Nee – Short Film [ Tamil ]

Nee – Short Film [ Tamil ]

Okay tell me when did
you first meet her? September 03rd Hmm… date not bad.
Where did you see her? It was crowded place.. so many people were crossing with
different colors of clothing. Suddenly a flash! When I looked, it was her. I didn’t know where I
was at that point but, everything went out of focus but her She was an angel… to my eyes. Was it love at first sight? Haha… I absolutely believe in it! I captured everything about
her at that very moment. What do you mean by that? Everything about her, I
mean every single detail. Is that so. Tell me more! Black Chuditar.. It wasn’t plain black it had some red design on it. I don’t remember exactly. But, She had a bindi on her forehead. It was red as well. She also had vipoothy underneath her bindi. She was something! After that every girl I saw with
vipoothy reminded me of her. Did you talk to her? I didn’t talk to her but
I added her on Facebook. Did she accept your request? Hey! Are you really
asking me that question? What girl would say no… Uhh yea yea she did accept my request. Now we’re talking! What
happened after that? After that a Good morning
in the morning and Good night at night, is what
I expected to happen. But she only said “Hi! How are you?” After
that I couldn’t think of what to say. You know starting trouble. You’re such a waste. Don’t insult me Priya! I’m not doing this on purpose. I just don’t know what to say to her. When I talk to her… I can’t really… it’s just not that easy. Sounds like a hard work. No you see… I go to chat but by the time I figure
out what to say she would go offline. Sooo lame! So what you’re saying is you
didn’t do anything at all. No I can’t really say that. You’re useles. So did you not see her again? I saw her once but I
guess she didn’t see me. She didn’t see you?! Even after
that you still want to talk to her? You can’t really say that maybe she
didn’t recognize me or something. So, she didn’t recognize you, message you
or even talk to you. What are you doing!? I don’t know Priya. Why
don’t you give me an idea? Yo! You can’t just put me
on the spot like that! You’re the one that’s interested.
Ahmm If you want I can find out what
school and which way she commutes just like
they do in the movies. Quit joking around Priya! With the way things are going
what else do you want me to do? What are you seriously doing? This isn’t even a love story worth telling. No Priya. I saw her again
while I was on the train. What?! When did this happen? You should have started with this.
Anyways tell me about it. Yea I should’ve told you. First time she came to me and
said Hi, how are you! For a minute I didn’t know what to think.
She… hmm … It was the best 40 minutes in my life. We talked a lot. She said a lot.
I didn’t know what I was saying and I didn’t
understand what she was saying. It was her eyes Priya, her eyes. I read somewhere that the eyes are the
mirror of soul. I felt it that day. I felt like I could look
at her eyes all day. You know she was sitting right next to me. I never expected me and
her, alone, in the train… Wow! That moment… When her stop came she
simply said “Bye!” and left. For the first time in my life I felt
what it was like to miss someone. I didn’t really know why. But you know that day I felt like
I wanted to spend a lifetime with that girl. She was it and
there was room for no one else. Why do you like her? What do you mean why? I mean why do you like that girl so much? That girl… I don’t know Priya.
Seriously I don’t know. You don’t just like someone
without a reason. Do you not like that I
want to be with her? I never said that! So you do. No like… Seriously Priya, I know
nothing about her. I know her name and only
the things she’s told me. But she is…unique. She is…smart. And above all I’ve never seen
anyone as beautiful as her. I’m in love with her. Why are you so persistent on loving her?
Could you not find another girl? Priya, even if she doesn’t
understand my love today it’s okay. I don’t even think she
really understands. But one day she will understand. I want her to understand how I feel. That’s all I really want. I don’t expect anything else from her. Even if some other guy
proposes his love to her, if she thinks of me just once, that’s enough for me. What are you trying to say Harish?

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  1. I love the concept and the cinematics used for the film. The blue filter really gives a nice ambient cool feeling. The music choice was brilliant too. Awesome work. Looking forward to seeing more of these films in the future.

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