Napoleon Telugu Full Movie | Telugu Full Movies | Anand Ravi | Komali | Saturday PRIME Video

Napoleon Telugu Full Movie | Telugu Full Movies | Anand Ravi | Komali | Saturday PRIME Video

Every middle class man has
a social responsibility But he cannot fight. Because even the court doesn’t
work on the holidays he gets. Napoleon Auto! Will you come to Osmania hospital? I charge 2000 rupees Two thousand? -To Osmania hospital?
-No, sorry. -Osmania Hospital?
-No. Let’s go ma’am. -What do you charge?
-1500 bucks. That’s a lot! Could you charge less? -Sorry I can’t.
-Why don’t you… Have you come for the Prasada?
Okat be seated. You’ve been here all night son.
Here, have this. How are you Balu? Eat this. Good morning. -Good morning sir.
-Morning. -Sir.
-Yes Mr. Chalapathi. I am cleaning your room sir.
Give me ten minutes -Okay.
-Done sir. Take the prasada sir. Businessmen pray to god
to get more business. Our station is getting excess
cases because of your prayers It’s for our well being sir. If it’s for our good, then carry on. Thank you sir. Show me one person working properly here. Visitors park vehicles on both sides of the
road blocking the way to our Apartments. Cops keep moving here daily,
but no one questions. You are a senior citizen. Why can’t
you solve this with the help of others? Nobody cares. They just come down once
in a while to mark their presence. Not even a single fellow has
any social responsibility. Can you increase the TV volume? Looks like this elder person is
lecturing on a few good things. We just saw how a person with great
social responsibility is feeling bad. Let us hope at least now the Police
would focus on these traffic problems. This is Raj Kumar with cameraman Ramesh,
for TV9. We can learn many things from that old man,
call him here. Sir, You seem to be better than anyone else here. I have been in the station the whole night
and nobody is treating me with respect. Our she-team brought him at night sir. Seems he was asking a young lady sit
on his back seat at a nearby Bus stop. He was caught along with proofs sir. I too am a government employee sir,
still they are not giving me any respect. Even that girl hasn’t complained sir. Your people took a
complaint and booked me sir How much can you pay? Five thousand bucks. Are you married? Yes sir, but family is not in the city. Could you not control it? Molestations take place when
guys like me have no money sir. Please take care of them sir. When the total nation is
thinking of this problem, you concluded it so simply idiot. Now, you too lack respect in your words. When murders and other sensational
crimes are happening in every street why are you behind people like me sir? At least some crimes can be eradicated
if you go and concentrate on them sir. You have great information dude, be seated. You got it now. We like people who advise us a lot. Which department are u from? Education department sir.
I am a Gazetted officer. I belong to your cadre almost. What do you work as? Don’t the private schools and
colleges charge a high fee? I keep levying fines on them. So do you just keep levying fines
or stop them from committing a mistake? How can we stop them when there are
thousands of schools and colleges sir? How could we go to all
the places to stop them? So we scare them levying fines on them. Oh no! -Be seated.
-No sir. Sit down. You people levy fines
once the mistake is committed. But you expect us to stop
every mistake from being done. We should appoint a
constable at every house. After that you say you don’t have freedom. -Ravi.
-Sir. Ever noticed the facial expressions of a guy
involved in triple riding when he escapes? He feels as if he had
bagged gold in the Olympics. But if a cop drives in wrong route,
his photo is clicked, uploaded in FB and twitter and you feel
like judges passing comments… Hey. Would we be able to catch an excaping
thief if we follow the rules and protocols? You complain there are no cops there again. 80% cases leaving the murder and rape cases
in our Police station are the ego cases. One person has an ego on
the other and vice versa. That results in a case, FIR,
remand, jail and a bail. Justice is delayed to the
right people because of this. Being a responsible government officer, you
supported your dirty deed as a simple one That’s being bad man! Get lost man. What sir, Would you arrest me for suggesting good
for the society on the television? We consider you an elder sir! We thought of following your advice.
So we called you. Please be seated Write your name and address here. Shall I fill it here? That’s for him. Sir, I will tell you what is to be
done to control traffic in our area. You go ahead and all the the
problems would be solved. If everyone is responsible like you, there
wouldn’t be any traffic problems at all. You don’t let go of anyone so easily sir. Everyone is parking at their will and
taking wrong routes as the can sir. It is becoming big head ache sir.
Useless fellows. We decided to take strong
action on all of them right away. -Very good sir.
-Let’s start with you first. Sir, you know what? I don’t want to boast much about myself. I stand as a role model and a
best example for the others sir. Sir. We know that you are
very strict in your area. But,
while you have been to your daughter’s home, there are 10 wrong parkings,
15 wrong route and 18 seat belt violations resluting to a fine of 18,000 bucks sir. Let’s get paying then! Hello sir! Let’ pay it. Everyone talks about rules. Sir, your room is ready. Chalapathi, ask your god to send some
exciting cases and not such bad ones. -Who are you?
-I have to mee the CI. For what? I’ve got to talk to him personally. What is the problem? -Actually
-Ram Prasad. Let him in. Have you come to just see me? You were asking to talk to me personally.
Tell me now. I lost my shadow sir. My shadow is missing since morning sir. I came here to inform you sir. What is missing? Shadow is missing sir Don’t we all have a shadow?
That is missing sir. As everyone out there would
look at me in a strange manner, I came here to intimate you. Is your shadow missing? Chalapathi! What happened sir? -Where is Ravi?
-Over there sir. Is he the one? What is your name? Napoleon sir I mean… What’s your name? It’s Napoleon sir. -Since when is it missing?
-Lost it this morning sir. How did you know about it? God informed me in my dream sir. Did god come into your dream and inform it? -You mean god?
-Yes sir. -Did you say your name is Napoleon?
-Yes sir -Are you a Christian?
-No sir. I am an orphan. I do not know what’s my religion or caste. Then who was the god that appeared?
Was it Rama, Jesus, or Allah? He was casually dressed in
a shirt and trousers sir. You mean he was
wearing a shirt and trousers? How did you know he was a god
when he was so casually dressed? He said that himself. So he told you he is god. Yes sir. Do you feel you have seen him earlier? No sir. Where do you stay and
what is your profession? Ravi, this is a case of retardation.
Why are you wasting your time? But sir, he remembers nothing. Everything looks
mysterious and illusionistic. Any more information about him Ravi? Sir, his name is not Napoleon. It’s Ashok. He stays in Srinagar
colony and has a wife too. Three days back,
she registered a missing case. We informed her too. Here is the photo sir. Sir. -Ravi.
-Sir. Will the shadow exist or
be gone if we touch him now? Is we touch him… Oh God! Would they call me now? Sir.. My shadow exists! It’s there. I didn’t lose it sir. Sir, it is already in news that a guy
without shadow has come to the station. Sir, It’s you that I called first.A person registered a complaint at a cop
station that he had lost his shadow.
We don’t have information about him yet.People are saying losing shadow is strangeand are witnessing a person without
a shadow for the first time in world.
Losing a shadow… will such things happen?
What are you talking about? Please show me the picture
of the one who lost the shadow. This is the person that I
mentioned who lost his shadow. Looks like the end of the world is nearing.Information is that the person said god
appeared in his dream and took his shadow.
They say his name is
Napoleon and that he is an orphan.
Complete details are to
be known in the enquiry.
Sir, I will leave now. No, sit down.
