Ned Flanders Enters the Springfield Film Festival

Ned Flanders Enters the Springfield Film Festival

Hens love roosters, geese love ganders, everyone else loves Ned Flanders! Not me! Are there any suggestions for how to attract more tourism? I think we should hold a film festival and give out prizes. All in favor of Marge Simpson’s film festival idea? Film festival! Film festival! The Itchy and Scratchy Show… Daddy, what’s the red stuff coming out of kitty’s ears? Oh! There’s nothing but filth on TV. But with this new video camera, we can make our own entertainment. Go tell it on the mountain. Over the hills and everywhere. Go tell it on the mountain. That Jesus Christ is born. Lights, camera, [Flanders Gibberish] action, jaction! Help me… Flanders to God, Flanders to God, get off your cloud and save my Todd. Ahhh! Hahaha, this contest is over. Give that man the $10,000. Haha, roll it again!

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  1. Oh gosh that was dark I don't know what was more dark that Ned lost his son or home laughing at it but hey he didn't get hit by a car

  2. D'awww a God-fearing family having fun making films with each other, isn't that swee-oh. Welp, guess they didn't fear God enough.

  3. Wait, were they showing snuff footage at a public film festival?
    Did Todd even die?
    Was it acting?
    Why would Flanders act in something against his beliefs?
    My head hurts, just- just give this man the $10,000.
    (jokes aside, that was really well edited)

  4. Without even watching it, Anything with Ned Flanders made by Dark Simpsons is DEFINITELY going to involve the shady side of religion. Be it cleansing his house of infidels or a gory film.

  5. I can't stop laughing or replaying at 1:14. The best edit I've ever seen, lol. Maybe I just subconsciously hate Todd? If you're feeling a little burn out remember that the clip show is a storied Simpsons tradition, and I think me and the rest of your audience have made peace with their perversity enough to really want to see that. Hell, you're getting pretty close to your 138th episode special!

  6. i think i'm laughing harder that the fact that the tree just managed to crush him completely with no sign of the body or the basket anywhere

  7. What I love of this one is that is incredibly meta. You can't know if it was a dark simpsons where Tod dies while filming (which will make Homer Simpson laugh at a snuff video) or if that was all fiction and the young little Flanders is okay and safe.

  8. This was the mere runner-up at the Oscars, losing only to the critically-acclaimed Man Getting Hit by Football.
    Shame, since that had to be filmed in one take, for obvious reasons. But the sacrifice was absodidilly worth it, neighborinos.

  9. I feel bad for laughing at Todd getting crushed and drowned by that tree, but at the same time, I don't because I find him somewhat irritating

  10. Flanders' film had him tragically losing a child.
    But football in the groin had football in the groin so…no contest! 😂😂😂

  11. lol, I thought it was going to be dark in a far different way when he got that video camera and looked at Rod and Todd, nice editing with the tree and the theater transition, I laughed right when Homer did and just as much 😛

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