Neevevare Telugu Short Film

Neevevare Telugu Short Film

My name is vikram who is running back side of me he is my Friend He has lover But I don’t have very one telling that i am a handsome guy At least you have 2 or more girl friends But they doesn’t know,I dont have a girl Friend They dont know about my pain I dont have a girl friend i dont even known What to do on weekends i am just looking the girl by standing at PG gate every one looking good for my eyes not for my heart what to do brother Why your are so sad Love matter bro since from last 4 years I Have been loving a girl i feel tensed if i propose if she agree or not…. girls are so good go to her and express your felling She will Agree I dont even know how to speak with girl but i told to him like loving a girl is so eassy Lets wait what will happen She accepted me even this guy having a girl friend now Why not me God It realling frostating me Hoo god where is my girl let me meet now instead of meeting on her wedding day help sir Just wait for two minute i will be there hey look at her i have seen so many girls till now some waking and taking i have never seen a girl who sleeps always i like her it’s final i thought she is staying around here Can we go for a try to find out where she is ? Hey bro how to love a girl ya Bro does she knowns you? dont known ok first you have to follow her then try to make her laugh then after speak with her thats it so simple hey how difficult it is bro how you are going is that your going in same dress Change the dress and go how he will do i don’t know following , try to make her laugh then spaek can i do this but i have to do it. any way love is like war still to the end every one Try for win like a Warrior even if they Fail also they stay for ever lets try to make her Laugh Why your dancing in front of me just for your smile and talk what you wated talk just to express my feeling for that i need to speak know is that love dont ask me know i have not prepared anything now to express ……. Haa haa your dance is really nice go and do your work Idiot me idiot? me idiot ? how can she call me like that Wait once you decided to love a girl you need remember few thing- You have to leave every thing like Shyness, angree and more you have to kill your ego with your own hands then only you get success in love otherwise you can’t i will try get the number of that girl i will give it you what you are goning you killed my heart with your look don;t go by leaving me, on road atleast tell your name ok just hear my name then May name is i didn’t hear till now i have not given a place in my herat to anyone from today onward this is for you speak something with me, you know…. whats your intention what is there you tell me i just wated to talk then we go for walk on road why are following me, what is problem why are speaking like that speak little bit slowly ,with smile face oh ya is this ok for me what do you do sir? haa haa i am Rowdy ,i came here to occupy you are you serious can call police give your number i will call to you, every day what is this brother i am not hearing … how can she call me brother? do you known how painful it is to heart day and night we think about girl and we try to impress them by doing something but you call us brother what, very simply is that you feel justice ? every girl just think once please we are call form HDFC bank May i know your name if you want lone don’t call to this number if you need life long lone you can call to this number no i don’t want Speaking with you on this special evening really it is a awesome feeling I wanted to talk with you once Where are you going …. to propose that girl you ….. who are , what do you want do you want do you known just because of you i am getting to mush of disturbance every parent think about their daughter happiness they believe us they agreed and sent us to do job what we like But you guy don’t even think about it you don’t even think how they are what they are always you people think about your self you tell me ,at least once you thought about me no.. why are crying I don’t even thought that i make you fell very sad i thought love is like this i am there to clear your tears not make you cry don’t cry, I am also getting tears why are crying for that girl , leave it at this age we cry on two reasons, one is for friend other is girl friend you didn’t understand I think she will like you definitely .. let wait for two day she will propose you .. don’t worry basically world of a women is very small that world includes their mother , father and their small desires , you cannot make them hurt it is really sin No Vehical come for you you came for me just a minute I don’t know what tell how to tell with you be frank still today i never spoke with a girl more than minute i don’t know really how to speak and how behave with girl i was feeling like frighten to look at girl but when i saw you , i felt something like my life is waste if i didn”t get your love i dont even known who to impress you i just had a silly talk with some where i have a small belive that silly talk make you love what i did how i did it just for your love especially that look you given by seeing me i was feeling that my heart beat stoped like goddess please be with me for this life not even like King ,but can serve you like servent when you cried for me that make me like you too in your love i have seen a child , basically they dont have expedience no girl leave the guy like you do you know this second is written for me why not , then how can i feel so happy inside you feel so much for me how can leave you just feel one last day from the next moring i am yours oh my god give that lady to me tell me Dad we have seen a guy for you i sent a photo ,just look and tell hello brother we have seen a girl for you you just tell me if you like her or not Ca you do anything for me ok dance here……. oh god , finally your there ……

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  1. For subtitles go to setting tab that you can see by click on video
    Then click on captions then select on English you can get it

  2. Super film….
    Super lover story…
    BGM hilight….osm…
    Overall i loveded this film….
    All the best bhaya ….
    Go to next level….

  3. Baga nachesindi short film personal ga oka ekkado touch chesindi bhayya raju la kaaka poyina sevakudila chusukunta highlight amazing wonderful adurs

  4. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’“πŸ’˜πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘

  5. Action natural ga ladu its like creations mean action lo involve kaladu just wanted ga acting chasi natu vundi I know this is acting but adi audience ki talikudadu…… My opinion

  6. Heroin carcter bagundi but hero west bro asalu bagu ledu enka bro ani pilustunadu adu carcter faltu annaya.ami baguledu vry bad flop

  7. Only one negative thing total every thing is super but hero is the negative sooo plzz don't repeat from next but I love shot film

  8. I hate this love story for true ..!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I can just see them as dialogues or pickup lines ..!!! True love is quite different in my sense

  9. Superb ……. Really I loved it but dialogues matram batti kottinatlu cheptunnaru. Remaining keka. I enjoyed it

  10. Ending has super but starting to ending conversation and dialouges some thing missing😍😍😍😍

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