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Why? The boys are there.
I want to hand the house keys. The boys? When I called them this morning,
they said they are in Trichy. They must have pranked you! Put that helmet on me.
I’m coming, too. I’ll sort them out! Wow, balloons! You buffalo! Stop here.
There they are! – Brother is here.
– Hello! Why do you give our phone numbers
to random people? The house owner called for rent
and sucked the life out of us. Don’t say that… Just because it’s his house,
he will ask for rent? You know something? He should pay us rent
for living in that house! Him and his ugly mug.
His very sight irks me. I’m sparing him for his wife’s sake. You are sparing me
for my wife’s sake? Welcome, sir.
When did you come? When did I come? You didn’t know it was me
riding this vehicle? We didn’t know! You don’t know this vehicle
belongs to me? We don’t know! You didn’t know this helmet
belongs to me? We swear, we didn’t know. But you know my wife very well? We do, sir! This ends today! Just the sight of that guy irks me. I’m sparing him for his wife’s sake. Enough of cleaning the fan. Don’t go to the
house downstairs anymore. I shouldn’t go down?
Why, dear? Don’t ask me questions.
Just do as I say! Then who will teach me yoga
in the mornings? Who is teaching you yoga? Master Viki. That fat rat
is your yoga master? Who are you?
What are you doing here? You have any idea who he is? I’m warning you,
leave him alone… – I will–
– Calm down! Stop yelling. – You came to kill this man, right?
– What? Me? Why are you getting agitated? – You’re going to make me stab him.
– You’re doing one mistake after another… Shut up. Everyone, please listen
to what I am going to say. If any of you… He makes me hold an old man
and he grabs that gorgeous girl? Just let him go. Or, I’ll kill her. Why would you kill me
for that man? Shut up,
I’ll bite your ears off. You want to play it that way? If you kill her,
I will kill this man. Sir, please! I don’t even know
who this man is. Sir, let me go.
Please! Please! Please! Quit nagging. Take your hand off her waist. Why? You can hold his waist
if you’d like! Just take your hands
off her waist. I won’t! Don’t cheat, buddy!
Get your hands off. Don’t talk unnecessarily… Sir, please I beg you.
Let me go. Sir, please!
Let me go. Sir? Please! Please!
Please! Please! – Please, sir!
– Hello? She is your co-hostage, isn’t she?
Look how she is begging for her life. Why are you just standing there
like it’s a college viva. I saw the camera. Camera? Impossible!
Our cameraman… Sarath? Yes, sir? – What are you doing?
– I am hiding, sir! – Come again?
– I’m hiding, brother. – No one saw you, right?
– Not at all! – Let’s roll the camera?
– Sure! Rolling, action! I’ll whack you! Sir, we were doing it for kicks! Be a sport and
say, ‘We’re doing fun!’ It’s a prank, sir. ‘We’re doing fun?’
You dare play a prank? You–! What were you thinking?
What do we look like to you? When you put a knife to our necks,
we’re supposed to get scared. Finally when you say it’s a prank,
we’re supposed to smile for the camera? A reporter? If I call the cops, they’ll lock you up
under public nuisance for 5 years. I’ll call them? No, please don’t. The next time I see you in Chennai
with a camera, you’re done for! Rascals. Tell them to disperse. Get going, everyone.
Leave! Boys… You’re one of those people
who make videos for YouTube? Yes, sir. You’re putting a knife to my neck
in front of such a big crowd… What if someone from the crowd
stepped forward and beat you up? Sir, don’t humour me. Who would dare come close
when I hold a knife to your neck? Even that girl was scared
when she had that knife to her neck. Only after she knew it was a prank
did she slap my friend. So… In front of such a large crowd… A girl just slapped you.
You didn’t feel like slapping her back? Oh, right. If I slap her back
in return… She’d slap me again.
I’ll hit her back. Is this what revenge is? The courage she gathered to slap me…
I need to break that courage. She should only feel fear
when she tries to hit me again. Instilling that fear is true revenge. Wow! – Oh yes…
– Sir! Sir! Sir! Aren’t you ‘Prank Star’ Siva? Sir, I’m your biggest fan. During the Gaja Cyclone,
you helped the Delta Region people… and raised money
by donating both your kidneys! You’re god, sir. – I’ll fall at your feet.
– To handle any potential problems… we set-up these men and… – Sir?
– Go! Sir, during the Jallikattu protests… Get out. You take so much risk in public,
set-up these men too… why do you go through
all this pain? Sir, we need to make money. We want to make solid cash…
in lakhs and crores! What will you do by making
lakhs and crores? Sir, he is… Don’t. No, dude.
It’s the time to speak up. Sir, his name is Viki.
He is my friend. He fainted a couple
