New Action Movies 2017 Full Movie English | MISS MALLIGE | English Dubbed Full Movie With Subtitles

New Action Movies 2017 Full Movie English | MISS MALLIGE | English Dubbed Full Movie With Subtitles

Hello.. Can’t you see the
No Smoking board..? This is public place. No
cigerette smoking.. Is it..? even there is a board
sign..Use Condoms.. Can I use condoms..ya..? mind you I want to see you… give me your number.. My sweet heart… Bye sweetie.. Fire, water and bet.. Don’t play with
these three Even if you play with
those three… never think of playing
with me. Don’t think me that way.. Be careful ! Hey listen, I’ll
teach you… You can see if I show
you right…? get lost..these idiots
tries to… What used to yell
up me when I come late But today you yourself
came late… You know why..?I started on
time from home .. But when I came out and
try to start my vehicle.. ..tyre is punctured By the time to get an auto
I got delayed… hmm ..whatever it may be.. vehcile got punctured..your
body got punctured You have to come to
office on time… You understand…? Hey stop it..
let’s go… Hey Mallika..our Boss is
more interested in you.. what’s the matter..? ya..whenever he sees me ..he
keeps smiling at me… such a flirt..I just want put him
on ground and grind him up that upset I’m
with him Two plates of
Pani Puri ok madam.. Tw tea also
ok…ok ma’am Hold it sorry.. ya.I’ll call you later Hello ..excuse me
yes.. You pushed my plate and you
just keep walking with that..? ya..that’s why I
apologised.. If you apologize,whatever my
eatables come back..? is it..? You better pay for my
plate and leave. Why should I..?I don’t.. If you don’t.. Do you know what we do
to the animals yaar..? Brother..take money for the
2 plates before.. and one plate we
need now.. Take money for
3 plates.. I just pushed
one plate.. But have to pay
for 3 plates… I know I’m being
cheated your cooking is really
very tasty.. simply superb If owner of Taj or owner
of Park pastry of food.. they might appoint you
as a chef. That’s fine..But you want
you still staying that PG..? come and stay with
me know..? I don’t mind staying
with you..but…. what about the society..?
will they keep quite..? They might call us
Lesbians This is ok..? what if your ex-husband comes
and files a complaint on me..? many times I’ve told you
not to mention about him Once your property and prosperity
was enjoyed by him and he might come back
to seek and enjoyed again Do you know why I’m
staying this..? He has tasted
the habits I don’t know where that idiot is enjoying
his life now..? But if he comes back
searching for me… I’ll shoot and
finish him OK..rather than getting
upset and finishing him.. you better finish what
is in your plate sorry..really sorry Oh,,this is the snack
paid case..I got you.. I wil show you now what you mean by sorry..? If you say just a sorry,will I
get my record note back ? See this..See this.. One full weak I worked
hard and wrote this… and you spoil within a
miunute I said sorry right..
please leave me.. I’m getting late for work
now …I want to go Why these girls are
so selfish..? whatever happens to others
you don’t care.. Only you should
be happy You will go to office..
its ok for you.. If I don’t go to college Are you not getting it and
telling you,it was happened Move away and don’t
waste my time You will keep talking
like this… I’ll shout and complaint your
harrassment what madam..are you trying
to blackmailing me..? I don’t get scared of
all these things.. Because of girls like you
behaving like this…. boys like us are not all
secured in the society If we sit in the lady’s
seat in the bus… and you will makes us and get
up saying that it is yours… If you sit in the gent’s seat,we never
make you get up from there… In a bus or a croweded
place unknowingly.. we touch you..
you say stupid Have we guys are ever
rebuke you girls like that..? If husband says something
with anger… immediately the wife will go to the
police and file a complaint The same way if wife
hits the husband.., Have you heard of the husband
complaining to the police? Women has different
justice and and men has different,
is it…? I don’t want to
do all that… I want my record back
because of you… it got drenched in
water completely or else I’m going to
do a strike here I’ll call my leader and
raise a problem I want justice…I want justice…
I want justice… Do you want nuts..? I just asked you if you want
to have some nuts..? Oh God… everynight and my dreams I’m think of you Hello…?
where are you..? I’m sitting in a park completing a fool’s
record… I’ll be late to office ok.. Hey, Boss is waiting
for you.. Every five minutes
he is asking… Has Mallika came..?
Has Mallika came..? and he is torturing..within half
an hour the meeting is yet to
start…come fast.. Ok fine..I’ll come
before that Was the call from
your office..? No..from my uncle’s
house Is said so..?why are you keeping
your face like this? Ok let it go.. You go to office.. Don’t write rubbish in your
urgent schedule Thanks ..I’ll see
you then… Hello..I said go to office, never
said stop writing notes Finish all your work Finish writing this and
bring it tomorrow.. Be careful when
you are putting what..? I was talking
about nuts Hello Madam… what is your problem..? where will you hand over
my notes? That same place where
you fell down only ..ok..? Oh my God..what a beauty !
what a beauty ! Instead being a
human being.. If I born as a seat
of the bike how could it would
have been? Dear
I’m going to … give you a surprising
news.. One of the main pillar
of our company…. …is sitting among you and she is going to be
promoted as….. Assistant Manger
from today Till now… she is been a great support of
the growth of our company.. So as to honour her I’m going to
promoted her and give her more
responsibilities.. As sitting as an ordinary
person…. sitting with a beautiful
smile among you.. bold and beautiful girl
Mallika….. Thank you Hello…What manager
madam…. After you promoted
as Manager… ..more than working in
office…you’re bringing file here and working..
