New Action Movies 2019 Full Movie English Hollywood Best Action Movies 2019 Dubbed Action Movie

New Action Movies 2019 Full Movie English Hollywood Best Action Movies 2019 Dubbed Action Movie

Subscribe Us Oh Nice guys, hey troll. Yeah Chadwicks Why so many cars here how soon Richard is running a car business good so you can see a lot of new cars here Hmm. Okay. No problem for parking here come Guys you get an inside. I just get the luggage, okay Hey Wow She’s playing it very well Shivani you’re too good. I love to play piano really that means You don’t love me, huh? I love you more Hey, yeah, the house is really nice. Why did he give it for such a low rent? Actually it’s richer sister’s house She was murdered. So nobody is coming here for rent. I think that’s a reason he’s doing for low rent Is it okay for you? I think we are lucky I am Shivani Siva, I’ll just go upstairs and check there. Okay 9 come. Let’s see Hey Jerrod, yeah, what’s the password? It’s welcome. One, two, three. Well, come one two three Hello Office hey Shivani, how do you know this number? Jarrell gave you is it that’s what I was thinking. Why are you calling in this number instead of my mobile? If you are already scared of me you think that I might go with some foreigner hmm Don’t worry. Hey gerald. Yeah, then will we finish our work I feit it will be over by ok Yeah, they’ll be done by 5:00. So then I’ll come I’ll come by 6 o’clock. Ok Until then I’ll be in the office itself. You can check sometimes crazy crazy. Bye Mm-hmm She’s already acting like my boss. That’s because Siobhan is loving her too much I think she’s a little afraid maybe the London girls will start dating with you and you may fall for them, too She loves you too much. You know, you’re a very lucky guy to get someone like Shivani Hey, sorry, who wants your sorry baby. I want a kiss did you get me Hey, don’t run like a come on Hey. Oh come on Shiva Ain’t sure that I want that girl, man. Hey, hey stay don’t you have eyes? Hey Let’s go You hit me right I’m not going to leave you Hey No, let’s go leave Shiva, please Chiba hey come let’s go. She wha what happens to ma? She MA. She what what happened. Hey get up subha sir Please give me pure I’m a doctor Doctor what happened to my husband nothing to worry. I will take Sarah to our stress rhodium, Susheela Shimma shimma, get up suba suba suba Doctor one is 7 he’s just become unconscious because of the accident doctor. Please save my husband Shiva. Oh my god Shiva get up Shiva doctor. Please do something. Nothing to get tensed. I will take care of everything you just wait outside Relax yourself. I will take care. Please do something Come on come on, cool, please. Wait don’t say yes. I will completely cure you I Brand a minor surgery for Shiva now, everything’s all ready. So nothing to worry about husband mrs. Please you can’t. Thank you Come on, come on Russia There is mom Nom-nom-nom-nom-nom Why am I looking different It’s just a magical winner or something even my hands are looking different Who are you stop it, please I’m Shivani Hey Stop yeah. Yeah. My name is Shiva but I hey I Haven’t seen you before Enough is enough. Just tell me what’s wrong with Me I left my parents it’s game with you. I didn’t expect this from you So any Shivani Shivani why are you crying? Will you be like this what is changed See what happens Why are you crying Shivani? Tell me You tried to strangle me me? Yes Don’t you remember are you just dad yes you were trying to kill me. How would I do that? Ah Jeeva this is not right really you don’t remember anything You got scared He got scared didn’t you? I was only joking baby. How can you do like that? It’s not a joke. Hmm. It’s just for fun don’t ever Shiva never do like this please. I Have one li you Shiva Please don’t hurt me again. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Okay, I won’t do it again. Sorry, baby. No, I’m sorry Something’s wrong Hey, hmm, did you have food go go and eat. Oh, okay Mmm what happened here? Sure have no idea Mom mom I Love you mom I’m missing you so much mom. Uh, I miss you mom Subha no será Será, what’s wrong? You dreamt about your mother – e-reader. I’m so scared. What happened? Shivani tell me what happened. It’s about Shiva That’s it, you know, he’s very fond of his mother why you were getting pains for that Now he’s thinking about his mother and crying in the night he is crying like a child Behaving differently, yes, but how is it possible? That’s what I understand I don’t believe it why such sudden change? Maybe he’s not. All right because of the head injury. What should I do now? Hmm. Okay. You need not worry about anything I’ll take him to the hospital. We’ll have a complete checkup. Okay do something. I will take care. Okay? Hey, give me one puff Hey what says Richard is not giving a new project to us, what can we do? Hey, what if vista doesn’t give we’ll make a new project Hey, look there another project is coming. We’ll take that one now come let’s go Hey, give me money I have no money money man. Can’t you understand English? We said we want money There is money While you’re busy Using am beating you up for money this way, sir Since I don’t have my bag right now