of days back. After we rushed him to the hospital,
we found out… He has brain tumour. Sorry. When we went to treat it,
we found out… He has a hole in his heart. A hole in your heart? I’m sorry. When we opened him up
to plug that hole, we found out… his body is missing lungs. What, then? Why do we need reasons
to make money? The reason is money itself! It was nice and cool in there… now, we’re sweating. Money! The tomatoes we eat
is sold on the streets… and our footwear
is sold in air-conditioned rooms. Money, money, money.
Money is everything. How do you survive in our country
without this basic general knowledge! Do you have a visiting card? Sir! – This card is…
– Sir, one moment. Got a pen? Okay! By the by,
this is my visiting card. You can contact us anytime
to sponsor our videos. But get in touch with us quickly
because we have a lot of sponsors waiting. Sir, step aside please. Dude, that guy who wanted to
sponsor 20 crores… He backed out. – He slippered us!
– He is gone too? Oh, that’s funny! You said there’s this guy Ram
who helps the beggars at the beach… I don’t see him here. I wanted to interview him today. The next time I see you in Chennai
with a camera, you’re done for! How come I’ve never seen you here before? You want to sit up here? – Careful.
– Watch it. – Are you doing well?
– Yes. – Have you two eaten?
– We have. My name is Ram.
What’s yours? – My name is Kuppan…
– What about grandma? My name is Azhagi! These are my brothers,
Siva and Viki. – Hi, darling.
– Yes, darling? What a English! How long have you been here? We’ve been here for 30 years. We beg here. We live here.
We sleep here. Where were you
before 30 years? Thirty years back,
when grandma was cooking… The stove exploded and she got
injuries on her hands and neck. We went to the hospital. Our children asked us to place our fingerprint
on a document to pay the hospital bills. We were waiting and waiting
for them to return. But they never came. We left the hospital
and came here. You came here? How did you come here
with the burn injuries? It was Kuppan who looked after me.
It took 3 years to heal. You call your husband by name? Why not? I’ll hit you! I can’t use my hands to eat. Kuppan feeds me. He fed you for 3 whole years? No, Kuppan has been feeding me
for 30 years. “Day after day, we run and run for ourselves;
This selfish life is a burden on the soul.” “Look for God in someone’s smile;
For God lives in the heart of a loved one.” You’ve been feeding someone
for 30 years? I’d even feed my beauty Azhagi
for another 40 years! – What do you care?
– Look at him! Getting all worked up.
Does grandpa lose his temper often? Oh, yes. When he gets angry,
he won’t talk to me for 3 days. Darling, do you really have to live with
such a short tempered man? Why don’t you come with me?
I will take such good care of you. Yes, darling. I’m bored of
living with this man. Why are you talking to that guy? Darling, he feels possessive. Let’s irritate him? Give me your hand. Very good. Come! Kiss me, darling. Hey, don’t kiss him! – I will.
– Don’t! I will! Grandpa, I’ll build a hut for you
by the railway station. You can live there and sell
vegetables from a cart. – Okay?
– Okay… – We need to pay rent, right?
– Come on, darling… We will take care of that. – Do you really mean it?
– Of course we do. So my Azhagi is going
to sleep under a roof from now? “The way of love is a higher state of mind;
Yes, it is a higher state of mind.” “There is no lock to contain love.” Sir? Sir… You’re going a great deed.
I feel so happy. Thanks. Sir, my name is Nisha. I work as a reporter at News7 Channel. I actually came looking for you.
Can you give us an interview? I’m not important enough
to give an interview. I do these things
because it makes me happy. If I give an interview,
the whole purpose changes. Please don’t mistake me.
Sorry. Oh, okay sir. But if you ever feel like
giving an interview… call this number. You dare ask him
for an interview? – Brother, you know who she is?
– Who is she? She is ‘that’ girl! Yes, brother. We’ve had a YouTube channel for years
and even we haven’t asked him. She thinks she’d get one
if she says ‘Sir, interview sir?’ No interview.
Go away, woman! Sir, it’s okay if you
don’t give us an interview… but don’t give it
to their channel! Even 10 people won’t watch. What did you say, woman? Hey, don’t shout Tell her Don’t mistake them.
That’s just how they are. Rip that card an throw it
at her face. I’ll rip it apart! See, I’m taking that card… I’m tearing it to pieces… ripping it to shreds,
and throwing it away! What? Slip it inside.
I can see it! Tuck it in properly. Can’t see it now. Disgusting. Actually Indian economy heavily depends
on agriculture and farming. Yes, Mr. Viki… But no one is taking
care of them. Yeah… During this crisis period,
