Natalie Portman’s Thor Comic-Con Announcement Was Nerve-Wracking

-Welcome back to the show.
-Thank you for having me. -I’m really —
I’m happy you’re here. So many things
I want to talk to you about. ‘Cause I haven’t seen you
in probably over a year, I want to say.
-Mm-hmm. -So I always love
when you come here. -Thank you.
-But then I saw someone posted online you were
hanging out with Questlove. -Yeah. We had — -Where were you guys
hanging out? -We had a lucky, twice in a week
seeing each other, ’cause we went to — We happened to see each other
at the movies. -Yeah.
-We saw “Psycho,” at the cemetery,
which was amazing. -Now, what does that mean?
I’m so lost. So, you’re at the movies
right now? -Yeah, so in L.A.,
there’s this — They have screenings
every weekend at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, which is
this beautiful cemetery. And —
-So, “Psycho” in a cemetery? -Yeah it was great.
[ Laughter ] It was really cool, right? And then we just happened
to be sitting by each other, so that was super lucky.
-Quest, you do that? -Yeah, dude.
[ Laughter ] It’s cool.
-I would be absolutely afraid. I wouldn’t go to see
a movie in the cemetery. -Really?
-Yeah, absolutely not. That’s like — That’s crazy. But it’s fun, I guess.
Right? -It was super fun.
-You know what’s funny? I was looking at all your —
all the Wikipedia and all the stuff about you.
That’s how I do my research, by reading fake —
-It’s very accurate. -Reading fake things. So, how long have you been
a cartoon? [ Laughter ] But you’ve been acting
for 25 years? -Yeah.
-And you’ve been in over — -I’m a 1,007 years old, yes.
[ Laughter ] -You’ve been in 45 movies.
Did you know that? -I did not know that.
-45. -I should read my Wikipedia.
[ Laughter ] -No, you don’t have to. I’m the one
who writes all the info. [ Laughter ] -So whatever I say goes. But that’s crazy.
That’s awesome. -It’s a long time, yeah. -A great body of work.
-Thanks. -And also, I follow you
on the socials. And you posted this photo, and I just thought
it was so cute. Look at this little girl
right there. [ Audience “Awws” ]
That is you — -Like, so short.
I was always the shortest. -In your little ballet tutu. -And my tights are all, like,
wrinkly like elephant legs. [ Laughter ] -You were
the littlest one always? -The littlest and the messiest,
and, yeah, the worst. [ Laughs ] -But you always wanted
to perform, huh? -I did always
like performing, yes. -And this little girl, I love,
went on to do “Black Swan” and won an Oscar for it.
[ Cheers and applause ] That’s pretty good right there.
That’s kind of cool. -I was like, “I’m not gonna be
a real ballerina.” Closest I could get —
pretend to be one. -Everyone’s talking about this.
I was excited for you. They announced it at Comic-Con,
you came out. You are going to be
the new Thor. You’re a lady Thor.
[ Cheers and applause ] And people went bonkers. -Yeah, it’s really exciting.
-People went bonkers. People loved — They love you.
-Thank you. -They know you from
the “Thor” movies. but did you ever know you that
you were gonna play lady Thor? -I did not know. I mean, I was aware that there
was a storyline, but I didn’t know
that they were actually planning on doing that
in the movies. -And is this pressure?
-Very lucky. -I only ask
because it’s Comic-Con, and I get nervous
going to Comic-Con even if I’m not selling anything
or I’m not in anything. People want to nitpick.
They’re like, “Did you read episode —
or, issue whatever?” And I go,
“I didn’t read anything. I don’t know what’s going on.”
[ Laughter ] I’m a comedian.
I’m happy. But I mean, like,
holding the hammer, and going like,
are you holding it right? And you know?
-I was — yeah. It was definitely
nerve-racking. -It is a little bit, right? -I was like, “Someone’s gonna
call me out for something.” -Even though you’ve done
45 movies, you’re like, “I’m gonna step out on stage
with this thing. I better hold the hammer right.” -Well, I didn’t get to, like,
practice ahead of time. -They don’t let you? -Picked it up, and it was like,
“Kind of heavy.” [ Laughter ] So you didn’t really
have to act that much? -No. I was like, “Ooh.”
-That’s gonna be — That’s super exciting, though. -It’s really exciting.
-That’s gonna be great. I want to talk about
your new film, though. “Lucy in the Sky.”
-Yes. -You’re getting rave reviews. Congratulations for this.
-Thank you. -This is loosely based
on a true story. I remember hearing
a little of the headlines. Explain to me
what this is based on. -So, it’s inspired
by a real story, but this is a fictional version.
-Okay. -But it’s an astronaut
who has a hard time coming back from space.
-That’s the one. I remember that story.
-Yes. -But it’s loosely based on that.
-Yes. -Okay, yeah.
-The real story, the woman kind of tried to kidnap her
boyfriend’s new girlfriend. -Yes, that’s right, yes.
-Everyone was very surprised because obviously astronauts
are, like, the elite, you know, smartest,
most talented. -But then,
when you think about it, you go, “Well, I was just up in space where there’s no humans
or anything.” -Right. -“And I just
came back down to Earth. Is anyone gonna
help me out at all?” -Yeah.
-It’s like, “Dude, I can’t go to a store
and buy, like, a bag of chips.” -Right.
-“Wait. What? I was just in space.
Like, this means nothing.” -Exactly.
-So, she’s going through — Your character’s going through,
like, a crazy — trying to figure out what is —
what life is really about, or what’s happening.
-Yeah, I think it’s so wild for them to like see
the entire universe, and then see the Earth
like this big, you know, and everything they care about
seems kind of small. And then to readjust to life,
it’s hard, apparently. -And who does Jon Hamm play? -Jon Hamm plays
the other astronaut who I have the affair with,
who then I — You know. -Yeah. -I’m not happy
with what happens. -Yeah, exactly.
But we love Jon Hamm. -He’s so great. -He might be the most
fun human being ever. -He’s really fun.
He’s a good time. -Yeah, I remember, we were
at one party once, and he goes, “You want to turn this party
up a little bit?” And I go, “I don’t know
what that means, but, yeah, let’s do it, man.”
[ Laughter ] He goes, “Let’s start dancing
on the table right now.” I go, “Okay.” And we both jumped up on
the table and started dancing. And then,
the party just went nuts. It was crazy.
[ Laughter ] So that’s Jon Hamm.
It’s, like, he just whispers, like, “Yeah, let’s do it, man.” Then everyone’s
standing on tables. It was nuts man.
He’s the best. -I really wish
I could’ve seen that. -He is the best guy
in the world. -Can you, like, re-enact, maybe? [ Cheers and applause ] Please? [ Cheers and applause
continues ] Whoo! ♪♪ -I want to show a clip! Here’s Natalie Portman
and Jon Hamm in “Lucy in the Sky”!
Take a look. ♪♪ -Look at you.
Straight arrow. [ Chuckles ] You’ve never done
a thing wrong in your life. -I’ve done
plenty of things wrong. -Mm.
Yeah. I bet you never even
came in second in anything. [ Chuckles ] -Look, Mr. Know-it-All… I’ve done lots of tawdry…
I’m here to tell you. -Really?
-Yeah. -Hit me. [ Cheers and applause ]
-That’s what I’m talking about. Natalie Portman, everybody!

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