Nerve Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Emma Roberts, Dave Franco Movie HD

Nerve Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Emma Roberts, Dave Franco Movie HD

[Computer voice]
Welcome to ‘Nerve’:
a game like truth or dare minus the truth. [Computer voice]
Watchers pay to watch, players play to win cash and glory. Are you a watcher or a player? Are you a watcher or a player?
Are you a watcher or a player? Watch, player. – It’s cool right?
– It looks very sketchy. Is this legal? V, life is passing you by, you need to take a few risks every once in a while. I do take risks… Okay. You’re playing Nerve. Do you accept your dare, V? Kiss a stranger for five Seconds??! [burping] Just kiss that guy. – Okay…
– Okay. Bye. Apparently the watchers want me to team up with you. I don’t think I’d make a very good partner. Stay. Let’s see what else happens. Okay. [joyful screaming] Is that V? Do you know where I can find this dress? My wallet, my clothes… everything’s gone! I know, my stuff is gone too… – We’ve got…
– I’m not shoplifting! – Look. We don’t have a choice.
– Technically it just says we have to leave the store. [cheering] “Big Fan!” Hold on. I’m just doing the “Y” in Daddy. What?! He’s kidding. [singing] Dollar, dollar bill yaaah… You know that some kid died in Seattle playing Nerve? What happens if i bail? You lose everything. All of our money is missing… Wait! Mom! What?! Officer!! I’m sorry, I need help! V… don’t do this. How d’you know my name? What the hell is going on? Watchers! They stole our identities. We became prisoners of the game. [Computer voice]
V, we control your life. The only way out is to win. Now remember: you’re my eyes! No way! Faster! [screaming] [Computer voice]
Players [Computer voice]
Show us your weapons.

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  1. @youtube @caseyneistat
    The ad before this video? Like the parody of Beme, if beme promoted ‘how to become an actor’

    Has to do with ‘clocks’

  2. I was pleasantly surprised nerve is a fast pace teenage drama film thriller that has a moral message about the internet and privacy issues great film

  3. This is based on blue whale. A kid here at the Philippines died because of playing that game. I recommend not to download it. The kid accepted the all the challenge and after the kid completed all the challenges, the game told the kid to suicide or they will kill the kid including the kid's family. So the kid did suicide.

  4. Watched the movie for :Halsey
    But ended up falling in love with this movie 🙌🏻💖💕💙💖💕💙💖💕💙

  5. ok but this movie was actually entertaining as hell, but they did our mans dave franco dirty with the hair

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