youngsters should be taking care– Was it the PA? You, too?
What was your dream? We were walking,
he rammed his car into us… and shot us with a gun. – What about you?
– Well… [Singing a romantic song] Viki! Hi! Viki… Tell me,
what was your dream? It was the same accident!
The same dream. He rammed his car into us
and shot us with a gun. Hi! – Let’s go.
– Take your hands off, perv! Don’t you have brothers? Turn that AC on, please. We need to make some serious money,
buy a house like this… and rent it to our house owner. You fool! Why would you buy such a big house
and rent it out to our house owner? It should be his wife! Come on! Oh, yes. What is it? What is it, dear? What are you doing? You sanction the liquor shops…
and then you protest against it too? When did I protest against it?
You brainless moron! If we build factories in all the farming lands,
what would you do for food? I didn’t build any factories. I didn’t build any either! People don’t even have water to drink,
but you want it to make cool drinks? You stupid fool.
Why are you asking me all this? Then whom do I ask? There is a tunic clad man inside.
Go ask him! Who was that guy? Maybe that tunic man’s
younger brother? Could be!
They do look alike. Why did you concede Katchatheevu? Who are you, man?
Where did you come from? You fool– Why did you concede it?
Why, why, why? – Please forgive him, please.
– Why didn’t you come sooner? Please don’t take it the wrong way.
The boss is inside. Come on. Take that stick away from him. Dude… Hello, sir. Sit. That’s okay, sir.
We can’t sit in front of you. Enough with the act.
Just sit. He figured. Sir, do you know how to play
the piano? What would you do
if I said I didn’t know? All the rich people have it in their homes.
But I’ve never seen anyone playing it! Do you know
why I asked you to come? Of course! Your daughter went missing
a couple of months back… You couldn’t find her anywhere. It will damage your reputation if you
went to the police… so you’ve called us. – What are you blabbering?
– Then what? How could we possibly know
why you called us? You need to tell us! This respectable man has all his
workers standing while he is seated… is this the way you talk to him? Sorry, sir. You tell us… That big mouth! Make it smaller. Fine… I’ll tell you
why I called you. Money, money, money.
You were crazy about it. What sort of money
would make you happy? Write it down. Sir, you don’t know us! We would write an exorbitant amount!
Take it back. Then write an exorbitant amount. He’s talking too much… ask him for 10 grand! Keep your mouth shut! Ones, ten, hundred… lakh, lakh and lakh… We don’t know if he has
that much money! million, billion, and trillion! That’s our amount, sir. I’ll give you that amount
with a couple of extra zeros. Will you do as I say? Sir? By ‘giving’, you mean,
you’re actually giving it? Sir, pardon sir… Will you actually
give us the money? Yes. Wow, sir! Tell us…
what do we have to do? – Well… – Sir, just say the word…
we will do it for you! – You guys–
– We really want to do something for you! Why are you still silent?
Just tell us what we need to do! Let me speak. Point, sir. Tell us, sir. I’ll give you three tasks. If you complete
all three tasks successfully… I’ll give you the money
you asked for. But I have some conditions. Condition 1 – The task could be anything.
You can’t ask me any questions. Condition 2 – Only after you
finish the first task will… …I even tell you what the next task is. Condition 3 – this is the
most important one. If you complete the first two tasks
and give up at the final task… you won’t even get a single rupee. The third task is very difficult. Till you complete these tasks,
you need to stay where I tell you to. You use the numbers I give you. I’ll take care of all the expenses
to complete these tasks. If you agree to all these conditions… sign on this agreement. What are you thinking? Are you scared? No, sir… The amount is okay. It’s just the tasks… 10 to 15
would have suited our level… just three? Only three! Don’t get cocky. – The agreement…
– Here you go! You’re still playful… The tasks will be extreme. We’re extreme people.
Tell us the task! There are 22 news channels
in Tamil Nadu. All 22 channels should carry
the same breaking news at the same time. You should be in that breaking news.
I need to see your faces there. You must get all the channels
to talk about you. All the opinions and debates that day…
every single thing should be about you. From the evening newspapers
to the next day papers, all the headlines
should be about you. All the FM radio channels
should talk about you. In this huge screen here,
when I watch all 22 channels… every one of them
should show your faces! I need to watch it from here
