Nerf War: Birthday Battle

Nerf War: Birthday Battle

Subscribe to PDK Films Eric Paul’s Birthday, Thanksgiving Day Paul To Paul, from Eric Brother, like a skid mark on your whitest underpants… You really stand out. Happy birthday, and happy Thanksgiving. Love, Eric To Paul, from Jess Wishing you a mucho good time on your Birthday! And happy Thanksgiving! Love, Jess Hey you! You want some candy? Take some, take some candy! Leg Day baby let’s go! Happy turkey month! Come with me, my furry little friend P.S. check the office Don’t open until Thanksgiving dinner But I’m hungry! Bro, did you eat the Thanksgiving turkey? Indeed I did, it was delicious That was for Thanksgiving dinner But I was hungry! NERF WAR! NERF WAR! AHH! Grandma? What are you doing here? Wow, nice mustache FREE CANDY Yo you want some free candy? Here you go Yes! Woooo Hey guys, Paul from PDK Films here. Hope you enjoyed the video Be sure to subscribe, smash that like button, leave a comment down below Today’s my birthday so happy birthday to me, but also happy Thanksgiving to all of you guys And let me just enjoy this delicious chicken, I mean turkey, right here

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  1. November 28th is my BIRTHDAY, and it's also THANKSGIVING, so happy thanksgiving everyone! Thank you for all the support over all these years, we have so many crazy videos coming your way!! Make sure to subscribe and hit the bell, let's get this turkey!

  2. I sepan spanich but l love your videos we are from Honduras and we are brothers and we love Allan and Justin.this is written un a translater.

  3. 😂🙌😂🙌😂🙌😂🙌😂🙌😂🙌😂🙌😘😘😘👊👌👊👌👊👌👊👌⏩⏩⏩⏩😁

  4. Hello brother… ! I am from india am a new subscriber… i like your performance i like you all…and happy birth day brother.. 💌

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