NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2018 | Weekly #29

NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2018 | Weekly #29

Please you have to be a warrior What are you doing to my coat? Okay, what do I actually get to you know steal Well sugar It’s been whispers of a thief I’m the law and order here And you talk of the thief bring it to me One thing keeps him in power enough money we steal it won’t hit the Treasury itself set up a meeting Everyone is with us. This is our shot Is the plan this is an inside job you are the Lord Sheriff who do you think the thief is clearly he’s well-trained Adaptable under fire go get him eventually Our plan is working LSU bikes I remind them they’re not the people. They’re my subjects. This is suicide Can’t you see what you’re doing you inspire the people Brings me odd We’re all suspects now if we get caught they will kill us all Really inspire. Thanks Not Robin of Loxley anymore Another Four months ago, I was cutting grass in my front yard a Mailman shows up with the letter from the Army Now I’m here No idea why I’m gonna end up Welcome to France what happened here some questions are not good answers There’s a lot of soldiers out there there’s only formas I don’t what’s inside that compound What is this Thousand-year army these thousand years old just What’s not yeah what you do with those people They have been given that purpose It’s amazing to meet you it is simply extraordinary Maybe this will all make sense if I explain Who I am My name is dr. Ellie staple and I’m a psychiatrist my work concerns in a particular type of delusion of grandeur It’s a growing field I Specialize in those individuals who believe they are superheroes Good for you The three of you have convinced yourselves you have extraordinary gifts like something out of a comic book David Dunn the only person to survive that trainwreck all those years ago What do you do? I’m in security you think you have superpowers? It’s a feeling Vision I have to touch them you believe you are a protector My name is Patricia, I have no question. There are two dozen identities. I’m Mary Reynolds We almost got to roll that live in that body with you. The Beast is coming any minute now for you. Yeah But what I am questioning is your belief that you are something more than human And yet it is true My bones break easily, and I’ve had 94 breaks in my life, but you have an extraordinary. Thank you This is not a cartoon, this is the real world no way And yet some of us still don’t die with bullets Some of us can still bend steel I Have been waiting for world to see that we exist May I’ll meet the Beast. I hope for your sake that he likes you that sounds like the bad guys taming on a Lot of people are going to die. Don’t do this Are you ready? What do we call you sir first name, mr. Last name? You super strain of radiating faster than can be contained fetus super-violent for the surgery for patient zero There is no treatment there is no cure It turns humans into violent predators The communication is impossible Except for me ready I can speak down language Why I’ve been bitten But not turn We are hidden underground in a nuclear silo We searched desperately for patient zero. We cannot reverse engineer a vaccine without patient zero The music’s not affecting him at all nothing You assume we’re all the same Something new and smart is evolving, you know anything about patient zero it’s only a matter of time Trust me on that time is a luxury you cannot afford They’ve been purged do I look sick to you? Yeah And I don’t think that we’re the disease We’re the cure to get rid of the human infection. We will continue to fight time in Those daddies what we do I suggest you ask yourself Oh who’s winning? What can you see? Our world is changing the mass extinction we feared Has already begun and we are the cause We are the infection But like all living organisms the earth unleashed a fever to fight this infection Its original and Rightful rulers the Titans For thousands of years these creatures have remained in hiding around the world And unless all the Titans are found our planet will perish and so will we They are the only guarantee that life will carry on On your goddamn minds I am sorry, but this is the only way Long live the king This is just fantasy From reality I enjoyed the show. I also write songs lead sing. It is quick and then you need someone new And after we move upstage Grimm belongs to you Don’t you see what you could be? No one will play us on the radio we need to get experiments Do it again how many more Galileo’s do you want Roger? There’s only room in this band for one hysterical Queen Matt these words. No one will play free fortune favors the bold Freddie concerning your private life. What more do you need to know? I make music I Want to give the audience a song that they can perform What’s the lyric Ready Freddy, that’s good You need to slow down Fred I Just need a bit of time What if I don’t have time You’re alleging fraud we’re all legends I’m scared professor dumbledore Everyone you scared to something ridiculous Yes, you’re up next That’s an unusual one what mr. Scamander fears above everything else is Having to work in an office, sir Go ahead and use Ridiculous Magic rooms Only in rare Souls Still in sculpting shadows Because the old ways serve us no longer Take it we’ve heard the rumors and of all television But he will rise to dominance over the Wizarding World You’re asking me to help hunt him down I Can’t move against green default. It has to be you In your shoes, I’d probably refuse to there’s light good