Ya..nice question.. I’ll take my pillow and bed
go there and sleep.. I can’t be with him 24
hours in the office.. That’s why I brought
the files.. Then what are these
record books..? Oh.I completely forgot
about that.. I told you about the guy
in the moring right. I hit that guy and his
notes got drenched Poor fellow.He is a
college student Even if gets too late.. I’ll have to sit and write the
complete the whole thing. hmm… ok.. today notes is drenched and
you’re writing for him. tomorrow he would
fall in drainage then.. bring him home and
give him bath.. You don’t have
to worry I’ll right to give
you that job now go to your hostel
before the gate closed else you sleep here.. Please stop
harassing me Oh good ..that you
reminded me Oh know.. he is standing there
just like I told him yesterday My bad luck..I forgot
the notes I better escape from here
before he sees me God save me nothing worry He thinks he is Arnold
showing pose.. let me escape from here
wearing my helmet before he seeing me Hello..Hello.. Hello..wait..
stop the bike What madam..? You ask me to wait and
now you are just leaving Where are my notes..? Oh..that..I fnished writing But I forgot to bring
the notes today I’m really sorry.. I’ll definitely bring it
tomorrow what..You’ll bring my
notes only tomorrow..? Is it my job coming
and standing here? I’m a rank holder student
in my college.. If I don’t take
my notes… what would happened
to my prestige..? As if you have a
big scholar Look here..I forgot you bring
your notes today.. I’m really getting late
for work now allow me to go I’ll somehow get it for
you in the evening Always you would be
playing or what.. why are you harrassing
us like people..? The same way if you forgot to bring
it in the evening then..? ok..ok..give me your
mobile number.. I’ll call you and
remind you 9845241530 Ok you may go now Happy journey.. what are you looking
at my face for ? Its already leaking.. I was taking about
your pen.. your call is on wait..
please hold your call is on wait..
please hold.. what is this..? ya..its her.. Hello….
Hello who is this..? Its me only.. Its me meaning..?you don’t
have a name? That day in the
dirty water…. what dirty water..? didn’t say dirt..
I said notes.. Oh my holy soul Are you a human
or devil? you just keep following me
acting were like as a devil come on..what is
this madam.. If I don’t have the
notes for the day.. how can I study and how can
I pass in the exam..? Hey Great scholar..Don’t
harass me like this.. Now listen to me.. I’ll give your notes in
the evening ok..? ok..ok.. then we’ll meet in the restaurant
at Silver Line in the evening I will wait for you there said I’ll wait
for my notes Ok now..hang up Mallika, If he calling you to
the restaurant as if he calling as lover
then he is brilliant If he is brilliant,
I’am a genius you know that too.. In front of me,he is
no a babe he can’t keep acting smart
like that with me Once we go there.. Let me see whether he is
brilliant or you are genius Oh came
at last How long have been I’m
waiting for you… If you want your work to be
done you’ve to wait like that If you know that
real way… you don’t mind making us
wait for long time… Its your favourite thing to
make men wait till death.. If we want to go for
morning show… You will reach only at
second show If you want to meet at coffee
day in the evening… you will join only
for dinner If you want to take your
friend’s wedding by the time you finish
your make up his first night would
be over by them If you try to marrying will
show it in the first night itself I don’t want all these
things now… I want to achieve that..
I want to achieve this.. and make us wait for
one year full waiting and waiting are become
hards will become hard.. and then you will
be blaming us.. you say you don’t
have heart… your heart is
hardened Brother..I don’t have that
habit anything .. that you have to
tell me rightnow Be clear on that..?
ok.. Here are your notes.. We’re leaving now madam Normally takes one
weeks without sleep and putting lot of efforts
to write these notes.. But you have written
in 2 days.. for that at least have to
give you a cup of coffee.. else my heart will
feel bad.. notes will
feel bad Its duty to offer If you say is
up to you.. I don’t want to have any
guilty feeling in miy mind may go No..we’re going to have
coffee and then leave.. Sit Raji.. Barer ..two coffee please I don’t take coffee one minute please.. Madam Bill Two coffees are worth
400 rupees..? That sir was eating ice cream
and juice madam.. I knew that guy was
a fraud god…! why are you giving..?
I’ll pay the bill What is this man..? Can’t you wait until
I come back what are you
saying sir..? I was waiting from
3 to 4 pm He is always like this… very humourous guy.
shall we go there ? You said you wanted
to give the bill Give please..we are
taking leave now.. Bye… should have taken
money before I came back what sir..? Your good for nothing Hello.. what are you doing sitting
alone at home..? If you sit alone
like this.. you will remember all whole
stuff and get a headache watching TV, holding clothes..
cleaning the floor… which already is cleaned How many time you will
repeat the same thing..? Leave everything and
come out I’ll wait for you in the park
come fast.. we will just roam around
somewhere outside.. Your mind will
be relaxed.. ya..I forgot to tell you
something.. when you buy the chocolate
and other things…. Don’t bring your friend
along with you.. You come alone..
do you get it..? See that.. let’s don’t
talk now We will meet and
talk everything Bye Hello.. Hello.. shit..he cut the line How do he see know that
I’m alone… and he also knows that
my details in everywhere.. and I don’t know what are
you knows about me let me wait and
see that.. Oh..Hey are stared
becoming very lazy on sundays Why are you late today..? oh..what to tell madam.. I have the husband who
is useless.. whole night he was drinking
and came in the morning.. we had a big fight and managing
him to took so long He really doesn’t deserve
wife and children.. OK fine finish your
work and leave for home I’ll be very late Ok ma’am OK..if he is calling me,
why should I go..? No..I’m not going I first thought not
to come.. Even I keep getting boared Everyday hanging out with Raji
is also very boring I just came for a
change you know You look very beautiful
in this Sari… already started
flirting with me.. Except Pant that every lady
will look pretty in Sari whatever I say you..You’ll have
an opposit answer for that That is what impress
me a lot Ya..and one more thing You will look more beautiful
if you let your hair loose and the small red dot in
between your eye brows if you make it
looking nice and then.. You give the same reaction
for compliments too.. ..even the story is bad the coverpage should
be good know.. Is it wrong..? If you chase the cover
page alone… ..the story is not going
to change You are talking
so well.. Ok..what is your name..
is it.. I never said that.. You are very sharp OK..tell me now ..what is
your name ..? Mallika Mallika..nice name.. You are so beautiful..
