NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2018 | Weekly #16

NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2018 | Weekly #16

We gettin’ close You all know the drill Intercept the convoy Watch out for cable Hit it There’s this kid he’s in trouble Cable: “move or die” Deadpool:” pump the hate breaks Thanos” Deadpool: “Violent cable get tool ” Deadpool: ” I Can’t do this alone” need backup Deadpool: “We’re gonna form a super duper fucking group. It’s time to get back on LinkedIn” Weasel: ” Meet bad luck” “My name is chatter stark” “Domino, I’m lucky” Deadpool: ” Luck isn’t a superpower. It’s certainly not very cinematic” Domino: “Yes, it is” Deadpool :” let’s meet in the middle and say no it is” Deadpool : “It’s Showtime don’t call it a comeback” Cable : “No Fucking hero, you’re just a clown, Dressed up as a sex toy” Deadpool : ” so dark you sure you’re not from the DC Universe?” Deadpool : “Bring it on one-eyed Willy, Oh, yeah your bullets they’re really fast” And last but not least Peter any power want to tell us about no, Peter : “I don’t have one. I just saw the ad” Deadpool :” You’re in” First time boo-boo key No, no, no long time ago different life now Now you come back, yes I’m looking for something you can find whatever you wish in Turkey about a man who kidnapped a little girl from her American mother Will not be looking for such a thing, will be dangerous for you Men like him with big Baby Mom Robert I’m the only friend, it’s great you helping all these random people and everything But stay off the radar something happens to one of ours So I’m obligated to look into it. Thought you retired. Oh, I am just like you’re dead Yeah, what’s the matter? They knew what floor she was on We’re tying up loose ends exactly Partner for seven years max mistake to go to war with him *Its go time* They’re gonna war with me *its go time* Whoever did this of all chart skillsets Everett the agency a family ever seen star trek..good, call 911 They killed my friend So I’m gonna kill each and every one of them and only disappointment is that I only get to do it once Seen you carrying all those books around I figured you for some kind of teacher I’m a high level paid assassin That’s real nice. You don’t want it. No. I really do I Need to make a call Hello, how can I help? Easy fellas everybody gonna get fixed up there for you memberships and we’re off to the races The Artemis is a secret hospital for criminals I thought you are done with all this I got out But you know how it goes you’re never out not a few I thought this place was a myth We’ve been here for 22 years, this hospital was built on two things trust and rules You see that bench That means I’m a healthcare professional You’re not stealing right, don’t push my buttons, don’t you do that? I’m a professional, but this woman. She’s the business if you knew what she could do to you with just that cup of coffee? You’re lucky this place is rules the Artemis isn’t safe for us because it is It’s a portable vault worth about 18 million wolf Kings probably gonna want those back Okay, this is a real problem It’s here Open the gate, that’s against the rules rules Without the rule breakers, honey. Where would you be? You got like a plan. Be my brother. I love you 3d printing complete. I got the next best thing I gotta go Guess my ballroom J’s room, okay? Time There’s a war zone up here, I gotta make it out of here. We can do it together. This is what I do Visiting hours are never Busy night at the Artemis You know you might want to buy some scented candles or something because it smells like somebody died they did Big shot gangster putting together crew you in Waited a long time for a shot like this What are you doing with herring the boy, we need a ship the Millennium Falcon Every ship isn’t for everyone she needs a particular type of pilot I’m flirting These people not your friends There’s a lesson to be learned here Got a really good feeling about this Hello honey things haven’t spiraled up control the moment I left everything’s great Where is Mom? She is doing hero work Done properly parenting is a heroic act. looks normal to me That is freaky Hi there here some things to do of your new college student get your room ready check make some new friends. Yeah find yourself suddenly perimenopausal check Sully oh yeah, okay Hello all, this Mediation is here to help facilitate your divorce. You will all be civilized, and you will please address all speech to me to you So even if we want to talk to you alone another we can I mean if I wanted to say Dina I am going to have a beautiful life with your husband Dean. I can’t believe you brought her. I can’t believe you brought Christine I can’t believe you shacked up with a bitch. I just say for the record I just needed an upgrade in my life Deana son of me, please. I’m sorry you son of a bitch You’re the son of a bitch you’re the son of a bitch yes 23 years since manners just down the shoes What am I gonna do 40 something year old woman that doesn’t even have her degree Hmm, I know what I’m gonna. Do let me see you Regret staying at home and being your mom, but I regret not getting my degree. That’s why somebody’s mom Just enrolled in college beep beep beep. It’s me I want the full experience Oh, hell, no. I don’t know what’s sadder the mom perm or the mom’s boobs these Allow this one to suckle at these teeth for 28 months. I learned them around the microwave out this probably isn’t the time Unbelievable chocolate it is weed bark so maybe I would probably hold off from having any more just cuz umm what is it 20 years I worried about what I wasn’t doing right what I could have been doing better Do you have a moment here if you take it? Mom, don’t jump to conclusions. You don’t know what’s happening here Looks like my mother is doing the walk of shame out of a frat house look. Yes technically. That’s what’s happened What stuff you know what I’m older and wiser This essentially a Google ask me anything turn off your of a Google it can’t be turn the page. I don’t like it I Did not know they were gonna be here, what is on your lobes Dan. It’s an earring What works for Harrison Ford Harrison Ford blew up the Death Star and freed a galaxy what have you done dan? She’s tracked, okay, okay Okay How many, can you save 11 species blue is the last of her kind You’ll never capture her we thought you might know someone who could help a rescue op. What could go wrong Hey blue you know me come with me, you know you can’t stay here Right now It was all the lies the man who proved Raptors can follow orders you never thought how many millions a trained predator might be was There a sellable not blue. They need it for something else This is the most dangerous creature that ever walked the earth I Say we shut this whole thing down Hey girl you think what I’m thinking Genetic power has now been unleashed you can’t put it back in the box If I don’t make it back Remember you’re the one who made me come here, I’ll be all right these creatures were here before us And if we’re not careful They’re gonna be Hereafter Welcome to Jurassic world Last night when I was chasing her that’s where it starts What I see changes the stairs Stretch it’s not too be an illusion Which later disappears for my record and it doesn’t end there at this moment I’m seeing a train at the platform a Train that isn’t there Placing a moving image in real time Who could hack a human being? How do we stop this so fine, okay? What can I do for you The girl was a blank slate no digital footprint Which makes her living covering up secrets? She’s a master editor who can erase the unwanted act in the record most of all she erases herself And now our clients are getting a race This level of anonymizing makes all crime possible Anonymity is the enemy Someone is killing my customers trying to make it look like it’s me. She’s playing you I’m not safe Neither are you we can’t believe our eyes assistant doesn’t work All clear please proceed You can stay anonymous Delete everything and keeping my cell memory life. What’s wrong with her You can’t look back needs to be re listened to for translation Did you know miss Cavell we were neighbors? She was always kind to me, so you didn’t hear anything? No 28 year old Veronique radish fell from her apartment building and what appears to be a suicide Alleged war criminal officially identified his daughter’s body. Did you know they’d only kill? Sofia please look after it for me. It was a woman in the end of my arm. She’s blind Is it true that the loss of one sense sharpens the others I’m being followed these people kill everyday Whatever game you think you’re playing you just stumbled into someone else’s You don’t have to do this In Darkness Coming Soon I would like to get out Man look I’m not trying to go back to jail two hundred dollars and let me out not Collins gun very nice oh I just got an Uber pick up No crash be able to fire sonic gasps. Don’t try to put them up like this your gram. I’m a tough guy Do me a favor I got three days left on this probation when you got that gun on you just don’t Tell me about it plausible deniability. Oh do you mean? You are a convicted felon Mr.. Hoskins you are now that until proven otherwise helped prove otherwise at all times stop don’t shoot don’t shoot You know you don’t have to act ghetto to hang out here We to get rid of miles miles, he’s my best friend. He’s gonna put you back in jail or he’s gonna get you killed Don’t make me write you up for your last week The judge will extend your time here a year that is the life We live in then a bit since the beginning and you know we’re stuck in that soil oil don’t be who you is Every time you come around you monsters got me feeling like a monster in my own town AHHHH I ain’t no killer Maybe we finish the toy after the quiz My name is Annie my mom died a week ago She was a very private woman, and she wasn’t all together there at the end Who’s gonna take care of me. You don’t think I’m gonna take care of you when you die Sorry I recognized you from your mother. How was your relationship with your daughter what? Peter Charlie, are you ok? Please stop charlie