Where will you go? No idea sir. I came to inform you that I lost my shadow. Wait for your wife to come here. Why do I wait sir? I am not married at all. How can someone give such a complaint sir? -Your name is Ashok
-Sir. No, Napoleon Where do you stay and what do you do? I don’t know sir. Where are you coming from now? I am coming from the railway station. Good! Have you slept at the
railway station in the night? I don’t know that sir. but was at the railway station
when I got up in the morning. Okay, who is our Prime Minister? It’s Narendra Modi. Good. Do you have money to eat? I’ve got money sir. Do you know where you got them? No sir What is this?
You know who is Narendra Modi, But you don’t know how you got the money. You know one thing and not the other. You know Napoleon but
you say you aren’t Ashok. Your wife shows your pic
and says this is Ashok. What shall I do? Who are you man? Who the hell is she sir? Hey, send a tea. I don’t want tea, is badam tea available? Tea and coffee does not suit my health
sir. Badam tea is good for health. Bring that. Bring a cigarette along. Is smoking good for health? There’s happiness in every puff sir.Napoleon who lost his shadow is
just brought to Osmania for tests
We would come to know if god really took
away his shadow or is he playing tricks…
…in sometime. We performed all tests sir.
He doesn’t seem to be playing any tricks. He looks like a nice person.
I think he is genuine. Genuine! Have you ever seen a case
where someone lost their shadow? Not at all.
It hasn’t happened anywhere in the world. this is the first time we are hearing
and seeing such thing. It’s very surprising!Cops performed tests on
Napoleon who lost his shadow.
It’s found that he really doesn’t have a
shadow and that he isn’t playing any tricks.
Keep this evidence aside.
You see these suspect files? -Keep them in the top folder.
-Okay sir. Whom do you want madam? I recieved a call that my husband is here. So, are you Napoleon’s wife? Napo… Ok, come with me. Be seated His name is not Napoleon sir,
it is Ashok Kumar. Then why did he say Napoleon? He went to hospital and will be
back in sometime. Please sit. To the hospital? Any problem sir? Your husband registered a
complaint that shadow is missing So they took him to hospital for tests. It’s on the television
too. Haven’t you seen it? No sir, I came down in a
hurry once I recieved the call. What happened? Err.. CI sir is here madam. Sir, she says she is Napoleon’s wife. Oh. Sir, I would like to pee. Please come in. Be seated Tell me madam. When did you lodge the complaint? It’s been three days. He wasn’t home since two days earlier. Even his phone wasn’t working. So I was worried and registered a complaint. I don’t understand how can a
person lose his shadow sir? That is strange. he came and complained that his
shadow is missing in the morning. He says he can’t remember
anything when we ask something. He behaves very suspiciously. What does your husband do? He used to work in an insurance company. He recently gave up that job too.
He’s trying for a new job lately. Was he mentally disturbed? No sir, not much of any disturbance. Actually,
a small fight took place at home. So he went out angrily. What was the reason for the fight? Well… Madam, tell us everything clearly.
Only then can we help you. Actually, doctor said we can’t have kids. So we went to an orphanage to adopt someone. Come here dear. What is your name? Sweety Oh is it Sweety? Nice name! Isn’t this girl cute? I’d like to adopt a kid to call me mom.
Not aunty. Have you fought just for this reason? We did not fight,
but he is missing from then. So I was worried and registered a complaint. What do you do? I work in the
organisation owned by Mrs. Sumitra. I’m the Personal Secretary for Chairman. Oh, personal secretary of Sumitra madam?
Nice. I know her well. Your husband hasn’t recognized you.
He says he can’t remember anything. I will let him stay back in the
station for one or two days and send him. If you want to speak
anything to him, please do. But I still don’t understand
what’s wrong with the shadow sir. Sir, it is too sunny. Who is she sir? You still don’t recognize her? She is your wife. She is the one
who complained that you are missing. She looks good, but I’m not married sir. Sir,
I’ve got to talk to Ashok personally. How long would keep looking madam? You still didn’t remember me? We both grew up together
in the same orphanage. You got me educated till MBA. Ok! See these pictures. This is in our car, on our terrace,
at the restaurant. Can’t you remember yet? But your husband looks like me. Please search for him.
But I’m not your husband. What a hassle. We had been to orphanage for adopting kids. I rejected the kids you liked there. Would you leave me just for that? Is it right to avoid the orphans that way? Great people! That doesn’t matter now. Why are you behaving like this? And why don’t you
remember anything till now? How many times do I tell you? I am not your husband and
I do not remember anything. You aren’t my wife even if I do. Why are you troubling me in my hard times? Please leave me alone. Hey! She is pestering me sir. I’m telling her I’m not her
husband but she does’t give up. Please tell her yourself. Why are you shouting man? Sir,
please permit me to take him to a hospital. It’s not about any hospital sir. I came here to tell you
my shadow is missing. Don’t ask me to go with her.
I know where to go. You were fine till now.
Are you taking her easy as she is a woman? Don’t you know that it is our
tradition to repect women? I know that it is
manners to respect everyone. Chalapathi! Please come along sir. Madam. Neither your husband remembers
anything nor he has a phone with him. Moreover, we don’t have time to
search for him if he goes missing. Please. I don’t have a problem if you
call me any number of times. Okay? You can meet him here if you want to.
I don’t have a problem with that either. I don’t understand anything sir. Why is the shadow lost
if he is mentally disturbed? And why would god appear? He doesn’t believe in god either. Ain’t it very strange? We feel strange too! But, the doctor has said
it is all clear with him. The doctor says there is nothing to
worry. So you please don’t worry. I will update you if there is anything.
Is that okay? Thank you. “Strange things, some seen and some unseen” “Idols of God drink milk
and cross vegetation noticed” “Eight kids born in one delivery,
a new born baby with four hands” “Rain of fishes from sky,
stars visible at day time” “Iron sheets and nails stuck to
body, a motor bike pulled with teeth” “Very strange and shocking happenings” “It’s a Pandora’s box,
everything is so surprising” “The great secret known to Lord Brahma
and the truth written by Brahmam garu” “Many strange things happened
and many more are to happen” “They say Ganges in Kasi would go dry
and a flood would drown Goddess Durga” “They say humans would turn cannibals” “They depict a dangerous destruction
leading to the end of the world.” “The shadow is lost!” “A human shadow is lost!” “Is it? Then, we can’t miss
seeing it. Let us go dude!” “That is a surprise never heard
and seen, and never expected” “Everyone is into watching that” “What are you talking about?” “They say a man has no
shadow but he looks just like us.” “Where has he come from and who is he?” “Is he a human? A god? A devil? Or a ghost?” “They say that a human shadow is lost.” “Who is he?” “Who is he?” -Did you join the kid?
-Chalapathi! -Yes, sir.
-Where is Napoleon? He must be somewhere around sir. -Call him once.
-Ok sir. -Rami Reddy.
-Sir. -Did you see Napoleon?
-No sir. He should be somewhere around. He is not here sir He is not to be seen any where sir Sir, he is no where around. Don’t you bother about a
person in the station missing? He was here till now sir. As there was no complaint on him. Sir! Sir, he may have gone for
having tea or a smoke sir. Why is he asleep in this chair? Get up man. CI sir is here. God appeared in my dream sir. It’s true. God told me about a murder case in my dream. I am going to sleep outside. A murder case? Yes sir. He told me about a murder that
took place in Nandi Nagar on 7th. No such murder case was filed
in Nandi Nagar recently sir. Looks like he is confused. No confusion sir, He said they closed the case on
the 7th considering it an accident. He said that is not accident,
but a murder sir It’s upto you to believe it. God said that and I thought of
informing you. Let me sleep outside. That’s a case of a small accident.
So, we didn’t bring it to your notice. -Okay. Show me the file once.