and enjoy it. I want to watch and enjoy it. I want to watch and enjoy it. I want to watch and enjoy it. I want to watch and enjoy it. You are an anti-Indian. His name is not Vignesh.
It is actually Joseph Vignesh. I’ve got a Xerox copy
of his identity card. High Court? High Court can go to– Today, we are going to review the movie
‘With your heart, for the truth, rise and charge’. You may use the first couple of words
of an old song as a movie title. You don’t use an entire song
as the title! Funny, funny, funny! Dude… It’s a little difficult for us
to make breaking news. A little difficult is something,
impossible is something else. Come on, man. You’ve been trying to call
Sun Music for six years! Did you even get
your call through? No. That’s the clout
we have in media. Understand? We can’t even ask anyone for help.
We have problems with everyone in town! Minister Nellore Gaja… is meeting ISRO scientists today
in Sriharikota. We expect a breakthrough in science
following this meeting. Come what may,
we are not going to her! Right, right, right. Even if we die penniless,
we are not asking her for help. Correct, correct, correct. I’m too cool. Not her, of all people. Are you idiots? Wants to feature on breaking news! Do you always come up
with twisted ideas like these? Nisha, Nisha, Nisha, Nisha!
Please, Nisha! Help us somehow. Please! Please? First tell me why you want
to be in breaking news? Don’t ask us that! If you give us a good idea, we will
find a way to make it to breaking news. You don’t get it? Do you know what breaking news means? News is generally scheduled ahead of time. But we put all that aside,
and break some important news. How will you ever fit in there? If you dare touch my phone,
I’ll cuss at you real bad. Why are you touching my phone
without my permission? Fat cupcake! You can’t keep your hands to yourself? This is an important business meeting.
Stop fidgeting. Fat cupcake! Forget him, Nisha.
Please do something. Anything! We will do exactly as you say. Help us in some way.
Please, Nisha. Fine… You have a camera, right? Take it and roam around the city. Try to get some good footage
that can be breaking news. Everyday at 6,
my friend reports 100 different news. I can ask her to include yours
as one among them. I’m doing this not for you,
but for your brother. Nisha, the boss called for you. Damn. Fat cupcake! Forget it. She says she will cover us
if we get her something. She has a porn movie in her mobile Wait, what?! I’m sure she does! That’s why
she isn’t allowing me to touch it. Really? Yes, dude. The stuff they watch
is something else. Not like us. She has a pattern lock. Oh no! She has a pattern lock? Her name is Nisha.
The pattern should be N! Give it. A disgrace to pattern locks! See, it’s open! Oh! So these girls fall in love
with men who get kisses from grannies. Come on! Just one kiss. You still haven’t left? The very sight of your faces annoy me. Such weirdos. It’s you I’m scolding.
Why are you grinning? Did you take my phone? I’ve got a pattern lock! Yeah, like it’s a
really secure pattern! Look how secure it is. Sir, come here. Her name is Nisha,
and this is her phone. She has a pattern.
Open it. If her name is Nisha,
it should be N, right? There you go! “My fingers yearn to touch you,
Come, give me a kiss!” “My fingers yearn to touch you,
Come, give me a kiss!” “My fingers long to feel you,
Come, let’s start the war.” – Are you going to sing a duet?
– Why do you ask? We have lots of work.
Holy shit! Coming back to work, Mr. Siva… did you get any idea
for breaking news? Let me tell one idea. Yes, please! A man sticks his head into the mouth
of a crocodile that entered the city – Vignesh! Traitor! The man who decided to jump
head first from the LIC building… Siva! A man dances naked
in Mount Road… Vignesh! A lone man cleans up
Marina Beach… Siva! Take it! That sounds like a good idea. What are you saying? You’re going to clean
the beach single-handedly? Then why are we still thinking? Hello, put that down! Go away. Dude, look here… I did this only yesterday morning! Fat pancake! Nothing we shot so far has worked. Didn’t I tell you,
this is not for us. Coming on breaking news
isn’t a simple thing. We’re acting like lunatics. I know we are acting like lunatics. you think I don’t get that? But think about it. No one else here would have
got a chance like we have. Even we won’t get another chance
like this in our lives again. So I want to make use of it. Just think about it,
what do we have to lose? Let’s try to give it our best shot. You’re blabbering. Brother, please don’t… Just drink it, girl. – I want to go home.
– Here, drink it. Open your mouth!
Drink up… Pour it in her mouth. Dude, pour it Something wrong is happening. What do we do now? Come here. Roll the camera. Frame it with them on one half
and me on the other. – Okay?
– Action! Four rich boys here are harassing
