idea was good. -The one who
searches for happiness in.. ..other’s happiness is called a
fool. -And you are one of them. You know it is difficult
for these people.. stay here for your grandma,
right? It’s like a roll bread.
Some tomatoes and chicken pieces. Okay. You want Paratha’s. Paratha? Go away. He drived me insane..
-Uncle, what happened? -Santosh. Your aunt is habituated to
eat pizza and burger. She can’t eat local snacks.
-I don’t understand what to do. What’s the big deal? The pizza
will be delivered right now. Can pizza be ordered? -Yes.
-Please get it delivered somehow. Alright. Done. -Thanks Santosh. Hello,
I wanted to order for pizza.. Yes. Which pizza do you want sir? A large cheese pizza..
-Give me the address. Here. How much is it for? -Rs.340. Online. -Alright online. Yes sir. Take it. Thank you boss.. -Welcome. The video is good, right? Hey! Give me the phone. -Give me the
phone.. -What are you doing? Give me the phone. Grandma.
-Leave her. She is a kid. She has earrings.
It will hurt her. Grandma,
her ears are not pierced yet. Daughter-in-law, what’s this? You haven’t pierced her ears yet. Your son is so busy, mother. I told him many times..
-Doesn’t matter. I will get it done here..
-That’s good. It’s the first function
of my sister here. We will enjoy it a lot..
-Yes, we will do it. Why grandma? Go to some beauty
parlour or jewellery shop.. ..and pierce the ears with gun
shot. What’s so great in that? Such small activities bring
happiness in the family. But people are so
busy these days. That such opportunities are lost. Everyone’s name is
ruined because.. ..of few useless people like her. When he was born, we called the
whole village and fed them. We will do this again. We will call the priest..
-Grandma, I have a doubt. Did you pierce Seeta’s ear
through a goldsmith or blacksmith? What are you talking? Go and take care of your shop.
Go to hell!- Okay. Grandma, alright. We will do the function grandly.
We will buy clothes tomorrow. Alright. Alright. -Are you happy?
Speak up. Thank you brother. Excuse me. Is it done? Go on. I will join in. It’s good. I have come here leaving
my business behind. And you are concerned
about the function. He is inviting me
to the function. Hello! Hello! -Sir. -Kishore. Yes sir.
-The registration is taking time. Was our target completed? Yes sir. It will happen soon. Okay. -It will take one more
week.. -How is that possible? What will we tell the boss? Uncle, just a moment. Hey, keep the phone with you.
I will call you back. -Alright. What is it? Your daughters function
took place without you. If the father stands supporting
his daughter. That joy is different. The smile that is
on your T-shirt. I hope that was on your lips,
uncle. This gold is real. It’s 24 karat.
Don’t worry.. -Thank God. Now I can sleep soundly. I thought it was not real. That is why I came
here to verify it. I know you won’t take money. I am going. Grandma, I’ll take the call..
-Yes dear. Seetalaxmi,
your younger daughter.. ..came to me with gold bangles. She wanted to know if they
were real gold or not. Hello! Seetalaxmi! Seetalaxmi! No. I am Santosh speaking.
I will inform grandma. Alright son. Who was it? It was the priest..
-What was he saying? He called up to tell the morning
function was good. Oh! That’s good. Oh God! I got saved. If I would have fallen
I would have got hurt. These bangles are of real gold. If I knew it then I
would ask for more. I collected the money
with hard work. And made a necklace,
that is lost too. Oh God! What do I do? What happened dear? I lost my necklace in your house. All the servants have
gone to the fields. When they come in the evening I.. ..will ask them to search for it. Yes. Till the servants don’t
return I will sit over it. Aunt, the necklace is safe.. Yes. But if someone gets
it will I get it. You would know if you had
lost your gold ornament. By the way, how did it fall? In the night I.. I was not getting sleep at night. I came out to stroll. At that time it fell
in that cowdung. God! Let me get my necklace. Oh! I earned that money
with hard work. My gold got lost in the cowdung. I don’t know who will
get that necklace. Will they return it or not? My necklace. I was thinking of
how to trap you. Now you will be trapped. Aunt, did you search it well? It fell in the cowdung there. How will I find it here,
foolish girl? Even I am saying the same thing. Someone will have to search
it in the cowdung, right? Santosh, go and search for my
necklace in the cowdung. Aunt, that.. sting. -Are you
telling a boy who is brought.. ..up in the city to
do such a job? My necklace got lost
in your house. Your house is very unlucky. If this division was
done already.. ..then I wouldn’t have
come to this house. Aunt, don’t cry.
I will search for it. Now he will know the result of
picking up a fight with me. Dear, did you find it? -No aunt.
I didn’t find it. Now my feeling of revenge
has grown. Aunt, How will he find
it with his legs? Ask him to put his hand in. Santosh! You won’t get it if you stand. Search it with your hands. I can endure anything.
But I can’t stand cowdung sting. Listen, until you don’t
find the necklace. Search for it. Don’t come out. I got a bonus with my payment. These people aren’t even ashamed. Aunt, he will find it..
-I hope he finds it. Grandma,
these people will not change. Aunt, I didn’t find it..
-You didn’t? My time is not favourable. I don’t know whom I encountered
in the morning.. Santosh, go and take a bath.
-Shakti, heat water for Santosh. Come on,
will you do anything for grandma? Yes I will do it.
