Neutral – SHORT FILM

Neutral – SHORT FILM

Do you want some water? Huh? Do you want some water? Oh. No. Do you have anything to eat? I think there’s some peanuts in the glove compartment. Last week I was taking this guy to
Phoenix. He threw up the whole trip. He must have puked
ten times. That’s great. Eventually I had to pull over so he could express himself freely. But when I uncuffed him… He sucker-punched me right in the face and took off into the desert. Did he get away? Yeah. Until I chased him down and vehicularly manslaughtered him. You KILLED him? Nah. I just nudged him out of consciousness then threw him in the trunk. Huh. My point is… I don’t wanna keep you in handcuffs. But I also don’t want to hit you with the car. Don’t worry. I have a strong stomach. Wanna play a game? No thanks. Come on, we’re gonna be in here for a
while. How about some Go Fish? I’m sorry but I’m not really in the mood to play games with you. Look, believe me or not I don’t want you
to get locked up. I think you’re a really nice person. So Let me go. But… If I was to let you go then I end up in your seat. So say I sucker-punched you. (laughs) Oh. Not gonna happen. What if the eager captive couldn’t resist her captor’s powerful allure. So she ravaged him and then rendered him incapacitated and helpless. Okay yeah that could definitely work. If I wasn’t a complete professional. Don’t get me wrong. I think you’re unbelievably… Uh, presentable. But I’m not like most guys. If you want my part to start, try using
my heart. Ew! Pick a card okay remember that card and then put it
back anywhere in the deck Damn it. I messed it up. Unless… This is your card Whoa! Where did that card come from? (tires screech) Jesus! Sorry! I’ve never seen a magical trick in person before. There you go. Wow! That was awesome. I was in a magic league in high school. What’s that? It’s where you go for four years before you go to college. It’s the National League of young magicians. Once you turn 18 you vanish! That’s my trick. I’m making you vanish. I’m sorry. That was a horrible thing to say. I don’t normally talk this much. Bu I rarely meet people outside of work and most of my clients are angry old misshapen men. I like talking to you. If you weren’t going away to prison I would… OK, I mean if we had met under
different circumstances Can you just stop talking and make the rest of this awful trip a little less awful? (engine stalls) (instrument gauges buzz) of course I just filled up a few hours ago (music plays) (turns key) no disappearing tricks while I’m gone There’s so much stuff (turns key) huh I guess left the flag somebody down (sighs) (music plays) are you asleep? are you dreaming? can you hear me? I can see your dreams Did you know that? Tom I love you my butt’s asleep OK? can I get out to stretch? Oh God I’m so sorry! are you ok? I’m fine! Think you can take the handcuffs off? I don’t know I’m not gonna run away you would catch me anyway I just want to walk around whatever Yeah, okay, fine oh, thank you (sighs) freedom! just kidding Not funny hasn’t been a car for hours I’m aware oh so he does get upset he’s not upset he’s hot you don’t sound hot What do you care anyway?
It’s not like you’re the one going to prison. I’m not especially happy about
you going to prison Um might wanna consider a career change then the guys I take to prison belong in prison you’re the most refreshing person I’ve
had in my custody Therefor you’re the most frustrating person I’ve had in my custody I have no idea what you’re saying Forget it No please talk more What’re you doing stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars? You’re a nice little lady who knows magician tricks oh so nice little ladies can’t do anything wrong? You don’t know me just because we spent a couple of hours in the car together I belong in prison just as much as the other misshapen men what are you doing bounty hunting? You’re a sad goofy man who can’t restrain a prisoner Aaaaaahhhhh! and where did you make that card appear
from? Tom please stop why can’t we talk? because that’s all you do We fixed anything yet talking is not gonna fix anything You don’t talk to me. You talk at me. Like when I tell… That’s not true And you talk over me We can’t live like this I won’t live like this We tried. We really did. Em. I can’t give up. Tom, it been three years of trying to fix something that, that never worked. I don’t feel it anymore. stop no it’s done music plays singing: “wake me up” Hey! Hey! hey… (groans) come back! did you not see them coming? No. Didn’t you? No I fell asleep How did you not see them? I’m waiting for something that has AC Why is this happening? I need my peanuts I need my peanuts Oh God You ate all the peanuts It was a small bag it was my small bag You said I could have the peanuts so I had the peanuts Now we will die out here And then you’ll also go to jail for murdering me They were unsalted anyway That’s my favorite version I’m sorry you feel that way I wasted an entire bag on a hater You’re the one hating on me for preferring
salted peanuts like the rest of the entire world Everybody I know likes unsalted peanuts Well that’s because you don’t have any
friends Well I wouldn’t be friends with someone who wouldn’t save me some of my own peanuts I’m sorry for trying to make the most of my last meal Don’t try and make me feel bad. You’re the one who got yourself here. Actually you and your clown car got us here. Clown car!? Yeah! Your broken down Steve
Urkel mobile. This car is a classic. It’s one of the most iconic cars ever made. If only it worked. It does work! It’s never broken down before! Well wake me up when it works like a real car. I just want one peanut. that’s all I need You? You’d probably eat 100,000 if you could. What do you care? You just love stealing Peanuts, money, anything get your filthy little rat hands on… Oh my God! Shut up! Just shut up! I could be in jail by now. (music plays) I don’t mind the you ate the peanuts They were super old and I wasn’t gonna eat them anyway. Sorry I got upset I’m having a lot of trouble at this
point in my life Emotionally speaking physically my body is unparalleled the only woman I’ve ever loved
left me recently And I feel like I’m having a constant panic attack She was my entire life Now my life is over So I talk a lot. In order to avoid
sitting with my emotions My sister was handicapped from medical
malpractice. The insurance company wouldn’t pay her settlement because she was late
submitting the claim. Doesn’t help that they make it impossible to know what you’re doing. So I got a job in their accounting offices and I adjusted some numbers. I don’t think that what I did was wrong because they don’t think what they did was wrong. But that is why I stole hundreds of thousands of dollars. And you don’t talk too much. I mean you do But you have a pretty good disposition for having one of the worst jobs and bodies ever. Next week when I’m sitting next to it it’s sweating pile of crime… I’m gonna look back fondly on miserable trip with you. Well you did get a front row seat to a free magic show. (car engine starts) What are you doing? I’m not doing anything! Is this some sort of magic trick? I’m not that good. Hey! Come back! (music builds) (music plays loudly) Don’t leave me! I can’t stop it. You have to jump on! I can’t do that! OK stay there. Hang on! (tires screech) start running now Take my hand You’re going to fast Just do it! Jump or something I can’t keep running Hang on (groaning) Is it slowing down? No! (music plays) Eeeeeaaaahhhhh! I’m on! I’m on! What now? don’t ask me (music plays) Thanks for watching! -Nathan

