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Keep your hand on this and
remember the deceased. Hello. (Namaskar) Shave to the left.
Don’t move, Mahadev. Now change the side of
the sacred thread. Repeat the chants after me.
(Sanskrit Chants). “The Sun has risen.” “Narayan” (The Sun). “The red and orange
rays of the sun.” “My friend, Radhika..” “The orange rays..” “The Champa blossom
in the courtyard.” Mahadev! Leave that to the women. We have to exercise.
-“The Sun has risen.” “Narayan!” “It brightens the whole world.” Go in.. completely into the water. Nothing will happen.
-“The Sun has risen.” “Narayan.” -Move your legs. Yes. Perfect. “It brightens the whole world.”
-Put some effort into it. Still more. All of the Ranade family
and their relatives.. ..all present here should
pay their.. ..respect to the deceased
and pray. Now offer this ‘Pind’ (A mound
of cooked rice used.. perfroming the last
rites) to the crows. Mahadev Mahadev Mahadev Balwant.. -Yes. Where did you see him? While coming I saw him here. I asked him what he
was doing here.. ..he said nothing and ran away. Mahadeva Mahadeva Mahadev Yes, brother! -See.. Where are you? Up here on the tree. What are you doing there? Studying. Up there? Where else? At home Shanti and Kushi
trouble me a lot. I can’t concentrate. Okay. Come down and let’s go home.
We must leave for Mandavi. But brother,
I haven’t finished studying. I wasn’t planning to take you. But today girls and boys must
meet before they marry. That’s why I say come with me. But brother, I don’t want
to get married so soon. We’re leaving in half an hour.
Be ready. But.. -Balwant, let’s go. Are we there? -Yes.
Straight ahead. Once we climb those steps
we will be there. Stop near that tree. -Okay. Yesterday Balwant told me.. ..your child is the ideal
bride for Mahadev. And Mahadev is leaving
for Mumbai tomorrow. That’s why we had to fix
everything in a rush. Never mind. Destiny has brought us together
that is important. -Right. Okay. Shall I call my daughter? Yes, please -Call her. Careful.. If you have something to ask her,
go ahead. Hari. Hari! Ask her. What’s your name, child? Durga. Durga means? Mahadev marrying Parvati.. like the celestial couple. Well? What do you think? Very well. Do you go to school? Yes. Ok, tell me.. Take five sacks of wheat
and five of rice.. equal to how much? Answer. Zero. Zero? How is that? Those 10 kilos will yield
neither rice nor bread. Adding them together
equals nothing. What else do you know? She is learning music. Really? -Yes. Will you sing for us? My master has taught me an ‘ovi’ (0vi is a
song sung while doing the house hold chores). Shall I sing that? Go ahead. Do you know how to play
the harmonium? Harmonium? Child! Sing without music. Okay. “The maried life..” “Is like a pan on a burning fire.” “Only by singeing your fingers..” “..can you bake bread.” “Oh, married life!” Wonderful She has a beautiful voice. She may go.
We’ve nothing more to ask. Durga,
pay your respects to everyone. I seek your blessings. The girl’s intelligent. She has studied till class 4. Well read and cultured as well. And yes. Durga has grown
in front of my eyes. She was raised with pure values
and has no flaws. Right? We like her. What about the dowry? Leave that to Balwant. Balwant, what do you say? As he is the mediater we will
abide by whatever he says. That’s okay. But according to tradition
everything.. ..should be written down.. ..and should be signed
by the elderly.. “people from both the families. Priest,
I don’t think that’s necessary. We’ll meet again -Okay. Good-bye. -Good-bye. -Good-bye. Good-bye. I will see you soon -Okay.
Narharpant, we are leaving. Go and drop the guests.
-Yes. Bhaskar, I’ll just be back. Bye, uncle. -Everything went well. Here. Mother, may I remove my nose ring?
-Yes. Oh! -Wait. My burden is lightened. They have approved of the girl. And why not? My Durga has no flaw. Durga, did you like Mahadev? He’s doing his BA in Mumbai.
He’ll study law later. He looks a sissy.
My sister is too good for him. Not at all. He Cofhll’lalldS respect. His moustache suits him. The groom has no moustache. Who did you see? The man with a lovely turban. Turban? The one who was sitting
next to uncle Balwant. I asked him about the harmonium. That was Mahadev’s elder brother,
Haridada. Why didn’t the groom come? Oh God! -Look at her. Does that mean you never
saw the groom? He was right here in front of you. Wearing a black coat and hat. I didn’t notice him. Run and see if they’re
still near. Se him if they have not left. Hurry! Go -Hurry up. They are wonderful people. I know them for years. A very nice family. -Yes. Mahadev, we have finished an
important task, isn’t it? Balwant, who was that sullen
man next to Narharpant? That was the bride’s
maternal uncle. Let’s hope he cheers up soon? Isn’t it? I asked him if he liked the girl. He was so embarrassed. And he immediately looked down. And then he was quietly
looking at her. Mahadev, what is brother saying?
You were looking at the girl. I wasn’t ogling. What do you call it then? Being sly? Never mind about Mahadev. Hari too didn’t stop staring
at her either. What no?
Instead of asking questions.. ..he kept staring at her. Brother-in-law,
what are you saying? I was joking, sister-in-law. Don’t joke about such things. You’re a close friend,
so he humours you. But othenuise if anyone
would have said such.. ..things about him he wouldn’t
have tolerated. Enough! How much will talk? Mahadev, will you be able to wait
till the month of December? It’s inauspicious to marry now. I’m in no hurry. -Fine. Actually I did not want
to get marreid so soon. I want to study law. A lawyer in the family
will help us. There are many unsettled
land disputes. So then.. Why take on a new burden? Okay. So are you saying you don’t
want to marry so soon? Yes. I mean.. -Okay. Balwant, tell her parents
the marriage is off. Okay.
-When did I say no to marriage? Brother! -Hari! He doesn’t say yes.
He doesn’t say no. Aunt, that’s not it. But brother, what about my
wedding? My vacation is over. Who’s asking you to stay here? Leave tomorrow for
Mumbai as planned. Make sure you’re back
on your wedding day. Priest, can you propose
an auspicious date? The tenth of next month
is an auspicious date. It is the full moon day. It’s an auspicious day -Yes. What’s wrong then? Their horoscopes also do match. But..I need time to study
the bride’s chart. A few of her planets
are not aligned. It’s puzzling me. Fine, you study.
But find an auspicious day soon. Okay. -Is Haridada home? Namya, come in. What is it? I have come from the priest. He has called you at
uncle Sada’s house. Okay? What has happened now? Actually the thing
is the Goddess’ festival is fast approaching. And I don’t understand
how to go about it. What is it that you
can’t understand? My rights of that ritual
are with my family. And this year it is my uncle
Sadashiv’s turn to do it. You are right.. But Sadashivrao has been bed
ridden for over six months. My uncle’s son.. cousin, Govardhan can take
on the responsibility instead of him. Brother, where did I deny that? I just want to say that
I will not sacrifice.. ..a buffalo for the Goddess. The Goddess demands it. Slaying a buffalo is slaying
the devil, Mahishasur. The Goddess’s brow has to
be anointed by its blood. I don’t believe it. Aunt Namu,
slaying a helpless animal in.. ..front of the Goddess
is not religion. The Goddess demands blood. Who decided that?
