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  1. 00:03 Deadpool 2
    02:17 The Equalizer 2
    04:43 Hotel Artemis
    07:06 Solo – A Star Wars Story
    07:51 The Incredibles 2
    08:21 Life of the Party
    13:28 Anon
    15:40 In Darkness Trailer
    17:25 Blindspotting
    19:43 Hereditary

  2. I loved how Deadpool was dodging the bullets with his swords. Consider that an X Men Origins Wolverine reference.

  3. Jodie Foster isn't this old. Jodie could easily be an action star. Best legs on the planet. Deadpool is to much of what it is. Too arch. A waste of a bad guy.

  4. Well, well, well, Hereditary looks to be promising. It kind of has the look and feel of a mix between of The Bad Seed and that kid from the Twilight Zone Episode who was a Reality Warper.

    But you know? I feel like I am only setting my expectations too high.

  5. suare can kicks farther and makes more sounds more vibrations better the echoing impacts more energy produced from ground impact with a smaller kick

  6. masure the distanc of a metalic object bounding of a wall with vibation vs the distance with same energy without

  7. against the wind square can or flat can .. with the wind … its not easy but more complex then strings

  8. Jurassic…….keep milking the cow…jeez….well, that's one big pile of sh*t.
    Deadpool2, Equalizer2, Solo and Blindspotting got my attention

  9. 3:43 That makes no sense. It would be smarter for him to shove the knife through the seat into his back. I've seen that done in a movie.

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