New Halloween Movie- Timeline Explained! -Color Positive Movies (2018)

New Halloween Movie- Timeline Explained! -Color Positive Movies (2018)

what’s the boogieman ?
as a matter of fact it was everybody.welcome positive move ‘yes my
name is Joe so Halloween trailer is out and I liked it I watched it a ton of
times but I also through all the comments I’ve been reading from some of
the reaction videos there’s still a lot of confusion so we’re gonna end that
three things you need to know and as you put the rest all your answers about what
is going on with a new film so let’s get right to it
number one the new movie ignores all the sequels alright it only recognizes the
original 1978 Halloween alright number two Laurie and Michael are no longer
brother and sister Laurie being Jamie Lee Curtis alright since they’re
ignoring all the other sequels they became brother and sister at the end of
part 2 that never happened so that’s out of the that’s out of the storyline
that’s something you gonna have to buy into and number three even though this
movie is also called Halloween this is not a remake this is a follow-up to
original that happens 40 years later so I know at this point there’s been a ton
of remakes and all different kinds of timelines you throw in the H2O where
Jamie Lee comes back then Jamie Lee dies Michael’s heads chopped off so you’re
gonna have to eliminate all that you know two three things we went over
you’re gonna have to buy into and I like it because it streamlines it now we just
have the original which I’m gonna watch this before I see the new one the
new one and that’s I think that’s much of how Carpenter wanted it to be in with
he was never down with the brother-sister timeline either so
hopefully that eliminate some of the confusion now let’s talk a little bit
about the trailer and now I’ve watched a trailer few times I like it you know I
liked it from the get-go and I liked it more each time I watch it I like the
feel and look of it reminds me of the original film and it also brings
something new to the table so I’m excited for this one and in the comments
let me know what you think I know it’s been a lot of reaction videos not gonna
do one of those this want to talk about the substance of the trailer and it made
me more excited I was so excited to see a trailer I’m like now I’m so excited to
see the movie so October seems like a long way off but
this looks like a good one so far now what there being a 40-year gap a lot has
happened this movie can explore a lot of different avenues obviously from the
trailer Lorie looks a little of recluse in the
woods there’s cameras she’s got that little panic room looks like underneath
maybe the kitchen island it moved and she’s ready for what she knows is going
to come eventually but I also hope they bring in other
characters too like Lindsay and Tommy they would be adults now you know they
they suffered that trauma you know just as much as Laurie did and maybe the
parents of some of Annie and the other kids that were killed yeah I imagine
when Michael finally escapes there’s got to be some phone calls going around
saying hey he’s out you know it’d be kind of interesting if they if they kind
of dip into that whether it’s just phone call or something to bring those
characters back but we’ll see and I do want to touch on one of the complaints I
know a lot of people are kind of upset about they’re no longer brothers sisters
so what’s the point I think it makes it more scarier I mean the first one Laurie
just happened to walk up to Michael’s house the Myers house and Tommy Doyle
was on the sidewalk she dropped off the keys for dad and Michael was standing
there and you know just a randomness of it that at anytime who knows why certain
people do certain things and now Michaels obsessed so I I kind of like
that you know I know it’s been so many years of brother-sister but I’m okay
with something new and fresh so you know I bought into it and hopefully a lot of
others will and if not just be happy we got in 2018 we got Jamie Lee Curtis Laurie
Strode with a new Halloween with Nick Castle and John Carpenter revolve I mean
you know we should all be rooting for this film and once this movie is
released October 19th I think that weekend there should be double feature
you know on the big screen the original Halloween then we can roll right into
the new one so I got a hashtag goin Halloween double feature and hashtag
1978 and 2018 on Twitter I’ll throw it up here that would be kind of cool the
AMC, Regal get into it even smaller theaters how cool that be you know
opening weekend you get to sit down watch the original and then right into
the new one so anyway hopefully these uh these three steps or these
I’m gonna call rules but these three things help you clarify what’s going on
with the new Halloween I hope you’re excited as I am and again let me know in
the comments what you think I’m gonna throw up maybe some other Halloween
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  1. Hope this help explain what is going on with the new Halloween Movie. Did this help you? Please comment below.

  2. Dear Color Positive Movies,
    If Michael doesn't have any motive for going after Laurie and her family then What's the point?…Without a reason for going after her and her family… the plot doesn't make any sense. Secondly, How the Hell does Michael get captured?
    If they shot him a bunch of times in order to capture him; Does anyone think that Michael is able to get up right away after being shot by police?
    Well, I do… I would think that it would be very difficult for a few cops to be able to capture Michael. I believe that Michael is able to kill off the cops before they even try to capture him… And it would take a lot of planning in order to capture Michael. The only way to apprehend him is to use a heavy net made out of heavy chains that could be dropped onto him from above.
    Well, In my opinion, in What i have just said; is the only way that Michael can be captured.

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