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  1. Glad i followed the link from Rental Reviews, enjoyed this, i am used to seeing your satirical stuff. Awesome.

  2. Wow!! I’m genuinely impressed!! What a beautiful amazing piece of art – visually aswell as stort telling wise!! Absolutely love it!! I found you after watching the review of ‘the duel’ on cinemassacre btw… 👌👏👍

    Edit: subscribed btw!!! (Naturally!!!)

  3. This gives me hope. We still have filmmakers out there who aren't afraid and are actually motivated to tell stories on film. It's something the movie industry is not interested in doing anymore. Hopefully they can once again embrace the idea of giving a filmmaker with an interesting story a couple of bucks and seeing what happens. Until then, I can either watch robots fighting each other or I can be kind to myself and watch a little gem like "Neutral." I'll take the latter lol.

  4. 6:33 That's about 99 percent of men who've broken down and flipped the bonnet. "So much stuff." And as for the rest of this, absolutely great!

  5. I just came her after the YT video review of Duel (1971) you did with James Rolfe and Tony. Wow Nathan this movie really shows how much you have grown as a filmmaker over the years. Great short!!!

  6. Ok, get here after duel review. And boy, oh boy. This movie hit me hard. Part near 20.00, when he see flower on this lonliness desert. Yea, love it. So simple but so perfect.

  7. This is a very, very… film student-y movie. In a good way.
    Like… you know how Tarantino movies work? With lots of clever little subversions of tropes that sideswipe you?
    I dunno man this is good and it makes me wish I'd gone in this direction. Definitely seeing a lot of themes and techniques that pop up in a certain father figure's backstory.
    Yes I came here from Cinemassacre because I'm fucking basic.

    Why did you choose to read more? The comment was all wrapped up.

    Well fine then. Here we go. When I was young and still believed in myself, I was friends with a film student and we came up with an idea that never happened.
    You're going to read this idea.

    The whole movie is a group of friends ransacking a flat looking for something. You don't know what it is.
    They are looking for something for another character that you never see until the final shot.
    You discover fragments of their relationships and past as they uncover more items that they comment on.
    Some are silly. Some are mundane. Some are shocking. Some shouldn't have been found.
    You learn the background through their discoveries and reactions and piece the plot together yourself.
    Things start to get heated as they get distracted and start arguing.
    Just as an especially tense event draws to a head (say a weapon being drawn) the character that we have been hearing about and forming our own mental picture of walks in, ignores the scene and goes straight to a hidden compartment or significant hollow book to retrieve the macguffin while muttering "You don't know me at all, do you?".
    Everyone leaves, with meaningful/embarrassed looks all round.