-Yes sir. This is the accident file sir. The accident took place in Nandi Nagar. That’s right. A person named Tirupathi
died with a head injury. It is mentioned as an
accident in post mortem too. He died due to heavy bleeding
because of strong head injury. It is all clear. These are Tirupathi’s family details sir. Tirupathi, wife Malavika and a daughter. He is young. Tirupathi used to work
in Ameerpet RS Brothers. Are there any complaints on him? We didn’t recieve any
complaint till now sir. Do you feel this guy is
linked to Tirupathi somehow? I don’t feel so sir. But, maybe he saw God really.
Give it a thought once sir. So do you feel god
appears in his dreams for real? I wouldn’t have believed usually. But shadow going missing
is really an 8th wonder. That’s why I feel like believing it sir. Looks very tricky. Everything would be clear in two
days. Then we will see about your belief. We can’t believe certain
things unless we see them And we can’t see certain
things unless we believe in them sir. Here. Lower the camera. See there isn’t any shadow here. Zoom it. Focus.Ready.Mr. Napoleon who complained about
his missing shadow is with us now.
Tell us Napoleon, where and when did you miss your shadow? What did God tell you?Are you believing all of this?We are asking you as we do. Tell us what god told you.Well, didn’t an accident take place
at Nandi Nagar on the 7th?
He told me that is not
an accident but a murder.
I told the same to the cops. That’s it.So, are you saying that someone is covering
up the recent murder as an accident? I don’t know anything about that.
I’m just telling you what god told me. Oh no! -You should not reveal such matters to them.
-They are asking me. You come in. You leave please.As you see, the cops are suppressing
the facts brought into light by the media.
-You shouldn’t tell them these things sir.
-They are asking me, so I told them. How can you tell them everything? -You did a mistake sir.
-I didn’t. Have you gone bonkers?
Would you speak anything with the media? See, how they make it a mess. You cannot just talk
anything on the name of god. You should get to know the
facts before you talk to the public. Go! Sir, no one has claimed the
dead body of Tirupathi. People from the Municipal
Corporation have burnt it. I remember it was written in that file that
none of his relatives were in reach too. Good morning sir. This is my appointment letter sir. -File it up.
-Okay sir. Are you here directly after the training? It’s a direct appointment
after probation period sir. Why did you get into the department? It’s my childhood passion sir. Passion! Can I believe it? Or is it a passion
about the college students fearing you? No sir Passion to sincerely serve the public sir. Ok, there is a new case. You can assist me. Get ready in casuals. Ok sir. -What’s your age?
-I’m 32 sir. -Are you appointed on reservation?
-No sir. Get ready. -Excuse me.
-Yeah. Sir mentioned about reservation.
Is there a problem? Oh! It’s nothing.
A new appointed SI joined here earlier. Sir assigned different tasks
to him including placing files. Being young, he was selected
for the IPS and left from here. Our sir had to follow him holding a file. You aren’t so young, not qualified for it, and have no reservation too. So he asked.Napoleon has let out a shocking
news in the Police station.
Everyone is aware of the
accident at Nandi Nagar on the 7th.
He claims that to be a murder.The truth behind this is to be
known in the Police enquiry.
Records state that the deceased Tirupathi’s
wife escaped with chit fund money
Seems the Nandi Nagar accident is a murder. They say that the accident that took
place in Nandi Nagar is actually a murder. Hello. What is This? Are you watching the TV? Once the case is closed as an accident,
why did the cops re-open it? But, how is his shadow missing? Why is he playing these tricks? I don’t know what would you do.
But this issue should end immediately. -Did you study the case and get the details?
-Sir. I just forgot. Chalapathi! Yes sir. I need the complete CC footage of
the areas this incident took place in. -Sir.
-In fact I need the CC footage from two days
before that incident. -Keep it ready okay?
-Okay sir. Yes, tell me I just saw it in the TV. Ashok was talking about some murder. What happened sir? What do I tell you? He just messed up everything. Media is making it a big deal and we
got pressure from our superiors. In fact,
we are now re-opening the closed case. Re-opening it? So do you believe it too? We can’t believe certain
things unless we see them And we can’t see some unless
we believe in them. -What do you say Chalapathi?
-Sir -Hand me the file.
-Here sir. His is the case your husband got re-opened.
Have you ever seen him? I have never seen this person sir. -When we asked you husband…
-Sir! Why do you declare me as her husband?
I have no relation with her. He denies knowing you. And he
says god had informed him. At least have you seen him talking to him
over phone or directly? Anything like that? No sir. I have never seen him. I have never heard the
name Tirupathi from him too. Okay. or any of your husband’s friends,
I mean… We might get a clue
if we ask any of Ashok’s friends Ok, does your husband have
communist feelings? I never observed such a trait sir. Anyway, call us if you get any clue. And by the way,
does your husband like ground nuts? Please bring him some. -I got the sweets you like, have them.
-Everyone likes these sweets. Did you think I’d be
friends with you if I eat them? They put me here because of your complaint. Everyone thinks I’m a retard. Okay. I will take back the missing complaint. Come home. Look how your dress is. Okay, come over and change at least. Oh no! That’s more dangerous.
That’s declaring I’m your husband. No chance. We started life with a lot hopes. We are just settling down happily. Is all of this needed now?
At least try to remember something. Anyway, why do you worry about this murder? Who is Tirupathi? How do you know him?
Why do we need this? Okay. You come home. Everything will settle
down once you relax a bit. It’s the watchman sir Hello sir. -Go ahead, have them.
-That’s okay sir. Have it. It’s good for health. Sir, I was not in city that day sir. I had been to my village
to attend a wedding. Do you know that an
accident took place here? My wife said some accident
took place later that night sir. She also said the cops came down. -Was your wife home that day?
-Yes sir. but she doesn’t know anything sir. As all the people were talking
about it, she told me later. Where is your wife now? She is at home sir -Do you work in this building?
-Yes sir. I do. Do accidents take place regularly here? It never happened earlier sir. Finished them? Well, as you told me to have them. No problem, there are some in the vehicle. Check out that guy. He has been watching us. -What are you peeping at?
-Nothing sir. What is your name and what do you do? I’m Kantha Rao sir and I am
watch man in this building. Is it Kathi Kantarao? No sir, it’s Donga Kantharao. Donga Kantha Rao? You said watch man? Surname is Donga sir. Okay. What happened here on the 7th night? I do not know about it sir. But I just know a murder took place.
Nothing else sir. Was it a murder that
took place on the 7th night? No sir. That was an accident actually. But you just said murder. That was by mistake sir. I do not know more than that sir. Please leave me sir. Please sir.. -Why are you frightened man? Come
-I do not know anything sir. Let’s sit and talk. Come on. -Please leave me sir.
-Get him in. Get in now. The CI is very active on this sir.
He is also enquiring in this area. He is getting a watch man into his vehicle. Watch man? No problem, nothing will happen. -Follow the CI closely.
-We must be a bit careful sir. The CI is very stubborn.
He is not someone who quits. Don’t be tensed. You get to know the facts.
Everything would go as per the plan. Sir, do not hit me sir.
I have not seen anything sir. Don’t hit me sir. Sir please don’t hit me sir. How did you know it is a
murder and not an accident? Sir, please sir. I do not know anything sir -Ramesh.
-Sir. Tell it you! -Please sir, I don’t know anything.
– Ramesh. I don’t think that you commited that murder.
You don’t even have such caliber. But you are linked to that murder somehow. I will leave you,
if you tell me what that is. Please sir, I have witnessed nothing sir. Please sir. I didn’t ask you If you’ve witnessed it! Which means you witnessed it. Hey Kantharao,
our CI sir claims that you saw it. Tell the truth you had seen. I have seen nothing and know nothing sir. Listen to me. If you had seen
the murder, you become a witness… …and we don’t harm witnesses like you. But I have seen nothing sir! Hey, have you seen all these
wounds how they hit you? They would hit you even more.