We fast for our God. Does that create a problem? No. Grandma is like God to me. -I
will do anything to make her happy. If grandma is sad if
I am here then..’s a waste of
my presence here. You are not a waste. But best. Listen,
I will get 20 acres of land. I want to sell it and leave. Tell me if there is
someone for that. I will give you a good
commission. -That’s fine. But that land.. ..has some issue.
That’s what I heard. No. No. Nothing of that sort. Within a few days everything
will be fine. My elder brother is
taking care of it. Alright. Then I will search
for a client soon. Alright. -Where is Pappu? My neck doesn’t look good
without a necklace. Santosh, come with me. Aunt, where are you going? Your uncle has kept
a secret meeting. The head of the village will call
Suryarao and talk to him. If the meeting goes
on well then the.. ..registration will
be done tomorrow. And everyone will go
back to their homes. A secret meeting is arranged? Oh my God! What do I do now? Santosh, don’t worry. Your uncle
will take care of things. Come with me..
-No. That’s not the case, aunt. I told you not to worry. Your uncle must have taken
care of things. Suryarao is talking of going
to the village court. Yes. -If the issue is solved here
instead of going there.. will be better. -That is
why we want your opinion. Yes. Yes. Absolutely. -We don’t
want to call Seetaram’s family.. the village court
and insult them. Yes. -My shop is closed
for so many days. My younger sister.
-Hello! -Hello, sit down. Go and speak to Suryanarayan. Hey! -Yes.
-Go and get Suryanarayan here. Tell him, I’ve called him.
-Alright. If uncle Surya comes here.. Actually Suryanarayan
is a simple man. If you sell all his fields. He must be thinking of how
to earn his living. Oh! Give something to Suryarao. Everything will be settled. I tried to give him money. He didn’t take it.
That guy is really crazy. Look! There is a right place.. ..time and circumstances to
say something. -Absolutely. Don’t worry.
We will call him here right now. He doesn’t disagree with me.
-Right. If he comes everything
will be fine. Oh my God! There is one idea. Aunt,
did you understand anything? I feel Suryarao will
surely agree to him. Aunt, you’ve worn so much gold.
But you are not smart. What do you want to say?
-Just imagine. They are uncle Surya’s village
people. Got it? I believe.. ..they are associated
with Suryarao. -Oh! I feel these people.. ..will give a share to Suryarao. Is it? -Yes. What do you want? According to you how much should
Suryarao get in the share? Look dear,
how much you think it’s fit. What? What if we had settled
things with him outside? Why are you’ll needed? The fire is burning..
-Why should something be given? Does he work in the
field for free? He takes money for
sowing the field. You are saying as though we
have to pay him money. Baburao,
we are talking on your behalf. And she.. -Sit down quietly. Brother, keep quiet. You are talking to us.
And you want to give him a share. Who doesn’t know about you’ll?
Tell me. What is she saying?
We are pretending. She is talking nonsense.
That’s enough. Look, she doesn’t know anything..
-Baburao. -She is innocent. Since we are quite it doesn’t
mean she will talk nonsense. We are helping you and you’ll.. Hey. -Yes sir.. -Don’t
get Suryarao here. Come back. -Alright. I told you to come back. -Right..
-Listen to me. -Look Baburao. Listen to me. Now the issue will be resolved
in the village court. Go from here. -Look. Go. Go. -Sir, listen to me. Listen. -Go! Saved. -Sir. Sir. He got angry..
-Brother, what should we do now? Leaving all work aside
since a week. I requested the head of the
village court for today’s meeting. But you ruined everything
without a reason. What nonsense were you talking? Will you scold everyone just
like you scold your husband? Didn’t anyone teach
you how to talk.. ..when there are people around
and how to talk at home? Oh no. No. -Let’s go. They got angry on the one who
spoke the right thing. Thank you aunt. Aunt, your pizza. Thank you Santosh.
-You are welcome. Is this America? He got married there as though
he had no one here. I got everyone married. But I couldn’t even watch
their wedding. How they look in their
wedding attire? I don’t know if Suryarao
did a good thing.. ..or bad at the registration
office. Because of him,
you’ll are here with me. Now grandma is very happy, uncle. Thanks to you for this.
You supported me well. Forget it, son. In comparision to
what your grandparents did.. ..for me is nothing
to what I did. But dear. Your grandma lived like
an orphan since 20 years. People used to ask
about her health. But there was no one
to share her sorrow. And you came here. The happiness that she got with your
coming no one could have given her. Dad was right about him. Like father. Like son. The real strength is in a fist. Brother, you are doomed now. Your game is over. Wait! Stay there. If you enter this house then
we will leave this village. You fooled everyone. We are visiting the
registration.. leaving our work behind. And you are playing games
along with Suryarao. Why are you standing shamefaced? Lift your head and speak to me.
Shameless fellow. Uncle, you are wrong..
-You are right, nephew. I am wrong. A mango tree will give mangoes.
Not apples. You and your father are similar. You have grown under
your father’s care. Do you know what kind
of a person I am? My father said don’t
touch my property. I didn’t even touch
my father’s ashes. Go far away from here so that
you don’t think of returning. Get lost! What happened? When God shuts one door. He surely opens another door. But I can’t see that
doctor right now. No one can go.
I need to tell the truth. Uncle, just a minute. I agree that I met Suryarao.
I did a mistake. I asked him to help.