evening it come on You underestimate your talents missus come on Their arrogance is a key to our victory Muggles are not lesser Not disposable Your two could mute you never met a monster you couldn’t love three days Mr. Scamander, do you think tumble to will known for her? Are you ghost? No, I’m alive. Well, I’m an alchemist and therefore immortal. Oh You’re gonna fly man J. Koalas, oh, oh you don’t look a day over 375 I Was a hell of a good artist a world war 2 illustrator and now I can barely write my name I heard what happened to you five of them jumped him To miracle he survived You taken your meds I Got beaten with an inch of my life for no reason one foot in front of the other. You got it mark I Embrace the pain But I’ve created a world where I can heal. What is all of this? Welcome to Marwan. It’s my art installation You’re an artist. That’s a complicated story. What’s huh me? Do you really want to know yes They kicked every memory I ever had out of my head Everything from before the attacks come so my dolls have to tell the story These are the women of Marwan and they protect mark we’re one on the same pal from the bad guys Let’s go I thought I heard you yelling for more gumbo. Not gumbo. No gumbo All of the Tollison Marwin people, you know, yeah, there’s Anna yeah Julie hell. Yeah Karl Allah You can’t keep on running away from your problems Roberta where you gonna go to the sentencing you need to face Those jerks who beat you up Not really sure how to do this. Her pain is our rocket fuel The life I once had was taken away from me, but I’m still here I Have hope and I have my town And I have my friends I got your back it’ll be okay Anything is possible in Marlon bottoms up girl People need to see how special Marwin really is To life to love to the women of Marwan You’ve run from foster homes in six counties. I can’t take care of myself When you’re 18 give these people a chance because that’s what they’re giving you This is billy batson Thanks for making us feel at home, they seem nice but don’t buy it it gets real gameofthrones around here Dude just mess around you look at me and you’re like why so dark you’re just able to foster kid. You’ve got it all If you could have one superpower, what would you pick Everybody chooses flight, you know why so they can fly away from this conversation little cuz heroes fly Well, you need your fake family to stand up for you, hey man, sorry about that Billy Batson I choose you SGP Hello Say my name so my powers may flow through you but I don’t know your name sir. Sure Sam Are you for real? Okay Shazam Billy you’re the only person I know that knows anything about this Cape Crusader stuff tonight. Yeah It’s crazy right? What are your superpowers superpowers dude? I don’t even know how to pee in this thing. Hey Just can you fly Okay, why are you talking You know, I don’t think it’s gonna buff out your bum stars your phone charge help like a bad guy, right By donating You have full immunity from your dead Your window you’re welcome for not getting robbed oh, hey stop I’m a superhero My father was a lighthouse keeper My mother was queen But life has a way of bringing people together Could unite our bones one day Check it out author is talking to the fish They made me what I am Permission to come aboard I’ve been looking for you your half brother King arm is about to declare war upon the surface world The only way to stop this war is for you to take your rightful place as king Trust me. I know you Do your best thinking when you’re not thinking at all? That was the worst pep talk ever I Want to strap in? My brother has come from the service chose me for the throne. I got an ass-whooping No leader I came because I had no choice Save my own people that are loved. Do you think you’re unworthy to lead which is your two different worlds? That is exactly why you are worthy Oh, it’s awesome The war is coming to the surface and I’m bringing the wrath of the seven seas with me What are you doing should never parachute right hoods you gotta love them My name is Lily Coulson, and I’m 18 years old These are my three best friends. Um Becks and Sarah And this is the story of how my town Salem lost its mind But let’s start at the beginning dude the principal got hacked I’ll give him like five days before he commits suicide I’m sorry. I just don’t have any sympathy for people that get hacked for real There’s two types of people in this world people that have come to terms with privacy is just dead Then there’s the old people that are still trying to fight it. What do you have to hide? anyway Little a million nudes super gross porn history and like super pervy tax about almost everyone at this school me2 me3 I think it was some like socially conscious a Chilean sea hacker guy. I live for this type of scandal to be honest Looks like have a Salem just got hacked. There’s nothing anybody can do to get these videos down 117 thousand people’s texts and emails got leaked people get really weird Who sees a naked photo of a girl and their first thought is yo, I gotta kill this girl Way more people than you think This is your world you built this don’t take your heat out on me I just got here Me kill me but she can’t kill us all Oh Matt oh my god, you’re here It’s Halloween. I got us VIP passes to help us. What is that? Is it travelling? Hora night has four amazes it We would totally lose in there It’s gonna be finally why are you signing a waiver? Well, because the liability is a bitch a Couple years ago some girl got totally gutted Killer left her body in the park for three days. They thought she was a