Tell the truth now. We got the CCTV footage sir. We could get hold of just
this one video in that area. But this is the same fellow sir. It’s clear that it’s you in
this footage. Tell me what happened? I will keep the fact you
are the witness a secret. Sir, it’s not me in this video. Sir, his wife is here.
She is asking why did we bring him. Ask her to come in. We’ll talk. Sir, no sir. -I plead you. Please tell him not to sir.
-Wait. I will tell you whatever has happened. Please do not get her in. She should not know anything! -Please sir.
-Okay tell me. Can you recognize the three of them? I couldn’t see them well in the dark sir. Have you heard what they spoke? No sir. At least,
can you remember what they hit him with? Sir,
I remember they used a water bottle sir. Not a water bottle,
something like an iron rod maybe. No sir,
I remember them hitting with a water bottle. How will he die is they hit
him with a water bottle? They threw the bottle there
after hitting him sir. Sir, I cannot tell this matter
in the court as witness sir. Why? -I told you as you asked me to.
-I will see that nothing happens to you. I told the truth thinking
that you would leave me. If my wife gets to know about this,
she would kill me sir. Don’t be tensed.
I’ll speak to your wife. Did you have to get bashed up to tell this? That’s not the problem sir. What is the problem then? I told my wife that I
slept at home that day. If she gets to know it is false,
she would kill me sir. Being untruthful is common between a
husband and wife. I will speak to her. That is not the problem sir. The watchman you spoke to in the
morning was not in town that day. Yes, he said the same too. His wife called me as he was not in town. I was there for the whole night sir. My wife would kill me if
she comes to know about this. Sir please. You would thrash me for 10 days at the most. My wife would kill me lifelong sir. Please do not tell my wife sir. Hello sir. Hello This idiot is never quiet.
Always gets into some mess. What has he done this time? Nothing much.
He said name was Donga Kantharao. We brought him here
mistaking him for a thief. Don’t worry, take him.
What would we do with him? Go man. What happened to you? I fell down in the bathroom. Ok. Come. His fear is right. Chalapathi, where is Napoleon? He slept after eating biryani sir. There is nothing suspicions
in Tirupathi’s phone calls sir. His wife got a phone
call in the morning. They told her that her
husband met with an accident and asked her to come to
Osmania hospital urgently sir. They asked not to bring kids as they
would not allow in the hospital. We don’t know who called her and
from where but we will trace it sir. What time did the Tirupathi’s
murder take place? Around 4:30 sir What time did his wife get the call? 5:30 sir When did Police get
information about Tirupathi’s accident? 6’o clock. Six. I think it is a planned murder sir Tirupathi shifts stock from his
shop at 4am every Saturday sir. Someone who knew him to be there
that day would have done it sir Someone has cleverly
planned this for sure sir Seeing some autos gather near
Malavika’s house that morning some walkers have
expressed their doubts sir. So, Malavika hasn’t escaped,
but someone kidnapped her. We did not receive any complaints
as they don’t have relatives. Anyway, we should listen to what
Napoleon says after waking up.As Napoleon said yesterday,news is that it is proved to be
a murder, not an accident.
Nothing has been officially known
about who have killed him and why.
Even his wife Malavika going missing from
that day is leading to various gossips.
They say it is a murder. It is horrible. -This guy is mind blowing man.
-Yeah dude! Maybe he found a clue in the case. Who knows what he says after waking up. -What would he say?
-Let us see Good morning sir Why are you sitting there Chalapathi? God is sleeping sir,
I thought he may need something. Thank God, you haven’t turned on the
fan and covered him with a blanket. Fan is under repair sir.
So I am using this hand fan When did you come madam? It’s been half an hour. Everyone is talking about him. I am scared what may happen any time. I feel it is better he
is taken to a hospital. You should send him somehow. Madam, is he a kid that we can send?
You take him. Don’t be frightened about
the breaking news on TV. Don’t worry. It is easy to say. He is not identifying even me.
How can I not worry? Give this dress to Ashok once he wakes up. His clothes are very dirty. God woke up sir. Tell me. Has God appeared in your dream? I am hungry sir. -What?
-I will bring right away I am hungry sir,
feel like having breakfast. Please eat. Hey, how can you eat biryani in the morning?
That too without brushing? God doesn’t have such limitations sir.
Whatever he eats is Prasada. Looks like your devotion is crossing limits! Please eat. Hey, has god appeared in your dream? He did sir. Did he say anything about that murder case? Which murder sir? You said yesterday, it was a murder and not
an accident. The whole mess is due to that. That was yesterday’s happening sir. He didn’t say anything
about that today sir. You should have asked. He will not say if we ask sir,
he says what he feels like saying. Did he say anything now? He did sir. Doesn’t everyone in the city visit
a hospital to get back pain treated? He asked them not to go to hospital but go
to corporation and give a complaint sir. I think the hospital
bills would come down now. True sir. He says everyone with a backpain in the city
should go and complain in the corporation. He says 50% of the speed
breakers were not laid by them. Oh, have you revealed it this way my lord! He says the corporation would take
care if a complaint is registered. Did god appear in your dream and say back
pain is because of the speed breakers? Not because of speed breakers sir but because of speed
breakers not as per the rules. Aren’t they laying speed breakers before
the offices, houses and slums as they wish? That’s for them. It is not good for health sir.
So he said it. Didn’t he say anything
about the murder case? It would have been great with onions. What’s with the speed breakers now? I don’t get this. I thought there was some link between
your husband and Tirupathi till now. But it doesn’t look so. Did you get to know
anything about the murder? Not much.
But it is confirmed to be a murder. No idea who did it but
have done very cleverly. We do not know why they did it. But we will. Won’t god do this after doing so much? -Ravi.
-Sir. Did you get to know anything? Yes sir, it is confirmed to be a murder. More than knowing who is the killer tracing that missing lady dead or
alive is important. Do that first. -If not we would lose our face in the media.
-Okay sir. Did Napoleon wake up? He woke up and is having breakfast. Has god appeared in his dream?
What did he say? He did sir. It seems he asked to remove
all speed breakers in city. Is that a joke Ravi? No sir, seriously As unauthorized speed breakers
have increased in the city, nothing is as per the rules and he concluded that back pain is
being caused by speed breakers in the city Yes sirGod came into the dream and
told a sensational matter
He says give a complaint in the corporation
in case of back pain and not to the hospital
That back pain is
because of speed breakers.
You do not need to go to hospital,
go to the corporation directly and complain.
We too will be in demand
because of these speed breakers. Yes dude That guy spoke rightly
about the speed breakers Cops are are worried unable to understand
about god talking about the speed breakers. Speed breakers and back pain! Are you kidding me? Didn’t he reveal anything about our case? Is god really talking? Whatever, it’s for our good. Even our work would be done by then. Don’t worry. No clues found sir. Okay. I brought the CC footage sir As per these visuals we understand that they left
this area through this way sir. Hello sir. Take it What is this? I had been to Hanuman temple
and brought this for you. Very good Stretch your hand once. It’s a dollar of Hanuman Wearing this, Lord Hanuman would
himself come into your dreams. Everything would go well for you. Sir, the only clue we have now is
that Malavika has taken an auto. I’m trying for that footage sir. If we get the info about that auto driver,
we can proceed further in this case sir -Good. Trace him.