your name is Mallika.. Your name is also beautiful
you’re also beautiful Mallika My native is Mysore are from Mysore So you are actually
Mysore Mallika So Sweet Mysore Mallika Hoi……la..Mallika.. Till now you never told me
anything about yourself My name is Surya..My dad’s
name is Chandrasekhar Business man Mother is house wife My brothers studying
in high school They are all staying in
our native place and I’m doing my final year
in a college here I’m staying in the hostel
and study Not bad.. This interest is it only in talking
or also you show it in study? However you take it and
you keep it Today morning I think you’re
listening to the old songs Is that true..? How do you know
about that? whenever I talking to
you over phone…. I over heard it This guy is very smart.. If he gets a chance..he might sell
the moon by putting a plot Mom…if you keep
talking like this.. ..don’t you understand
what I am saying No.. Please mom..don’t keep
saying these thing.. To whom you were figting
over the phone..? It was my mom She wants to know how I
am able to stay alone and.. now she wants me to
get married again I gave a good on that I already been cheated
once in my life Should I again
be cheated? These men..they are all
like dogs.. If one man cheated you.. why do you think everyman
are like that? Even if not for you…for
this useless society who talks good and bad
just for them atleast You have to
get married. If a girl lives alone people around her
talk bad about her A woman have to
live with a man This is the culture which
was not returning law All men are the same ok.. If they see a land post
they live their legs But I expects someone wants
understands me I won’t get that person Ya..buddy what you
saying is right Every men are the same There is no big
difference in them So as women we have to
learn to balance and live We have to select someone who is average
once he become our own We have to tie a
belt around him and we should take
care of him Ok..Have your food Boss is waiting there come on..have it fast What buddy..what is
the matter? Nothing to say buddy Hello.. I’m here in
college and I’m studying right now ok..ya..ya..I’ll come ok….I’ll come Are you a human being? she didn’t even
come here You are just getting scared
of her phone call We just had one cigarette you spoiled and stand
that too I don’t have even money
to buy one..idiot.. sorry Buddy..I don’t know
what I’m doing in tension Don’t mistake me
please I have a small work.
I’ll be back soon Hey..hey bro.. Hey Mister.. You guys..have tea and
walking off come back and pay your
money and leave Look at this fellow.. He just a size of a match box
and see how is talking Hey Mister..what
are you talking? I might be like match
box in size… But first pay the money and
leave this place hey..write it in my
account I’ll come tomorrow
and pay As if you are a Billgate.. have current
account here? come here tomorrow..I’ll
show you who I am.. come..sit If you do like this..I’ll never
coming in your bike come and sit..all this
is very common Hello gentle man.. If someone gets a
number of a girl… ..and makes friends
with her.. everyday they will get around
50 messages and ten calls.. But you never call me or
text me once a week also That doesn’t mean you
are a great man or.. good-hearted person ok..? You also call me and took
me for outing that day.. It was really boring
that day.. You would always talking
like a chatter box If a beautiful girl
rebuke you.. take that it as a compliment
right..? No..not with every girl only with you.. He is trying to
please me I’m not like the
other girls I’m not get please with
these kinds of words… Eventhough iron is
very strong.. if you heat and beat till bent
however you want are built your
body very well.. for you guys that
doesn’t matter will be like six
pack..8 pack But we can only have
2 packs If you maintain those two
packs..that’s enough You will have the whole
the world under you… In front of that, the 6 pack
and 8 pack is nothing Did you see that..? Its so hard to work
over there. But some person is built a
chapel in that place Ya..that’s right.. Hey Surya..whenever
I come here… I always wish to go to
that placw over there Till now , I never gone
there.. Today I here right..Can we
please go there and sit..? Hey.. is that only one..
come let’s go there If you want to go there..
I’ll take you.. Mallika.. careful.. Hey..Surya coming.. Hey what is this..? without switching on
the lights.. what are you doing sitting
in this dark room..? This is something I
brought for you what is it..? open and
know what it is Oh..sari..bangle jasmine
flowers also where is that wedding
queen is missing..? Hey..see you making fun
of me again.. sorry..sorry..sorry.. Tell me why did you
bring all these? wish you many many happy
returns of the day How did you know that it’s my
birthday today…? Its not very hard to find out
our loved one’s birthday. How many times I asked
you where are you taking me? I told you that a
surprise Is it..?taking on this dirty
road is surprise for you? If you want a deliver a baby
you’ve to bear that pain.. Whose house is this..? Romeo Juliet’s house Is it..? its ok.. But why did you have
to bring me here? rape me
or what..? hey ..what is this..? you are directly moving
to the climax..? You idiot..please
don’t over act Tell me whose house
is this..? ok..this is
our house just for 2 hours alone I’m going to stay here Anytime you may
also come and go I brought this house for
my Mallika new house Where did you get
the money from..? My dad told me he will get a new
vehicle for me the semester Just 2 days back he
deposited the money More than the pleasure
going in the vehicle… playing with this body
gives me pleasure… That’s why I brought this
house.How’s this..? good right..? Hey idiot..why did you have
to get this house now..? My house is not
enough for you..? No Mallika.. I don’t like coming to
your house very often.. The neighbours might talk
bad about us.. I don’t care the people
talking bad about me.. Bu then I cannot bare someone
talking bad about you That is the reason I
brought this house.. You can come here at
any time and no one will think bad
about you You have got might
haven’t you.. I’m very proud
about that I ‘m really getting a bad
feel about all this I’m leaving now..
bye Hello… Tell me aunty.. ok..I will come now right now aunty..
bye. Bye… look here Mallika..she is
not listening to me at all Do you know what my
relatives are saying.. You are not getting
your daughter married.. but eating her
earnings.. Last year we were
discussing to get.. ..married with my
brother’s son After she agreed..we
sent her to job now she is saying that she
doesn’t want to get married Mamma..I’m not saying that
I don’t want to get married first thing I want to
fulfil my dream.. ..using my degree
and experience I want to start my
own company that’s why.. I said I don’t
want to get married hey..what is the connection
between … ..a marriage and your
business..? You can fulfilled your
dreams at any time But marriage you should
get done at the right time You should get
married now and work for
3 years do you understand
what I’m saying..? Agreed..but on
one condition Will you promised
me that… you will also get married
as soon as possible..? Yes Mallika..why don’t you
change your mind.. …and get married..? Ok aunty ..I’ll
think about it Why did be leave
the vehicle there? and I don’t know where
we’re going right now? Today..there is a mass
marriage happening for 101 couples in
hall here Be other 101 couples we’re going there hey..what are you
saying now..? If you would inform
me earlier… I would brought couple
of my friends too.. Tell me the truth..where
are you taking me? Will you please keep quite
for sometime..? We will get to
know soon why did she bring me to
this bike showroom? Wish you a very
Happy Birthday This is a small
gift for you Take this..
