NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 🎬 | Weekly #21

NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 🎬 | Weekly #21

Two days ago, I had this nice simple life. I know it’s a nightmare Stop Who are you? My name is Sarah Connor never seen one like you before almost human I Am human Well, you care what happens to her because I was her Now do we win we win by keeping you alive Blue-blue Karate is a way of communicating ask me a question. What are your plans for the weekend? I’m going to do some grocery shopping then rent a film to watch in the comfort of my own. Oh Did that answer your question I Want you to tell me why you’re here I’m afraid I’m afraid of the dark I’m afraid of other men. I want to be what intimidates me You came to the right place I’m taking my first class today your new white belts. Is that the first built color white is before color? You haven’t earned color yet Today’s lesson to kick with your fists and punch with your feet that makes perfect sense Good There’s a mental component as well. Everything should be as masculine as possible We may want to start on those reports that pile is getting awfully high. Oh, I Won’t be petting you anymore. This is for your own good What’s your favorite style of music adult contemporary? No should be metal You’re a blade and I’m sharpening you I see a little myself in you thank you says it Why are you filming this this isn’t a safe place Casey I Know you’re confused about what’s happening. You have to trust me We should have never started taking karate You can’t be weak anymore I’m interested in buying a gun. I need something that can fit into my hand. Sounds like you’re after a handgun I challenge you to a fight to the death and unarmed combat This is your belt it is yours and it’s sacred. There’ll be a sixteen dollar charge to replace a lost now Sing a song one for me I Wish I were young Yeah We don’t want no trouble That’s just the way isn’t it? You don’t want trouble but sometimes trouble wants you I sit you get me to the soldiers that came by this morning It’s too dangerous up north they kill us you sure you want to follow him But here we’ll turn em in They close What are you doing, I don’t want no trouble I Have said in my rock I sell my TV Said my young P spinning me You know what? It’s like to have a white phone I take everything you have, don’t you? To buy my lover a sword Oh What’s your name again? Claire I’m not your boy. I’m an Ghana the Blackbird. Hi he wish I wish I wish It babe You white ones go fast fast fast get Noah I Go slow. I wish I had my love Get look at the bird thought she was going to die out there in the forest Suddently she was What do you need your powers for now Anyway to beat up a bunch of local kids put your feet up and enjoy your retirement In this beautiful house with all your old friends Didn’t you used to have super breath that Akane Jane Leeves come Here at done man, we want you to have as much freedom as possible We recognize that your powers are part of who you are but when those powers create an unsafe environment for the other residents It is a concern on a happier note Hiro Day is coming around again Jesus that’s it. This is Hiro day. This is just a regional one the big ones in New York. Are you famous? Sure, I am and how come I haven’t heard of you? I love you. Can I get your autograph for sure? Just shoot me now Carrie how are you man? I saw something strange in Kerry’s room. There’s something going on here This is a simple task designed to gauge your level of control over your ability To have an asprin Miranti, you’re not only dominantly managing people’s powers you’re absorbing them Breaking out. So we’re bringing the plan for 20 tonight. It’s pure peritoneum for any superhero Superhero it’s time to wake up and smell the justice Bore me to death with one of your anecdotes Oh true bear arms down trousers up permit you Like sunny 16 no we call that the wedge You know it is this game baseball this guy was made yourself sign to the eggs you were Yankee almost I Made the biggest mistake of my life that night So, do you have a plan Maybe something in management, really you barely have a high school diploma Okay still coach him. You add this stuff to be one of the great Yeah, but I’m not Says you’ve been back home. It’s a couple weeks just Want you know, I’m sorry. Yeah Wasn’t they’re not gonna want to see you anymore this morning’s you move on It’s gonna take a while people get used to you back. I Want you to meet that kid? Certainly doesn’t lack confidence You can learn a lot from sooner. You want you two to get to know each other? Step off your next superstar. Let’s see what you got hotshot What would you say if I got you a spot on the team and say you were crazy I think you still got the goods. I Think it’s great Baseball is who you are so we’ve always where Yes in the scouts to see you how many people don’t want to see me in a Yankee uniform? Nice how things are falling back into place for you? But just don’t trust myself either trust your instinct believing yourself It’s like a one-of-a-kind story Like baseball history second chances are hard to come by be grateful you get The straw no-hitter against this this might be don’t let it end this way then I’ll grab a back Even like baseball. No, I like soccer. You know that What are you doing, so what could have seen you you loved the punishment for breaking the rules? Open the door. You almost got us killed We have to stay hidden Seal what this is not a game. Did you go outside No, did you never lie to me? I’m not lying Want to know what’s in an ice cream truck frozen kid bodies Tummy-side does any flavor you want? You use the term freaks Any freaks who are running loose are elite and you better get away from my house You You