you thought I won’t beat you but my hand is enough Hey daddy, he just ran away and today he’s hitting us like this. I will take it Hey, you injured my leg, when did I break your leg your leg is already nice is it? Who had drugs? That’s me. Do yeah, that means you’re steady or I’m still the one. Okay, so that’s right You in July. What should I do to you? Tell me your leg? I should enjoy that Hey who gave me electric shock I’m Shiva your boss recharge son-in-law. I am Shiva, huh? What your subahu but you don’t look like Shiva hey that was back then and this is right now I am a new person right now you see Hey, you got scared to see father Was open you kept the door open that’s not good London is not good Don’t make noise of the whistle kill you if you try to escape definitely I’ll kill you Hey, the camera is not working it’s comes off right – yes boss. How do you know the cameras not working? Hey, I told you to keep quiet. Thank you it are you Come on quickly Fast no, no phone calls nothing. Otherwise, I’ll kill you Hello hi Oh My god The alarm went off again. Hey, man, ha. This is the third time it has happened. I don’t know what to do If you want, I’ll go and check in your house, sir No, no, no, no do you don’t go you don’t have to go and waste your time like this? No, sir better I’ll go and check you mind your own work man. Why do you want to waste your time like this? Thank You Man Just a moment I Gave you 20 pounds note, but you have given change for 10 pounds No, no, no you gave me only ten pounds I Am telling you the truth I gave 20 pounds note. No no. No ma’am. You see I don’t have 20 poles at all So do you see I am lying. I’m not saying like that you check your back once again, ma’am If you don’t get change for 20 pounds, I am NOT going to leave this shop at all But you were right I gave you 10 pounds only Mom I’m back, please help me on this mom Mom what happened see what these guys have done this girl even miss at all They have stolen all our dwells, my dear What happened actually Doesn’t know about this I came just now my dear. I told your dad. He said he’s coming now Mom is also disconnected then why is he not coming? He thought the Falls and I would need not it my dear He would not have seen such a stuff in his life you Should be very careful if you are really clever you can get a lot of money All this could be yours if the price is right What do you say the going rate is 20 King which are done here self So I’m going to give you five for your efforts. Ah Here is a great guy, what a great sense of humor 30k that is hilarious That’s not joke boss. He is serious. He thinks we’re a bunch of fools Do you know what we have here? The street value is at least a million That’s right a million 1 million Bullshit. Do you think anyone is going to give us a million? That’s your business? We are talking about value here. So what’s your offer then? 100k and we are practically giving it to you It’s a tenth of the real value Know what chance gets busy man. You crazy go ahead and find another dealer No won’t give you more than 20k was I speaking to you now? Nobody needs to get upset. I will give you 50,000 I suppose you do have favor Then the deal is done Let’s say ok for this don’t talk like a fool Jacob boss will take a half of it balance 25 case for us self Ok, after we give the salary for others will have nothing then What should I do they are not agreeing it they are not agreeing are you a leader If you’re not able to do it, I will do your work man Juseong I’m a fool who you are missing the tail This is your last chance. If you’re not gonna give us 100k just get out of here Do you know to whom are you dealing with BAE BAE? You know what? I’m not going to give you any benefits. What? How dare you You’re right ruffle Here 30k is offered and now you are the leader of this gang Congratulations Gentlemen seven murders and three months We are looking like a laughingstock What did we learn so far sir? We are doing 11s. These are the letters and emails which are from the public But there is no individuals only for this a BMW So this is what we have any other reports no, sir Let’s keep trying The common thing in each case is robbery. Yeah. Yeah. You’re right two shops were already stolen, right? Yeah Now each case becomes violent These Ducks are getting stronger Will allocate more detectives. No this week level target and Maybe we can change the chain and after that which is the leader, okay? Okay. I just wanted to follow with these leads and report to my desk by today afternoon. Okay? Yeah. Take care I’m sorry Excuse me. Yes. Who are you aunty? This is me Shiva what Shiva? That’s your friend. Rana cos son. Oh my god, but he look so different That’s what aunty Something has happened after my mom’s demise. Someone has did something to me I’m sure but I am Shiva I am just looking different but everyone’s saying that I am from India I loved someone and I have married her All of this is very confusing. But let it be tell me what happened that day Mom was supposed to come with you you wanted to take her to the church. Am I right? Then why did she stay at home? Actually, your mom was telling that she was not giving well, and she