New Documents Show Contact Between Mike Pompeo And Rudy Giuliani On Ukraine | The Last Word | MSNBC

New Documents Show Contact Between Mike Pompeo And Rudy Giuliani On Ukraine | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. Dear Trump. We will hunt you down until your final day on earth. After that, your criminal family. You're all prison bound.

  2. Rudy must be still trying to gnaw his way out of whatever bunker his lawyers have tied him up in for the past few weeks, which would explain his lack of rambling “Murder’s not a crime! Not a crime! And anyway, you can have GOOD murders too!”-type defence, of late.

  3. For those who care enough to give it a read (obviously excluding Trump, who doesn't read anything longer than a McDonald's late night menu):

  4. The big questions are; How will the Republican's vote and what will be the ramifications of their decision to either support Trump or impeach him? How will sections of the US public react?

  5. It’s 08.30am, am washing dishes while grinning ear to ear, so much evidence, thank you Rudy, you left the breadcrumbs! 😂😂😂💙💙💙

  6. The deep state leaked those documents.. And they're perfect… I heard even Congress said they were great…. I hardly know them… I never met the guy.

  7. Well looks like the republicans involved in the impeachment hearings will have a busy week when they get back from Thanksgiving.

  8. Nixon finally had to hand them over and that was what finally did him in. Kudos to this man and his organization. Executive privilige should not apply if it Obstructs Justice.

  9. More and more evidence comes up all the time – dont rush this democrats! The whole future of the country is on the line, continue investigating and presenting the evidence to the American people, take the time it takes – no political calculus!

  10. How can Trump encourage Ukraine to fight corruption,  when he himself created the most corrupt administration in American history.
    Instead of surrounding himself with highly qualified experts, he has surrounded himself with an unqualified staff of C and D list sycophants, roguish grifters, scallywags, and the most unprincipled neophytes ever assembled. And they are all swimming together in a sea of moral turpitude.

    I can't help but feel sorry for Ukraine. Trump strong armed and extorted the President of Ukraine into fabricating a bogus conspiracy, for the sole purpose of helping him get reelected. What Traitor Trump did to Ukraine is almost as bad as what he did to the Kurds. In both cases, people lost their lives because of  Trump's treachery.

  11. This pit just gets deeper and deeper for the Chosen one and his cohorts. Soon making America Great Again will be replaced by Let’s make a deal to stay out of jail.

  12. Shiff for Brains and Nadless, along with a whole bunch of other criminal deep state perps, are about to realize what the differences between political and criminal investigations are.
    The 3 musketeers: Leaky (James Comey) Sneaky (Clapper) Freaky (Brennan) LoL..😂


  14. Trump: " Pompeo? No I don't believe I know of anyone by that name. I know of a Pompeii. But he died yeas ago during a volcano eruption. Tragic."😂

  15. Do Republicans ever wonder how Americas western allies are seeing this administration? Do the they really think it will be business as usual if this president isn't removed from office?
    I know Trump supporters don't care, because they think these countries are of no importance. Do Republicans think that too?

  16. None of this matters because the Senate has all been bought off and will never vote against Trump. What a proud legacy of hate, lies and dishonesty this administration and Congress leave.

  17. Trump I don’t know Guiliani or Pompeo. Maybe they are good people but I don’t really know them. And everyone in the country should know that,that lady Ambassador wouldn’t put my picture up. How bad is that. Surely that proves I am innocent.

  18. With all what Trump has done to the world, He wanted to stay another 4years ? No way Trump……. You have to go to prison……

  19. More Documents republicans wont understand , like their president they can't read !!! confirmed by PRESIDENT TRUMP !!!

  20. Oop! And the plot thickens.
    I've said from the beginning that this is bigger than we've dared to imagine.
    Most of the Republican party is involved in a pro Russian conspiracy to hijack America.
    This is the biggest scandal in American political history.
    And it's not over.

  21. I'd be more concerned/worried that the Democratic party didn't think of getting these details by the method as these average Americans

  22. So the impeachment is failing and these sad fake news companies have to work overtime trying to sell it to Americans as their ratings drop into oblivion.

  23. Anyone with even HALF a brain knows Pompeo has screened those documents and removed anything indicting him or Chumpy.

  24. Trump has always been a sleazy crook. Well known fact. The GOP has tied itself to his wagon. Fact. The wagon was always going to fall over a cliff. I don’t get why a party would allow itself to be dragged down by an individual worthy of zero respect or loyalty.

  25. And none of it matters because the US has become a pit of corruption that serves the rich and powerful only. The American people don't care about criminality and corruption because it takes too much effort to pay attention enough to have an educated opinion. I'm not knocking the US here, this lack of attention is global. I'd say "wake up" but the media has turned "woke" into some nitpicking nonsense.

  26. There's NOTHING in American political history that reeks of corruption like WHAT #45's done …even the infamous "Teapot Dome" scandal DIDN'T involve selling out American allies TO dictators. 😒

  27. Thank You American Oversight!~💞💞*Rudy & Pompeo Have NO CHOICE BUT TO COME CLEAN!~Nunes Even Got BUSTED Today! Lev Parnas ATTORNEY Sent Information To News Organizations Stating; Nunes Was Working With Lev & Rudy To Undermine Our Election, and He Flew Last Year To Kiev With His 3 Assistance; & $64,000 In TAX PAYERS MONEY! While He Was BASHING The Witnesses, He Was The REAL CROOK!. I Think I Hear Indictment~ CHECKMATE!~🙏🙏🙏

  28. Tears of gratitude. The nightmare is ending. This is "the dawn's early light" that AT LONG LAST is proving that the "star-spangled banner yet waves o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!"

    6:41 "…there are unnamed heroes in agencies across the government who are going to apply the law and ensure that the Freedom of Information Act is not thwarted by this White House's efforts to obstruct…"

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