-Okay sir. They went from here to there
but we don’t know after that. Sir. I am going to Tirupati with family,
I need a leave for a week… Mr. Chalapathi,
tell me where god doesn’t exist? Is he not here, out there and sitting there? Even air is omnipresent.
But we switch on the fan when we feel hot. There is nothing wrong in visiting a temple. Hit him.
Such a person should be thrashed badly. -Hey, stop it.
-Stop it first. What happened? -I am telling you.
-What happened? Be seated. Me and my wife have been to
temple in the morning sir. I heard my daughter Prameela crying loudly
inside the house when we returned. All the doors were closed sir. When this idiot was about
to molest my daughter, we broke the doors and brought him here sir. Do not leave him sir,
do something to this rascal sir I hope nothing happened. We didn’t let that happen sir,
but don’t leave that fellow. There is no question of not punishing him.
Please wait. Do something to teach these
rascals a good lesson sir. Ram Prasad Take the details and file
a case under 376/511. -He should get punished stringently sir.
-Definitely You complete the formality and
we will make sure you get justice. Come on to that table, come on. Sir, you said 376/511. What is that sir? Attempt to rape. As the molestation didn’t take place,
we filed a case under that section. What if it would have happened? 375 It didn’t happen in this
case as they stopped it. Otherwise, wouldn’t the
molestation have been done by now? What I mean is,
his intention is wrong initially. Just check once if there are any
sections to punish his thoughts. See, there won’t be a witness that
he had thought about it. In this case all of them
saw him trying to molest her. If molestation would had happened,
we take action seeing the hospital report. There are no sections to
punish the thoughts. Did you get it? Sir, when you book brothel cases, do
you get any of their videos as proof? What I mean is,
when you raid them, you knock the door. The male and the female come out. You book them in brothel case. The Judge levies a fine
on them and leaves them. But would you get any proof there sir? That is called petty case. They agree they have done the
mistake and these people fine them. What do you know about the law man? I don’t know anything sir.
Just some knowledge from movies. Suppose, if a murder takes place and the
driver says “I have done it”… …would the judge agree to it?
That’s my question. There will be many things in this dude. Take him aside! These sections are confusing! Can’t
guess which is right and which isn’t. Sir, what else did god tell you? He says a lot every time
he comes in my dreams. No, please tell me what he said. You know our bar and restaurants? He asked to remove the parking there. Did he ask you to remove the parking?
Why sir? If you remove the parking at
pubs and bars and restaurants, where is the chance of drunken driving? That’s true! If the parking is removed at
pubs and bar & restaurants there will be no drunken driving. It’s good news for us. That’s what I said. I should tell this to everyone.
God will always say good. Sir, He is smoking
outside the station sir. Why the hell would god smoke sir? Do not leave him if he comes out. Sir, he is outside the station.
Cops are all over the place. It is a bit difficult to catch him.
But I will try if you say I have to. First threaten him, scare him man. Don’t leave him even if he is god. Hello sir. He is caught. Will you come? I will come down. Where are you? I am in my farm, what shall I do? Find out why he is doing this.
Do what you like if he overacts. Ok sir. Who are you sir? Why did you bring me here? You hit me hard on the head.
Why did you haveto do that? Nothing,
How are you linked with this murder case? My superior says you are god! Tell me what do you
have to do with this case? Sir,
I told the CI that god appeared in my dream. I do not know anything more than that sir.
I have no link to this case sir. Look,
you are going to die even if you say or not. I just wanted to know. Do you mean would you kill me now sir? It’s been long since I did an encounter. There are many dead bodies I
killed in this farm and it’s your turn now. I really do not know anything. Nothing will happen to me even
if you kill me, but he dies sir. He dies? Who is he? This body actually belongs
to a guy named Ashok sir. I am Tirupathi sir,
the Tirupathi who was killed. Stop the nonsense and get going. Listen to me sir.
I really am the dead Tirupathi sir. I came into this body to know
who killed me and why sir. My soul entered into his body sir. If you kill me now, nothing happens
to me but he would be ruined sir. To be frank,
it is like what you call ‘posession’ sir. But like they show in the movies,
the eyes growing wide, face going pale and all the
magic does not happen sir. -I am just a realistic devil sir.
-A realistic devil? If you doubt, here…
see my shadow re-appear now. You cannot harm me now sir. Tell me who is your superior sir? Are you playing bloody tricks? I don’t believe even in god. I will see the end of your devil power. Hey, who sent you man? I am pissed off not knowing who
sent you and who got me killed. You are the only clue I have.
Speak out you!What Napoleon said about the speed breakers
in city is well understood by the public
Corporation officials claim they got many
complaints on unauthorized speed breakers.
Public is eagerly waiting more
good things Napoleon would say.
I thought he was a God all these days.
Is it a ghost? Oh god! What to do now? It scared the crap out of me. Sir. Sit down. -Is Napoleon a ghost?
-Yes sir. He killed the ex-CI DMK. It seems that dead
Tirupathi is in our Napoleon. Yes, he killed him with just one punch sir. I have seen it sir. Didn’t you ask for a leave to go somewhere? Take it now. It is a big surprise that Napoleon has no
shadow. Are you adding up ghost stories now? Wasn’t it you who said he is a God? I was foolish sir.
I have seen it with my own eyes. I’ve been in discussions with
that ghost since two days too. Sir, I even had dinner
with that ghost yesterday night. Is DMK really dead? Yes sir.
All our people have gone there now. Check out the the post
mortem report once it’s out. Where is Napoleon now? “Oh life! How long would you stay?” “Oh bonding!
In how many people would you be alive?” “This is human pain, cry of the heart
it wouldn’t forget the wound from the past” “Merciless fate wrote the fate to
let the happiness slip away” “What is witnessed by eyes became a
story and reminded of the pain in the heart. “Heart cannot share it to anyone
as the time has destroyed it all” “Oh life!” “Oh bonding!” “A dream which has never
appreared even in a dream… …has come in reality for you.” “The innocent love of the kid” “How can you get it” “You brought her up with great care” “You shared love even before asking.” “If the gods in temple” “come down to the streets,
how could we bear seeing that sight?” “Oh life!” “Hey bonding!” “Oh life!” “Oh bonding!” “Are you the deceased Tirupathi?” “You killed an ex Police officer.” It seems you told
him you are Tirupathi. You have got back the shadow. Tell me what’s happening? I needn’t worry about the shadow now sir. I have got back my shadow. Oh, you suddenly get back the shadow. Chalapathi says you are Tirupathi’s ghost. Are you playing a game here? Yes sir, I am Tirupathi. I am the deceased Tirupathi. I don’t believe this society sir. They ruined my life and my family. I have no idea where my wife is. My daughter is orphaned.
I don’t know who killed me. The whole world turned towards me
when I said I lost my shadow. When I said that was not an accident
but a murder, everyone wa astounded. But, they just saw for just one day sir. They took it easy later. Does that mean you really are a ghost? Yes sir, I am a ghost. But I don’t know how to scare people sir. I don’t even know how to play with others’
lives for either money or selfishness sir. Except the pain that my family
is now onto the roads. Won’t ghosts have a shadow? Your shadow appears and disappears when you
want. Don’t you know who killed you? Tell me who they are and
I will take care of them. Is the evidence of a ghost valid sir? I can identify who killed me. But
I don’t know why they killed me sir. I don’t even know if it was them
or someone else made them kill me sir. But, I should my wife’s wherabouts. I should give her
mother back to my daughter. Can you tell me what exactly
happened there on that day? I was going back home
from the shop that day sir. A guy hit from the back while going. I fell down sir. I saw there were three of them sir. One of them came to me and went
on hitting me with a frozen bottle. I felt unbearable pain. Suddenly the pain stopped sir. Then I understood that I lost my life. When kids are born on the earth,
they cry not knowing what to do. Similarly, I didn’t know anything
when I left this world sir. Many people saw me when I fell down. They felt what would happen to this
world if we don’t save just this one guy. But would they have saved me,
the world would have changed in my view sir. But sir, this guy Ashok touched
my daughter at the orphanage. He touched her softly with love. I went in with that feel sir. I will not go out till my wife is found sir. But I don’t know whether
I can come back or not if I get out. Does anyone have a need to
either kill you or kidnap your wife? I don’t know sir. We neither have enemies
nor relatives too sir. Me and my wife were brought
up at Kasturba orphanage sir. We both orphans got married and
became as a family with a kid sir. I do not know if it is a succession,
but now she too became an orphan sir She didn’t become an orphan
sir, but they made her one. She is a kid sir.