Thank you God Bless You How did you know that
its my birthday today? Its not really hard to find the
birthdayof our loved ones you know that.. just for that..why this costly
gift for me..?. Didn’t you buy new house
for me..comparing that.. this is not costly
as that… Surya..
ya… What’s been happening
to you..? sitting as if affected
by cancer.. nothing.. what happened..?Have you
donated your blood or what? your face is looking
so pale.. Will you let open your
mouth and speak to me Even when you are talking
me on phone… your sound is
so dull.. Atleast tell me
what happened Nothing Mallika..its
a small problem.. But now looks very
big for me I haven’t paid fees
for the semester Today is the last date I called my Da..he says
he is not in station My mother shouting at me
and asking why didn’t you tell
me before? I was so excited with my
new vehicle… that’s why I totally
forget to call them How much is your
semester fees? 85000 Can you do
something? If possible tonight why don’t you go robe a
bank and come..? There is a proverb
also.. If a lion sleeps off rats will play on it sorry.. Don’t worry about all
these things.. I’m there for you
I will pay for you.. No thanks..I ask my
friends for help.. Let’s see you they can
get something Hey I’m also your
friend right..? I’ll give it buddy You already helped me
in so many situations.. Is it so..ok
leave it.. I know how to take
bag from you too I will come with you and
deposit the money walk now.. hey come fast.. Tell me Surya.. I am ringing the bell
so many times.. what are you
doing inside..? Hey sorry..I didn’t
hear the bell I was taking bath..
I will come now hey..come inside.. what happened..? why are you looking
at me like this..? Have I come to your house
and I’m seeing you or.. I’m in heaven and
looking at an angel I’m little bit confused Nothing like that..You
are in Chennai now you are looking at
Mysore Mallika Wow..I just want
to smell and enjoy this Mallika..
right now it so..that will
forever be a dream I just got a good bath
and came out now sit silently and
watch TV I will go dress up
and come.. we can go out and
had dinner ok..? Hey..why did you
come here? I told to you sit in the hall
and watch TV..right? No..don’t do this don’t come near me
go.. what is this madam..? you are not coming
home nowadays and not able to see
in office also what’s happening..?
Are you very busy..? Its not like that when you alone..I thought
of accompanying you and I was there
for you.. have
a right company… that too a boy..that is the
reason I just avoided you Anyhow you are really
happy now that’s enough
for me… I can stay away and watch
and be happy with that it so.. You are very concern about
me and really greatful Leave are you
marriage preparations going..? Forget about my wedding
arrangements.. You see how’s your life
is going on..? Do you know what you
are doing right now? How long you will roam here
and there with Sury like this? Do you know what peole around
you are talking about you? whoever sees your
relationship… ..thinking that very
bad about that Why should I bothered what
others are talking behind me? When I was going
through a problem.. what is this people do
for me? They will talk about me
if I stay alone or if I stay with
someone They will have to know
who is coming inside my home and who is going
outside my home who is the lady
is living with.. in case this no one
who is coming and going, then they simply
tried they hand on me In between all
these vultures the only person who cares
for me is my Surya… Hey..what you know
about that guy Surya..? He is also like it yet
another mean.. remember.. Eventhough he knows that you’re
staying without your husband and if he is
coming to you it is a concern or with
a wrong motive..? Look here Raji.. You can talk
about me But don’t say a word
against Surya How do you know about
how much he loves me..? If there is a bike to ride
over here the guys will start that
and ask girls for dating But the money he got to
buy a bike for himself he used that for me to
buy a house for me just a protected me
from the society he bought a house
for me Many scary nights he is made
a beautiful for me He made me throw all
my burdens off He came here
real happiness and he is devoting
his love Love..Bullshit If want to throw
a stone… even it is a pond or
a river.. anyone can throw
a stone… All it requires
is water If whoever knows that your
husband has left you.. anyone would come and
say that I love you ..asking him to get
married with you.. then you know the
real face of him The institue of marriage I don’t believe
in all that I have crossed that
stage in life now My mental situation you
never understand that Raji Please..don’t so seal off
doubt in my heart Till now I have been
very happy Let’s see what happens
tomorrow From Morning I’ve a
headache buddy Is it so..?
ya..ya.. Have one more
peg buddy Everything will be
alright.. If I have one peg, will I get
relief from headache buddy? If you keep drinking
like this.. You will get relieved of
respect, at last you will get relieved
of your spirit also So don’t you think that you’ll
get relieved of your headache are right
buddy.. You drink everyday
buddy..? what..everyday.. That’s it Mallika will
kill Mallika.. After Mallika came
into your life… your life style extremely
changed buddy One in million will have
this kind of bluck.. A body is like a sandal..
and full of money.. heart full of happiness.. Who will get all these..
tell me buddy You are very
very lucky man lucky buddy It is not like that bro.. If you keep waiting
for luck to come.. then we won’t have money
to buy a cigarette also People will say that stretch
your leg to bed but me..I stretch bed for
my legs..that’s it leg..thigh..bed..what are
you trying to say… I don’t understand Look here buddy.. I’m a bachelor who is
going to a college not an ordinary
bachelor very dried bachelor correct once you
grow big.. every need of our
is good only colourful dresses.. Ray-ban glasses..
reboke shoes… a bike to do wheeling having all these
things with us having a girl for dating
shopping.. in the mall and watching
a movie in the multiplex that would nice movie just enjoy your life and
always be happy.. If you want all
those things.. we need a lot of
money buddy whatever I’m getting
from my parents are not sufficient to
buy even one cigarette.. For rest of my
expenses I don’t want to go for a
part time jobs and all. That’s why I made
all this master plan One of friend’s dad
is a lawyer and I happened to visit
their house once.. Mallika was there and
was discussing about her divorce
case with him That was the first time
I saw her there One thing I understood.. ..that she is in a
very big job and lot of money in
her hand. ..and her husband
left her I followed her.. I made a plan to
create a situation.. cover her attention
towards me One day she was having
a snack plate and I purposely dashed The other day she was
coming in her bike and I puposely jumped in
front of her bike and drop my notes
in water.. Introduction became a
friendship and friendship.. I fulfilled my all
my desires The house that
my dad bought I said that I bought
it for her and… I got a bike as a gift I took millions of money
saying that I have to pay for
my semesters.. In the name of love.. I enjoyed her body
inch by inch Are you not scared of doing
all these things buddy..? scared… why should I be scared..? Did I rape her
deliberately..? or did I give receipt for
taking money from her..? then..? then.. Last semesters going
to get over Till that time money for
my expenses… and body for my
enjoyment… and sing some twinkle song
and leave from here that’s it what happened
to you..? Sunday morning I supposed
to be very bright but look at you frowning
like always.. Then what to do..? I was quite and you guys
compel me to get married Now see what
happened? My dad is compelling me to
come to my native.. Native..why..? This still have lot of time
in your marriage Tomorrow have to go
to sub registrar and sign there it
seems. Tell me clearly Raji My dad is great
philanthropist please going to registrar
our land to the boy who is getting
married with me His parents are demanded
the land as a dowry I can’t marry him..I’m
not interested in it.. Is it so…what’s wrong
with that..? You are the one and only
daughter to your parents what are they going to do
with such a huge land..? Giving the land to
your fiancee is as good as giving
it you right..? You too support Arjun
for this right..? If a man expects such
kind of things.. how he is going to
make her happy I hate this kind
of system tell me do you think these kind
of greedy person can love his wife
wholeheartedly..? are right Excuse me May I get in..? come in.. thank you I’m Madhan I just newly joined
this company. a creative head Oh..I see..