I did a mistake. Have you done? It is useless
talking about it. Go away! His picture is over now. I told you to get out. -Brother. Everything that looks good
is not necessarily good. We are thinking from our
perspective. -Listen to him too. It’s possible he went
for a compromise. Brother, even he is here
for property, right? Wow!
God opened the door afterall. Uncle is right. I went to
compromise with Suryarao. You have something
else in your mind. I was about to final things. When Seeta came in and
ruined everything. I was telling him uncle is busy.
He has to return. Why only uncle?
Don’t I have any work? -What? I told him, aunt. I told him you
have a big shop in Mumbai. But she interferred.. -If that
is so then why did you fear? I am scared of uncle, right? He never looks in
the eye and talk. He got angry on me for
the first time. I feared that he will eat me up.
-Forget talking nonsense. Tell me what did you
speak to Suryarao? I told him, it is our property.
Don’t interfere. Grandpa paid you well. What did he say? -He said he has
toiled on this land all his life. We have grown up in this land.
How can he leave it? He didn’t listen to me.
How will your words change him? You are not great. Even I thought no one can handle
this issue better than you. Come on, brother. Thank you uncle.
You gave a great idea! She doesn’t see or hear
anything well. She says anything in a hurry. Whenever I see you
I see your father. What you said, I agreed to it. But if you do any mischief then.. A problem will take place. What I saw there and
what he said here.. It is not connecting. Did he lie to wash off his
hands from everyone? I need to keep an eye on him. What is right? What is wrong? I don’t understand anything. Goddess! Tell me. Right. Your brother is right.
And you are wrong. What are you saying? Kavya, what happened? Santosh, Seeta and Pappu
both will get drowned. What are you watching? -Press her
stomach and pump out the water. Santosh, where are you going? If Seeta finds out I saved her.
She will jump back. Then what do I tell
her who saved her? I understood. You hated Santosh since a child. But Santosh took care of you
like an elder brother. You are right.
He worried about everyone. Yes! I am telling the truth. Even now he wants everyone to
stay with grandma together. He can do anything to make
his grandma happy, Seeta. The biggest mistake is to
think Santosh is wrong. Brother, you are the government
employee right? Yes sir. If the government employee
dies you get money. Yes sir. -Good. Why are you watching? Kill him. Shall I shoot him?
-Don’t you have any common sense? I will get an heart attack
hearing the gun shot. Don’t you remember I had
a by-pass operation? Cut him slowly with a knife. No sir. Don’t do that. Give me until tomorrow. I will bring all the
money and give you. You are saying this for
the last 10 days. You begged while asking money. And now I have to beg from you. Brother, I am a simple person.
Don’t make me a villain. Meet me with cash the next time.
Or I will kill you. Thank you. Thank you. Don’t make a noise.
I had a by-pass operation. We can nominate our property
to someone. Is there no way to nominate
with our illness? Please come brother-in-law. Why have you come?
-Brother-in-law, how are you? How will my health be with
a brother-in-law like you? Tell me quickly if you kept my
black money in safety or not? Brother-in-law, actually.. The money that you gave
for real estate.. ..I lost it. I was feeling relaxed.
But this brother-in-law. Made my heart beat loud. No. I trusted a man and
gave him all the money. It was money.
Not some snack to be given. Fool, it is not little money
that I forget about it. It is 100 million..
-I tried doing everything. But he says he will not return. Do whatever you want to do. I came here to inform you. But you went to Hyderabad
for the operation. What is his name? -P. K. Baburao. And what does he do?
-He is a contractor. Tell me where does he live?
-He lives close by. But he has gone to his village
for some urgent work. Okay. O Lord, I asked for Vow
to come to visit you. I wanted to come there
with my whole family. But I don’t think I can do it.
I apologize, Lord. Lord, bless all these
flowers considering.. ..them to be my children. Look at this necklace. It is shining so brightly. -Yes. Hi uncle. Hi aunt. -Hi. -Hello!
Hello! -Aunt, did you hear? What? -There is gold coated
jewellery sale going on. Yes. What is gold coated?
-Come on aunt. Gold coated. It looks like real gold. -Is
there a difference between the two? Actually.. -I will tell you. Listen.
If you go to purchase gold.. will pay all your money. Buying gold coated is cheaper. This is the benefit
of gold coated. And it will look like real gold. If I say more than this then
our plan will fail. Which plan is this?
-He wants to say. We will leave in the morning
and return by evening. Okay. If you’ll could join then.. Your neck looks so empty. If there is no necklace
in a Goddess’s neck.. looks like that. You are right. She is trapped..
-If you’ll are going. Then why are we needed. She is smart. Yes. Do one thing. Click pictures
and whatsapp me. Whatever I like,
I will resend it. Buy that one. Is it okay? Things can’t work here. Alright aunt. Go dear. Will you buy what aunt wants? We will buy good ones.
-We will whatsapp the bad ones. Is it? Talk softly. Aunt has sharp ears.. -You are
right. She has sharp ears. Do you think I am a fool? Santosh! Just a minute. We are coming to the temple.
Why to trouble you? Is he so intelligent?