two public school girls. Such injustices continue happening
all over Tamil Nadu. To prevent such incidents,
we must stop them in the act. Viki will now show you
how to stop such incidents. Viki, my foot! Why don’t you go and save them? All of them are big and bulky. You’d be a good match. For your kind information Mr. Siva,
I am the cameraman. I work the camera,
you save the girls. If everyone minds their own job,
someone has to go save them! You could be that someone! Go ahead. – Try to be socially conscious…
– If you are just going to talk… someone will– They’re gone! What? Why won’t he blink? You’re committing all the mistakes. I’ve been watching you.
Such an irresponsible Indian citizen. – Who, me?
– Yes, you! Wretched man. We’ve missed the
only proper content we got. Happy? Good content… Did you think about this? We tried to do good things.
But not one person was interested. But when something bad happens,
we give it all our attention. So? We shouldn’t do good things anymore. Only bad things. What do you mean? We shall become suicide bombers We didn’t know any other way. All the press and media from Tamil Nadu
need to be here in the next 5 minutes. Or I’ll press the remote I’m holding,
and explode these bombs. Three… Two… – One…
– Bro! Bro, aren’t you from that
YouTube channel? Bro, the prank you played
at the park was so funny. What are you doing here? What’s this TV remote? – Who is this guy?
– No idea! Oh, so you were doing a prank here? Bro, judging by everyone’s scared faces,
I’m sure this prank will be a big hit. Superb, bro. Bye!
All the best! We’ll throw ourselves
in front of the CM’s convoy. All hail Tamil Nadu’s permanent
Chief Minister! The leader of our future! Dude… If you’ve got any dirt on
your moustache, clean it! When we rise,
the press is going to be all over us. Did all these people come here
to feature in some breaking news? Slow. What’s the point in being on
all the major breaking news? We’re still scared of that mad-man. I have a feeling that mad-man
is out here somewhere… watching us. Shut your mouth. Why did you kill Gandhi? Gandhi is dead? Oh, no. The monkey got away. What’s an African doing in Tamil Nadu? I’m from Africa?
You saw that? Don’t speak.
Don’t speak. Sir! Hello, sir. You’re both on every breaking news. In all 22 channels.
Very good! How? How did you do it?
I really don’t understand… How did you manage it?
Tell me. Oh, it’s nothing.
Ever since childhood– You said no one other than you
knew this number? I am getting so many threats by call.
It’s scary. I’m here for you, dear. I’ll handle it. Thanks, sir. Sir, about the second task… What was that sound? I bit him! What? Yeah, man. Look, sir. Either he stays in this house
or I stay. The choice is yours. But you don’t even live in this house. Only he lives here. What does it matter who lives where? Ask him what the task is,
let’s get it over with. Mani… His name is Mani. – He is a little…
– I know! I know, sir.
I know. – If you hand him a stick–
– I know! I know, sir.
I know. Make him an MLA
in the upcoming by-elections. Mr. Siva, take good care of your health.
Eat your meals on time. Don’t go sleepless because of the task.
Be wise with your money. – Come on, man.
– What, then? If it were possible,
we could become MLAs instead of him. He is mad. And this man is mad
for setting us this task. What are you looking at? You have all this money.
Why don’t ‘you’ make him an MLA? Like we don’t have enough geniuses
for politicians in our country. This won’t work. Be quiet.
We will talk it out. Sir… Please don’t joke around. Really…?
Is this the task? This is the second task. You must make him an MLA
in the by-elections. I will take care of all the expenses. He never fails to say this line,
no matter what. – Buddy…
– Get lost, man. Listen up, man. We can handle this. Don’t tell me we’re
going to do this task. What we did earlier was tough.
This is very easy. What? Making this mad man
a politician is easy? Oh… He did agree to foot all the expenses. Politicians are just criminals. Now we need to find the
most criminal of the criminals. We need to find someone whose mind,
body and soul is seeped in corruption. If we give him the money,
he will make him an MLA. You mean a political criminal? Yes. Keep it shut. Sit down. So it’s you? You said you are willing to
spend as much as needed to make an MLA? Yes, sir.
That’s me. What do you mean,
Spend as much as needed? We can spend as much as needed, sir. Who wants to become an MLA?
You? No, sir. Him. You have a lot of money? If yes, tell me.
I’ll make both of you MLAs. Dear, there can only be one MLA
in one constituency. What’s wrong with that? Aren’t there states
with two chief ministers? Let two people rather than one person
do good for the constituency. Okay, son. You can discuss money matters