We did, isn’t it? Govardhan,
it’s an important ritual. Fine. If that ritual is so important
then I’ll replace the buffalo.. ..with a buffalo made of clay
and perform ther ritual. Yes! -Yes! How can you agree with him?
Will that do? It is written in the
Holy Scriptures. Instead of a wife we make do
with a betel nut while.. ..performing the Satyanarayan
Veneration, isn’t it? Your obstinacy will lose you the
right to perform the ritual. Hari,
why don’t you do it instead.. ..of our family losing this right? No. That is not right. I cannot rob my uncle Sadashiv
of his rights. So how will you find
a way out of this? If the festival is not
celebrated properly.. ..the villagers will get angry.
-Hari, you must decide now. The villagers will abide
by your decision. Definitely. -Yes. Yes. I agree with what Govardhan says. You agree to his childishness? Yes. He is right. Henceforth I will also not
sacrifice an animal. A clay buffalo makes
more sense to me. Your decision will anger the
Goddess, remember that. The villagers should speak if
they do not agree with me. We are sure that Haridada will
not decide without thought. Truly spoken. It’s settled then. I shan’t be insulted further. Let’s go now. -Let’s go. -This
is leading to a disaster. Do whatever untoward
you feel like. The chief is being illogical. Hari, we have a family wedding. Don’t rouse the Chiefs enmity,
Hari. Don’t worry, Namuatya. I shan’t let anything spoil
Mahadev’s wedding. Yes, priest. -Hello. Why is your friend Balwant
harassing me? What has he done? Why are his men watching
my house all the time? Why would Balwant do that? Don’t pretend you don’t know. Tell him and his thugs to stop. Or else the consequences
will be bad. Balwant’s friends are no thugs. They have left their
homes to fight.. ..for our country’s Independence. They’re freedom fighters
who won’t.. ..look back to sacrifice
ther life. Ask them to watch the homes
of the British. Why mine? Tell me, why? The British pay you for the
information you give them. Why would I do that? God knows. I would like to tell you one more
thing for your information. The Brahmins are going to give
a second thought for the.. “support you have given for
not sacrificing a buffalo. Your uncle Sadashive wll no doubt
lose his rights this year.. ..and your family will
also lose the right.. perform the rituals forever. If that happens it will be very
unfortunate. -I can fix it. Tell Balwant to shop. I will see
that you are not at a loss. You mean I’d lose the offerings
people give to the Goddess? I don’t care about that. I have never viewed
it as our right. I only thought of it as a way
of serving the Goddess. Balwant did nothing wrong. Not slaying the buffalo was right.
So I supported it. Both these things are unrelated. And I won’t make deals with
you regarding that. Do as you please. Forget about it, Balwant.
-No, but Hari whatever you say.. I never thought that the
priest would stop.. in your path
and threaten you. We must find a way to silence him. I Think you better stay out of it. He is powerful and has close
ties with local politicians. I’ll handle it. But now I had another
work with you. You ask now?
Not earlier? So you need money.. ..and you are hesitating to ask,
right? With friends like you.. ..our struggle for Independence
would be easy. Mahatma Gandhi is goign to go on
a salt satyagraha next month. And I wish to participate
in that protest. So why do you need money? To buy parts for a pistol. A pistol and satyagraha together? How can they go together? I must be prepared in case
the British use violence. Balwant,
this time I’m short of cash. Mahadev’s education in Mumbai is
expensive and besides that.. But I will try. -No. Never mind. You’ve already done
so much for me. No, it is not like that.
I’ll think it over. Wait till Mahadev’s
wedding is over. Have you found a date, Priest? The third of next month
is auspicious. Lovely! Is that all right? There’s little time left. I had better inform the bride’s
family immediately. They’ll also need time to prepare. Make sure you come here after
Gandhi’s Salt March. After that for a month till
Mahadev’s wedding is over.. must think of nothing else. The country’s independence
can wait for a month. Understood? -Yes. Come. Please come. Wedding chants Sanskrit. “uma” Don’t cry, my child. Be happy -Father. Step in. Welcome. WPI? Will you let your daughter marry
the son I’m carrying? Yes. Take your husband’s name. She is taking his name. I offer the Bilva leaf
to Lord Shiva. In speaking Mahadev’s name,
I bow in respect. Can you say his name
in another way? I had memorised only one. Okay. Let’s go. Pay your respects to Aunt Namu.
-Come here. Be seated everyone. Mahadev, what name did you
chose for your bride? Uma. Beautiful name. He’s smart, aunt Nam… Uma is another name for
Durga and Parvati. Hari, the girl is very virtuous. Her second toe is bigger
than her thumb toe. Why look at her feet? We will see her face all the time. Details are more important. If you’re done examining her,
bless them so they can go. What use are my blessings?
Who cares about me? Come on. -Forget it. Don’t pay attention to her. She might sound rude but
she is kind hearted. Let’s go inside. Pay your respects to God. Don’t do it. What are you doing? What are you doing? No! Don’t trouble me. Wait.. -Let me go, aunt. What is it? -Let me go, aunt.
Let me go. Why should I? -Let me go, aunt!
-I ill not leave you. -Why do you do this? Nowadays you trouble me a lot.
-Aunt, let me go. Let me go -No, I won’t.
You trouble me a lot. -Aunt.. Aunt, your hands are so soft. Grandma Namu says women should
not have soft hands. Why not? Soft hands cannot do
household chores. Not true. Soft-handed people are.. _.sensitive and kind at heart. Uncle, why do you come between
we girls? -Why? Why are you here with us girls? Me? Mother is calling you. I didn’t hear her call. That’s because she sent me. Go. What is this? Uncle, you ogler. You, wait. Please don’t go. -Why? Why means.. See! The mango tree bears bananas. Right there. -Where? What is this? Why don’t you let me touch
your soft hands? Let go.
Or else I’ll call sister-in-law. Why call her between us? I’m going to leave for
Mumbai tomorrow. Let me hold your hand
for sometime. No. Leave my hand. No, I won’t. -I said, let go! I said no. Sister-in-law! -But.. What’s wrong. Sister-in-law? Nothing. Ask him. Brother-in-law,
what happened to her? Nothing, sister-in-law. She got frightened I think. Maybe she saw a rat. Yes! It must be that. What do you mean?
It really did happen. Come and have your dinner. You have to leave for Mumbai
early tomorrow, isn’t it? That’s right, sister-in-law. Very early in the morning. Brother-in-law.. ..make sure you take the jack
fruit while going tomorrow. Sister-in-law,
none of them are ripe. You know we don’t eat raw fruit,
isn’t it? Yes. Good. So you understand. Meaning? Sister-in-law is still very young. She won’t understand
your love yet. You can start your married life
once she reaches puberty. Come. Let’s pack your bags. Come. Meddlesome girl! -What happened? Nothing, sister-in-law.