-He is an expert. Where does he live? -In the
temple. -Satyanarayan Swami. Donate some share of your
profit in the temple. The value of the share will grow. Tell me if it doesn’t happen. Is it? When do we go? -Tomorrow. Aunt, you? -Hey Santosh, I’ll Come. I Have Got Shrikand For You I like ‘Sirkant’ It’s been
years I haven’t eaten it. Uncle, can I ask you something? What is it? -There is a problem
about the registration, right? That is why grandma has asked a
Vow at Satyanarayan temple. I told her you are very busy. We will plan later..
-Why did you say that? If it’s for work then we
shall definitely come. The temple is yours. Your petition. Why are you
asking me to do pennance? First the function.
Now this temple. You are irritating me. Your grandma and you
have no other work. First finish your work.
Then visit all the temples. You haven’t come here
on summer vacation. You and your father are similar. You left to hunt.
But ran home seeing a cat. Uncle, can I ask you something? You always say that I
am like my father. Don’t you feel you should be
like grandpa sometimes. Do you remember we used to
see movies on this cycle. Correct. -Hello sister-in-law..
-Hello. Take your tea. Listen, whatever movie we
saw in our childhood.. was in theatre for 100 days.
Really. You used to watch English
movies as a child, right? That is why you married
a foreigner. Yes. It’s a love marriage.
We are settled in USA. What did you plan for your
children? -I haven’t planned yet. What is this?
-Let us first settle down. We are taking time as we want
our children’s future bright. It’s quite common here. I don’t what is common. There was a time when two people
gave birth to a child. And we called that life. And now two people make
their life first. Then they give birth to a child. It’s doomsday. Tell me, are you happy? How much property did you make? There is nothing to hide. But I have enough
to live happily. I have my own house.
A small vehicle. And we two and our two. Chidlren. -Yes dad. Come here. Come here. These are my property, my world. When they are in front of me
I am not aware of time. What is your name? -Ravi. Ravi. My name. -Yes. I kept your name. You were my good friend.
I didn’t find a better name. I did the homework. Okay. Promise. I am leaving.
-So soon. Have some food. No. Not now. I will come
some other time. Bye! -Bye uncle. Bye son. -Bye uncle. Thanks. Ravi? I thought real happiness
lies in earning money. But now I understood
a complete family.. the biggest happiness. I am such a fool. Come quickly. The bus is moving.
Come quickly. Be quick. Uncle of U.S is very fit. Aunt, be quick. Thanks Ravi. Come on, your face looks like
you are going to school. If my elder uncle would
join us then.. ..the family would be complete. Grandma’s wish would
be fulfilled. Sir. You will return in 2 days, right? Why will we take 2 days? We are going to the temple.
We will return by evening. What will you do in 2 days time? He doesn’t work in front of us.
He won’t work after we leave. He will sleep. Drink and eat. He looks like a fool.
But he understood my feelings. I need to do it.. -What did
you say? -What do you feel? You will see up and think
& I won’t understand. Uncle is not coming with us.
Go and entertain him. Go! Come on. -God, help me. Uncle with the phone. Uncle,
did you take your phone. -Yes. Give it to me. -It’s fine. It is very heavy.
A lot of stuff is in it. Uncle is not coming. Let’s go. Look, no magic will take place
at the last moment. Don’t be upset.
-They will not come. Come on in. By the way uncle,
will there be any entertainment? Yes. Why not? We will climb on
top of the bus. Sing and dance. Uncle Motu, let’s start with you.
-I am not even last. Listen I am not uncle Motu. Only uncle. Is there any entertainment
or not? Why do I need to repeat things?
Sit down quietly. Oh no. Who is standing in front.. ..of the bus like a blind person? Get aside.
-Will you fight with him? Go away. Santosh! Come and check. Look. We were leaving for the temple. Our car broke down on the way.
Go inside. He is lying. This is magic. Come here. High five. -Yes! Lord, by your grace the whole
family has come together. I had asked a petition
which you fulfilled. Today I believe that you are
present in this world. First chapter starts. All of you concentrate
on the prayer. And listen carefully
to what he says. The people who hears the
words of the Lord. God surely fulfills
their promises. Whoever fast with a good heart. God surely fulfills his wishes. And whoever follows
the fast ritually. His wish.. In this way Narad asked Vishnu.. ..the secret to human beings
happiness. Vishnu said. The man who There is a call from office.. ..lives in Brij are good. People have phones.
But he lives in his phone. I feel he will take calls
here too. -Shut up! The fifth chapter ends. I couldn’t see your marriage. But today I feel that I am
watching your wedding. My blessings are with you. Be happy.
-God gives when you ask. But you gave grandma everything
without asking. If your wedding took place
here it would be so good. Be happy. Touch the feet. If you get a daughter
give her my name. Where is brother? -He. He got a call.
So he’s out talking. He must be coming here. I don’t go to temples. Actually my daughter
wanted me to go. That is why I had to come here.
That’s all. Seeta is the reason for uncle
to come to the temple. Venkat, we were talking.
He asked to book 5 flats. Get down. Get down. Grandma’s
house is here. I’ve eaten to my full. Sir, what happened?
Did you get the offering? You waited for the offering.
Didn’t you have food? I am hungry. Go and eat something. I have a leaf.
If you want you can eat it. What will I do with this? I am tired. Thank God uncle came
to the temple. What are you saying? We have to go to the village
court right now. Is it necessary to go to the
village court right now? I have spoken to the village
court. Everyone is coming there. Suryarao will be with them. Alright brother. The issue should
be settled today itself. Let’s go. -Where are you going? The other day you made the secret
meeting an assembly meeting. Actually. -Stay back, sister. If a woman is given to rule.