wanted to stay back home Mom taxi came Everyone’s ready and they will come here please wait I’m really sorry. I never expected such a thing would happen to your mom I’m sorry, and I have to go now, but if you need something, please to call me. Did you see my uncle anywhere? no, Shiva, I Am looking for him. I don’t know where he is Okay, Shiva. I’ll take leave of you and please take care of yourself. Bye Mmm, where is my uncle Oh Hi come in my House she welcome. No, she was not come. He’ll come in 15 minutes you please come in Mr. Richard, she was not to come. Can you wait? Please come inside. Mr. Richard Would you like to have some tea or coffee coffee without sugar okay Shiva this is a ver house owner. Mr. Richard For you to offer me money man Yeah, I Do bad, why did you kill your own sister you I’ll kill you are you acting mad? Hey, tell me why did you kill me? Tell me I’m really angry on you She won’t what happens to mom sure what happened to Jesse why is it go huh? Huh? Are you okay? Who is he he’s your house owner. Mr. Richard. Why did it behave like this? What’s wrong with you? Sorry sir, it’s okay I’m sorry. Mr. Richard. No problem Shiva Sir I’m sorry sir wolf what’s wrong with him? What happened to him after the accident? He’s behaving like this Is that so by seeing his behavior? I think he has a mental problem My suggestion is to consult a doctor immediately in this case. My friend is a neurosurgeon I shall give you his contact number in this address. You better go and meet a bookie. Sure Okay. Bye. Sorry, sir What’s wrong with this guy Gooshie, how am I her husband? Much she is calling me Shiva, but I don’t look like her husband. I am DIF Sigma. It’s very complicated Shiva What happened? I Don’t know Who am I? Look Shiva don’t worry. Okay, you will get better Shirley you get better Don’t worry about anything just sleep Shiva you are ready to go for work. What’s wrong with your head? What’s wrong with my hair? Huh? This is how I always have it. No, you don’t look this is what you use. I’ll fix it for you You don’t look good like that Come here look this way just a second Daddy okay What I am going to school a lot. Do you think I’m a kid? This is too much torture. See now. You look like my Shiva handsome Look Very nice. Have a good day. She’s man. Bye see you later. I have so much work to do. Okay? Okay, just leave me I Am looking so ugly. She says this is good This is good Hey drink, man, I’m telling you not what are you thinking just have it? I’m missing it so much buddy. There is no one for me man It’s okay dude Cheers Hey You don’t have any sense at all. Why are drinking in two glasses? Hey get lost. I’ll kill you go Just get lost man Yes, sir, hi brother, I want to know an information what is it sir over here someone named Richard used to come? Richard yes There is no Richard Jesus to come here and play billiards. I’m sorry. I don’t know That means you haven’t seen him here Alright then Thanks. Thank you Come Richard, sir Just now a person was entering about you. Who was it? He seems to be like a police officer police officer He has like a police officer. He was tall and have teeth When did he come just now sir? Okay, he’ll be here somewhere look for him I’m not proud of it. I’m not happy about it This guy Hey you remember me Who are you? Hey, it’s me Shiva What are you kidding I’m your best friend Shiva I have been with you since childhood so I know she was very well Don’t tell me that you were schewe. Hey, I am only Shiva but I don’t know what happened I look very different right now, but I swear I am Shiva Just remember you will never drink without giving me choose. Don’t you remember that? Hey, come on, man You and I celebrated 1993 in Sri Lanka After that we studied together in school my father died when I was a kid My mom is everything to me, but you know what? I can remember certain things But certain things I keep forgetting how my mom died. I don’t remember. I don’t remember who killed her. I’m searching for them That’s why man if you know something please tell me I’ll tell you one Family came from Denmark to your mom’s place Yes, she was your mom’s friend Richard Merlin, yes. Hi. This is golda. Paris wife. They are a family friends virtually come from time to time Please take your seat Thanks Richard They have come to buy jewels for the daughter’s marriage, you know, they are staying here only and they believe within two days Mmm after that, they went to Birmingham after that only they killed your mom as far as I know It was your uncle who killed your mom my uncle Richard. Yes Damn it Do you know who you kill it’s my sister you bastard? If this goes like this not only him we always be put behind us Be careful Dammit the confidence that our boss a donor’s is lost. Hey capelin what widgets it was right? You should have been little careful Hey need us. If they hadn’t killed that old lady. I would have been behind the bus right now My boss was the one who killed you mom Who’s that guy? He didn’t do it on purpose Hey tell me who that guy is tell me. Where is he? You can’t locate him It will be anywhere no, no, who is that boss tell me he’s none other than Your uncle It’s Richard Okay, buddy be careful