    If you want it, take it. I know a lot of aspiring screenwriters and directors must have seen this video so… this is something if you ever get a block. At least I can contribute in some way.

    And don't try hating on this shit. YOU chose to read more. YOU wasted your own time, bub.

  8. I met you from CineMassacre Rental Review DUEL video. And i Thank James(AVGN) for that. That's the best short movie i saw this year. You're very talented and God.. the slow-mo effect ideas!.. I happy to see something brilliant and new from a overused cinematic resource. Amazing Job!

  9. Wow… just found you from AVGN. The first scene kinda turned me off but I'm glad I continued, this was awesome!

  10. I've seen several similarly shot and written short films like this. It's the kind of stuff you'll never ever see on big mainstream screens, but usually either only on tv channels strictly dedicated to art or small local indie-cinemas.

  11. I have to say, the music is phenomenal. Each track helps convey a full range of emotion. The upbeat track at the end really has a good contrast with the sadness the flashback songs brought.

  12. I'm just in awe. I loved the story,the characters, the music, the cinematography and just the overall aesthetic of this short film. I'm glad I got to watch finally and can't wait to see Milford!!

    P.S I hope there is a soundtrack to buy for Milford like there is for Neutral. 😉

  13. Ok, I was waiting for the killer truck to appear and it never did. Nice broads, though. I'm not much of a drama guy, but where there are females…there is drama.

  14. You will always be one of my favorite youtubers Nathan, I grew up watching your videos and you were a pretty big part of my childhood and words can’t express how happy I am that you still make content no matter what it may be. Thank you for being you Nathan, love you

  15. Man this is so beautiful. I knew Nathan could make me cry from laughing but this time he made me cry from CRYING… who knew?

  16. Great little short I am really glad I gave it a shot. I truly enjoyed it!

    Is there any
    way to get the soundtrack for it? I loved the opening scene music quite a bit.

  17. Seriously, I think your one of the most hardest working person on YouTube. Hope to see you on the big screen, one day.

  18. “That would work… if I wasntacompleteprofessional” that line delivery was honestly amazing, especially right after “You wanna play cards? Go fish?”

    AND the “Physically though, my body is unparalleled”

  19. Yestuardey i saw review on cinemassecre with you/ And thats the way i come here. And…. My god!!!!!!! This is awsome!))) This is the spirit, atmospere color and feel that i wont to see in modern movies! You did wonderful work! Dialogue… Is interesting (not like mnodern Tarantino). It is good without drone shots? shaky cam and all that stupid stuf that i seen now)) Its that moovie wat i am wont to see in theatres. Thank you) (And Hello from Vladivostok!))

  20. Wow! Outstanding short film. Thank you Nexpo for leading me towards this amazing talent. Keep up the great work Nathan!

  21. Holy shit his previous girlfriend in the leggings and blue shit with red things is also the girl from the commercial about having a baby! Though I’m sure I’m the only one who connected that and this comment is useless hahaha

  22. I found you through another character that may or may not have "stolen" your face. This is such a sweet film, I'm glad I found it. You're kind of an old-school 'character' actor, and yet… talented enough to be the lead. I love what you're doing on all fronts, and can't wait to see more!

  23. This is a masterpiece. Awesome cinematography. Well acted. Moving, and as someone with a broken heart, it made me tear up. The music was also phenomenal. And for once, an artistic film that isn't preachy or trying to play with visual medium, and tells me a story. Is this the same road and is Phoebe Neidhardt the same actress from The Midnight music video you did?

  24. I checked out this channel to see some Keith Apicary antics, but never expected to find anything like this…and I loved it! I can't believe this doesn't have more views.

  25. Such a perfect short film. The cinematography is breathtaking! I'm a new fan of yours (found your dad channel through Nexpo) and I'm excited to have so much content to go through! You're hilarious and talented! Keep up the awesome work, man!

  26. I just came here from his “the worst song ever” video so I was expecting something ridiculous lmao but this is actually pretty good

  27. Bravo, man. I really like how you were able to incorporate your acting strengths — namely your physicality and portrayal of goofy characters — in a drama in an effective way. Looking forward to seeing what you do next!

  28. Saw you on Cinemassacre, reviewing Duel and came over to check you out. Wow, I'm impressed! I loved it! Great job. Subscribed.

  29. Man, it's so good! I watched your videos time to time – like gymnasty, keith apicary and other classics but this was one of the best movies for a long time for me! Thank you!

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