We brought her up with great love. When she called us mom and dad, we felt
happy as she got a chance which we didn’t. My daughter is six year old sir. She used to wait to see if her dad brings
sweets or ice cream whenever I go home sir. At times, her mother used to beat her. then she used to come
to dad for consolation. Who would console her now sir? My daughter doesn’t eat when
asked repeated to eat sir. Now, she is eating standing
in line eagerly for a plate of upma sir. I felt like dying. But am I not already dead sir? I don’t know what to do sir. I don’t understand what to
say at such situation. But your wife Malavika would be somewhere. It is my responsibility to
make her reach your daughter. Sravanthi is here for you sir. Sit please. You’ve got an advocate. we haven’t filed any
case or FIR on your husband. He is with you since two days without a
case filed. Don’t we need an explaination? We haven’t kept him here by force.
You can take him along if he is willing. He has got back his shadow too. Is the shadow back? -Yes sir. The shadow is back!
-Yeah. She came along with
an advocate to get you. Will you go? I am ok to go sir. What are you looking at? Come in. Actually, I wanted to talk
about something with you ma’am. Ma’am? I don’t mean it. You still do not remember me? My intention is different. You can say everything. First have this cool drink,
cool down and relax. We shall talk everything. Be seated. Drink this. You don’t believe in god.
Where did god come from? What is that pendant of God to the hand? I am not your husband as you are thinking. I am just using your
family for my selfishness. I came here to tell you the same. But, I will tell you something. Do you believe in devils and ghosts? I’m telling you the truth. I am the soul of Tirupathi
in the body of Ashok. Sorry. Look, if you don’t like to be with me,
say it on my face. We shall go for a mutual divorce. Why are you saying all
such mad things instead? What I’m saying is true. I don’t know who killed me. I don’t know where my wife
is. I’m trying to know that. Ok, do you say you are a ghost? Not a ghost, but a soul. Then,
when would you leave Ashok’s body for good? Once I find my wife. What if you don’t? I will find her for sure. You are taking away my husband
from me because of your problem. Anyway,
did you see a to-let board on my husband? so that all ghosts come and
solve their problems and leave? You know what? We shall talk later,
you have shower first. Go, those clothes are in bad condition. Go and get ready.>Where is sir? -How are you?
-Very good sir. Why is media focusing on Napoleon a lot? What he says is right sir. and many matters are being leaked
even from our department. In fact, it is into the media
even at the time of investigation sir. That is why, I called you home Ravi. Talk only with me about any matter. Tell me what is it? Sir, this is a perfectly planned murder. But, we do not know who commited it. As per the CCTV footage, we came to know that there were
three youngsters at that place that time. We have an idea of the
place they live too. We get that information in some time sir. Do you have any perfect evidence to
prove that they committed the murder? No sir. The evidence isn’t clear. But, we can get some clues
if we get those three youngsters. In fact, interestingly we found a
water bottle sir with blood stains. But I feel they may have hit him hard with
a frozen water bottle and killed him sir. Is it enough that you feel it Ravi? Do you have any proof to say
that they hit him with frozen bottle? No sir. But, that is exactly what they want. We cannot prove that they killed using
a water bottle as a murder weapon sir. We are unable to do anything
even after knowing everything. Law needs proof and justice is
achieved with that proof in the court. And about the ethics, it is difficult to get that
anywhere except in the epics Ravi. Sir. One second sir Hello. Very good I am coming right away. Sir, it seems we got the suspects. They are in our custody.
I will leave now sir. Very good. Trace it somehow. Take care that nothing leaks
out unless it is done. -Okay.
-Sure sir. Thank you. -Ravi.
-Sir. Find out where that girl is first. We will get the answers to
many problems if she is found. Sir. Do not be scared. I have a small work with you. Just one day and then I will leave you. Don’t worry. Okay? Who are you? Why did you bring me this way? Please leave me. My husband would be worried about me. I started in a hurry that my
husband had met with accident. I don’t know how he is now. I have a small baby girl and she is alone. We have no one. She does not eat unless I feed her. She would be worried. Please, I pray to you. Please leave me. You are mistaken somehow. We have no issues with anyone. Even my husband does not
mess with such things. -Please leave us.
-There was no mistake. We have work with you Just one day work and will send
you surely once it’s done. You can happily go back. Will you really leave me in one day? Really. And… …you don’t need to
worry about your husband. I was behind that phone call too. So, one day and you will be free. Please leave us, we are small people.
I pray to your feet, leave us. Hello, no need of fear. She is okay here. If he became a ghost,
Wouldn’t he come and save this girl first? But he didn’t! Have they opened their mouth? Sir, they are not talking
how much ever we ask. What are the details of
their family and background? Sir, they are dumb by birth sir. They go as daily labor in Begum Bazaar sir. Poor guys, they don’t even
know to read and write sir. Dumb guys? Yes sir, they can’t hear too. I sent information to the shop owner they
work for. He said he would come sir. They would not speak how
much ever we hit them. They cannot even listen to what we ask. They are uneducated. Telll us guys. You can go home.
Tell us where they are. Have you ever met them? I mean did you meet
them or have any of them? Wide eyes,
not small mush but they have big mustache. -Vivek.
-Sir. There is a big conspiracy
behind Tirupathi’s murder. A bloody damn murder
planned very intelligently. Do we have any strong
evidences that they have murdered? No evidence sir.
But we are assuming as per CCTV footage. They killed him hitting him
with a frozen water bottle. They thought the case would be closed if
they kill using no weapons and evidence… It is too much of a criminal brain. -Tell us guys.
-Chalapathi. Sir. Are these the guys you saw that night? Sir, if i identify them,
would i be made a witness sir? Charge him with this murder. Sir, it was them that I saw. There
was even the bearded guy with them sir. But,
I will commit suicide if you force me sir. Sir, I don’t know anything.
Please leave me. This is one of the healthy habits. There are no ghosts as per science. That is just a psychological disorder. Actually I too heard and saw it on
TV that he says he has no shadow. Definitely this is a new case. Have you seen that guy
without shadow by any chance? I have seen with my own eyes sir. Later he came home and identified me. The fact that some dead person is there
in my husband is scaring me a lot sir. There is nothing to be scared about it. As per my knowledge, you say a soul
got into the body of your husband. Maybe that soul would leave
if the body stops co-operating. Why not think this way? How to do that? I should think a bit as it is a new case. Tell me what he told you exactly? We went to an orphanage
and thought of adopting his daughter. Later we thought not to. He said he entered him when Ashok
caught his daughter with affection. Then we shall do one thing. We shall feed him sleeping pills
in his dinner tonight and he would sleep. What would the soul do
if body doesn’t support? We can’t do anything
other than this for now. Have you met any exorcist? There is even a dollar of
Lord Hanuman to his hand sir. What would an exorcist do? He just came inside the
house and went out in a hurry. Even the cops couldn’t do anything. Only science can do something. If we think using common sense,
giving him sedation is correct. Only then can you have your husband. He is the guy who killed me sir. He killed me after checking
whether I was dead or still alive. But he is not talking anything sir.