if you know that yoshua they will kill you Okay, then, okay You Only killed my mom right? I Won’t leave you I’ll never leave you Okay, here’s a retirement present No job is always gonna be something between you and a woman Hello Shiva Shivani she won’t be ready Oh, are you? Okay fine? Yeah, why so late that? Overtime work overtime. Yeah, you’ll be home soon. Yeah, I’ll come soon I’ll be there in 15 minutes 15 minutes. I’ll be waiting for you. Okay? Come soon. Bye Where did I come from Oh God, 12:30 Hallow instant molestation. Hello. I would like to give an information about a suspect that you’re looking for My name is Richard hold the line, please Allo CID, mr. Ramesh, mr. Richard got information for you Okay, please hold on connecting Hallo CID Hi, I’d like to give an information about a suspect that you are looking for what? My name is Richard. I decide near 51 Emerald Avenue. Just note it down Okay, go ahead The suspect that you’re looking for I believe His name is Shiva And he resides near my this is just place at this place. Yeah, it’s number 51 traveling streets London w12 one dear Now tell me how does he look like he looks very fat. Mm-hmm What is right he’s about six feet? hmm Yes, of course. He is a nation from India. Oh, thank you very much. Thank you Yeah, we’ll do it You are trying to hit me right see now see what’s going to happen to you It seems a fair assess and information about a suspect subha, how are you feeling I’m fine. Are you sure you’re okay? Yeah, hmm Investigate tell me Shiva Why the sudden change in you? Hmm? What change? No, I am still the same Nowadays, you’re different. Ah You are saying I am being different mm, yes Yeah, you will are you sure about it, yeah Are you sure you don’t remember even a single thing? Mm-hmm? Are you expecting someone? No then whiz it come let’s see Mr. Xu ah, yes, what can I do for you? I am CID Can you come to the police station please? Why What there was a murder in the eastern Han? so why do you want me because you are the prime suspect I Am the prime suspect. Yes You’ve got a wrong in that. We’ll see later. You change the dress and come to the police station right now Hey, honey, don’t worry. I’ll just come they have got it wrong Okay, give me five minutes I’ll get you Mr. Ramesh he’s mr. Shima. Mr. Shiva take a seat. Thank you, sir Mr. Shiva on the 26th of September 2014 10 p.m. Where were you I Was at home are you sure yes Mr. Shiva, so where are you from? I’m from India, sir, which part of India? Hyderabad So that’s the southern part of India, right? That’s right I told y’all from northern India. No, that’s not true So you’re not from northern India, no, I don’t know where you got this information from do you want me to be livid sir? How many times I need to tell you it’s the wrong information? So you mean to say that you don’t know Steve Mark bill all of these guys. I don’t know a Steve Mark bill, you don’t know them Steve Mark and Bill, are they all alive now? All this is what I’ve told me that so where are they? Where are they where? Are they huh? Where is that? Sue Oh Doing tell me mr. Shiva, please come Do You Know Who I am why have you brought me here tell me I need to know tell me that What happened are you all right shuwa shuwa Misses you are are you okey? What we just sing now? Uh-huh, okay So, I don’t know. I don’t know what you say. You know, it’s really wrong. You were just blabbering right now Sir I don’t know. I don’t know what he’s saying sir. Why is he asked me the same question again? And again, I’m from Hyderabad if you want you can check my passport Call my wife are you playing with us? Steve mark bill who the moment I call the name. He’s reacting very odd. What’s happening, sir? Where are they? Where are they? Tell me where are they? There’s one good my uncle. Where is he? Huh? Tell me where my uncle is huh? Tennessee, where is he? Yeah What sir? He’s beating himself What sir? He said he’s from India now, he’s saying that he’s not from India He is acting very nicely sir is really acting or does he have some other problem? Okay, let me find out Mrs. Sharma Can you come to my office now, yes immediately Thanks So Let me go sir no if you want Call home speak to my wife. I know what I’m doing Just wait for some more time So Mrs. Sharma nice to meet you good to meet you. How are you? I’m fine. Thank you. The suspect is insane Okay, his name is mr. Xu ah Okay, I think He’s got a split personality disorder Right. I hope you can help us in this case. Please get the truth. Leave it to me. He’s inside come you can go ahead Hi, mr. Shiva Hi pleased to meet you. Hmm today. I’m going to ask you a couple of questions, okay? Okay, so, okay. I’m going to put this light on and I want you to follow it very very slowly. Do you understand? So First of all, I wanna ask you tell me where are you from? Mr. Shiva? I Repeat it again. Where are you from? I’m from Sri Lanka I repeat again. Where are you from? Where you belong from Sri Lanka? Okay, then tell me when did he come to UK I came in 1993 after the war your dad, is he still here with you? My dad died in the Civil War? Oh I’m so sorry. And what about you mom? Do you love her a lot? Yes, I love my