sit down Thank you I knew in that you
are going to joine here really don’t look
like a creative person to me why madam..? Look like you.. you look like a come
for film’s audition.. as if a role of a hero.. A creative person means.. You should have a
big beard a thick glasses
of spectacle I thought they will all
look very different Its not like
that madam creativeness is there in
your brain.. It is there in revealing
the product not in our get up just for example.. You look like
a heroine But you manging this
company that are very good
and talking too.. Thank you Ok..I’ll study of file and then I’ll
introduced you to staff.. ok oh..sure.. Thank you..bye
bye Surya..when did
you come..? 10 minutes before.. I had a work near
this place on the way I thought
I will visit you whose that dropping you
in the car..? The newly joined creative
head in my office His name is Madan.. His looks this same and
talking is also the same when you got a car
you drop your bike and came or what..? No..Raji took my two
wheeler for some work So I request to Madhan
to drop me Oh.. he dropped you in
the first day itself..? So you became
so close..? If you drop me someone has
to pick me up right..? that is why.. what happened..?your head
is spinning already..? Have a just joking My head is
really paining Let’s have a cup of
coffee first..ok come Will meet tomorrow
for show her OK you back
bye.. Madhan..
Yes.. Can you please
do me a favour? Is it..? what can I do
for you ma’am? Actually..every friday I go to
near by temple over here But today my two wheeler that climate is really
not good Can you please get
me there..? Ya..sure..its my pleasure
please get in.. Thank you Madan Hey buddy.. If you go inside the temple
we can worship god but standing outside like this
what is it means..? hey..this is not the
age to worship god this is the age to flirt
with girls If you go inside we can see
only one goddess statue but being here.. we can enjoy seeing a lot of
angels walking around Don’t you understand what
I’m saying you idiot..? Today is friday.. All the aunties and girls around this place will
come to worship here Its boring to keep watching
the girls in the college But in this place we can
see different kinds.. Hey Madan..keep this on
your forehead On my head..I don’t
like all this I think you are trying
to make a saint…. Its looks like it going a rain
come ..let’s go what is this buddy..? looks like the train is
changing the track They have fix some other engine
in her compartment who is that bleshing.. Looks like a its
going away.. Hey Surya..have this you need to have
strength today care of
our kids what happened to you? You look like a ship
as drowned..? you looking so sad.. Mallika..I need 10,000
rupees immediately I think it will take time for
send money from home this
the matter..? Do you know
onething.. If there is no money on hand
everything will fall apart Surya..there is something
very important .. I want to discuss
with you Around six months back
one of my friend took loan to construct
a house I give surety for that That fraud whether he built
a house or not but for 3 months he is not
pay the EMI Bank went for searching and
along with him his things are also
not there… just for the mistake
of signing the surety its me who is paying the
EMI for 2 months now My entire salary is going
on the EMI now If you really don’t
trust me… ..take it I didn’t pay the EMI for your
bike for 2 months also That is the notice.. Till I find out where
that fraud is … you please pay the
EMI of yourself why did you signed
surety for somebody? You should ask me that
before you know I didn’t know you
those days Surya and more over he is
very good friend of mine who will know who is the rat and
who is snake over here..? Easily believing everyone is my
biggest know.. Take yourself as
example Before 3 months I didn’t
even know who you are..? But now I believe your
everything to me same way.. Are you comparing me with
somebody else..? Don’t even think about it
senseless.. Excuse me.. Can you do me
a favour..? Tell me.. Nothing.. I want to buy something
for my household I’m new to this place I don’t know where
to get all these things. So if you could help me.. so what..? If you go to the
end of the road you will find a
wine shop you will get your
drinks there. If you cross that road
and go there there is a hotel..there you
will get hot chicken kabab opposit to that there
is a medical shop you get all kinds of
condomns.. because you are new to
this place right..? so take care of that Hey..why do yo think
so cheap about men..? not everyone is so bad
as you think it so..ok
let it be.. Do onething..take your car
and follow my bike ok..? I leave my bike at home
and I join you Whatever you want I’ll
help you ..except one ..except one It will be good if she
get me that too Surya..tomorrow is my
birthday… a gift you will
get me a ring..? Its ring only know.
I’ll get you Shall I give a ring
on your mobile or.. ..on your land line..? You go man..stupid
not always joking We have bought
everything you know.. Ya..get in..
ya.. Thank god..your
shopping is over ok..ok..nowadays you’re not
buying me anything.. Before you used to buying
me lot of things nowadays you are just
taking me out Nothing you are buying
for me.. Now I undersand that why the
credit card is not working..? I’ll show you The project I just
give it you guys ..belongs to MNC The quality level should
be very good We have a week time within that I need
a final copy I don’t want to know the you
guys are eating or sleeping from now on each and
every second is important colleges..hightech roads..
malls..,cinema theatre go wherever you
want to go you have to study the attitude
of the young generation and make a very
good concept cost your other projects
post it for one week as post preference finish
this project Project should be
ultimate We have more trust on
you guys… That trust should
grow more..ok You may go…
Thank you sir From morning I’m
roaming with you and you didn’t
ever bothered to offer me something
to drink This is too much yar
don’t do like this Hey buddy..for the past one
week I’m running this bike in the slope just avoid
putting petrol go fast we will go and take money
from your friends Is it so..ok.. what happened..he is
not coming.. How do you know that they’ll
come with a bike in this way ? Leaving this road where
are they going to go..? This road has women’s
hostel, beauty parlour,.. ..girls college
all that Oh is it..?