I’m coming. Mahadev, don’t forget to
send us a letter. -Yes. Keep it properly. Where is Kushi? -She’s asleep. Is that so? -Yes.
-Don’t bother your mother, okay? Here. So many bags?
Aren’t you returning in two weeks? I can’t think of returning
till my exams are over. The moment you get my letter
brother-in-law Iwave immediately. And brother-in-law.. ..are you sure you won’t
take the jack fruit? Sister-in-law.. What is this about the jack fruit? That’s a secret between us. Okay, sister-in-law.. _.take this.
Give this book to Uma to read. Which book is it? Only illustrations? It’s a cartoon book. Last month it got published
in the west. What’s it about? It’s about a mouse called Mickey.. ..who talks like human beings.. That’s what is shown in this book. Oh, my God! That means a mouse
talks like a man. Then do men squeak like mice? Enough! Don’t waste time talking. Let’s go.
The boat doesn’t belong to us. It will leave without you.
-Yes. -Let’s go. Sister-in-law,
I seek your blessings. -Yes. Aunt, give me your blessings.
… May you have a long life! Careful.
And take care of yourself. -Take care and go safely. -Okay. Let’s go inside. Come on all of you in. Aunt, may I have a look? Hari, how long before Mahadev
becomes a lawyer? This is his last year. The wedding went well.
-It’s all thanks to God. You had warned me not to go
anywhere from the wedding pandal. So a very important job
is left to finish. I will have to finish that first. What is it? You scoundrel! You deserve this. Priest! Did someone attack you? Show your face, if you dare. Priest, are you all right? I’ll break your legs. Confront me. Are you fine? What is it? I lost this blanket yesterday.
Thanks to you, I found it. Are you all right?
Shall I accompany you home? Take care. Have you no shame to
attack from behind? Confront me. -Balwant,
I won’t spare you, remember that. The scoundrel broke my bones. What happens next?
-Wait, I’ll tell you. Aunt, how long you take?
Are you sure you can read? Be quiet. Well.. Mickey the Mouse meets.. ..his friend Goofy. A dog. A mouse and a dog?
Friends? -Sure, it’s possible. You keep quiet. Listen. -Nonsense!
What kind of book is this? See, Kushi has fallen asleep. If a bedtime story won’t put
you to sleep, what will? But you are not sleeping. What can I do? I can’t sleep. Shall I tell you another story? No. Absolutely not. Then what should I do? Sing me a song. Then lie down first. “Sleep, my dear princess.” “May you go to sleep.” “There is a beautiful hammock
tied up for you.” “It sways gradually and
puts you to sleep.” Sister-in-law, give me some water. Kushi, give her water. What were you three doing
so late last night? Nothing.
I was telling them a story. Don’t make it a habit. They’ll trouble you every night. I don’t mind if they do. I’ll tell them a story
every night. -Com on. Take off your nose ring. Aunt Uma? Aunt Uma! Mother, where’s aunt Uma? What is it? What do you want? I want my hair braided. Wait. I’ll do it for you. No, not you.
Aunt Uma does it better. I’ve done it all these years.
Where was she then? Oh dear! Sister-in-law, come soon.
-Did Uma fall?? Sister-in-law, hurry up! You wait here. Oh, my God! -What must have
happeend to aunt Uma? -I don’t know. -Sister-in-law.. See what has happened?
-Nothing’s wrong with you. Everything is fine. -Don’t worry. What’s wrong, mother?
-Play over there. Go. Aunt Namu!
Aunt Namu! Come quickly. Did you hear? -Tell me. We must call the priest. -Okay. Don’t you want to know why? Why? For the Falashodan ceremony.
Uma has reached puberty. All right. You mean.. really? -Yes. When? -This morning. We must make the preparations now. I’ve told everyone. We’ll hold the ceremony
after four days. I’ll write to Mahadev immediately. I’m sure he isn’t paying attention
to his studies anyway. Tell him the fruit is ripe. He’ll rush back. Fruit? What’s this nonsense? That’s between us. So be it. Old memories flood back at
times like this, isn’t it? Meaning? I mean.. -I have a lot of
work to do. Let me go. “A woman’s life..” “..has many faces.” “She is both mother and sister.” “A woman’s life..” “..has many faces.” “She is both mother and sister.” “She resembles a little doll..” “She resembles a little doll.” “Now she’s blossomed
like a jasmine.” “Spreading the fragrance
of Jasmine.” “A woman’s life has many faces.” “She is both a mother
and a sister.” “How do I explain what
has happened?” “You are a woman now.” “Only a mother can explain
the meaning of affection.” “Only a mother can explain
the meaning of affection.” “A woman’s life has many faces.” “A woman’s life has many faces.” “Both a mother.. -Haridada,
the celebration is going on well. The women are overjoyed. Sit down please. I have brought milk. -Yes. Priest, you were supposed to
tell me the auspicious.. for the Falashodhan
ceremony. -Yes. The fourth of next month
is very auspicious. Great! Let’s hope Mahadev’s exams
don’t come in the way. -Yes. Dear, Mahadev, blessings
from everyone here. I am writing this letter to
tell you that your wife.. ..Uma is now a woman. Everybody here misses you. The Falshodhan ceremony.. ..will be held after three days. So you must leave
for home at once. Good evening, Mr. Mahadev.
What news? Shall I come in? Sir, please come in. What brings you here, sir?
-Your last month rent is due. Yes, sir. I have kept the money
ready. I’ll go and get it. What is he studying? The Falashodhan ceremony
is in 8 days. Your sister-in-law says
‘The fruit is ripe’.. Okay. -Sir, don’t read my letter. Why are you so embarrassed?
It’s good news. Yes, sir. Start exercising and drink
almond milk every night. Why? You must impress your wife
on the first night. Sir.. -Power! Power! Congratulations, young man.
Congratulations! Thank you, sir.
-You’re warm in anticipation. No, sir. I have slight fever. I am unwell. What are you doing here? Better see a doctor immediately. But sir, your money.. Money can wait, young man.
Money can wait. But I can’t. Jaanu? Here today at the port? Brother Mahadev is coming
today from Mumbai. For the ceremony. Haridada invited me.
-Do come. -Yes. “While you churn buttermilk
and grind wheat..” “..keep smiling and hide
away your sorrows.” “While churning the buttermilk..” “ not cry profusely.” “If they ask why you cry.. ..tell them there’s something
in your eye.” “While you churn but I: ermilk..” “The time passes by quickly..” Aunt Joshi, what goodies
have you brought today? I have brought Puran poli (Sweet
stuffed flat bread). -So we are going to eat
Puran Poli today? “Remember you are fated to suffer
for four days a month.” “While you churn but I: ermilk..” “Give us the strength
of the butter.” “Let all your happiness show..” “Hide away your sorrows.” “While you churn but I: ermilk..” “..purify the house..” “Brighten the lives of others
with your motherly love.” Priest, have some betel nut. The boat should have
arrived by now. Ha ri! -Yes. Are you sure you gave him the
right date in the letter? Would I make such a mistake? Then why isn’t he here?
-He’ll come soon. Here’s Jaanu. Aunt, see this smarty has come. – Jaanu, where’s Mahadev?