mom I Love her a lot mom Happy Mother’s Day mom. Thank you. My dear Shiva. Mmm Pleasecome restaurant, geun-hye a new Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you Richard. I love her a lot She is everything to me why are you crying mom? It’s only because of the onions nothing else mom What happened mom, why are you crying? And Kay Just do it just do it what I say listen. Oh Okay, cut the call I should call you later uncle what happened to my mom uncle What did doctors say doctors is dis consulting still? They just asked me to wait How come mom was at home what happened uncle and Aunty she was supposed to go with them, right That’s what still puzzles me as per our plan. She should have been in Birmingham. How did this happen? Okay, I want to see my mom uncle please Wankel, please ask the dog, please wait Shiva They will not let anyone in operation is still going on Mom will be all right now She has in fact lost lot of blood but God will never let us down I have the belief Shiva My mom Yes, what happened She was supposed to come with you, right? Why did she come when we got ready? Manju was telling that she was not keeping well That’s why we both went together Xiu’er doctor. I’m so sorry. We tried our level best, but we couldn’t save your mother My boss was the one who killed your mom Who’s that guy? He didn’t do it on purpose. Hey, tell me who that guy is tell me. Where is he? Huh? You can’t look at him It will be anywhere no, no, who’s that boss? Hello Shiva, how are you? Don’t act uncle I know everything what happened my time Is this the way you talk to me? You are behind everything that happened. I know that very well My mom died because of you She was murdered by you a guy That happens in London is because of you Okay, now you came to know about. All right. Hmm My mom’s murderer. I want to kill him. What are you going to do with the man? I’ll Definitely not leave the model of my mom You’re gonna come to me right now, what is this Shiva don’t act so childish man began like a matured person man Don’t keep dribbling for small small things Shiva. I Can be at the back of you like this now once again, you started to tell me that you want him No, tell me what should I do now? Don’t be so adamant, man. You bloody uncle don’t you take that. I’ve gone leave you now we came so close to me, right? You’re too clever, man. Okay, not for you. Not for me You can come forward and take him along with you, but he will be with me you uncle I’m gonna come to you. I’m gonna come The roach I think again has confused Shiva a lot the death of again has become a burden for me now now I’ll go and stop Shiva you go and finish again and come and Join me done Haymitch what happened mmm, it’s time for Aaron to die For speeding suspected vehicle silver BMW turning into a 13 eastbound registration Victor alpha 0-7 Victor alpha alpha Hey uncle our Relationship was supposed to end like this Hey Shiva. Now, let me tell you one thing. Let’s talk and sort it out. My mom died because of you. I Want my mom’s murder? Oh Don’t waste my time. Where is the killer I Will shoot you man, I will not show any sympathy on you. I will finish you Whoever comes in my way. I will ensure that he will not see tomorrow Even if it is my son-in-law all my own son. I will not spare anyone What did you say same bloodline the? Person who killed his own sister for money if his bloodline is with me then you can kill me Every blood inside my body needs to come out you can give me Come on kill me Come on kill me kill me They while surrounded look down the weapon She won’t be hard Right now You know something how complicated these cases it’s a miracle that you got released from this case You know why you try to kill the police itself? People who stuck in this case has never been released like this it’s a miracle They released you sure at least from now keep distant from your uncle Lukie. That’s good for you Yeah, I’ll give it Shiva boss If you are a real man tell me where you are I’ll come there My dear son you don’t have to go and search anywhere I am at your residence now if you have the guts come Hey uncle I’m definitely gonna kill you, I’m gonna kill you Are you human you killed my mom just for money? You can be your own sister You know very well that my mama’s like my life for me She is everything for me. You know that if you wanted only money I would have given this house for you Who are you to offer me man? Your mother’s no more now. I’m going to finish you After that, the entire house belongs to be sympathy sympathy you Just one shot and he’s falling down Hi boss polish my electric shock. Hey, you hit me with this end, right? Hey, come on guys, why are you hurting like this man? Take him away and put him in a hospital. We have made him in a coma stage. No Mr. Shiva mr. Shima Relax relax So you’re from Sri Lanka Sri Lanka yeah, I Am from Hyderabad India Hyderabad. Hmm, so you’re not from jaffna All my life I lived in Hyderabad until I came to London, but you said you started your iti in the London University Yeah, I studied IT but not but not in London I studied IT in University of Hyderabad Hyderabad Okay, so your dad did he die in the Sri Lanka war No, my dad