She will use it in the kitchen. Wait here. We will go and come. Alright.
But no matter what happens. We must find a solution
to this problem. It’s been so many days..
-Alright. Let’s go. Why are you looking at me?
Let’s go. Dube. -Pappu. I don’t know what uncle
Surya will say. I am worried. We will manage with whatever
happens. Let’s go. What is it? You were saying you
will deal with us.. the village court the other
day. -What happened now? Ask for 20 acre of land. 20 acre? Will they agree? It’s too much.
-That is why I say so much. Is it? -Sir. I have taken care of their
land for so many years. And never asked anything to them. I don’t want much. Let them give me 20 acre of land. I will be happy with it. What? How much do you want?
-Baburao, don’t get angry. Calm down. Look Suryarao,
your demand is too high. Ask something else. Rs.50,00,000. Now tell us.
What are you thinking? Alright sir. If they can’t give me the land. Let them give me Rs50,00,000
cash. What Rs.50,00,000? You are back biting us. You want Rs.50,00,000? -I feel
this deal will be cancelled. Alright. I give you Rs.50,00,000. We will do the registration
tomorrow. Suryarao, are you happy? Don’t play any trick tomorrow. They are giving you
what you want. Suryarao, things are settled. Everything ended. The registration will be done
and they will leave. Look sir. We have to do the
registration tomorrow. Let’s close the matter here
by giving the money. I think this would
be a good deal. Tell me, how much do you want?
I will give it right away. Don’t remove it. Let it be in your pocket. This issue will not end
with some money. No uncle. He said at the registration
office he will not take the money. He asked for 20 acre of land. He asked for 50,00,000 when
we waited for some time. If we wait for another few days
then… -What will happen? He will come down to 10,00,000. But this can take some time. Right now I feel this
deal is best. No. It’s already late. We will wait for few more days.
Why should we go for a loss? Alright uncle. The land is ours.
How can he decide the rate? Uncle, if you speak to
your elder brother.. Alright. Let’s go. Brother. -Yes. -Come here. Excuse me. -Rs.50,00,000 is more. We will be saved from him
by giving Rs.50,00,000. Brother,
we don’t agree to Rs.50,00,000. Think over it. We will avoid
the deal for a few days. The land is ours.
How can he decide the rate? You are right. He is asking more money. Why didn’t I think of this? Alright. Let’s do one thing. What happened, Baburao?
Is there a problem? No. No. There is no problem.
The amount is huge. We want to talk to the
ladies in the family. We are leaving. Good. Very good. Sister, this village court
matter is not ending. My shop is shut for a long time. I don’t know what will happen
now. -Janki. -Yes mom.. -Come here. Yes. I am coming, mom. Listen, this is Santosh’s
clothes. Keep it in the cupboard. Yes Yes mom. This is my necklace. How did it come here? It means Santosh found
it the other day. Why did you hide my
necklace here? I am asking you, answer me..
-I didn’t hide it. I kept it away from you.
-Why did you do it? I wanted to see if the
necklace increases.. ..the worth of the cupboard. Yes aunt. -You say that
if a person wears gold. The value of that person grows. You didn’t have the necklace for
so long. Did your value grow? And if you wear it today
what value will grow? I don’t say gold has no value. If someone ask what is expensive. Gold or copper.
The answer is gold. But between human and gold who
is precious. It’s human being. I could have told you when
I found the necklace. But you were not in the
mood to hear it. Grandma gave you gold bangles. You went to the goldsmith
to test them. If grandma found this out. Then what value did you have
by her perspective? Grandma didn’t give you the
bangles to increase your value. She gave it so that
you are happy. I run a small shop. That is how I think too. There is value for goods. But now I understood a
person values more. If you have no gold, it’s fine. But if you don’t have a golden
heart things are difficult. Santosh, forgive me..
-Aunt, what are you saying? Thank you son. The delivery will take
place in 2 hours. Till then I will give medicines
to Sundaram’s bull. -Alright. Hello! Hello Ramesh! Hello! -Yes sir. I am better than the doctor.
-Shut up! Why did you’ll call the doctor
for such a small job? I would help in her delivery. How could you do it?
-I know everything. I am as good as a doctor. -My
luck was bad that I failed in class. Or I would have been a qualified
doctor. -Will you surely do it? This is not a big deal. Just like humans animals have
their body language. -Stupid. You can’t speak properly.
And you speak of body language. Shut up and listen to me. Humans are hypnotized.
. -What? -Hyponotized. Yes. Okay. Try to understand.
-I forgot it because of you. I can understand animals mind. I can understand what it thinks
this is a god’s gift to me. So I can read the mind
of the animal. What did you say?
-Now watch what I do. Look at me. Just keep watching. Look carefully. I will not do it again. Look here. Here. Here. Look here. Look in my eyes. I told you not to see there.
But look here. Great! Relax! I know there is lot
of tension in life. Everything will be fine.
Wink now. Wow! Great.
You are doing it right. Just starting the operation. Please co-operate.
Do you understand? She must have got scared
seeing you. I feel you are scared. Stay far. Watch what I do. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Is this your therapy? -Come on. Oh no! Oh no. -Don’t you know. A lotus grows in muck water. Keep watching. Look there. Come on. -The doctor has injected
for the delivery. What are you doing? Hey, listen tome. Look, don’t put me to shame. What are you doing?