– He’s here. But he’s unwell. Travelling is tiring. Mahadev! What happened? Mahadev, what’s wrong? I’m not feeling well. -Dear God! You have temperature. Careful. Hari, he has fever. Mahadev, what happened? You’re burning. Sit down. Sit down. -Oh, God! Shall we postpone the ceremony,
priest? Till he feels better. We can. There is no problem. We’ll find another date. No need. How will you perform the
ceremony in this state? When is the next auspicious day?
-In a month. No, brother. I will do the ceremony. Absolutely not. -Hari! It’s only fever. He’ll be fine. Nothing will happen.
He will sit for the veneration. Okay. Wake him up. Sanskrit Chants. Repeat after me. He’s nodded off Brother-in-law..
-Yes. -Brother-in-law! Come near me. What’s wrong?
What’s wrong with you? Listen! Listen! Get up! Talk to me. What’s wrong? Docto r! Doctor! What is it, Jaanu? What brings
you here so late at night? Brother Mahadev is very ill. He has a high fever,
come with me immediately. Let me take that. The condition is serious.
-What do you mean? His fever is increasing.
My medicines aren’t working. He might not have seen
a doctor soon. What can we do now? Let’s wait till morning.
The rest is in God’s hands. I’ve worshipped You selflessly
till date. Never asked for anything. But today I am asking You. If anyone must die in this
house then let it be me. I have lived my life. But Mahadev has just
started his life. Make him well again. I will pray to You
till he recovers. Mahadev, how could you leave us? Why did you leave us and go? Come! (calling crows to eat) Come! (calling crows to eat) Come! (calling crows to eat) Come! (calling crows to eat) Come! (calling crows to eat) Ha ridada.. It’s been a long time that
here is no sign of a crow. Guruji,
only you can suggest a solution. I see no other way.
Let us make a crow out of straw. It is not the custom. It is written in the
Holy Scriptures. No. How much longer must we wait?
People are waiting. Wait.. Mahadev! I had lost all hope
of sighting a crow. I was thinking how would I pacify
Hari in agreeing to making a.. .. crow out of straw to complete
the rituqal if Hari would not adhere.. ..and at that moment the
crow swooped down. A glimmer of light in dark times. Haridada whispered something
to Mahadev.. -What? ..and a miracle unfolded
before our eyes and.. ..we saw crows swooping
down on the ‘Pind’. What did he whisper?
-Only Hari knows that. _.or else Mahadev’s soul. Follow me. Sit here. I’ll be right back. Ta ra! Ta ra! Ta ra! How much longer will you cry? Your eyes are swollen. Go, call Uma. I asked Shantu to come here. Today is the tenth day. We must shave her head. God’s ways are beyond us. The house resounded with
joy not long ago. Festoon and bananas were
hanging on the door. And today..sorrow has cast
a shadow on us now. Aunt Namu.
-Come, dear child. Come. Shantu is here. Come. No, aunt.
I don’t want my head shaved, aunt. These are not our decisions.
This is fated for you. -No. No! No! -Sit. Don’t cry. Sister-in-law, tell her to stop. I don’t want to shave my head. -We are not your enemies. -Sit
down. -Do you think it makes us happy? -No! What are you waiting for? Start! What’s going on? I am asking you what’s going on? Don’t you know what’s going on? Must we explain? I understand this.
But who gave you permission? Who gave you permission? Get up! Get up. Hari! Go inside. Go inside the house.
Nothing will happen to you Don’t be afraid at all. Shantu, don’t you understand me?
Get up! Take this! -Hari! What are you looking at? I’ve just performed brother’s
last rites. Bring me water to bathe. What can I say? My God! Oh, my God! Priest, will you speak? What can I say?
I have been silenced. He dared to throw Shantu out. He was only doing his duty. This has gone too far.
Does this suit him? Outrageous! I said nothing when
he said he would.. ..offer a clay buffalo
to the Goddess. A curse will fall on us if we
don’t follow our religion. His actions will get us
all in trouble one day. Priest, say something. You stopped me from
doing anything. Priest, do as you please. No, no, no! Uma! -Let me go! No! No! -Uma, what happened?
What happened? What’s wrong? Save me. Save me. Help me. -Help her up -Why are you
doing this?… Please help me. Uma, get up. -Get up. Uma! -Save me, please. Save me. Please save me. Please save me. Calm down. No one can harm you
as long as I live. Don’t be afraid. Go to sleep now. Stay with her till
she falls asleep. Come. Sleep now. 2 kilos yellow lentils.. A bottle of coconut oil.
2 kilos of sugar. And some jaggery. Here’s the money. Hello, Haridada. Narharpanth? You here? Is everything all right? -Yes.. Yes. Sit down. Hello. -The list.. Tell me. I didn’t get a chance to talk
to you at the funeral. So I came here today. What was so awkward to say? Now what should we do? About what are you talking? I want to take Durga home. How is that possible? Oncethe showers that have
fallen on the earth.. ..does it ever return
to the clouds? That’s not it. But the way things are happening.. ..that’s why this question
was raised. It’s destiny. What’s the point in
taking her home? Nowadays there are instituitions. We will see about her
further education. How will that help her? She’ll learn to stand
on her own feet. That means she will earn a living? She lacks nothing here. And.. ..she is not any refugee. She has what is rightfully hers. Then let her spend some time
with her mother at least. Her mother is in a state of shock. Ask her mother to come
here and meet her. How can you say that? I understand you don’t want
to send her home forever. But you’re going too far. Fine. Let Uma decide whether
she wants to.. ..go to her maternal house or not. Her decision is final. Please talk to him. Don’t forget that you arranged
this marriage. I don’t need to talk. Hari gave you his word that what.. ..Uma says will be the final word. Hari never goes back on his word. Durga! Talk to me. Father, I’m not coming. If you’re being forced
to say this.. No, father. No one is forcing me
to do anything. Your mother is worried about you. I miss her a lot as well, father. But the day I got married
didn’t you say.. husband’s family
becomes my family? If I leave them and
accompany you.. that not against your
teaching, father? What you’re thinking.. ..I have no idea. Take care of yourself. If you’re not going to get angry
I want to ask something. Why didn’t I let Uma go home? Is that your question? I could guess from yours and
Balwant’s expression. Do you disapprove? No. But why be so obstinate? Her father wanted
to take her home. It would free us from the burden. Burden? What burden? We promised to take care of her. How can we turn away from
our responsibility? Is this responsibility so easy? She is only 14 -15 years old. Her life is ahead of her. We’ll have to take care
of so many things. What are you scared of? Nothing. “How beautiful is the
sacred Basil plant.” “How beautiful is the
sacred Basil plant.” “Lord Krishna came on foot
for her Swayamvar.” “Lord Krishna came on foot.
