NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 🎬 | Weekly #17

NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 🎬 | Weekly #17

Tell me something why is it so hard for you to kill this man? He knew every move of mine before I made it I have them right there. Take the shot And he’d be gone like a ghost Who is he I Think I know why as good as you he is you 25 years ago they made you from me they chose me because there’s never been anybody like me We have to end this right now You have all of his gifts without his pains, you made a person out of another person Then you sent me to killing He made a choice to do this to me This thing to here are struggling with its fear Embrace it and then overcome it Of all the people in the world to come after me why would he send you We are Recognizable only as deja vu you look arrived here Dismissed just as quickly we are the best-kept secret in the galaxy I want in 20 years ago You erased my parents memories that you didn’t get mine We don’t hire we recruit then I’d like to be recruited one another truth of the universe Souta welcome to the men in black The men in black goat then start I’m working on it. We have a problem in London Hmm welcome to my be Movement lady popped off walking through you will be with stations boots. Come on. Well, it’s not gonna save itself. I’m driving That really should be here The hive is a deadly species that can take the form of anyone Even our own agents. I haven’t seen that before We need more firepower He’s pointed to bad guys and pull the trigger Momentum panic Sometimes you have to trust your gut Yeah, baby Joey I thought that we were here step on it would you Freddie you go to H Even though who you’re dealing with we protect the earth and everyone and everything That was awesome, we are the men in black Are you suggesting that we try the most powerful working in the galaxy for fun? Yeah Maybe turn it up a few notches And I want to give it away it was the butler mother did leave my books alone, okay, just let me timber What brings you across the pond it’s my honeymoon, where’s your husband dad? I’d most sleep Dave’s dead too asleep Sir, if you don’t return to your seat, I’m gonna have to call Josh Hey we’ve actually been married for 15 years, but we just Charlie is inviting us to spend the weekend with him on a young russian the pavilions Audrey fool around on a boat. I just lay here in the boat. That’s all the work Should we pull it up now. It’s a foot long my husband he’s a detective. How could it better? Don’t put it back My name is Victor a little Honda Lacroix, I will now summon you for questioning Why is that smoke ring so could I already do that? Did you notice anything out of the ordinary? Damn anybody know what we didn’t do this? Someone’s trying to frame us? We do things together. So can we please just figure this out? They died it’s called death library You think that’s possible for trying Warning shots honey, but do this. We gotta look confident I Love you, look what you just made me do I told me you what the guy who kills cop killers Will find it Your father died protecting this city He taught you to follow your conscience in an often cruel world What happened worst day in 18 years how many cops case Why would I hear they responded to a robbery? Automatic weapons to shooters we have training What were you when your father’s captain King I asked for you for a reason. I will find them We just kill cops either one. You got to move fast cosmatos plates are stolen We will catch these guys in the next three or four hours they vanish Are you gonna do this close the eyelet got 21 bridges in and out of Manhattan shut them down Three Rivers closed four tunnels block. Oh stop every train and loop the subways Then we flood the island blow Another dismay sense the business for thirty keys. We walked into 300 They’ll have to work with Manhattan by morning eight dead policeman is one thing but the stock market losing billions of dollars is quite another This whole thing is filthy, you know me you gotta be the move 300 killers of cocaine What’s going on here I just need the truth, that’s all I Told me you were feeling the guy who kills cop killers sees his dad and every cop who dies What a fortune he’s not Which I don’t know they’re not gonna scape define it gonna come tonight whose beats per second I will find out why did not happen You gotta represent Is my dad he’s been acting really strange it’s like he’s a different person everything’s fine Kayla Can I help you boys The entire towns going crazy where we are maybe it’s like mass hysteria or something It’s like What is it I don’t know. Here’s what we do know first. They bite me Wow Then they turn into Let go with a love we need to get Joey Oh, yeah, Joey and get her footage uploaded once people see what’s going on here. They’ll send people to help My name is Carson Phillips, I’m a Hollywood pi2. I like to drink Smoke from gam one of the big dogs left. We live in a world that’s full of risk. I Don’t I never lose Carson a Lot has happened since I left, Texas You did well Looks can be deceiving. How can I help you? I’d like to hire him My daughter says corn why it’s the first place they’ll come looking So what happened after he died? June eyeballs. No, she had nothing to do with happy stuff happens murder Was it the hit that killed him breaking those People just disappeared here Take care of that little problem lost dock own to everything and everybody. They could undo a lot of business just about making noise Didn’t have to do drugs hippies drug was rose She’s been blatantly cheating on all over town like this is last warning Your move I just tell me the truth. Dr. Lim Pro, okay Always I can Bad place Carson far worse than you can imagine There’s a man like me in every town we’re all alike some but just Better I’ll keep that in mind You

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  1. Will Smith salad days as a top Hollywood actor are far behind him and I predict this movie will continue the trend of dud's he's made the past few years.

  2. Sorry Will your too addicted to social media for me to care about your movies anymore. It's kind of weird to be so famous in million $$ productions and still want more low budget camera attention on your cell phone?..What happened to the good ol days when celebrities were surreal & untouchable.

  3. The only thing worse than John Travolta’s Texas accent in that trailer is the hairpiece they have him wear

  4. Remember the South Park episode where Cartman is Awesom-O 4000, and he’s running off ridiculous movie ideas to studio executives, most of which star Adam Sandler in some moronic set-up? Yeah, like that.

  5. Man, if new feminist Man in black is going to flop, imma be the first one to laugh in their faces
    This shit is stupid, they're just making problems out of nowhere…

  6. Assimilate .. I want to check out those " monsters / creatures / critters " .🤔👀 ( and the Will Smith movie too ) .

  7. Travolta really sucks at a Texan dialect, lol. He's worse than Famken Jannsen, and she's Dutch, rofl!

  8. This actor is always boring. I'll download and skim it from piratebay but not waste my money. Seems about as bad as a john wick movie…

  9. We need more Polynesian lesbian comic superheroines who are going to bust up the white man for threatening their pristine islands.Why have we seen no Polynesian lesbian heroines? How long do we have to wait before this discrimination ends?

  10. Nice. People are triggered in the comments section. Nothing wrong with political correctness. Infowars are just full of nonsense. These are just movies. You don't have to watch them.

  11. MEN in Black. MEN. And another fucking woman gets in. Fuck Off Hollywood, I will be keeping my cash in 2019.

  12. Most of these are lame – and – they are still doing the stretchy mouthed cgi BS … HA HA … no thanks!

  13. Nodded off in the middle of the trailers…don't think Hollywood is getting any of my money this year, again.

  14. i remember when i was kid and i just woke up one day and start look at cartoons like before,but…until that day cartoon was boring for me.Im afraid that this will happen again,this time with movies

  15. Forsythe Park, Staircase in an alley off River Street, Factor's Walk…that last one's lookin' more like Georgia than Texas if you ask me.

  16. 1. Gemini Man….Yes, will watch at theater.
    2. MIB- yes, but steal from the internet.
    3. Assimilate, yes, but steal from the net
    4. All the rest, No

  17. Eight minutes in to watching these previews and I don't want to see a single movie here. Hollywood is getting boring.

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