He is watching. I am telling you nothing will
happen to you. I am here. Don’t worry.
Do it well. God bless! God bless you, dear. -Hey!
Now look how the child comes out. Hey, come on. Hey, I don’t want dung now.
Got it? Come on. This uncle even laughs. I feel she wants to poop. She got scared hearing
uncle’s laughter. She will not deliver now.. -Did
you see what she did on his face? Uncle, what happened? -It’s been
years I haven’t laughed. That is my jaw is paining. I very well remember, uncle. When I was a kid you laughed
around with everyone. Uncle, why did you stop laughing? Is there some tension
in your family? Yes. There was a time when I
laughed and made others laugh. But since I joined office.
I feel I’ve forgotten to laugh. Till you don’t scold them
the work is not done. Since then I forgot to laugh. Slowly my tension grew. And I removed that frustration
on my family. After many years. Such a smile is there on my face. Thanks for it. -I feel the amount
of tension we have in office. You must leave it outside before
you enter the house. Only then we can improvise
our lives. If you smile for a second
you click a good picture. But if you smile the
whole life then.. well his life will pass. Son, I don’t know why dad
kept your name Santosh. In your face and eyes.
I can see happiness. Everyone has happiness in them.
Today it is on your face. And this place. Give this happiness to aunt
and the children once. Then watch how life changes. Ah! Santosh. -What? The smile on this T-shirt. I got it on my face. Now I will never let it go. Promise! Promise! Kirti! It is for you. Take it. Take it. I purchased it many days ago. But I couldn’t get
your ears pierced. Your grandma did that job. I was lost in my work on
the day of the function. Forgive me. Take this. Thank you daddy! What happened? Are you happy now? Ravi. -Yes. Brother, what a surprise! Did you have some work? -Yes. I wanted to say sorry to you. And I also wanted to bless you. I couldn’t come for the wedding
as I was staying far. But I didn’t even bless you
though I was close to you. Sorry! -Brother, don’t put me
to shame by saying sorry. If you don’t mind.
I want to bless you both. Yes. God bless you! You have so much love
between you’ll. Still you stayed away
from each other. Uncle, do you remember
during my childhood.. used to buy T-shirts
for your younger brother. If someone asked you would say. It was loose for you so
you gave it to him. Yes dear. Dad gave money to
purchase clothes. He used to watch movies
with that money. And dad got angry about it. That is why I gave him clothes. Uncle, then you went to see
movies with the T-shirt he gave. Yes! I was habituated to it. Maybe that’s why when I
buy shirts for myself. I don’t find satisfaction
wearing them. I will give you a new
T-shirt today itself. I don’t know how he
remembers so much. Uncle,
all memories connected to.. ..this house is important for me. Maybe you are forgetting. I was born in this house. Raja, you will be caught. I will catch you. Where are you? I will catch you. We can laugh all our lifes
watching his movie. Really! Laughing is very difficult in
a world full of tension. When we were younger
we were so happy. Honestly, if those days return. Then wow! Life will be fun. If there was a time machine.
I would have gone back in time. I would press a button & the
old happiness would return. That would be fun, right? There was no work then. Just eat,
drink, watch movies and gossip. The day was spent like this. Those days were old. -I hope we
could revive those days. -We can. You should just have the desire. Dear, I have the desire. Show me the way. Come on. We can be happy anytime.
Anywhere. We can be happy at any age. I didn’t understand, son. Lock you age. -Lock. Your. -Age? Is it some new software? Is it newly launched? It’s not an app. Santosh prepared
this game for you. Made in India. You don’t need a machine
for this game. You need a human heart. Lock your age means when you had
lots of happiness in life. Copy that situation
and paste it today. That is lock your age. The game you played
then till you ate. What you did then do it now. The concept seems good. Nice idea. We must apply it. We all must be happy. But can it really happen,
Santosh? Yes aunt. I can prove it. Okay. Okay. Let’s start the game. Whom shall we start with?
-Why this question? The youngest daughter
of this house. The golden lady of this house. Gold aunt. -No. No. Not at all. Aunt, start. Please start. Please come on. My locked age. The day I was a bride.. ..I got a golden chain. Earrings. Bangles. A tikka on my forehead. Aunt, that’s great.
You like gold since then. She had this desire
since she was born. On her naming ceremony
day she picked.. ..up ornaments instead of a book. When I was a bride. If I didn’t see myself in
front of the mirror.. ..I didn’t feel hungry.
Nor did I sleep. That moment was something
different. I felt very happy.
I liked that feeling. This is your locked age. Mother, give these ornaments
to my sister. Look mother, she looks like
a golden doll. -Yes. For my greed for gold I
overlooked these golden people. I stayed away from everyone
for such a long time. Mother, forgive me. -No. God bless you. Sister! Why are you crying? Calm down.
Calm down. No. So aunt, whenever you want to
be happy. Play lock your age. Now the King of the house.
The eldest uncle. O God! He called out the lion. Alright. My life. My happiness.
My earnings. And you.. ..are trying to lock me. He is trying to play lock your
age. Lock your age. Stupid. Oh no. No. He will never change. No. No. Aunt, it’s your turn.