He had heart attack. Mm-hmm Why will he die in a war? Hmm? He had no connection. He was only a civil engineer and you mom You love her a lot. Right? Yeah. I love my mom a lot She’s here She died before I came to London, she’s no oh, I’m sorry Mr. Shiva I’m getting head pain Okay, I think we are done can I go of course sure, thank you So, what’s the decision I feel in my opinion after deep sleep observation he has two personalities the first thing is his name is Shiva and Secondly his dad died at this very young age. That would have affected him. Okay Okay, and totally he loves mother a lot. All right One thing I noticed during his deep sleep. He said he was from Sri Lanka, but when he was awake, he was from Hyderabad He was saying different different things, you know many times It was very confusing and I’ve never come across something like this in my whole career When he was in a deep sleep, he was a lot of pain and when he was in pain He kept saying that he wanted to kill somebody Okay, that’s mr. Sharma you very well and good luck, thank you can you drop mr. Sharma back instantly. Thank you Shiva Shiva Shiva Shiva Shiva are you okey? So she was wife sir. Hi, I’m Shivani. Nice to meet nice to meet you, too Please can I take him home please? I’m begging you, please. Mm-hmm you car. He’s not a murderer look at him Tell him I’m an IT engineer. He’s an IT engineer Particular please. He thinks I’m a murderer. No, not at all. Yeah, I’m not sure anything like that Tell me what’s going on, bro, ask him Hmm Okay, I’ll let him go but under one condition Whenever we want him, he has to come back. That’s fine. He’ll be with me. We will be at home He will not go anywhere, please he can be in this place. He’s he’s not very Fun no point. You should not leave this country. Okay Okay. Yeah. Yeah Shiva, let’s go home. Thank you. Thank you, sir. Welcome What sir why did he leave him Said I could have got the truth from him. Hey How can we arrest him? We don’t have any evidence against him but one thing I don’t know whether you’ve watched it, but I did Whenever you were sitting his head he was mentioning about his uncle did you ever notice that like this like this? I’m sure he will try to kill his uncle that Time you have to catch him Hi Richard what happened Sutton called from you? Hi doctor is she dead or alive? Hmm. Why what happened? I just went to my sister’s house to collect our rental. Uh-huh I think there was a guy from India When he saw me he screamed and yelled at me and suddenly caught my throat. Is it the way in which he spoke to be? What is wrong with you? Are you still believing spirit these days? Okay This she was dead or alive Yes dead. I thought so I am confident that his spirit has got into him Oh, why are you blabbering again? Richard who will believe these days. I will never believe you send him to me Completely you said it right? I have conveyed your information to his friend. I have given you an address and telephone number too Definitely, he will come and meet you once he comes please update me. Is that okay? Sure Hi sugar why you looking so down today come have some coffee? Shiva you got tickets for the evening show, you know, so we both are going today What are you talking about your favorite hero the handsome guy you Think I like to go to movie Are you mad I? Can’t go for a movie now Shiva what’s wrong with you? You’ve changed completely what is wrong with you? Please sell me I’m sure something is wrong with you. Hey What’s wrong with you? I? Am Telling You I don’t like to watch movies, by the way Who are you what you’ll ask me where it what is wrong with you? Hey what happens you are why you’re behaving like this tell me Shiva what happened to you? Come on, tell me hey Gerald What happened to you, huh? Hey tell me what have your behaviors abnormal now, what is wha what did I do my god? what I asking you just blabbering Shiva what I was saying man, I really like movies Shiva Sheeran is very much upset because of you. The thing is I had an accident right from then onwards Sometimes suddenly suddenly I keep losing my memory. And when I lose my memory, I’m talking like someone else no, I Don’t know what I’m supposed to do man Shiva I am sure you have some serious problem come let’s cancel the doctor immediately Let’s go come that’s right. Come Doctor Hello, hello, dr. M Juran he’s my friend Shiva hi doctor this man. Oh My god, mr. Rochelle told us to meet you doctor we’ve been to the hospital and they said you’re here You’ll come here to meet your doctor. Please come inside. Thank you doctor Yes, Doctor, how are you doing? I’m fine doctor. Thank you. What’s a day today? today 7th of October that’s good Okay, let me see. How is your pulse? All right Let me check your heart Breathing Yeah, open your mouth Now just open your eyes come on Please stand if Shuba Point your finger point with the other one I’ve checked him completely. He seems to be quite normally so so nothing to worry at all, but doc, please behave very differently Maybe because he is new to this country. He’s not able to adjust with the weather conditions sit on Shiva Any other problem doctor? According to me he doesn’t have any problem at all his