He came walking.” “Lord Krishna plays
under your shadow.” “Krishna plays..Krishna plays..” “How beautiful is the
sacred Basil plant.” “How beautiful is the
sacred Basil plant.” What do you want to tell me,
aunty? Tell me. You didn’t listen to
me the other day. You threw Shantu out. How will you face
this problem now? Speak plainly. Face what? All the Brahmins are threatening
to spurn our family. The scoundrel priest
is instigating them. They cannot harm me in any way. Don’t misunderstand me. Tradition demands that Uma’s
head should be shaved. Tell me. What tradition, aunt? We’re doing everything
according to tradition. I mean according to family custom. Aunt,
as you are an elderly person.. ..of this family I respect you. But if someone wishes to
tell me what to do.. ..I cannot respect them. If the Brahmins really
decide to spurn us.. ..then no Brahmin priest will
perform our family rituals. What will you do then? If that time comes I’ll
learn them myself. The Gods will not accept even
water that Uma touches. They will have to accept it. Have we not quietly accepted
god’s decision? Till date nothing fell short
in His veneration. Never missing a day of fasting. Performing every ritual.
No one went against th customs. In spite of that.. ..our parents were taken from us
when Mahadev was an infant. I never complained. Before he could start a new life.. cruelly was he taken away. He was taken away, right? Yet I blamed my fate. Now henceforth He better accept
anything that Uma offers Him. One more thing I would like
to tell you, aunt. I will not tolerate
anyone in this.. discussing this again. ‘Organisation to help women find
the right path.’ ‘Bombay.’ Come in. Please come. Sit down. Yes, tell me. My name is Manda Desai. I need help. Have you no one? Not exactly. You see.. husband died two years ago. I hope to remarry. But I will have to leave
my in-laws’ home. And I can’t return to my parents.
They aren’t well off. I want to work but.. But won’t find work in
Mumbai immediately. What can we do for you? Give me a little money
till I find work. I’m sorry. But this organization
only guides helpless women. We don’t give money. In fact we have no money. I came here with much hope. Many told me that you
go to Haridada.. ..and he would surely help you. I’m not Haridada. I’m Balwant. So? Hello. -Hello. I heard what you were saying. Balwant is right. We have no money. Very well. You came to Mumbai to find
work that means.. are not from here. My husband is from Akola.
I was born in Konkan. Torgao is my village. What?
-My grandfather was priest there. Sit down. Sit. I’ll be right back. Listen. Shall I serve dinner? No, wait. What is it? Where’s the priest? What happened? The scoundrel priest has.. _.told everyone in the
neighbouring villages.. ..that the Brahmins have
spurned our house. I have searched in all the
neighboring villages. No priest is willing to perform
Shankarshan’s thread ceremony. The priests would go
to this length.. ..I never realized that. Sister-in-law, can you come in? What is it? Sister-in-law,
this is all my fault. We would not be in trouble
if we would.. ..have followed the tradition. Tell him I’ll do what is
expected of a widow. I’ll perform all the rituals
as per the tradition. I have no use of my hair now. For whom shall I adorn them? Tell her.. ..not to waste time thinking
of useless things. I am still alive to take the
decisions of this house. I’ll handle what befalls
this house. Balwant, what took you so long?
And what are you wearing? The British are looking for me. What now? Never mind. Why did you call me? I have a very important task. But it should be done discreetly. Don’t worry about that. You once told me that your
freedom fighters staying.. .. underground can deliver
information far and wide. -Yes. I want to send an urgent
message quickly. I need the answer before the
Goddess’s festival next month. Can your people do it? What is the message? -Come here. No priest will perform my son’s
head shaving ceremony I want to let the villagers
know that.. ..I am willing to do what it
takes to earn their trust. Okay. You don’t worry. My men will take care of it. Please come. Welcome. Where are you? No, child. Don’t get up. You should never get up when
you are having food. Everyone is at the festival.. ..there’s only both of us at home. We’re fated to have just
one another from now. Being born a woman is a curse. Being a widow, even worse. We have to spend our lives
in a dark room. We should not attend festivals
or any auspicious occasions. We must eat simple food. No oil, no butter. Destroy our taste buds. But you are fine. Tara serves you what they eat. You’re lucky to have landed
in Hari’s house. That’s why you enjoy
the best meals. Hair intact. Look at me. When I was widowed no one defied
tradition for my sake. I went to sleep with a full head
of hair and woke up bald. Before I knew the joys of married
life, I became a widow. Do you remember Mahadev’s face? Do you remember his face? Shall I tell you one thing! A girl like you should
not look pretty. Men have dirty minds. Men by nature are.. ..jackals! Even married men desire
other women.. All they want is to bed her. When they are satisfied.. _.they ostracize her and
banish her from society. Are you saying that I am
unsafe in this house? Not at all, child.
My Hari isn’t like that. But I can’t speak for other men. Can misfortune be predicted? I had better go. Don’t tell anyone I was
chewing tobacco. Allow me. Finish your lunch. I’m going. Oh, my god! Come inside. They’re waiting. I’m coming.
You proceed, I will follow you. Come. Come. That man with ‘Kambal’ (Blanket). You mean to say, coat?
-No, the ‘Kambal’. A blanket? -Yes! Derick, you go from here.
Go fast. -Yes, sir. Brother, sister-in-law is calling
you. -Yes, let’s go. Let’s just move. Come. Come. Freeze! Freeze! Running away fast..
-Vande Mataram! I salute the Motherland!
-Keep quiet! Vande Mataram! -Come on. Vande Mataram! Balwant, what is this? How did this happen? Vande Mataram! Oh, no! -Vande Mataram! Go inside. Come on, let’s go. Vande Mataram! Vande Mataram! Vande Mataram! Did you see! The police have
arrested your friend. That’s good. There will be peace in the
village for sometime now. It’s festival time.. I won’t argue with you. Arguement? Who’d want to argue
with you anyway? The Brahmins have spurned your
family due to your behavior. You thought you’d perfrom the
thread ceremony of your son.. calling a priest from
the neighbouring village. What happened? Did you perform
the thread ceremony? This decision was taken without
letting me put up my side. So you want your say? Okay. Then come to the meeting
tomorrow evening. Speak now! Why so silent now? You wanted to talk. Go on. You offered a clay buffalo
to the Goddess. You insulted Her. But She took Her sacrifice. Your poor brother paid
for your sins. But you still haven’t
mended your ways. Is there a house in this village
that hasn’t seen death? Answer me. Is there such a house? Priest,
does that mean we are all sinners? Don’t be so righteous. You have a widowed daughter-in-law
in your house.. ..who ignores all rituals.
What about that? Read this. -What’s this? This is a letter of forgiveness
from the.. “esteemed Mahadev Shastri
from Kashi. A month back I sent them a
message and told them.. ..I am ready to repent for
my sins which were.. ..committed intentionally
or unintentionally. He asked me to pay a
three-rupee fine. I have done so.
The receipt of which.. attached with the letter. So what I wish to state is.. ..I’ve been forgiven for
all my sins till date. So for the same sins.. This will not do. But this is written in
the Holy Scriptures. I don’t agree at all. Why not? What do you think of yourself? Do you think you’re above Mahadev
Shastri from Kashi? Hari, don’t worry. Shankarshan’s thread ceremony
will be solemnized. I welcome you to our home,
to bless my son. You too.. My brother’s son is
getting married. I will have to go to Ratnagiri
next month. -Whose luggage is that, Jaanu? Mine, brother. Must you leave? Stay longer. Janki and Charu are alone at home. My husband cannot manage
children at all. What will son-in-law do
with all his money? He didn’t come for
my son’s ceremony. He was very busy this time. But brother,
the ceremony went well. Let me pay my respects.