Lock your age. The most memorable moments
that I had in life.. ..was with my brothers. Mostly on ‘Raksha-Bandhan’ day. Elder brother gave me some
or the other gift. But my second brother
gave me joke books. And he didn’t understand
what to give. He gave me a bouquet
made of pages. I was very happy when.. eldest brother called me
sister for the first time. The happiness that he
gave I didn’t feel.. when my son called
me mother. Aunt brought tears to
everyone’s eyes. What a concept, friend! So now the one and
only my U.S uncle. My best moment were my
inter-mediate days. Early morning when
I left by cycle. I stopped directly
at the movie hall. I didn’t remember maths,
formulas or steps. But I remembered Mithun
dance steps perfectly. One incident. Which I can never forget. We all were returning after
watching a movie. The principle was in right
in front of us. Good morning sir. How was the movie? Sir. No sir. These days you are watching
lots of movies. You have a proxy to give
your attendance. Go home. Today your father will
show you an action movie. Go away from here. -Sir. Hey. That day I felt. Today I am doomed. Dad would beat me up
when I reach home. And there was no option
other than going home. I came home in fear. The thief is caught. What did grandpa say? What could he say? He must
have hit you, right uncle? Hey Ravi. -Yes father. Why are you scared? You always study. Some times go and watch a movie. See a movie with this money. Stupid fellow! I never understood why
dad did that to me. Grandma,
you must have done some magic. What happened that day? Tell me right now. Right now. Are you listening your
youngest son has.. ..gone for a movie bunking
his college? He is good at his studies. He was tired studying
the whole night. I told him to go and
watch a movie. You know what the astrologer said
on seeing his birth chart. That he is the one who will go
to America from your family. Don’t tell him anything. I will follow lock
your age concept. Whenever a movie is released
in U.S I surely watch it. Now the King of Bangalore. My uncle from Bangalore. Uncle, will you say it directly
or call up everyone and speak. Pappu, sit down quitely. Or I
will hit you with this phone. Continue. -My lock your age time. When I was in school.. mother was my life then. I used to follow mother
everywhere. 12 x 1=12. 12 x 2=24. Tomorrow is the baby shower
of my daughter-in-law. Seetalaxmi, you must come. Okay? I will surely come. Bye. -Bye. Mother. -What is it?
-What is baby shower? Her daughter-in-law is
going to get a child. That is why this ritual is done. Yes. If that is the case. Then we must have a baby
shower too. -Whose? Within 2 or 3 days Geeta
will have a child. Does a cow have any baby shower? I spoke childishly. But mother was happy. Are you happy now? Yes mother. I am very happy. Maybe for the first time
a cow had a baby shower. And now,
the princess of this village. The Queen Seetalaxmi. Her lock your age must be
her childhood story. No. It must be of her youth. After marriage, right grandma. Hey, don’t tell your options.
Grandma, will you tell it? The most happiest day.. ..of my life.. today.
It came after 20 years. When I am seeing you’ll together. Lock your age game’s winner
is our grandma. Let’s have a selfie on this
occasion of our celebration. Yes. That’s good. Come near me.. -I can hear.. ..laughter. -Come on, smile. I will do it..
-Everyone is happy. May they remain like this. He is right in saying that
childhood days brings happiness. Let’s test and see. I will turn her.
-Are you’ll ready? Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. What are you doing? I am very happy today.
Everyone has changed. It is because of you..
-Uncle will change. -Sure. I didn’t slap you for stopping
the registration. I slapped you.. you hid the registration
was done 20 years ago. The registration was
done 20 years ago? Yes. Looks like they all
know the truth. Everyone got into your sweet
talks. Just like magnet. As they didn’t know
about your truth. Aunt! Please aunt. Please. -Aunt, once. Please aunt. He calls me aunt,
shameless fellow. Uncle. Uncle. Say something. -Hey! It was fine if you didn’t
make me laugh. But you made me cry. Uncle. Uncle, one day. Just one day.. -I can’t believe
that you did this. Shame on you! Uncle, please.
-Please wait until tomorrow. Then I won’t come to
this house again. I vow on you. Please uncle. Please! -One day means.. want to murder us by
stopping us here. Right? You learnt from your father
how to fool people. I told you that you and your
father are similar. Why are you so sad? I am sorry, grandma..
-Why should I forgive you? You got insulted so that.. ..everyone stays with
me for a few days. Why should I forgive you? You put your hands in the
cowdung for my daughter.. ..who loves gold more
than humans. She still didn’t understand. Should I forgive you for that? My son was not giving
time for his family. You made him realize
what a family means. Should I forgive you for that? What else should I tell you? I only had a wish. And you..
tried to fulfill that wish. By gathering the whole family and
taking them to the temple. To be happy a person
doesn’t need wealth. But he needs memories. You said that in English
the other day. You may have taken everyone
20 years back. But this grandma of yours. You took her 100 years in future. 100 years in future. While playing hide and
seek as a child. You were happy to hide
under my drape. In exchange of that you gave
me all the happiness, son. Why did you need to
do so much for me? Whenever I got holidays in
school during festivals.. ..I came here as I found
happiness here. Then there came a time
in life when.. ..I couldn’t come to you. I loved you.. ..equally I loved my
dad’s respect too. I know how I spent 20 years
staying away from you. That is why I came back to this
village to find happiness. Grandma, my happiness lies
in your happiness. And your happiness.. your family. That is why I did this to
bring everyone together. But I didn’t understand
one thing. How did they find out the
registration is done? Suryarao came here a while ago. Hello ma’am. Listen to me. Ma’am, the registration
was done 20 years ago. The boss gave me.. ..these documents
before his death. During the registration
he told me. If your children get
these documents. They will leave you. He said to give you these
documents when you’ll live together. Yesterday I came here.
