“New Blade Movie Teaser” | Marvel Avengers Phase 4 | Breakdown

“New Blade Movie Teaser” | Marvel Avengers Phase 4 | Breakdown

“You look like you brought your own hat, Mahershala.” “You did?” “What is that?” (Cheers) What’s up guys? RBG here bringing you my breakdown on the newly announced Blade reboot for the MCU. A while back I launched a poll asking if you guys would be interested in me covering comic book movie news. And a good majority of you all said you’d love if I branched off into this medium of entertainment. So I’m happy to announce that this is my first official Marvel Cinematic Universe related video. And coincidentally enough it’s gonna be about a character who single handedly changed the landscape of live action superhero movies and helped the MCU to be what it is today. Before Marvel Studios became the king of the box office they were struggling to stay afloat financially. So in order to keep from going under they began licensing rights to some of their properties in the form of live action movies. 1 of the first properties they’d license off was Blade. A character that wasn’t really known unless you were an avid comic book reader. And admittedly at the time as a kid I hadn’t really heard of him outside of the 94 Spider-Man Animated series. So as I watched the live action film starring Wesley Snipes it eventually dawned on me that I had seen him in that cartoon. I know that was the case for a lot of 90’s kid back then. Like they probably convinced their parents to let them see the the movie which was rated R because they realized who Blade was based off seeing him in Spider-Man the Animated series. Lemme know if you came to that realization in the comments below. But anyways despite mixed reviews from critics the film went on to be a commercial success and 1 of the first big superhero films to gross over 100 million dollars at the box office. It pretty much blew people’s minds because the director David S. Goyer & New Line Cinema proved that comic book adapted films could be taken seriously if done correctly. The movie was so successful that it initially created a ripple effect. Like other Marvel properties would continue the trend of making Hollywood a ton of movie. We had the 2000 X-Men film that would go on to make over 200 million dollars. And Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man that would become not only the first superhero film to gross over 100 million in a single weekend. But also highest grossing superhero film at the time hitting a worldwide grossing of over 800 million before being dethroned by The Dark Knight 7 years later. So Marvel and the creative minds behind these smash hits had their finger on the pulse of something good. Fun fact a few years prior to Blade hitting the silver screen, Wesley Snipes originally voiced interest in playing Marvel’s Black Panther. But the movie was canned due to limited technology and lack of faith in the producers. Fast forward to 2018 and Black Panther is the highest grossing solo MCU film. So this just goes to show how impactful Wesley Snipes and Blade were in carving a lane for all these awesome Marvel movies. And now it’s come full circle. Because after getting all the announcements to the new Phase 4 films at San Diego Comic-Con. The head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige revealed that they’d in fact be doing a Blade reboot after calling out a new actor who’d be portraying the character. And as you can see that actor is 2 time Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali. And I’m fairly pleased with this announcement because he’s a stellar actor. I initially thought they’d recast Wesley Snipe since we see that it’s not completely out of the realm of possibilities to bring back an actor who portrayed a character in a non-MCU Marvel film. Especially if you’ve seen who they revealed in Spider-Man Far From Home. But Mahershala Ali is a good choice. His filmography already consists of Marvel related properties. If you’re familiar with the Marvel Luke Cage Netflix series you’ll recognize him as Carnell Stokes AKA Cottonmouth in season 1. Technically that series was supposed to be set in the MCU. But as you all know Marvel’s tv division and movie division don’t really get along. Even though there were a ton of instances referenced from the MCU film-verse in the Netflix shows the films never really acknowledged their tv counterparts. Eventually the Netflix series stopped trying to remind the viewers that they existed in the MCU. They kinda became self-contained within their own little tv universe. You still get little tie-in references to other Marvel ABC shows like the Cloak & Dagger series. “Luke Cage, huh?” “Heard about him.” “Heard he’s bulletproof.” “He looks just like…” “Like us, ya know?” But that’s about it. Anyways Mahershala Ali also voiced Aaron Davis The Prowler in Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse so he has a good track record when it comes to working in super hero related media. If you remember when Luke Cage first debuted on Netflix it caused the servers to crash because it was the topic of conversation. And everyone praised Ali’s performance as Cottonmouth. Til this day people love and hate that season because after they killed off the character the quality instantly dropped. No one really cared for the 2nd big baddie who was revealed as Luke Cage’s brother, Copperhead in the later half of the