Tell me you! He is not talking anything sir.
We should somehow make him say the truth -Do not leave him sir!
-Hey stop! Listen to me. He is the one who killed,
but it is you who engaged him! Yes. Napoleon confirmed him to have killed
but Ashok is the one who got him killed. Didn’t you understand? You were Ashok before Napoleon. He cannot speak at all as he
is deaf and dumb by birth. But, I have the footage of
him and this Ashok together. Vivek, show the footage. You said he had come to adopt
your daughter at the orphanage. But when I asked people there they said he was the guy who
admitted your daughter there. He cleverly took his wife and made
her believe about adopting your daughter. We started following Ashok’s
movements from then and we got to know that this guy and Ashok are moving together. We have that footage. Tell me now. Is it him who killed? See properly. He is not the guy who killed sir. He is not the guy. It is a lie. You say that knowing that we would arrest
Ashok as per law if you tell the truth. I will not let you go whatever you say.
Stay right here. It is my responsibility to make
your wife and daughter meet. You stay here. Take this guy inside. -Vivek.
-Sir. File FIR on him and Ashok. Ok sir And it is our responsibility to
make Malavika meet her daughter. And Napoleon… Where is Napoleon? Hey, have you gone mad? He should be somewhere around, search. Vivek! Good morning Hyderabad! I tried calling Sravanthi’s phone sir. But her phone is not reachable sir. Trace out her last call. Sir, groundnuts are finished sir. Could not get them anywhere sir,
we tried hard. I will arrange
from my village tomorrow for sure sir. They were enough earlier
It’s only after you joined. Sir… You are eating them all. I too got habituated sir I will surely arrange tomorrow sir. Have the ropes come? Ropes… Sir, we could only find this size. Do we need more thicker ones? That would be enough, he is too weak. What are you doing sir? I do not know anything sir. I do not understand what
is happening here sir. Please sir, believe me sir. Kantharao Don’t say anything. I will tell you something. Just one thing. I won’t tell you again. If you do mistakes and
sins and then pray to god I do not know whether he pardons you or not. But,
a ghost doesn’t have such formalities. Keep that in mind and tell me if you wish. Otherwise leave it. Take him. -Sir, please sir.
-Get up. I do not know anything sir. -I didn’t see anything sir.
-Come you! -I did not see anything sir, please sir.
-Come on bloody. I did not see anything sir. Leave me sir I did not see anything sir. Leave me sir Sir, please sir. I’m undone! I do not know anything sir. Sir, please sir. I do not know anything sir. What are you doing sir. Please sir. Sir! Please leave me sir… I will tell everything sir. Please leave me. -Leave me. I will tell everything sir.
-Tell me. They aren’t ordinary guys. They can even cover up the
Sun with sun glasses. They are very dangerous sir. So,
is it Sravanthi who got Tirupathi killed? Krishnamurthy sir, the chairman of Sumitra
group of companies is a good person. He is very simple though
he has a lot of money sir. Sravanthi madam is a very
reliable person to them sir. She too pretends to be helping everyone. She is a good girl. Who else does she have than us? She is the right person to take care all
the property reaches a right place after us. -Good morning sir! Good morning Madam.
-Good morning Sravanthi I was telling to you
about these people sir. Do not worry about it. Ramamiah, bring the cheque book You should study well, ok? Ok, here take it Thank you sir -Please take it.
-You were saying something yesterday. Actually, I was thinking
about our Chilkur property. I feel it would be good helping
people like this by selling it. I work under Vardhan sir. My boss takes care of all the
finance matters of the company. -Sit.
-Good morning sir. All legal formalities are completed sir. Mr. Krishnamaurthy invested many properties
reliably on the name of Sravanthi madam sir. -Here you go
-Thank you sir Sumitra! Mr. Krishnamurthy suddenly
died of a heart attack sir. After his death, Sumitra madam wanted to
donate all properties in India to charity and thought of settling down in America sir. -Mr. Vardhan.
-Yes Madam. -I need to talk to you.
-Yeah. Transfer the farm house and all shares on
Sravanthi’s name to Mother Theresa trust. She decided to sell all the properties
on the name of Sravanthi too. Sravanthi didn’t like that decision sir. So she called Vardhan sir
for a meeting secretly sir. What was their need to
kill Tirupathi at all? What is the matter? Don’t you know what madam
said before leaving to the US? What did she say? She asked me to
donate all the property to the orphanage. I started that process too. Don’t you know that there is
some property on my name too? Yeah of course! She asked me to give that
property to the orphanage too. I will start even that process too
once madam is back from the US. What is my share in this? That’s the spirit man. Did you get it now? Superb! We don’t like giving the property on
the name of Sravanthi to the orphans. We will share it ourselves. They don’t need it anyways.
Tell me what shall we do? This is a very risky matter. It is a property worth almost 100 crore. Now, even the property we are
standing on is on the name of Sravanthi. Other than this, including shares and
the others, it would be more than 100 crore. Leave those calculations.
Tell us what and how shall we execute it? What to do? I’ve got the papers. But the property is on your name. You cannot do anything with
the property without the papers… …and I cannot do anything
with property without you. So, it makes a perfect deal. It’s like this, you give us the papers. We shall sell the property
and share what we get. You think that is so easy? Madam is coming back in
the next two weeks from the US. Don’t you know how much madam
believes in Sravanthi? There would even be many
legalities for that. If something goes wrong, they would be
in the court out of your and her hands. Moreover,
shouldn’t all all of them be dealt with? No problem. We shall finish everything
by the time madam is back from America. Did you any plan to kill her or what? Tension starts if we do so. It is not difficult to be
caught in investigation these days. We too cannot do anything
if caught like that. I got a plan. If we work it out as it is,
100 crore is ours. We should have power in our hands
to escape after committing a murder. We don’t have that. So, we should execute it with brain power. If I die committing a suicide,
woundn’t the property come to Ashok legally? Do not be tensed, In case I commit suicide,
who is the nominee? But why would you commit suicide? What is your plan? If I die committing suicide,
property goes to Ashok. So, if I make everyone believe
that I committed suicide? Do you think that is so easy? It is an identity missing case. Very difficult if you are caught. If we burn the body into ashes and Ashok
comes and claims it to be his wife, What can anyone do? Its simple. We burn a girl having the
same blood group as me. Do you doubt why that’s required
after burning her into ashes? In case,
if that girl is out with last breathe hospital staff would
arrange for my blood group. Body identity anyways
would be missing by then. So, we will have a second
chance even at that time. So, if any members of the girl’s
family registers a missing complaint, wouldn’t it become a big case then? No chance of that. we planned everything clearly. That is why we identified
a family of orphans. No body to take care,
but they have a baby girl. If we kill the husband and kidnap the lady
and then execute our plan, it is all set. And about the baby girl we can admit her in any orphanage. I think it’s not an issue. But, a murder over another. That is why we planned to get him killed
by some uneducated deaf and dumb guys. Oh! It is all clear if we plan my
suicide by the time madam returns. That is why, I am shooting a personal video. In that I would write a note that I am ending
my life because of my personal problems. And I will specify in advance that
Ashok is not related to this. Madam would return back,
feel bad and will go back. They cannot dare to ask
anything to Ashok at that time. Excellent plan. But, if you commit suicide it would
come on the name of your husband. We should never have an issue with the
police. That’s the last thing we should do. One more thing. The guys we selected
are not in Ppolice records till date. We planned everything to close that as
an accident case, so no problem. In case, even if they are caught,
they are deaf and dumb. They can neither talk nor listen. So the case gets closed.