health condition seems to be perfect and okay, yes, but Occasionally, I am getting this sudden pain in my head and that time I am losing memory and I am acting like a different person I am worried and more than me my friend and my wife they are really worried Maybe something the house you may have to look into you may find something Maybe some supernatural powers coming inside the house You’re right doctor We’ll check it doctor Hi, darling. Hi. What did the doctor say? He said nothing seems to be wrong with me I seem to be perfectly All right. He had done some tests and said I am gonna be. All right. He said maybe I’m doing all these things because You know, we have come to a new place. So That could be one reason and finally he said There’s a chance of goes. Hmm Yeah, yeah He said he said that the only reason I’m behaving like this is because there is a ghost in the house ghosts I don’t believe in ghosts. I believe in ghosts. Do you know okay fine that gets ignored? There’s nothing to worry. Yeah Oh Glad there is nothing wrong with you. Good good. You’re good. Yeah, you’re okay. Yeah, now what I’m relieved I’m fine getting better Hey, are you hey? Hey, are you pregnant Mm-hmm. That’s funny. Oh I’m gonna become my dad It’s foot poisoning Hmm why You still have to work at it darling Hmm shall we start working? No, no. No, we’ll start with service. Come on. Come on. Eh What’s the matter boss that is one guy who wants to finish me off it seems planning to finish you Who’s a guy he’s a tenant? Staying at my insistence. Please sister’s house He hails from India. Oh, he hails from India Before he could finish me. I want you to finish him off utterly as I will finish him off and then uncommon materials Dude I’m gonna finish you now shoot shoot go on shoot shoot me man Hey who sent you man Hey, come on tell me who sent you. I’ll kill you right now. I’ll kill you tell me If you come in between me Hallo is there any good news? Have you finished him off? No boss we couldn’t do it You can try some other way to finish. Oh, it’s paining. What are you blabbering man? He’s a very strong guy boss very rough. He’s beating us like anything. Oh, my don’t talk rubbish Sorry, bro. You can try some other way to finish him Idiot I Think we can’t wait any more first we have to finish his matter. No Okay done, okay Hello, yes, tell me sir, who is this guy? Oh That’s CID, yeah, he was right He is following me in suit, I’ll see what’s happening Hi Shiva, hi, how was the date today? It was good. Come come in. Okay I’m scared to be alone. Very scared. Okay, don’t worry from now on I’ll come on time. So you love me so much. Yes Yes, how much? This much only this much as much. Oh I love you. I love you, too Love you Shiva and show me come on. I’m hungry. Let’s go eat. I’m hungry for you Shiva later sure come okay. I’ll wait Oh, sir I just followed Shiva. It just now came from office now. He’s in home. I don’t think he’ll go out now Anyways, I’ll watch him sir. If there is any problem alcoholism Oh Yes, you should get the be letting you come on come inside comics I Be late Are you trying to cheat me? Hey, stop wait to beat my husband. He has every right to beat me. Why just that? Hey Marlon. Hey, what’d I do? Hey It’s me Shiva What Shiva? Ma Shiva? Hey, I Love you you love me, don’t you remember? If you hug me, I’ll be alright, you know that You forgot hey, you forgot me Who are you that’s what I’m asking? Oh you the moment you came to telling Shiva Shiva This guy this guy he he he beat you up right? I won’t leave him. Hey If you beat her up again, I am gonna kill you. I’ll kill no leave. My husband. Don’t beat him. Don’t be harassment Did you see that did you see that? Oh my you beat her she cares for you. That’s Marlon Hey for her how many people followed her? You know, I loved her so sincerely Before but at that time I didn’t have any money I Couldn’t marry her but right now I can get any job. I can give her a great life you leave her. I’ll take her Yeah, yeah If you beat her up again Please take care. Oh I see Oh Please stop bringing people to hit me tell me who is he? I don’t know him. He’s your lover No, and if I say, yes, he will take you with him Doctor I’ve sent a person by the name of Shiva who? I think is he not a psycho. Mm-hmm. What happened? Did he check him properly any doubt? no, I Doubt, he just biggest like a psycho. I Suppose even the cops are also helpless in this case. Uh-huh I’ll send a lot of people to finish this matter. He crashed everyone left and right I think he’s not a simple person at all. Mmm. I told If there’s any supernatural power in him, please forgive me For what that man? Shiva since he’s in coma he’s of no use to anybody that’s why I took his brain took it and Transplanted on the Shiva. Why did you heat it from me back? And I’m sorry ready to do this. Tell me. Hmm Normally if a person goes into coma we can repress with the brain and make him my life. I’ve done a research on this I Started the research with monkeys, but if I need to be successful, then I have to try on human beings, too That was the time but she were met with an accident on my car and that situation I utilized it for my benefit I just exchanged the