-Never mind. Don’t bend now and don’t
work too hard. You’re in your seventh month,
isn’t it? No escaping housework. My little ones never let me rest.
They always need something Why not hire someone to help? Brother,
can I take Uma home with me? How did that absurd thought
cross your mind? Absurd? I have taken sister-in-law
Tara’s permission. I make the decisions
in this house. Not the women. Atleast hear me out. If we don’t help our own family,
then who will help? I don’t need to solve the
problems of the world. Everyone faces such problems
sometime or the other. What great problem does she have? God also gives 9 months to prepare
for a child’s birth. You should’ve arranged something. There’s no one to accompany
me so I asked. To cook two meals for
so many people.. Ask your husband to help you. He loves children, isn’t it? Tell him to feed them. What did I say to offend
him so much? When it comes to Uma no one
can reason with him. We cannot say a word. Here.. Mangalsutral
(Sacred wedding necklace). Sell it.
You’ll get the money you need. Sorry, how can I take it? Who does it belong to? My wife. Tara. Aunt Namu,
Joshi said you called the doctor? Tara has a stomach ache again. So Haridada will soon announce
some good news. What is it? Let’s go out. She has a large lump
in her stomach. A three-month foetus cannot
be that large. It should be like a small pumpkin. What do you mean? She is not pregnant.
I think it’s a tumour. You must be careful. She must not move. If the tumour
bursts, it could kill her. She needs complete bed rest. Let her room be as
quiet as possible. And if possible even
during the day. Don’t let anyone go into her room. She has become very weak. No more physical work for her. She should stop filling water
and washing clothes. She may be obstinate. But stop her from doing all this. She mustn’t step into
the kitchen either. Be strict about meals. Her food must have
no oil or spice. It’ll trouble her. Make sure that she is.. ..given the right dose of medicine
at the right time. Once in the morning
and once at night. We should do utmost what we can. Leave the rest to God. Jaanu, are my clothes ready? Brother, I’ll keep it. Uma! Uma! Coming, sister-in-law. Haridada is bathing.
I’ll keep his clothes ready. He needs everything on time. Sister-in-law, I was on my way. Do you need anything? Some water? Sit here. But Haridada may need..
-Wait here. He’ll manage. You have the time
to help everyone. But no time to sit with me. Don’t say that. It’s her hard work
running the house. Didn’t I do it when I was well? I wasn’t appreciated then. I never asked for this illness. What is it? What’s bothering you? I’m worried about the family. I’m bedridden like this. Wonder how will this house run? Everything is going on smoothly. Are the children neglected?
Or they are not studying? The house is clean,
the kitchen is well stocked. Everything is running smooth. So why worry? Uma.. Everything will be fine.
She’ll be also fine. Lie down now. Alright. Oh, my god! Open the door quickly. Uma! You’re here? Were you sleeping? Why did you
take so long to open the door? No. I was waiting for you. Sister-in-law.. She’s sleeping. Are you sure? -Yes. What if she wakes up?
-She won’t wake up. I gave her an extra
dose of medicine. I can hear someone coming. Nobody’s there. You’re imagining things. I’m scared. Scared? I’m right here. What if someone finds out? What if someone sees us? No one will. I will protect you. Come. I knew someone would find out. Someone would catch us.
-Keep quiet. Be quiet or I’ll kill you.
Be quiet. Why are you here? You were told to stay in bed,
isn’t it? Didn’t the doctor tell you? Get out of here I say! Oh, my! Tara! Tara, what’s wrong? Sankarshan!
Sankarshan, come quickly. Your mother has fallen down. What? -Tara! Tara! Mother! -Tara! -Sister-in-law! Mother! -Tara! -Sister-in-law! What’s happened? -I don’t know.
I was asleep here.. I heard a noise.
I found her on the floor. How did she get here?
-How would I know? Is she hurt? -Am I a doctor? Then call him! She has injured her neck and back. I told you she must have
complete bed rest. We never let her get up. I don’t know why she
got up and went in. Make a paste of this herb
and give her immediately. Okay, I’m going. Give it to me. -Yes. Take care. Call me, if her condition worsens. Sure. -Goodbye. Listen! Listen! Listen to me. What do you want? Uma! You like Uma, don’t you? You like Uma, isn’t it? I know you do. I know she likes you too. What are you blabbering? I was scared something.. ..would happen between you two.. ..that fear.. ..has disturbed me a lot. But now I think if
something like.. ..that happens it will be better. Really. When I die you must marry her. After I’m gone. The thought of marrying Uma
can never come to my mind. Why are you thinking
of such things? After my death if you bring.. _.another woman into this house.. ..then she.. ..she wouldn’t.. my children. You’ve done so much for Uma, You defied tradition for her sake. Do this too. Do one more thing. Your mind is playing
tricks on you. Nothing such will ever hapen.
You’ll be fine soon. No, I won’t recover. When I close my eyes.. ..I see God’s abode. Sister-in-law!
Sister-in-law, what is it? What is it? -Uma! Uma! Uma, give me your word.
Promise me. Give me your word. Promise me that you will
never leave this family. Sister-in-law, why will I do that? Swear on me.. Okay, I.. -Promise me. You’ll take care of my children.
-I promise you. Why are you saying these things?
Nothing will happen to you. Nothing will happen to you. Oh, Lord, You did not heed
me when Mahadev was ill. Heed me now. You know the troubles
we are facing. If anything happens to Tara.. ..a calamity will befall us. Help us. Save Tara. You must save her. Modern thinking is fine.. ..but not when it interferes
with tradition. Look at what’s happened. What is the situation? Will you be quiet? -I will be. But his family has paid the
price for his deeds. Now that his wife is dead.. ..he is free to do as he pleases. Priest,
this isn’t the time to say this. It’s never the right time for you. Deny them their rights to perform
the Goddess’s festival. And shave Uma’s head. I can’t accept your wife’s
wedding necklace. I have nothing else to offer. But why are you doing
so much for me? I.. We’re originally from the
same village, Torgaon. We knew.. ..your grandfather well. Really? -Yes. We knew the priest very well. Slowly! This is that house. First drag Uma out of the
house and shave her head. Then cover her face with cow dung. If Hari tries to stop you,
break his bones. Understood? Have you understood? The money first. The money won’t vanish.
-How do we know? Ha ri, hello. Why are you here at this hour? I had to come. -Why? We can no longer tolerate
your indecent.. ..behaviour in this village. Meaning? Bring that prostitute out.. ..or leave this village at once. Priest, mind your tongue.
Or else I’ll slash it. Okay. Fl Go. Drag that prostitute out.. ..and burn this brothel down. Don’t you dare! One more step and I’ll kill you. Let me go. Let me go. Don’t you dare step in.
-What’s going on here? There she is!
There she is! -You go inside. What’s going on?