with my Baby here. We’ll meet at the party office tomorrow. Wait, dear. You forgot our little brother. Oh, thank god.
I forgot to mention. I will introduce you to someone
very important. This is my sister’s son.
His name is Little Face. Since his childhood, he has to sneeze
before I leave home. If he sneezes, I will have
a good day. But he needs to feel like sneezing
at that moment, right? Oh, we will make him feel it. – Do it.
– Okay, leader. That’s done.
This endeavour will be successful. You have won! He looks so weird. What if the people are unhappy
when we let him contest? People?
Who are these people? You mean those who speak
indignantly all year… and at election time take thousand or two
thousand rupees for votes? You mean those who
participate in protests… but when a 20-20 cricket match is on,
shamelessly go to watch the game? When our farmers were protesting
semi-naked for 100 days in New Delhi… those who sat in their homes and voted for
reality TV contestants Aarav and Oviya? Who are the people? Huh?
Who are they? Have we not cheated them in the past? Have they not been cheated
by us in the past? Worst case, what can they do? They’ll spit on us?
If they spit We shall wipe it. This girl? Why is she jumping over
this compound wall? Who knows who this little mouse
is playing hide-n-seek with? Girl, I’ll get you. When we said we’re featuring in
breaking news, you called us crazy. And now you’re secretly
making plans with him? Tell me, how much
is he paying you? I thought you were something else. But you’re doing such a thing
just for money? Tell me, what were you doing in Bombay? Shut up. Don’t keep yelling like a fool. I am his daughter. His daughter? You mean you’re his daughter? Yes, moron. He is my father.
The outside world doesn’t know. I work as a reporter
and observe the happenings… get Intel on news channels
and their stance, find allies… and I pass on this information. With this knowledge,
he works in politics and wins. What is your problem? You wretch! Disgusting. You know what will happen
if word got out? What? They’ll spit on me? If they spit, I’ll wipe it off.
Get lost. What’s she doing here? Buddy, that man’s mistaken her
for us and is taking her away. Yeah! ‘NASA Munnetra Kazhagam
[NASA Progressive Conference]’ Why are they shouting? What are you looking at? Shush! What are you fighting over? – To end the farmers’ crisis?
– No, sir. – To tackle the river water shortage?
– No, sir. – To put an end to black money?
– No, sir. Then what were you fighting over? Sir, we think Nayantara
should campaign for the by-elections. “People all around you
got dumbfounded” Sir, we think it should be Keerthi Suresh. “I love you sincerely
You are my fiancee truly” Why are you standing separately? Leader, if you don’t bring Ramya Krishnan
none of us will come for the campaigns. “Is it a play
or procession, you tell?” Always listen to your elders. [Humming raunchy Tamil song] Stop that! Go away. As discussed, for the U.K Nagar
by-elections… we are nominating Mani
as our candidate. – For the campaign–
– Leader! I am a senior member in this party. You have roped him in
unnecessarily. The public will… Bijli, ‘Bijili’ Ramesh is for M.G.R Nagar. For U.K Nagar, it’s Mani.
Stay quiet. You know very well… because of a small rift
within the party… the party symbol has been
temporarily repealed. Nominee Mani will unveil the symbol
we’re going to use henceforth. Take it off. Go on, man. Will you just sit
and eat savouries? Answer! Will you steal river sand?
Will you? Will you shoot the peaceful protesters?
Will you? Will you, now?
Answer me! Why should I read another language
when my mother tongue is Tamil? Easy for you to say.
You’re crazy. You’ll say anything.
But we can’t be like you. Why did you concede Katchatheevu? Why did you? Why did you do that? Why did you do that? I’ll do as I please. What are you doing here? Let’s go inside. What is it? – Please.
– Why? No We must hide somewhere. Get lost! What’s going on? Sir, that’s just how he is. He cannot be controlled
when he’s handed a stick. You’ve chosen that as his emblem.
How can we control him now? That’s it?
It’s over now? He can never be made to win? Son… “Yesterday we met each other, you see” “Forgot ourselves in our meeting duly” “The wind…” “…blows the cool breeze” “Dance, you bet” “Will rock & roll” “Everywhere around here
filled the folklore, you hear” “A novel song” Drop the stick. “A group has joined together” So let’s start our campaign, then? Finally, you’ve turned him
into a politician too! Siva, Viki! How are you? Let’s take a picture. You should stay for the meal. What’s all this? Oh, so you’re the reason? Oh, no.
Him and his stupid face. Move it. Long live… MLA Mani. Dude, we completed both the tasks! Oh, yeah. If we finish the third task as well
and collect all the money…