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  1. 00:03 Deadpool 2
    02:17 The Equalizer 2
    04:43 Hotel Artemis
    07:06 Solo – A Star Wars Story
    07:51 The Incredibles 2
    08:21 Life of the Party
    13:28 Anon
    15:40 In Darkness Trailer
    17:25 Blindspotting
    19:43 Hereditary

  2. I loved how Deadpool was dodging the bullets with his swords. Consider that an X Men Origins Wolverine reference.

  3. Jodie Foster isn't this old. Jodie could easily be an action star. Best legs on the planet. Deadpool is to much of what it is. Too arch. A waste of a bad guy.

  4. Well, well, well, Hereditary looks to be promising. It kind of has the look and feel of a mix between of The Bad Seed and that kid from the Twilight Zone Episode who was a Reality Warper.

    But you know? I feel like I am only setting my expectations too high.

  5. suare can kicks farther and makes more sounds more vibrations better the echoing impacts more energy produced from ground impact with a smaller kick

  6. masure the distanc of a metalic object bounding of a wall with vibation vs the distance with same energy without

  7. against the wind square can or flat can .. with the wind … its not easy but more complex then strings

  8. Jurassic…….keep milking the cow…jeez….well, that's one big pile of sh*t.
    Deadpool2, Equalizer2, Solo and Blindspotting got my attention

  9. 3:43 That makes no sense. It would be smarter for him to shove the knife through the seat into his back. I've seen that done in a movie.

  10. Consume overwhelming opening hot debate light teaching Muslim impress potato cultural gravity elite for.

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