series. But how ironic is it that this isn’t the first time that Kevin Feige has worked on a Blade movie? If you look at his filmography you can kinda see that he’s been in this game for a long time. He’s worked as a producer on some of the early Marvel properties that were scattered out to all the big named studios before they came home. He’s worked on the Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, the first 3 X-Men films, the first 2 Fantastic Four films, Daredevil. He’s even co-produced Blade Trinity. So I guess you could say he was analyzing what worked back then even though he didn’t have as much creative freedom as he does now. Along with the Phase 4 movie reveals he also announced a sequel for Dr. Strange titled Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. And that’s gonna be 1st MCU film to kick off the horror genre. So it’s safe to assume this new Blade will be part of that darker part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you think about it Dr. Strange has always been 1 of those supernatural characters that has gothic & horror undertones. I wouldn’t be surprised if they introduce Blade in his film or another superhero film before he ultimately gets his solo outing. Because that’s what they did for characters like Spider-Man. We’ve already seen the origins done for that character so it’d be the best bet to just introduce Blade in this expanded world where he’s already been in action and become the vampire hunter he is today. I find it funny that Marvel Studios has found a way to include Spidey & Doctor Strange in a film every year since their MCU debut. So even though Strange has yet to have another solo film we’ve gotten a good taste of him in films like Thor Ragnork, Infinity War, and Endgame. That’s the beauty of the MCU. But anyways the only thing that wasn’t really expanded upon is if this Blade will have his own solo film or solo show for the Disney Plus streaming service. Currently there are 5 shows that were announced alongside 5 movies for Phase 4. And considering the fact that Marhershala Ali was just in a Marvel related series I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s gonna be on the tv side of things. And considering Blade’s R rated history Marvel Studios might be looking for a way to keep his violent and graphical tone similar to how the Netflix Marvel heroes were handled. But if he gets his own movie don’t expect him to keep that hard R rating. Kevin Feige has been pretty adamant about keeping his MCU films PG13. “You had me at Gothic.” “Make it rated R!” “No! PG-13 and you’re gonna like it!” (laughter) I think it’s totally possible to keep the same level of violence since the way he kills vampires isn’t too graphic. Because if you notice they only burst into flames he’s killed them. The strong language is obviously gonna be turned down but if Marvel is ballsy enough they can allow 1 F bomb to stay within that PG 13 sweet spot. But who knows? Plans are still being laid out and we don’t know when the famous Day Walker will make his highly anticipated MCU debut. I’m still waiting to see what their take will be on this version because there are so many cool iterations to borrow from the comics. I’m hoping it’s a mix of the 616 and Ultimate Comics. I think it’s safe to assume that he’ll be a Dhampir, which is half human and half vampire hybrid. Because that’s the most commonly used aspect that makes the character appeal to audiences. They call him the Daywalker because he has all the abilities of a vampire but is pretty much immune to most of their weaknesses like sunlight. Originally he was nothing more than a human that was immune to being turned into a vampire. He didn’t really have the superhuman strength or speed like he has now. He just relied on his advanced combat skills for killing vampires. But obviously that was changed in the films and later comics. Fun fact Blade didn’t get his half human half vampire origin until the Spider-Man animated series episode, “Neogenic Nightmare” that aired a year before his live action movie hit the silver screens. He was the son of a vampire man who had fallen in love with a human woman, who left Blade in foster care before she became a vampire herself. It wouldn’t be until a year after his 1st movie that he’d get his Daywalker abilities where he’s bitten by Michael Morbius in volume 2 of the Peter Parker: Spider-Man comics. So there’s a little history lesson for you guys. But anyways what are your thoughts on this news? Are you happy with the casting choice? 1 choice fans thought would be perfect was casting Michael Jai White considering the fact that his likeness was recently used for the new Wolverine vs Blade comic. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t already, it’s a good read. I also wanna know if you think Blade will be in the films or in Disney’s new streaming service? Lemme know down in the comments below. As always I ask that you like or dislike the video. It doesn’t have to be a thumbs up, it can be a thumbs down. Any feedback is good feedback and will only help me improve my channel. But if you really enjoyed the video and you wanna see more MCU related videos like this it would help me out tremendously if you shared it on social media outlets with all your friends and followers. Sharing really makes a difference. But this was your boy RBG signing out on another video. I’ll catch you guys later. Peace out.