-I told you to go inside. Hit him. Break his bones. Get back inside! You coward.. What are you doing? He has no shame. Beat him. -Don’t let him hit you. What are you looking at? Get her.
There she is. Move back. -Go. Catch her! I’ll have to do something myself. Leave him. -Move! You scoundrelsl -Priest! Hari! -Let me go! Hari! -Priest! -Hari, leave me. Priest, turn back. I tell you come back. Priest! -You have killed your
sister-in-law and.. you wish to be the
mistress of this house? Priest, don’t lock horns with me. I will shave off your head.
-Priest! Get them! Get lost from here! Hari, look here, I didn’t
lay a finger on her. I mean..please forgive me.
I have realized my mistake. Oh, no! Thank you. You appeared like a God and
saved us. Who are you? Hello. My name is Balwant Phadke. Aunt Namu.. Let’s go inside.
It’s getting cold. Sit for a while. Have betel nut. Did you finish the chores? -Yes. What about your husband?
-He is sleeping. Brother,
what do you plan to do now? About what? About Uma? What should I do? Send her back to her parents. I won’t do any such thing. Hari, don’t be stubborn. Yesterday if Balwant wouldn’t
have come.. ..who knows what would’ve
happened. Then you at least think
of remarriage. It’ll be three years
this year since.. ..sister-in-law Tara passed away. How long will you live
alone like this? My married life is over. I won’t remarry. Hari, you like Uma.. ..I know that. She too cares about you a lot. What nonsense, aunt! Marry her and put an
end to the gossip. I’ll put an end to it. I’ve sent a letter to my son,
Shankarshan. Enough of his practice is Mumbai. He can practice law here
and get married. Pay your respects. Come. It’s okay. What have you named her? I stuck to the name her
parents have given her. Like father, like son. Seek her blessings. -Here. Aunt, we seek your blessings. Bless them or else they can’t go. May you have a long life! Aunt Uma is like my mother. When mother died she
looked after us. She was a great support
during my sister’s.. ..Shanti and Khushi’s wedding. Pay your respects to God. Come on, let’s go. Priest, everything went smoothly. Panth is leaving. -Aren’t you staying? -If everything
is done I was thinking of leaving. Mother, today I realized.. ..when I got married why aunt Namu
took her time to bless me. Keep this Mangalsutra.
It may be of use to you. But.. -Keep it. I don’t understand you at times. You helped the priest’s
granddaughter in.. ..spite of the way he
behaved with us. Sudha! Sudha! Where are you going? To change my sari. Why there? Change right here. So I can watch. Don’t be cheeky. -Cheeky? I am your husband. I am shy. No need to be shy. Come closer. Let me go. Your skin is so smooth. What are you saying? Really. -The truth.. Let me go. -Come closer. Don’t take off my sari. But it has to go. Give me a kiss. Leave me. What now? That tickles. -Let it be. Wait a minute. -Absolutely not. Come closer. Why are you looking
at me that way? I’m coming. -Wait. -Why? Put out the lamp -Leave it on.
I want to see. Why do you say that?
No, put it out. You are so stubborn. Let it be. Is the you, aunt? What is it? The grocery list. Keep it there. Yesterday.. Last night.. I made a terrible mistake. I don’t know why I did it. What is the fitting punishment
for my mistake? Jaanu! -Coming, sir. Tell her.. ..from now on if she
needs anything.. ..she must ask you or
daughter-in-law. The list. All have gone to Ranade’s house. For the Satyanarayan veneration. But we were going to go together. I got delayed. I’ll catch him up on the way.
I’m leaving. Uncle.. What is it, child? I want to talk to you. Hello, Dada! All good Jaanu? -Yes. Tell me. Can you ask your friend
what’s troubling him? What do you mean? Why does he treat me like this? What do you mean? He asked me not to talk
to him henceforth. Nor come before him.
That is what he told me. Why? I want you to ask him that. Why is he behaving like this? I have made some small
or big mistakes. But such a severe punishment
for that? Remember when you
used to visit us? Once father made me stand in the.. ..sun for a small mistake I made. You were furious with him. That was different, my dear. Even if Hari is my friend.. ..but he’s stubborn. Once he makes his mind up.. ..nothing can change it. He would not like you telling
me all this either. You know that, right? Hari!
-Yet you stand here and talk to.. ..the daughter-in-law
of this house. Have you no shame? Hari! Tell him.. She’s like my daughter. But she isn’t! I will not mind if you
don’t come here again. If we need to talk,
we’ll talk elsewhere. No need for that. I have nothing to say to
a man who doubts me. Neither here.. ..nor anywhere else. Jaanu.. “The dark colored Lord Pandurang!” Oh, God! “The dark colored Lord Pandurang!” Oh, god! “I sing alone my first song.” Oh, God! “I can see Lord Brahma and
Vishu at my doorstep.” “The second song I
sing to myself.” “Let me behold the dark
Lord Pandurang.” “The dark colored Lord Pandurang!” “My third song of the 28 years..” Who is that? It’s me. Your name, child? Durga. That means Parvati. My Mahadev’s Parvati. Did you go to school? I’ve passed 4th grade. What else do you know? “Oh, world, oh, married life..” “ like a pan on
a burning fire.” “Only by singeing your fingers..” “..can you bake bread.” “Oh, married life..” Beautiful! Where does he disappear? Jaanu, what are you doing?
-Sir, I remember. I’m drawing water from the well
for watering the new plants. From tonight,
sleep inside the house. It will take time for my wound
on the foot to heal. Sure. I will come. I’m scared of sleeping alone. What did you say? Nothing. Water the plants now.
The noon sun will scorch the soil. Okay. I’m going. “Where do I seek shelter?” “Where have those feelings gone?” “How much longer must I wait..” “..for darkness to speak?” “How long before the
light shines on me?” “Where do I seek shelter?” “Where have those feelings gone?” Vande Mataram!
Hail the Motherland! Hail the Motherland! -“Can I bear to see my face
in the mirror now?” “Or seek the fragrance
of flowers?” “How do I atone for a
moment’s mistake?” “And restore my shattered life.” “Where do I seek shelter?” “Whare are lost the..”
-Shankarshan, your sister is here. Has she come? -Yes. You’re late. The sea was so choppy.. _.but in spite of that
the boat reached early. You only see. What is aunt Uma doing here? She sits near the well all day. Is that the sari I sent
her last month? That’s all she does nowadays. Makes quilts of her new saris. She sews for others and gives
the money to the temple. Let’s go. Father decided not to talk to her. Since then,
she hasn’t been herself. It’s been over a year now. Nothing interests her.
She talks to no one. I can’t bear to see her
in this condition. Sister,
that’s why I called you here. I’ll try talking to her. Try it. She’s fond of you. She may listen to you. Aunt Uma? Are you sleeping? Aunt Uma? I don’t get sleep at all. I’m lying down with my face
is covered, that’s all. Do you remember.. you, Shanti and I used
to play near the well? What’s this? Your hair is so dry. You should oil it. I lead a worthless life. Why bother about all these things? Forget about me. Tell me about you. How are you? Is all well? If you can’t sleep,
shall I read to you? Do me a favour? Of course. Anything. There’s a question that has
troubled me for years. What happens on the first night
you spend with your husband? Tell me. Kushi, tell me. Tell me once.