ya.. Sir..what is the
bike number? hey..TN 09 3849 849…? That is what I said..
can’t you hear me..? not only my eyes
are also very sharp sir..that is black colour
bike ..isn’t it.? yes..yes..that is the
vehicle..catch it.. stop..stop.. why did you stop
my bike..? whose bike is this..? Its mine..why..? You didn’t pay the EMI for 3
months and asking me why..? Now we are taking
the bike You come to office pay the
money and take your bike shit hey..what happened? Last one week I couldn’t
see you this side..? coming..come brother..recharge for
100 rupees please what…? You used to recharge for
500 and 100 rupees.. and you supposed to give me
more than 1000 rupees buddy hey whatever the
amount is please recharge
right now All the big companies
are running in loss where are be then..? And not a person who keeps
good movie in dsiplay… and selling all adult
sex movie… why you are
shouting like this? If somebody hears this that would be the
problem for me wait..wait..I’ll
recharge for you what happened..? Any problem
with Mallika ? ok..ok..leave that
let it go Yesterday I saw
Mallika in theatre But someone else
was there with her That’s right bro.. Most of the times nowadys
she is roaming with that guy I think now she is fed up off
with roaming with me I don’t know who her father
is to do allow this No Buddy.. today I want to know
the or die.. please make a
note of this Ya..tell me Mallika This is regarding regarding the subject that I
was talking about.. Ok let’s go Oh Surya..coming.. Mr. Madhan..he is Surya Surya..he is Mr. Madhan
My colleague hi hi Mallika..I would like to talk to
you about something personal Ok Mallika..I’ll wait in
the car.Come fast Tell me Surya..
what happened? I’ll tell you..why is this
work urgent? Yes Surya..I’ve to really involved
with Madhan now Where are you going
to the Mall is it..? did
you know? why should I know? Cat will the drink
the milk and think that no one
is watching Yesterday movie.
today mall tomorrow..
some resort.. first your husband..
yesterday it was me today this man..tomorrow
someone else.. This is what your life
style is… Surya.. Behave yourself Do you realize how
you talking to me now? Of course dear Mysore
Mallika Are you scared that all your
secrets have been revealed..? You idiot..why should I
get scared of you..? I thought you are
a gentleman and I thought you would
understand me very well But I didn’t have
the fairest idea that you would behave such
a cheap way to me Yes..I’m very cheap whoever talks a right thing
will be treated as cheap just tell me this.. nowadays you are not
giving me any money not even talking to me.. 24 hours you are happy
roaming with that guy Don’t you understand
this is cheap..? Hey you fool..he is
my collegue We have thousands of things
to do together and that’s what
we’r doing now and you overreact
like this what are you going to
understand about my pain? For one month salary we’ve to sweat out and
work for 30 days This situation… when a girl has to work hard
and take care of herslef Do you have any idea what
else she has to go through? what idea would
you have..? you go and earn some
money yourself then you’ll understand
its difficulty just because as spoked
my colleague you doubted me
with him right? I can understand what
you are know and I can believe that
I trusted you Take this Grandpa..
Thunder Mallika.. seeing this even the death
snake will get up and dance Go and enjoy I have seen this
for ten times Do you have second
part of this movie? what..?second part..? Director of this movie
is very busy Once his movie is released
I’ll call you and give it you Till that watch this movie
till it get scratched OK..?
Ok.. If you have any other CDs
let me know what brother..? so many years this movie’s
market has come down..? Ya..leave it.. This kind of local CDs
still have market whatever the technology
is improved that is not down for
for this If you can get this
kind of hot videos.. we will get lot of
money in your hand Is that so..? Ma’am.. my work is over Today I’ve to go
little early May I go ma’am? Lakshmi.. Yes Ma’am… That… You were telling
me that… your husband is really troubles
you at home right? How’s he now..? Is he ok now..? what to tell ma’am.. Every men are
like that.. Their mentality is like
here and there… If we get upset with that
can we live as a woman If he get adjust with them
things would go well… All men will have some
bad habits.. That’s sure…but if we take
all that serious.. and and always keep fighting
with them… which women can be happy
with her husband? Every men are the
same character But we cannot desert the
husband and live know Isn’t it..? Its true Anyway you are
happy right now know…? Madam..If we’ve hundreds
of reason to grief .. ..there are thousands reasons
to be happy.. My husband is also is
a good person.. But drinking is only bad
habit in him Otherwise my husband
loves me so much.. Today he promised me that
he’ll take me to movie That is why I asked
your permission Its time to go..I’ll come
tomorrow Ma’am Why have you come
to see me..? Do I need a reason to come
to see you Surya ..? what else to say..? You are always
very busy ..a kind of jobless
person like me.. what is that to talk.? Look at me and talk
directly Surya Don’t talk me to like a
talk into someone else Ok Mysore Mallika madam I’m talking
to you only what is that you expecting
from me..? Surya..I’m sorry I know that I shouldn’t have
spoken to you like that My situation was like that
on that day.. hey please..don’t
mind Surya.. You want all men to dance
according to you.isn’t it..? This is a good one From day one till now I’m dancing according to
your instruction some women built
their family and raise their loved ones some women distroy
the family and … distroy their
loved ones I don’t know what is
your role in it.. Surya..don’t keep talking
rubbish to me Don’t confuse yourself thinking
of the incident that day I left everything and I come
just for you alone.. Please understand
me Surya… left everything and
came for me..? Who are you trying to
cheat women? I very well know about
your attitude You are all like a
flexible plan.. ..according to the wind
direction you will bend What sort of cheap
creature you are… Surya.. You are talking non-
sense to me The women are not
like what you think for you too really understand
what a women is.. 100% birth in this world
won’t enough to you If I also start talking
just like you.. many things will
come out Leave it..let’s not talk
about all that now I need you Surya..