freakin prop. Some people are just evil they walk amongst Do you think you’re scaring me no move? Look the more scared you seem the more they’re gonna come after you you have to just play it cool How’s insane right yeah, really The same guys been following us the entire night take your job too seriously This really isn’t funny I came here to be scared right? I can’t arrest people for doing their job. Welcome to hell fast Hello, hey, can you let me out here? Every manager at our company has a college degree. The only thing stopping you is you Do you ever look at your life and wonder how you got there if you make different choices Would you be happy Arthur got his MBA from Duke? He’s the best man for the job. No, sir. I am I Just wish we lived in a world where street smarts equal book smarts School, oh the educated people and their fancy houses name their kids after fruit and climb Kilimanjaro So lady call for you. There’s something about a job interview. Oh my god, Franklin and Clark. Your resume interests me Wharton Business School I’m sorry what and of course you have got to see her Facebook page my facebook page Obama I gave you a completely new identity. You said you wanted to be fancy. So I just like Cinderella Jurassic Well, I got you in the door. You’ve got the job baby. Who’s the champ? Let’s go. Who’s the champ on the tail? You’re the you’re the champ It’s not easy getting a job for a woman your age Oh Watch me. Imma be on Oh Okay, we need to wear anything. Other than that. You look like mrs. Doubtfire Wow, this is my office Give you an apartment a bloody cards. I’m gonna take these off your pants. Don’t you dare? I’m gonna take these coasters You’re gonna come clean right Maya Vargas, these are my friends from Norton Warren waited some time in the Peace Corps together. We save whales Welcome chooses Facebook thing with we really are I appeal the admire you kind of who I want to be when I grow up You’ll do one one that every dollar We’re looking at the new Chinese distributor the only employee we have who speaks Mandarin for me I got an idea our cats veterinarian speaks Mandarin We would love to schedule a tour for you but you have to wait for the deal to be closed what you like a toffee chances that Oh, About manana Yoji suddenly gone mom. She There are a hundred and seventy-eight loss a different shape on the basis of sex women can work overtime We have to get credit cards in our husband’s name not allowing You think you can change the country we should look to her generation They’re taking to the streets protests are important but changing the culture means nothing if the law doesn’t change Who did you say your name was? Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I Want to be a lawyer I want to represent clients in pursuit of justice So they’re gonna give you a corner office. I wasn’t what they were looking for One said women are too emotional to be lawyers. Another told me a woman graduating top of her class must be a real ballbuster. I Worked hard I did everything I was supposed to and I excelled Martin Ginsburg will be signing all of our trek someday Chris Marker with you married a star if the law differentiates on the basis of sex then how will women and men ever become equal I Don’t read Tax Court cases read district The law assumes a caregiver has to be a woman this is sex-based discrimination against a man poor guy We need to take this case is not a case. This is a declaration of war. They could topple the whole damn system of discrimination They think gender equality is a civil, right? What’s at stake is the American family? Let’s put this idea to bed once and for all you will lose and when you do you will set the woman’s moving back 10 Years, you don’t get to tell me when to quit. I know this case disrupted our lives kusa for if not for me You’ve been ready for this your whole life. So going there and let the judges see there was Ginsburg. I know We’re not asking you to change the country that’s already happened without any court’s permission The word woman does not appear even once in the US Constitution nor does the word freedom Your honor Taron I want you to do well I Want you to have a great life I Love you, but we cannot see a way that you can live on to this roof If you’re gonna fundamentally go against the grain of our beliefs Tara Tell me the truth. That’s all I Think about men I Don’t know why I’m so sorry Your parents signed you up for a program to fix you But Karen, you are a perfectly normal very healthy teenage boy ain’t gonna do things for you You want upset Welcome to the refuge program. You cannot be born a homosexual. This is alive. It’s your choice Go fake it till you make it come to man. You are not save yourself Okay, God will not love you the way that you are This is what you want. Who’s gonna start this demon down? I’m having a tough time. I’m gonna give you some advice tell them whatever They want to hear play the part unless it really think you can change Artie’s gonna want to what you going through right now is just a moment unknown. Yeah a moment I Love God and I love my son for your father. It’s a little more complicated. We are not finished. I am because you won’t listen Your father is sitting here telling how you hate him You’re not gonna pretend I hate my father I don’t hate my father then where is all this anger come because you’re making me angry They say sometimes you gotta hurt a child in order to help them but a mother knows when something is awry I don’t want to pretend anymore. I’ve had to ask myself and God if I’m ready to lose you You’re won’t you never