I saw you’ll so happy. That is why I came here to
give you the documents. Twenty years ago. He had thought of this. Your grandchild asked
me to do it. Take this. -What’s this, uncle? The property documents.
Your grandfather.. ..dividing the property
among his children. Uncle, if everyone finds out that
the registration is done. Then they will leave immediately. Right now keep this with you. I was troubling you
all these days. Forgive me, ma’am. Doesn’t matter, Surya. Bye. It would have been better if
everyone waited for another day. Doesn’t matter. I got all the
happiness in these 20 days. I am really very happy today. Grandma, forgive me. But it was better if they waited
for another day. -But why? Tomorrow is grandpa’s
death anniversary. You fulfilled all my wishes. Will you fulfill one more wish?
Tell me. You will light my funeral pyre. My son. The registration was
done 20 years ago. It doesn’t matter if you
didn’t tell me this. But I am telling you the truth,
Santosh. You are a real man. 100% gold. I love you. Every grandma must
have a grandchild like you. You are 100% gold. Seeta! Your father has become
number one contractor. Now no one can stop us. What is this?
Who is digging in our field? Hey! Who are you’ll? Who are you? Your best friend. You said go and speak to
whoever I wanted to. Look, whom I spoke to. M.P, you?
Choudhary is a fraud man. Hey, beat him up first. After that dig the ground. Brother-in-law. The noise is too much. Do it silently. End the issue with the knife. Who is this person?
-I don’t know, brother-in-law. What are you watching?
Go and catch them. Hello son. Son. I don’t know who you are. But this man has to
pay me 100 million. That too black money. Stop fighting or I will kill him. I don’t want to fall
in your issues. But I won’t bear if someone
hits my uncle. P. K. Baburao may be your uncle. Not mine. And I am a heart patient. Stop the car. I was killing him
without a sound. But because of you, I.. ..will have to use the gun. For your kind information. With silencer. Brother, don’t interfere.
We are talking. Brother-in-law,
I feel Mr. Rao has lots of fans. First kill him.
Then kill the others. Brother-in-law, you hit me. I went to many doctors
for this operation. But every doctor said no. You said yes so easily. Knowing that this is very risky. How can I pay back to you,
doctor? I didn’t do any favour on you.
It’s my duty. I just did my duty.
M.P, please take rest. Keep this blank cheque. Fill the
amount that you find fit. Sir, I told you I just did
my duty. That’s all. Bye. Doctor, you and here? Yes sir. He is my brother-in-law. Sorry doctor. Rao. I am letting you go because
of the doctor. And who is the one who is
standing behind you? -That boy. He is my son. . -Sorry son. He is just like you. Always ready to save his people. Rao,
don’t do this to anyone again. Learn to live with honesty. Doctor, thank you.
-Bye.. -Son, thank you. Brother-in-law, that money. The blank cheque which
I gave the doctor.. ..consider that he wrote
100 million on it. Money is nothing, brother-in-law.
Let’s go from here. Forgive me. What are you saying?
Such talks are not for us. I used to taunt him daily. He bore it. I even slapped him. Even then he came to save me. I came to know today.. ..a person can die for
their loved ones. You both father and
son are similar. You really are similar. Brother, let’s go home. It’s good you came.. Sister. Forgive me, sister. Brother! The moment you called me sister. I forgot everything at
that moment itself. You don’t need to say sorry,
brother. What happened to your hand? Go quickly and bring
a first aid box. If your son and husband were
not present today.. ..maybe I wouldn’t
have been here. Mother! Mother, I am calling you. I am calling you mother. Mother! How are you, mother? Forgive me. My son. Mother! Are those sweets there? Yes. I have them. I am sorry.
I troubled you for 20 years. What are you saying? Please come in. Mother! -Mother! We couldn’t go leaving your
love and affection. Mother! Can we stay with
you for a few more days. Why are you’ll standing outside? Come in. Come on. Mother! Come in. Come in. My children. Come in. Come in, son. Sanskrit Chants Sanskrit Chants Sanskrit Chants Sanskrit Chants Sanskrit Chants Sanskrit Chants Sanskrit Chants His soul is in peace
after 20 years. Yes priest.
. -What can be better than this? Really! Monkey, haven’t you gone to your
shop? -What did you say? I will hit you. No. Don’t erase it. You got my children together. This is the symbol of that joy. The happiness that
had stopped in.. ..grandma’s life 20 years ago.. ..this grandchild brought
that happiness.. his grandma in 20 days. Okay. Are you’ll going.. your grandma’s house for
summer vacation or not? If you were not going then surely
go after watching this. Just lock your age. Remember, if there is any other
house after your house.. ..which you can call your own. It is your grandma’s house. Oh God! Yes officer. -Why haven’t you
come yet? -I will not come anymore. But why? -Because I understood
the meaning of life. What do you mean? If a person is hungry. He can
quench his hunger with water. But if he is thirsty. His thirst is not fulfilled
after eating food. How will you become the
number one contractor? How can an officer make
me number one officer? Disconnect the call. Nonsense.

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