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  1. Taking a leap of faith with this new content. I plan on doing more if this gets a good reception. Lemme know what you think and don't forget to rate & share the vid if you like it.

  2. NO NO NO Y NO! This is WESLEY’S ROLE. Ali I can see playing along side Keanu Reeve with a Matrix remake. I’ve been told so many lines of why Wesley couldn’t do it because of his age but yet we see Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Neesom still playing in action roles and they are in their 70’s. And keeping the movies PG13? So far I’m OUT.

  3. Absolute , Genious Mind Brilliant master piece .. Blade should have been awarded the highest in Film ever ever ever . Wesley has got to be ,, the Highest of the High…. in The film World ..

  4. N0 i one .. in this world can replace wesley at all no.one . Forget it ..
    Give it back to wesley
    And now strange he looks better now than then .. immaculate looking black man

  5. They made a Nick fury Flash, Valkyrie, Mary Jane , Shocker, Liz Allen black …. Let Blade be white. What kind of discrimination is white?

  6. to all the people saying that Wesley snipes should come back, he's old as fuck and the moment he breaks something, no movie. Real shit tho, they made this a little too damn late imo. also they should've chose somebody with martial arts experience. And we need a spawn remake.

  7. I'm a fan of Wesley Sinpes playing the Blade character. I will not go to the movies to see someone else play that role. Wesley not playing the role ruined it for me.

  8. They should keep Snipes!! Even though he is older now it would make sense because Blade still ages, just slowly, and so they could set the movie further into the future. I don't see why they need to replace him?????? Ali can be Blades son or something and be Blade Jr.

  9. Movie sales are gunna suck. When will these movie producers get it? We said we wanted Wesley Snipes not who ever the hell this new dude is? Is this dude even Native Aboriginal Black American? What's up with trying to put Africans in roles traditionally Native Blacks were doing??

  10. Nobody can replace Wesley Snipes as Blade. Not to dog out other potential good black man actors but Wesley left us with too much great memories with being Blade especially with his humor while killing other vamps. Sorry Wesley Snipes forever as Blade.

  11. I hadn't thought of Mahershala Ali for Blade. I think he'll kill it though. As badass as Michael Jai White is, Mahershala is big right now. Plus he went after them to play Blade, they didn't pick him. I'd bet money he knows where the bar is set with Wesley Snipes.

  12. Wesley Snipes not in it….? The Directors and Producers just dug their own grave. No one born in the 70's-90's will go see this. They just lost, like three generations

  13. are they going to make a blade game for ps4 or xbox one and PC game play since wesley snipes retired from the movie?

  14. yeah at least wesley snipes could have been in the new robot as a martial arts teacher or something like that but never dies

  15. Nobody can replace Wesley Snipes.
    But Mahershala Ali did a great job as Cottonmouth.
    It would be disappointing if they made Blade PG13 and downplay it.
    Blade is my favorite comic book hero and they need to keep it raw, rated R, bloody, gore, Dark and horror like it supposed to be.
    Don’t try and make it PG and demasculinize Blade.