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  1. 00:03 Robin Hood
    02:26 Overlord
    04:54 Glass
    07:47 Patient Zero
    10:04 Godzilla 2 King of the Monsters
    12:29 Bohemian Rhapsody
    14:53 Fantastic Beasts 2
    18:09 Welcome to Marwen
    20:34 Shazam!
    23:27 Aquaman
    25:52 Assassination Nation
    28:16 Hell Fest
    30:40 Second Act
    35:34 BOY ERASED





  4. Can anyone please explain glass to me because i really don’t get it, not trying to be mean i just don’t know whats happening

  5. Robin Hood – looks awful, won’t see
    Overlord – looks like a fun ride, will probably see
    Glass – looks very interesting, will see but will probably be let down
    Patient Zero – again looks interesting but will probably be let down with a stupid ending
    Godzilla 2 – looks stupid with a stupid premise but it’s Godzilla and the special effect look good so probably will see it
    Bohemian Rhapsody- love Queen so a must see
    Fantastic Beasts 2 – definitely will see
    Welcome to Marwen – looks very good and tragic
    Shazam! – looks stupid and silly
    Aquaman – Wife and daughter love Momoa so don’t have a choice but to see it. It doesn’t look too bad. Might be good.
    Assassination Nation – I’m too old. A movie with a bunch of teenagers is just annoying at my age. By the end I want them all to be killed off.
    Hell Fest – same as the movie above.
    Second Act – boring
    On the Basis of Sex – A movie that’s preaching to me. No thanks.
    Boy Erased – looks good but not for me.

  6. These films look bloody awesome – I love the link between the artificial intelligence and our own – this is by no doubt how the humans will evolve – and that will be a scary day my Friend m. If only you knew the true potential of artificial intelligence and how close we are to creating it , you would see what I see.

    I for one cannot wait.

  7. I'm a good straight God-loving man. Once in a while i get on my knees and schleep on a juicy cock until the owner of said juicy cock splurges his man goodness right into my throat, yet i am still as straight as a steel beam(except those curved steel beams, we don't count those).
    How do i manage to do that you might ask? What's the trick, Jimmy Jimbob, you might wonder? What's the magic behind that, i hear you whisper?
    Simple: i only fuck straight men like myself, i have never had a gross gay chode in my mouth and i have never had a disgusting gay chocolate ring throbbing around my beautiful hwite straight christian penis.
    You can't be a homo if you don't sleep with homos. Easy.

  8. Oh good lord. There's at least 3-4 SJW talking point movies in there! Hell no. Ill go see Aquaman and Fantastic Beasts, but that's about it. Maybe Bohemian Rhapsody.