That’s not a big problem either. By chance even if someone
witnesses this murder our guy would go to the station as
an eye witness and gives his witness. So, he diverts the case. So, no need to worry about the case. Here is our Kantha Rao. You should go and be the eye witness. If something goes wrong,
you will be caught first. We gothave nothing to worry about. But in case if Sumitra madam asks about
those papers, you plan what to tell her. No problem. Even madam does not
know that I have the papers with me. I will tell her sir asked
to give them to you. So, issue will be solved. The case your husband got re-opened
belongs to him. Have you ever seen him? I have never seen this person sir. -Hello
-Tell me Vardhan. -What is this?
-What happened? Are you watching the TV? Did you get to know
anything about the murder? Not much.
But it is confirmed to be a murder. Sir, we got an information that
Napolean had a tiff with someone last night. He is back to total control
with just one injection. There isn’t anything
like devil. Take it easy. Don’t be tensed. He will get up as Ashok when he
wakes up tomorrow morning. Did he bash up so many
people just like that? He had a great force. Our plan wouldn’t have worked at
all if that injection wasn’t given. Have you shot your video? Yeah, I did. I will upload it once the work is done. Everything is ready for
you to leave to Andaman. I will start his formalities
too once he gets to normal. What about us if something
happens to Ashok now? You are thinking too much.
Everything will go as we thought. Come, let us move. You be here. Where are you taking me? Haven’t you said you would leave
me in a day? Please leave me. What are you doing to me now? Leave me please. Please don’t harm me. What will you do to me now? At least you tell me. What are you doing? What are you doing? You said you would leave me. You said you would leave me today. What are you doing?
At least you ask him to leave me. What are you doing? You said you would leave me! Please leave me! I have a baby girl.Sravanthi, wife of Napoleon alias Ashok
has committed suicide a short while ago.
In the middle of dramatic
situations from the past two days
now Sranavthi’s suicide
is stirring up new doubts.
She even posted a video saying her husband
is not related in any way to her death.
I am taking a big decision today.I am going to commit suicide
today due to my health problems.
Neither my husband Ashok nor any
others are responsible for this.
Everyone forgive me kindly.Sir, if Sravanthi committed suicide,
would they have killed Malavika? Sir, we traced Sravanthi’s phone signal. We found a completely burnt dead body
in Sumitra’s farm house in Chilkur sir. Damn! Damn! We couldn’t save Malavika, Vivek. We gave a word to
Napoleon. But he didn’t believe it. Now his belief is proved true.
They did what they wanted to. We have to prove that the
body doesn’t belong to Sravanthi. Call the control room and
trace Sravanthi’s whereabouts. Go! Sir!
Media people are asking to meet you sir. Tell them it’s not possible now. -Vivek.
-Sir. Let us first go to the farm house. Napoleon is coming sir. Mr. Napoleon, tell us what happened sir. Stop the media people first
and close doors and windows. Tirupathi, I have to tell you something. Sit! That’s okay sir. Tell me. He and his wife together played a
game and made your daughter an orphan. They killed your wife. What can we do sir? We are people with no caste
and are treated low by everyone. We heard that the rich and
powerful commit many crimes for money. But now, even the very normal people are
getting ready to do anything for money sir. We have no region, caste or religion. At least the politicians would have
helped us if we had those for votes. Sir, I will tell you one thing. There are crores of public in this world. There are thousands of
castes and hundreds of Gods. But there is one ghst for everyone. A person belonging to a religion does
not fear about a God of another religion. But, there are now such
logics when it comes to a ghost. That’s my courage. Do you know all that has happened? What have you done? What’s with this gun? I have a small baby girl. Ashok… Napoleon Vardhan, would you kill Ashok now? Shouldn’t we look into our
safety when it comes to this? We wouldn’t have a legal
heir if we kill Ashok now. It wouldn’t belong to anyone. Oh, what an ideal wife! You think about the nominee
and not about your husband’s death! You! Ok, what we did is wrong. We would leave your wife if you want.
But, would you leave Ashok? Are you mad? If we let her go now,
we all would end up in jail. Is that why we planned so much? Oh, how do I know that the
ghost would enter in this? He would leave if we leave his wife now. We will plan later if required. What there to plan? Entire plan would go bang if
Sumitra madam is back from the US. We should do something right now To hell with the ghost. Hello! What did you say? You killed me,
you ruined my family and you plan again now? They say nation fares well
if ladies excel in all fields, but not in this field. My dear ideal wife! Listen to what I am saying. You will not get back your
life whatever you do now. Even your wife is safe now. Ain’t she? Listen to me. Let us sit and talk. Sit and talk?
Is this any land settlement to sit and talk? i don’t mean it. I will take good care of your family.
Trust me. I will take good care of your daughter.
I will give her good education. It is not wrong to earn money… …but its wrong to try to rob it. You brought my princess
like daughter to the roads. Should I believe you? How did you get such an idea being a lady? I saved my wife. Ask god if your husband would save you. No! For a small idea that you got,
my wife is not recognizing me. Your husband will not recognize you. You are the one who threw a puzzle to God.
It’s a waste of time even to talk with you. Please Move. My intention was not to kill a lady,
but to end injustice. Do you know what you have done? You came back for your wife and
daughter after you were even dead. I started liking you man. I even had sympathy on you. Does that mean it’s your wish? Will you kill everyone at your will? What do you want me to do? What did you say when I came? You said that your wife is dead and you
were sorry like they say in a hospital. Should I go crying? I am not Tirupathi sir. I am Napoleon. Yes sir. What will you do if I tell you that
they are going to kill my wife? You would arrest them. You present them in court
and they ask for a proof. Court says there is no
punishment for thinking. So as need a proof, should I wait till my
wife is killed and then come with a proof? Isn’t the proof I got now enough sir? You said god is helping you.
Did god ask you to do all of this? And whom should I arrest now? Tirupathi, Ashok or Napoleon? I saved my wife sir. Do what you feel like with Ashok. He might get a seven year jail
sentence at the meximum for killing them. He would later enjoy that property. Do what you feel is justice sir. You are asking for justice.
But you are seeking morality. I will take care of it. Mom!Cops found dead bodies of Sravanthi
and Vardhan at a farm house in Chilkur
Police are investigating the case as
murders done for Benami properties.
They don’t know whether to file the case
on Ashok or on the ghost for killing them.
News is that they are seeking the
advice of the higher police officials
Why are the cops here if every dead fellow
turns into a soul and solves his own case? I still doubt. Has he
surrendered after committing two murders? Where is that Napoleon, sorry that Ashok? He is in coma now at the hospital sir. Where is Tirupathi’s wife? Tirupathi’s wife is now safe sir. -Safe.
-Yeah. So whom would all this property
belong to? Has Sumitra claimed it? Sumitra has still not come to India sir. and all this property gets
attached to the Government. Okay. Do something then. Take a complaint from Tirupathi’s wife. That’s not required sir. Because
clearly Ashok is the accused. And he is under our custody. What if he says he does not
know anything once he recovers? Ashok will never recover now sir. I mean, Doctors said it is
difficult for him to recover sir. Sir, three people came together
and made Tirupathi lose his life. Two of them are dead.
He too will not be there sir. And we too will lose some burden sir. Are you taking this decision? Sir, isn’t it a ghost? I felt he would be somewhere here
listening to us, so I said that. I will inform you once he recovers sir. Thank you sir.

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