  16. It will only work if you star ⭐️ in it the Master Wesley snipes, I have seen other actors trying to play Blade, but they don’t come close to touching Wesley Snipes. Snips is strong and fearless.

  17. Man this just like latest hell boy… suck …!.!!! Nothing better than having OG Wes Snip…..!!! Never the same ..!!! Not wasting my $ till it free to watch

  18. Man you guys are losing money before it starts believe me I watched all of the blade trilogy and it's only one man to play that movie to a perfect Mark and I'm a female and Wesley Snipes is the only one for that part ,please change now if you want to make money Bri g Snipes back ,I think you guys are just crazy or the illumanati is telling you what to do. I lost interest in blade now .I guess I have to watch reruns again because I. Not going g to watch this new movie at all and most of my friends aren't either sorry your loss.


  20. This guy has no martial art skills so what they going to do about the fight sceenes. If they did want to go another way Micheal J White would of made a way better choice.

  21. I've been knowing Blade since him vs Dracula so yea I love this video is about time that marvel have Blade the respect he deserves. I know the new actor has awards and all that but he has some very big shoes to fill, and yes I saw him on the Spiderman series . 😎

  22. Bueno bueno amigos a este nuevo actor le queda el paper de blade a demás nosotros tenemos que cambiar y ver las cosa como pasajera ósea tu puede tener una esposa por 5 años o 3 o mas pero silla la relación se acabo a buscar otra ok eso es ay que buscar otro personajes… Spiderman toby maguire es el mejor pero bino Andrés y holán que asemo asetarlo

  23. I am a great fan of Mahershala after "Green Book". I think he can do it! They do look alike. "M" is taller than Wesley. I think they should bring them both in as brothers? On the Comicon stage, Jeremy Renner is in the background looking at Mahershala like he came from Mars. What's up with that?

  24. Everybody went 2 go see that movie because of Wesley Snipes unless y'all do some shit that we haven't seen b 4 that sht going b dumb is fuck

  25. Great video brother I tend to agree with your assessment that the new blade will be on the TV side on the MCU.

    Giving his background with Marvel TV shows it will be a good fit.I think they made a good choice in the casting.

  26. If they were completely opposed to casting Snipes, I would have liked to see Michael J White as Blade, though Ali is obviously a fantastic actor.

  27. Don't know how I feel about a new actor to play as Blade…. A new Blade movie without Wesley Snipes isn't right 🙁

  28. Wesley Snipes is the only Blade, sorry Mahershala Ali it's just not gonna work out. Honestly I feel bad for the guy because he took the role thinking that people would be open to change as years have past but it would be like rebooting John Wick and not using Keanu Reeves to play him or rebooting Max Payne and not using Mark Wahlberg. Sometimes an Actor becomes the character that we see and that's extremely difficult to pull off successfully. MCU has done okay in years past but can you imagine if Robert Downey Jr. was no longer playing Ironman after the 4th movie? It wouldn't work.

  29. Its official not a damn soul wants this cigar smoking fool playing blade wtf was this guy thinking insertinv himself in greatness. This will be a lesson learned. This shit will flop and put marvel in danger and they bring wes right on back with a bigger check. And ali can go back to smoking real big cigars and yelling at people drug dealers.

  30. The only blade replacement that should have been Micheal Jai white. He has as much if not more Marshall arts experience as Snipes. Or even Jamie Fox. Not knocking the new actor Ali. He’s seasoned but I feel they are being heavily dependent on the content of the movie. It had better deliver. Because if it doesn’t it will be heavily criticized. If Ali however proves us wrong and shows aesthetics is martial arts it will be a fun watch. I’m disappointed yet hopefully curious.

  31. I give a fuck about comics, I don't consider Blade as a comic but a movie. And there's no fucking Blade without Wesley Snipes.

  32. I will entertain this as a fan lol . However, this is just a remake. It is hard enough to find someone to compare to Wesley. How will they do this without the goat whistler??????

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