Nebra AnyBeam – world’s smallest pocket cinema projectors

Nebra AnyBeam – world’s smallest pocket cinema projectors

This is AnyBeam… …the projector you can actually fit in your pocket. You can use it Anywhere, Anytime, with Anyone. It’s that simple! Everything looks better on the big screen. And with AnyBeam you can take your own high definition pocket cinema with you anywhere you want. Just plug in to the HDMI port on your laptop a Fire TV stick Chromecast or even your smartphone. And now you are ready to enjoy your favourite shows. Tri-laser technology creates a crystal clear picture on any surface …even if it’s not flat! And with no fans, it never gets hot or noisy. You can use it to present Anywhere and at Anytime – even at work. It’s perfect for giving your presentations the laser sharp definition that they deserve. And that’s not all! We are also preparing this developers kit, for you to assemble… …a Raspberry Pi version – for all you makers and tinkerers out there… …and this really cool case! While the projector might be small, the picture is big…150 inches big to be exact. And with a power consumption of just 3 watts, all you need is a power bank for many hours of viewing. You don’t have to be in a darkened room to get a flawless picture. Tiny but powerful lasers in AnyBeam travel straight and barely spread so you will never have to adjust the focus. And what happens when it gets dark? Well, you don’t have to worry about falling asleep. The full brightness of AnyBeam is there to stream your favourite movies…all night long! In fact, AnyBeam’s lasers are so sharp…that they cut my hair off! But never mind about that – to bring this to your door we really need your help So click the “Back this Project” button and make a pledge today. Thanks for watching, and thanks in advance for your support! Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone. AnyBeam is the projector that you can actually fit in your pocket!

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  1. My name is Earl Pardo with Will It Launch. I bring products into our company for our “As Seen on Social Media” funding program. I would be interested in speaking with you about the AnyBeam in reference to our “As Seen on Social Media” funding program. The branding and awareness created drives sales into major retailers like Amazon & Best Buy. Please feel free to email or call me at 913/312-0223 to further discuss this with me.

    We are currently reviewing products for our partnership program.

    I think you have a really great item for our industry.

    Best regards,
    Earl Pardo
    Will It Launch
    [email protected]

  2. if it really produces no noise (including no coil whine) then that is great. I want to buy a projector but they all make noise.
    The problem with this one is that picture is not good even in completely dark room. Plus room need to have some lights in it otherwise it is really bad for eyes.
    Focusing on projector portability is not a good thing. Most people do not want that at all, we all have portable screens=phones. People want a replacemnt for TV, monitors.

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