Come closer and tell me. Touch me and tell me. -What are you doing?
Let go! -Tell me once. Tell me. -Leave me! My life has been so unfulfilled. I know I’ve missed out
on something.. “important when my husband died. No one cared to tell
what that was. How many times must I pour
cold water on myself? How many times should I pour
cold water on myself? Come on, come on.. walk..lovely. Sudha! -Look, your father is here. Your father is here. Sudha! -Comng! -Have you
left something behind? What is it? -Shankarshan.. Take her inside. Come. -But.. Father.. -I was playing with her. I want to talk to you, father. Did someone come to
see me last night? Did my client Mr Kale drop by? Maybe.. Not maybe.
He did. And you threw him out. I only asked him not to
sit in the veranda. I work from home.
So where else will my clients sit? Don’t they have any manners? Asking the women of the
house for water. Who did they ask? Answer me. Who did they ask? Shankarsharan.. ..don’t you unnecessarily
raise your voice on me. I will. He asked aunt Uma, right? It’s fine if he had asked my wife. But no man should ever talk to
aunt Uma or even look at her. Why? -Look here.. Just because you’re a barrister,
don’t think you are smart. You don’t understand some things. True. I’ve never understood
the way you behaved. I’m doing this for her own good. What good has it done her? Tell me. Look at her state.
Just look at her. Can’t you see? Why have you covered your eyes? Sankarshan! Sankarshan! Get the doctor! Uma’s nose is bleeding.
Call the doctor. What do we do now? Look at what she’s
done to herself. She doesn’t eat or drink. Sankarshan,
she must eat something. Not eating will not do. We’ve tried everything, uncle. She refuses to listen. Take her to Mumbai. Aunt, did you hear that? We’ll have to go to Mumbai. If you don’t eat. Eat something at least. Aunt Namu… Aunt Namu.. What is it? -How is she..Uma? She’d be better if she ate. Meaning? She has had no food or
water for three days. Okay. Shall I leave? -Mr. Khare.. The hearing is in fifteen days. Wasn’t it today?
-I had it postponed. I’m taking my aunt to
the nearby town. What about my case? Don’t worry about that.
Everything will be fine. I’ll be seeing you. -Okay. You solely took the decision
of taking.. ..Uma to see a doctor in town? She won’t live if I don’t. The doctor says.. ..if she doesn’t eat, she will.. ..have to be in a hospital
on a drip. Wait for a day. We’ll find a solution. E E Is it you? Or am I seeing things? I will not say that.. ..forget the past and forgive me. I won’t forgive you anyway. Uma hasn’t eaten for two weeks. She won’t listen to anyone. You tell her. She might listen to you. So it’s all right
if I talk to her? It’s for her own good. I’ll get ready. Uncle Jaanu, where is he? Shall we go? Yes. Let’s go. Uma. Uma. Look who has come. Your uncle Balwant. Someone here told me.. ..that Uma is not eating.
I said, how can that be? Her uncle Balwant is here.
He will feed her now. Hari asked me to come. He asked me to visit you. Said she misses you. Will you eat now? Balwant, never mind the food.. ..make her drink a glass
of milk at least. Come, drink some milk. Come. Get up. Careful. Come on. Oh! Did she eat? She won’t listen to me. She has lost the will to live. Listen to me. Shop your obstinacy
and talk to her. She will only listen to you. She will eat if you tell her. How can I talk to her? In front of her.. I don’t have the courage
to face her. Find the courage then. If you want her to live,
you must talk to her right now. I am your criminal. If you must punish someone,
punish me. I’ll do as you please. Don’t ruin your health.. not eating or drinking.
Don’t worry us all the more. I know.. ..I’ve been very unfair to you. I understood everything
but could do nothing. I was helpless. I.. trapped by my own oath. Before he could touch you.. ..Mahadev passed away. When the last rites
were performed.. ..not a single crow was seen to
complete the funeral ritual. I know his soul was still
attached to you. How could I console him? It was nearly noon. A thousand thoughts invaded me. So I whispered to his soul. Mahadev, don’t worry. Uma will always be yours. She will join you one day.. She will come to you untouched
by any man. I promise you. Just then a crow flew down.. ..and the rituals were completed. From that moment.. ..I decided to protect
you forever. I didn’t allow Shantu
to shave your head. People thought I was defying
age-old tradition. But I stopped him because I didn’t
want any man to touch you. I didn’t let you go to
your maternal house.. I kept you here. You were a part of our family,
and it was forever. I didn’t let you go to any
ceremony or to see relatives. I didn’t let you go even
to the temple alone. I broke ties with my
friend Balwant. I doubted him without reason. I told everyone I was
a progressive man. Refusing to sacrifice a buffalo. But I refused to discuss
your remarriage.. ..I shut my ears to everyone. When people asked
me to marry you.. ..didn’t I know your eyes
told me you were willing? I could feel your love in
everything you did for me. I could not marry you
though I wanted to. I stopped talking to you. I didn’t trust myself not to act.. a moment of weakness. I kept my promise to Mahadev.. ..till this very minute. I gave peace to a dead man.. ..while taking your
life day by day. I wasn’t fair to you. But no longer.. I don’t care if Mahadev’s soul
suffers in turmoil.. _.for eternity by me
breaking my promise. I don’t care if I burn in hell
for breaking my oath. But today.. Right now.. I will marry you. Don’t be stubborn. Eat something. I’ll be back.. a moment. Why are you crying like
this for no reason? Aunt has passed away. Don’t say such things. Uma! Uma! Uma! Wake up! Open your eyes, Uma. Get up. Open your eyes. Sankarshan.. Shankarshan, light a fire.
Her hands are cold. She was angry with me but.. But not anymore, right? I went to get the
Mangalsutra and.. Father.. Father, she’s left us. She has passed away.. Wake up, Uma. Wake up. She won’t wake up now. I must tell you something that’s
been eating me up for years. Leaving Uma when I went inside
to fetch Tara’s Mangalsutra.. that moment Uma’s condition.. ..was not critical. You know that too. Yet she died before I
returned to the room. Do you know why? So that I do not break my
oath I made to Mahadev. I treated her so badly all
through her life, yet.. ..she loved me to the very end. I haven’t slept a moment
since that night. I sold my house. Sold my land. I started this organisation. I dedicated my life.. .. to helping women like Uma. But even today when
I close my eyes.. ..I still see Uma’s face. I pace up and down all
night to tire myself. But I cannot sleep. When I met Manda today.. ..I decided.. give this woman.. The grand daughter of the man
who made my life a misery.. wife’s wedding necklace that
I had preserved all along. Let us see.. If I can sleep tonight. Oh, world, married life..”
-“Oh, world, married life..” “ like a pan on
a burning fire.” “Is like a pan on
a burning fire..” “Only by singeing
your fingers..”.. .. -“0nly by singeing
your fingers..” “..can you bake bread.”
-Can you bake bread.” Oh, married life.. “Oh, married life..”

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