I need only you.. Left out get out
this place Surya.. we don’t need to stay
here anymore.. Let’s go to new place and
start a new life altogether You know whatever job
you like ..all I need is four sets of dresses
3 times food.. and 24 hours full with
your love.. Tell me Surya..Will
you give me all this..? Do I really look
like a fool to you..? Tomorrow someone will
come and offer you.. 8 sets of dresses..
and 3 times food and you will immediatlely
go behind him I know what
you are.. You are nothing
but a bitch Surya.. Look here.. Just because I loved you
letting you go now If anyone else had used
a word on me I would have cut his throat
and hand him around.. whenever you
needed me.. I give you myself
and whenever you needed money
I give you that too That..that is my
mistake Knowing that you are
jobless and roaming around with your friends
and then trusting you That is also my
mistake.. Its are just like any
other cheap person you just proved it you showed me your
real face atleast now From today onwards there is no relationship
between you and me Good bye.. hey get lost.. Till now I was getting everything
directly from you Henceworth I’ll take
it indirectly Wait and watch Hi Raji..I’m going out
with Madhan tonight He is giving a treat
you know Would you like to
join us..? There is lot of work
pending here How can I join you..? You guys carry on You’re right.All these works
need to be done today itself You do me a favour.. Finsh off all of these work and you hand me all the
files at home today… No problem however late
if takes it night Will sit awake and
check all the bills and finish all the work
before morning Ok Bye.. come Madhan..
let’s go please don’t nag me to
eat this and that Madhan Am I nagging you
every time? come.. Hello..Surya..this is
Raji here I want to talk to you
something important not today..tomorrow
evening 5 ‘ O clock Not in office you just come to the park
tomorrow evening 5 ‘Oclock Let us meet at there ok..bye Buddy..she cheated
me buddy who is that..? Who else..?
that Mallika what are you saying?
I don’t understand . Tell me clearly She said that she won’t
give me anything Am I so cheap and
useless She embarassed me
buddy.. I can’t tolerate
this feeling.. Leave her..Are you planning to
get married with her or what? She came in the middle
left in the half way.. why are you sitting
and crying for that.? Its burning inside
for me… put some ice and drink
buddy No buddy..I’m not
going to leave her I’ll take revenge
on her Buddy..I need your help.
Can you do it or not..? Tell me whatever
you want.. I will give my life for
my friendship Take this.. This is an exclusive video of
our complete relationship I remember you asking
me for an local video.. This is that.. I thought of using
this video… ..if she is going to make
any problem for me and now I’m going
to use this.. Make this as a CD and will black mail
with that CD How will she refused to
give money to me.. Let me see that She is a wife of Lecturer
Gopal right..? She is sitting with someone
else…who is that..? That’s what I said All women’s heart is
like Tsunami But I never thought his
wife will be like this.. come Raji.. You said you want to
talk to me.. come on tell me Surya..that is.. I want to say something important
about Mallika to you Even I thought of it I know you will
talk about that Now you would have understood
what kind of woman she is You would have seen both
of them romancing and clinging to each other.
haven’t you..? Yes..Raji They both are in close
relationship. I know that
long back As if the whole city
belongs to them They are roaming together
everywhere, right..? If she was a
good woman why would her husband
leave her and go..? She needs differnt man
everyday.. Bloody bitch.. What are you talking
you rascal.. Raji..what is this..? She is slapping me at home
and you slapping me at park? I’m not a temple bell for anyone
to bang me like this.. Just shut up you
bastered what do you know
about her..? What do you know about
Mallika rascal..? Wrong eyes can see
only wrong things.. As if you are very
good and gentle You are blaming her Now you are not able to get
her comfort and money So you boiling with
anger.. Have you ever thought
of heart of a girl..? Tell me Surya.. She knows the character
of yours very well.. But stil she left
you like that She didn’t even
worry about that what.. She knows everything
about me What it I do to her I don’t know anything Raji..please tell me
what it is I felt whatever
she is doing was very worse seriously But yesterday’s
rain clings to me That time Mallika was… Thank you Madhan..
Hey its raining… Let it be..its ok.I love carry on Ok good night Mallika’s life good night
and bad night are.. ..all the same.
You carry on Hey Raji… come out you girl.. Its raining heavily..
let’s play coming..see Raji Its so much fun
over here come and join me come on Raji come over here
and enjoy Are you drunk..? So why are you looking
at me like that..? as if I did something
that others don’t do Is there a law that only
men can drink or what? Drinking..beating even we can
enjoy Raji I never knew that
you’re so cheap alright..what are you
thinking about you? As if big marilyn monroe You are keep changing
the men.. you are changing
the dress Are you not ashamed
of it? What did that innocent
Surya did to you? He worships you as if you
are an angel for him How can you cheat
him like this? cheating.. cheating my lover cheating the friendship
too.. Hey you crazy girl You would never seen a
real world till now Do yu know that..? If you would have seen you
would have got scared There are no true
people here only psychopath killers
are there If you just close
your eyes.. will be screwed
over You don’t understand
what I said right.? The words you spoke to me
that day went for joking… it very lightly started
working in my brain and I went to
Surya’s house on that day I find
out his real face Mallika was there and
was discussing about her divorce
case with him That was the first time
I saw her there One thing I understood.. ..that she is in a
very big job and lot of money in
her hand and her husband
left her In the name of love I enjoyed her body
inch by inch.. When I heard him on
that day I decided to kill him there itself.. But I controlled
myself I like decided there
itself that I’ll teach him a lesson
what he did to me I want to going
his own way and bring him to
my way I stop giving him
money ..that because he should
understand how hard its to earn that money I told him to pay the
EMI for his bike To see a girlfriend going
around with other boys.. none of the men will bare
to see that scene… I used that weakness
and act as if I’m very close to Madhan It hurted him ..
I know I thought atleast that
would change his mind Didn’t.. He didn’t change
a bit.. Now you tell me Raji..
Was it wrong I did it..? Giving my heart is wrong or
giving my love is wrong..? Falling in love with him
is wrong or denying his love
is wrong..? You tell me.. what are you going
to understand you still don’t know
this world.. Have that Surya came to
blossom over me.? No..but he came to put
me on fire… burn me
into ashes… Tell me..tell me Raji If one human cannot
trust the other human then what it is that trust
and live hiere Why is everybody
huritng me like this? whenever I hurt
anybody Raji..? I had never done anything
wrong to anyone.. Tell me Raji..
tell me…. Raji..I have never cry till
now you know that..? I’m that much strong
hearted.. But I’m crying..
crying and standing here No one can see my tears
in this rain that’s why..that’s why.. My husband left me Surya is talking
bad about me This is I too think that
I’m a call girl.. ARe you also
one of them..? Even you will never
understand me.. Mallika.. Look here Surya.. Malllika loved you deep
from her heart But you cheated her If I would have been
there in her place I would have put you
behind the bars If you got Mallika
as your lover.. then you are
very lucky She never get impressed
by someone.. I don’t know how she
got impressed by you She loved you more
than anything else Do you know something?
