Namaste England | Official Trailer | Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra | Vipul Amrutlal Shah | Oct 19

Namaste England | Official Trailer | Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra | Vipul Amrutlal Shah | Oct 19

“You’ve scattered colors in the air.” “And carry an attitude all the time.” “I can hear trumpets in my heart.” Lalaji will return in 2 hours. You can try your luck until then. So Jasmeet,
shall we inaugurate our love then? Greetings, grandpa. The boy’s family is coming over to see me. So if you could send Jasmeet over… Grandpa… Grandpa… Grandpa… Grandpa, the boy’s family
is coming over to see me. You’ve used this excuse
more than the number of guys in Punjab. You should be ashamed. Sweetheart, don’t hug me like this. You can’t imagine the thoughts
that I get in my mind. Her magical powers have awoken. Tonight you will lose all your powers. Yuck! You haven’t even brushed yet. In 1.5 years of marriage,
you’re complaining that I haven’t brushed yet. 3 years into the marriage you’ll say
that I should take a bath first. You know, girls out here don’t have the freedom
to follow their dreams. I don’t understand you females at all. You don’t understand females because nobody
even tries to understand them. It doesn’t matter where we stay, Jasmeet,… … what matters is whom we stay with
and how much they love us. That makes a difference. Then give me my freedom here,
and I won’t go. Whether anyone else understands or not,
Param, but you will understand… … why I went to London. I want to go to London. Legally. Illegally. Anything will do. “I am still alive.” For the first time in my life, I’m witnessing
a wife’s affair with a city and not a man. I went against everyone to come this far. I cannot go back, Param. “For you…only for you.” “I live only for you.” You guys still smell of Punjab. Still? I even took a bath after arriving here. “I live only for you.” My destination is very close, Param.
Please wait until tomorrow. Treating each other unfairly,
thinking that it will make our future better. Nothing can be more stupid
than that, Jasmeet. In today’s world love,
and marriages have no value. The world still depends on just one thing. That one thing because of which
this whole world exists. Love.

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  1. भाई ये movie का नाम namaste India होता तो और अच्छा होता

  2. Franchise.(professionally entertainment industry and religion industry). And now personally I'm unsatisfied and bored and lazy and complacent. Franchise Bollywood. Starting with bahn sali and a padmavati sequel. The moral: to create a continued life for the characters and the fans of the characters.

  3. Me being these 4 negative things: bored,lazy,complacent and worst of all unsatisfied Professionally is a potential disease that if occurred will never be stopped.

  4. Two of the greatest actors of all time… No doubt, the film became Mega Blockbuster at the box-office 😂

  5. The best part of this trailer is 1:38. Where Atif starts singing, the only good thing in this whole trailer.

  6. Abh to TV mai a gayi uupload kerdo maine Dekhi thi cinema me one of my favourite movie 😭🙏🏻😍💞🔥🔥❤️❤️

  7. Is there a dubbed version of this film? The soundtrack is amazing, Propa Patola and Dhoom Dhaddaka are my fave songs from the OST.

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