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  1. New movie trailers released this week

    00:05 – 02:28 – Terminator: Dark Fate
    02:28 – 04:56 – The Art Of Self Defense
    04:56 – 07:14 – The Nightingale
    07:14 – 09:23 – Supervised
    09:23 – 11:49 – Bottom Of The 9th
    11:49 – 13:21 – Freaks


    Yeah yeah, if you really want to be brave and edgy then make an honest movie about white men and how much better the world is because of them instead of the dishonest, intellectually shallow propaganda you keep pushing on us

  3. สวัสดีค่ะชอบเรื่องราวของพรานไกรมากเลยค่ะ อยากให้มีอีกหลายๆตอนเลยค่ะ จะรอติดตามนะคะ

  4. Ffs…when do female predators get thrown on film. Time for that right? No your wrong, stop recycling movies with females. At leaat make some original shit.

  5. Check your white Male privilege at the door gentlemen err, gentle-"people" or just leave it at home like some old dated white guy ol Arnie perfectly demonstrates. Cameron is back and he's Woke like never before! Introducing The Feminator Vs The Illegalator! Two dominant powerful forces at play. Clearly a liberal sjw's wet dream of a showdown people.

  6. So a terminator on retirment likes to live in the Woods … Maybe goes on a walk with sec Clinton from time to time ?

  7. Every effing lead role is a female now? Because Hollyweard cannot get a woman into White House?
    T2: Liquid metal
    T6: Gender fluid

  8. Hollywood is dead and really stinking up the world. I'd rather watch two seagulls fight over a french fry

  9. Haha, the vast majority of crime is black on black and black on white yet movies and TV shows continue to show exactly the opposite.

  10. Well if you want to get technical Black is actually before color. White is all the colors.

  11. Terminator series sucks. Never a black terminator. Like michael jai white wouldnt be an incredible evil terminator. Ugh.

  12. Oh no, please no, not another terminator
    How many times do you need to reboot an already finished storyline?
    Oh look CGI, more over the top usage that makes it look pointless and tacky
    Getting boring now, please just let it go, are you that desperate for stories you have to keep pushing and trying to recreate an already finished masterpiece?
    Cameron, please, you must see how stupid this is to keep pushing it….oh wait…..muricans love it, so I guess that ok then

  13. The Terminator movie and all these Hollywood movies have been terminated! Thanks to the left the actor trash! they should have stayed out of politics . What a bunch of chumps!

  14. Looks like netflix is doing better than hollywood movies these days coz these all look like rubbish movies, avengers endgame an spiderman far from home was the last thing i watched this year from the box office an most likely the last for 2019, back to netflix for me.

  15. Every fucking movie is trying to make money off nostalgia. Do they think people are that stupid?

  16. Enough of Terminators please. I bet that at some point in the movie, someone will say ' if you want to live come with me. '

  17. Terminator is a woman, Captain America and Spiderman are black, St. Peter is black… I wait for woman-Jesus and black Maria… or Lord of the Rings where Gondor will be represented by feminists and Mordor by white men…

  18. Can’t wait to see the scene as mulan pick up her father’s sword and cut her hair. Sooooo cool! This is the greatest true princess

  19. They should stop making Terminator movies unless they can come up with strong plot and intense storyline. They're ruining the legacy completely.

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