She still loves to you.. She is not able
to hate you and she suffering like the
fish without water.. Go Surya..just go You find a remedy
for your sins just go and apologize
to her Raji..I made a big
mistake Raji.. I don’t even deserve
to see her face In case..will she accept me
if I apologise to her Yes..woman are like
symbol of love They are like
a goddess They will forgive
everyone.. Mallika looks like
a rock but her heart like
a butter She is like a child Can’t even recognize who
is good and who’s bad.. Please you should not hurt
that kind of heart.. Go fast Surya.. she knows that you’ll come
and she is waiting for you She cleared your bike loan
and kept in your house You know that..? Atleast in rest of your life
you better be loyal to her God will bless
you both Thanks made me
realized my mistake Else I would not have known
what kind of blunder I have done in my life I will go right now. I’ll
fall on her feet and I apologize too… Mallika..I’m sorry Please forgive me
Mallika I realized my sense I met Raji.She explained
me everything.. Thank you for your
great heart Mallika After all for body pleasure
and for money.. I was playing a
drama with you.. I misuse you Malllika .infornt of your love
I became nothing.. Mallika..give me a chance
to prove my repentence I’ll never trouble you
in your life time Trust me Mallika I need you.. I need your love These problems
are because we are in separate place
let’s be together we’ll get married
today… You start now and
come to a chapel were we took our
new bike I will buy everything whatever
is needed for marriage Mallika ..Will you come? Mallika..please tell me You will surely
come right..? I’ll come Sorry Mallika I will make sure this kind of
things never happens again Its getting late.
let’s go Are you worried that your mom
and dad weren’t able to attend Hey..not like that Did they call us for
their marriage..? Mallika Mallika… Mallika Mallika why are you sitting
like this? Why is the house
so dark..? I was waiting for
the chapel.. what happened Mallika? Why didn’t you come
to the chapel Tell me Mallika You said that you’ll
come and why didn’t you come? sitting at home and what
are you doing..? I was watching
a movie Movie..? what movie? Mysore Mallika.
Part Two In that movie you
are the hero and I’m the heroine Hello.. Mallika..I’m Rajesh here I understood..tell
me boss Mallika..we have terminated
you from our company and you’ll get the settlement
within 2 or 3 days Rajesh..what are you
trying to tell me..? Why you terminating me? What wrong
did I do? sorry Mallika..I’m not able
to tell you all these things For the past 2 – 3 days everyone
are talking about your video Oh..Madhan.. Hey..are you going
somewhere? Yes..I was about to
leave to the temple oh..then I think I’m
troubling you then I leave now
nothing like that.. come sit inside and have
a cup of coffee what are you doing..?
You rascal I never imagined you
such a bad person Me too..I didn’t think that
you’re a that kind of a girl ..till I saw this video hey get lost.. Till now I was getting everything
directly from you Henceforth I will take
it indirectly wait and watch.. Mallika… Mallika… Mallika…open the door Mallika please
open the door Mallika… coming..come.. You want to rape
me right..? come in.. come in.. come on
Madhan.rape me When I lock the door you thought that I’m going
to commit suicide isn’t it..?why should I commit
suicide..? when I have a such a
beautiful body with me why should I commit
suicide..? I have to live for
some more times to sacrifice my body
to womanizer like you You bloody rascals You will never see anything other
than sex in a woman..right? Don’t you understand that
she also has a heart and there is no love
and affection there it How many generations you
need to be understand this? From that day till now
you guys are looking at women in one way You guys are just
the same always Tell me… Hey..the video which you
give it was super buddy I just published
as a trailer very fast its moving
buddy… Super duper hit movie was
watched by whole city The Mallika would have seen
that by this time.. This is what you have to
take revenge come in the morning to the
shop and take your money Ok..have a good day You Idiot..what you did is to
mix poison in drinking water Keep the phone
you rascal Mallika..listen.. Don’t you ever touch
me again My friend is the one who
did all these things I don’t have any
part in this.. Please Mallika..
trust me I try to do something and something
else happened My god Mallika..we’ll get away
from this city or else the society will not
allow us to live here I can’t lilve without
you Mallika Live or should
be with you.. Trust me Mallika.. come we’ll go
somewhere Let’s leave this city Surya..I want to tell
you something what..? I’m pregnant Is it so..that’s
good news I don’t have to take another
effort for that we have to build a
small house and this kind of beautiful
place You have to take care
of the house and all our children I’ll come back my home
after my hard work.. You will have to wait in
the lobby till I com back when I come back .. my son should come running
and hug me tight.. All my tiredness will
vanished just like that Mallika..are you alright..? I’m fine careful.. Surya… Mallika… Mallika… Get up Mallika… Mallika…speak
something Mallika Mallika…speak
something Mallika Mallika…speak
something Mallika get up Mallika..please please Mallika Please Mallika..
please get up Mallika Mallika.. Please get up Mallika.. Mallika.. Mallika..

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  1. Dear sir
    Please send me more movie english with subtle please food for english communication
    it's my humble request to you

  2. Dear sir
    Kindly send more movie english virson with subtle please send for good english communication
    it's good for us
    really sir you helping others

  3. feminism is growing in india because men want sex at all costs and that reason alone is enough for men to loose their complete rights, one day men will be slaves to the women race and then men will not even get a chance to masturbate with their own hands.

  4. hello i like your channel and requested to you whenever upload the movies and please add the subtitle also its help to understanding properlly .it 's many peoples are help to learn english within less time.. dont forget it…and do it fast..

  5. this movie very useful for learning English. more videos upload like this with subtitles. thank you

  6. The theme is the movie unique that is the reality of love & attraction. Divorced women is always treated like a sex toy. Rarely anyone might understand her feelings. It's a good movie for improving English listening skills.
    Thanks for everything to producer.

  7. The theme is the movie unique that is the reality of love & attraction. Divorced women is always treated like a sex toy. Rarely anyone might understand her feelings. It's a good movie for improving English listening skills.
    Thanks for everything to producer.

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