  9. OK, what is Hollywood's obsession with demonizing Christianity and Conservatism? Is it just cool to do that now? Every gay teen movie seems to have this damn trope of the Christian dad who refuses to accept their gay kid. Hollywood does realize that Christian parents love their kids regardless of their sexual preference right? As my dad said when I asked him about God and homosexuality, "God doesn't make mistakes. He is perfect and he never makes an imperfect child, it's the child who grows into a rebellious adult and sins. So who am I to say that God made a mistake or that God won't love someone based on who they love? If God has a problem, He will make his just judgment on these people. But I am not a judge, nor jury and will not judge anyone for loving another human being."

  10. Glass looked promising until I saw Shyamalan's name…no thanks. A writer only gets to burn me once and The Village made me cross his name off the list. Before anyone trots out the Sixth Sense, I liked it a lot…but it was a fluke, a one of.

  11. Who's just about had enough of these supehero movies? Same old *save the earth bullshit* doesn't matter how much CGI goodgollywood puts into these irritating movies it's still the same old script..*oh no ! My brother is the bad guy and is gonna destroy the earth and only you can save us !..or, oh no, some purple being from the darker rear end of the universe has come to earth and is gonna destroy it..only you can save us !..polish it up as much as you like, its still a turd…

  12. I can't wait to go back to the movies or watch movies again. Of course they have to try to stop changing facts, history, injecting their SJW crap, then I will go back. It's been so long scince I have seen a movie.

  13. "on the basis of sex"
    given what has happend recently with the appointment of bret on the supreme court, and then calling the accuser a lier. The hipocrasey, the money the way things are stacked, the world ware men can get away with murder, rape, slander. And then you make a movie that tells a story, of a women, who beat the males system. The movie is fine, the timing is not. people are marching today in protest of the system depicted in this film.
    im not a seer, but i see bad things hapening around this movie.

  14. anyone notice in robin hood and some other movies with archers that they shoot consecutive arrows without getting another arrow out of the quiver?

  15. Leftists here to make a movie to tell you that you are a plague and the only cure is to pay their taxes, which they'll ensure make the elite richer.

  16. at 24:54 to 24:59 it says my brother has come from the service to challenge me for the throne. I got an ass-whooping.

  17. Another Harry Potter knockoff, another Super Friends character, another GODZILLA reboot, another basterdized version of Robin Hood, another "Bio-outbreak", another "we've killed the Earth", another "Scary screamer", another "narcissistic slutty tough girls killing everyone" , another "I can make it to the top" Latina flick- topped off with a young, scared, Gay, White guy- daring to come out. YAWN

  18. I liked Unbreakable. Sucked more was never done with it. He was a superhero, yes, but it was quite realistic, powers, but not over the top really. And this was actually a great movie.
    Split was weird but okay, the easter egg at the end really got me going.
    This movie might be really good, and i hope there is more after this.

    That said, i would also love a Rising Stars movie come to think of it.
    Yes has nothing to do with it except for powers.

    That movie Welcome To Marwen with Steve carell and Merritt Wever is gonna be great i think. Merritt Wever kicked ass and did a fantastic job on Godless and i think she was right to win the Emmy, and i do think we'll be seeing a whole lot more from her.

    I think Aquaman is gonna look fantastic and not have enough story and too many over the top scenes and battles that are useless.
    Like just about anything DC is putting out.

  19. Super excited for Fantastic Beasts 2, looks absolutely amazing, I never saw all of the first one but this one looks really good

  20. Not gonna lie, a few from.the first half looked half decent, then they lost it towards the end. Feminism, social justice, and homosexuality. Like what the heck is the world gone too

  21. Still trying to figure out how Aquaman's mom had a black baby and both parents are white…hmm? It's the Black Mantis baby. Maury need a DNA test!….

  22. so many options so many adaptions so many great creative actor's and actresses hitting the big screen I'm very very excited

  23. shutup ratjewsenlistedretardterdcasinosvermin As Natalie"portman" Said theyvernincasinos Better Make MEHandsome6ftBlonDishIvyLeaugueGiantKittensCatsAngels'GenieGenius A STAR CutieYUMMYNatalieYUMMY

  24. The last two trailers are the only ones, besides Fantastic Beasts 2that are worth a penny.
    What a waste of 40 minutes of my time – HOLY CRAP!

  25. All these supermovies is not bad, watched with boxxy software all new movies… nice alternative of tv when I didn't have Netflix in my country) :*

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