brain and that was a test for me Now I got the actual picture of what has happened Okay now tell me why is he often getting into an Indian Shiva and sometimes being in Sri Lanka? How is that possible? Look Richard. The brain transplant is very very difficult and I Had to do everything Within eight minutes because the brains lifetime is just eight minutes alone I am I’m on my own and I was in a rush to do it so Something wrong has happened. The brain nerves has not been connected properly Actually you have saved because the operation is not successfully He didn’t kill you. His memories are fluctuating. He can’t remember properly sit Know what to do Richard just relax yourself. I will take care of everything Just have a beer now Doctor I’m having full trust on you. Dr. Xu don’t ever let me down. Nothing to worry Mr. Shuba, why are you sitting here? You’re not going home? Who are you Shiva You Don’t Know Who I am no Shiva you really don’t remember me Hey, who are you man? You don’t know who I am Yes, it’s written on your forehead. I am a CD. What if you’re a CID? Why are you torturing me? I can sit here should not City. Okay, there’s no one here. Is it written we can’t sit here You should not be here Shiva. Oh My god, he started attacking I don’t know what is going to happen What’s he up to? No? Who are you? Shiva you don’t know me Who are you man? Do I look like a joker for you? Yeah, you look like the Hey, I am a CID man. So that what man you should obey my orders? Okay come I’ll drop you home. I’m searching for my mom. I won’t come Shiva. It’s okay You’re searching for your mom right come I’ll show you. I know about it. You can listen to me what I’m saying Okay, you should obey my orders come Hello, hi Gerald this is doctor speaking. Yeah, tell me doctor you remember you had come with your friend one day I Have to check him. Once again. I have a small doubt now. He’s got some serious problem What are you talking doctor? If you can bring him again? I will check him up for treatment please doctor Okay general Bingham Sohn What happened doctor? Sorry. Mrs. Shiva after the accident your husband’s brain Is half there at this condition if you want to save the patient’s life Then bring transplant is a must otherwise his body will not be of any use at all So so to wipe your tears, I had done this to him. You did a brain transplant Is that legal? It is illegal. It’s still on the research stage The government has not yet given approval then. How can you do it? I’m sorry. I’m really soon as a Brain digit transfer for me a sweet Lincoln body, which was not useful to anybody. His brain was transplanted to you and Now I came to know he had a very miserable life. He had a lot of hypertension and Finally the operation was not successful. That’s a reason why she was behaving like this. So, how can you make him better? And how can if it’s any not worried at all? I will take care of him this time a person who’s in coma a nice gentleman. I will transplant his brain on Shiva Okay, and after that everything will be all right Operation will be successful. You cross me dear Shirani hmm. I think he is slightly mental all three my brain was dead, but at least Sometimes only sometimes I used to behave differently rest of the time. I was normal If he does the surgery again, I’d be permanently abnormal don’t you think so. Hey, come on Let’s go and ask another doctor for a second opinion Let’s leave from here. All right. Okay, sorry. Mr. Shiva. I Overheard that your husband thinks that I am mentally But nothing wrong on him last time the operation was not successful But this time it will be okay. Please believe me. Okay, doctor. Hmm Shiva mr. Shiva Let’s go. I’ll do it right this time. Come soon. Come Shiva Mr. Shiva hmm this time it will be all right Shiva will do the reoperation Relax just relax Shiva. What should well, you’re going to make it right? Let’s go for the operation. Come on hurry I will ensure that he will not see tomorrow every blood inside my body needs to come out you can kill me Hey good I was looking for you. What do you think? I won’t get you, huh? Then you killed my mom. I also died right then kill me tonight. Yeah, if you are really a man you can kill me Yuck. You may come on You can come back, huh? Shivani yeah Who’s he Hey, you’re trying to hit us You killed my mom what should I do with you? You tell me then tell me will you give me my mom back Oh tell me that’s right now Don’t eat them see box painting right, huh That’s how it’s been for me. Also when you killed my mom right now, what should I do? Tell me what shall I do? You’re under arrest give me a gun Shit Hey However, you killed my mom like that. I can do that your own people This is why they say whatever you two will come back and bite you that’s what happens My husband is innocent, don’t worry. I know everything. Thank you, sir It’s over Shiva it’s over try running it’s over The people who killed your mom are no more come. Let’s go. He’s the guy right? Yeah move They did Hey the moment I come out I will not leave you Just go man. Hey, come on. Let’s go Shiva. Are you stealing your spit Mossad India suspense?

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