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  1. 7.45 true love ellarume ipdiye purinchi vaalntha pirivu endra ondra varathu I love my Hubby love you lot ma neeyum nanum ipdiye vaalanum

  2. Full adichum bodhayillai
    Bullet beer adichum kick illai
    Kallu kudichum thookkam illai
    Indha video mulusa paathum sirippu illai
    Idhellam oru comedy'nu solriye unakku vekkama illa?

  3. நினைத்த அளவுக்கு பெரிய மயிரு ஒண்ணும் இல்ல….

  4. Sema comedy. Sirichu siruchu vayir ellam valikuthu. Intha comedy pathu illaa. Dumbest review ellam kannu munnala vanthu pothu.

  5. idhellam eppadi da padam nu edukkareenga.. indha padatha produce panradhuku naalu ezha kozhandhaingala padikka vaingada…

  6. படம். செமையா இருக்கு.

    கிழிச்சு தொங்கவிட்ருக்கானுங்க எல்லாரையும்.

    எல்லாருக்கும் செம ஆக்டிங். ஸ்ட்ராங் ரோல் 😍😍😍

  7. Don't give bad comment please..kasthapathu oru shooting panni eduthu senju poduraange..please respect and support to us..pidikalena just go away..please don't hurt us..

  8. otha idellam oru comedya da?? gap vidama pesi kazhutha arukkuranunga.. inime unga velaya youtubeoda nippatikonga da

  9. Where is comedy ?????? Rio after make up also look black don't tease other people with their colour in your show in vijay tv.. and fuck you

  10. I don’t think big screen is a good option for these guys. They did a good try. But it’s better to continue their actual stuffs not into big screens.

  11. super movie and samma comedy found it very inspiring especially the climax it was very emotional . Great job to siva anna hope you do another movie

  12. சாத்தியமா சொல்றேன். Full வீடியோ பாத்தும் ஒரு இடத்துல கூட சிரிப்பு வரல

  13. Indha padam oodama pootathuku kaaranam society la nadakura reality ah eduthu sonnanga la Adhan nalladhu eduvumey Nama allungaluku pidikadhey 😏😏😏

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