NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 | Weekly #1+2

NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 | Weekly #1+2

Lunch is a good look – did you have a rough day agent fury? I’m gonna need clarification on this space invasion Scrolls are infiltrating your planet. They’re shapeshifters Okay prove, you know scroll That’s a photon blast and I’ll scroll can I’ll do that I’m just supposed to take your word today We are Cree strong United The past remember control I have this power But I don’t know where it came from I’ve never seen anything like her You think you can find us? She’s just the beginning You’ve come a long way leaner strong as you think What is this Logo just announcing your identity on clothing help with the covert part of your job said the space soldier was wearing a rubber suit tickets now Scientists predicted what would happen, but it was too late You This is same Walden if anyone can hear this broadcast, I’m still on earth This is dr. Walden transmitting on frequency 1943 the world we once called home appears of turn against us The fundamental principle of nature is survival It is in our soul to seek life no matter what I Heard the radio transmission Where is everyone else there is no one else. I did the same everywhere. Yes the same everywhere bosz alike before I Was gonna be a teacher But we weren’t ready for that You’re going to the final Exodus launch this work for my dad leaving was just a last resort I saw dozens of people starve to death Because of hope how I made the same mistake twice When do we leave the final settled offer is in 48 hours? Long way to travel we mess up and we die We need to stay the night in the toxic zone. It’s not possible. It’s possible but farther than I’ve ever gone Let’s do this They move the launch sites, we’re stuck Cheers Trust me I Like it here it makes me a peaceful would you you’re not from around here are you every time what was your job? Was unless you know business As you know we manage the investment solve our employees If a former agent dies after retirement There eight million dollars Goes back to the company This is a bad idea. Okay What the hell easy Somebody set me up overhead great you have nothing to do it You tried to kill the black ice and kidnap his cute little neighborhood We should paint so we don’t have to look over our shoulder for the rest of our lives You’ll need all of it Try not to be scared Make mistakes when you’re afraid Thought you stopped smoking figured it wouldn’t kill me Why are you doing this I like We’re not a good man what you’re doing a good thing Did you happen to see anything peculiar at the past couple days No Dispatch everyone 55 hospital need immediate assistance Okay, yeah, I folded your pants before you know Brian I’m back don’t hate people. Who’s this crazy? Wake up Everything’s different this time now the killer is coming. That’s all of us That means I’m gonna have to die over ie and over again To save all of you. Damn, this is crazy, man I don’t stuff together more people will die if I die again. I could say to head failures not an option or hey, let’s see what you got Sweet I like this squeeze. Yeah Don’t worry they’ll behead me or the day after tomorrow no way She’s running out of time I have to find out Okay Why did you help me in the bar that night was I supposed to do I had to get in balls Here’s what it is I guess You know, it’s almost like you were happy for the excuse For those people, I don’t know I think you’re hiding something They killed everybody that I’ve ever cared about How do you think that feels Trusty pinyin a friend of mine betrayed me I dreamed about the Punisher every night. He thinks that he has the right to judge me To feel what I felt We have a mutual Queens more kiss on the girl Annie has an RV Frank people are gonna die. I’m gonna end it What a family chance here I’m not the one who dies kid, I’m the one who does the killing Got some serious issues. Let me be what I’m meant to be Please tell me I’ll need some money Not suspicious at all Critique is so limiting and emotionally draining. I Hope you find something to explain what’s happening, which one’s better one Or two better worse. No different No different. I Am quite curious to know II think I think sober hasn’t been good for him Pierce was in the full bloom of alcoholism ear exactly never should have quit drinking No originality no courage I Mean I can’t save you And you just took them family or friends I can make you rich Really demand has people ready to kill I mean as an artist and eventually Diesel’s We have everyone The artist used blood to create the reddish block you ever notice anything about this page look at it long enough a moose As I research these I’m starting to think there’s a disgust for the world of money We spent decades in a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane There is some sort of power Some spirits it’s connected to his art Something truly goddamn strange is going on This is a slaughterhouse, are you aware the diese asks that all his art be destroyed Okay, we did it Oh I can save you People thought she was starting today we’re trending on Instagram. It’s a major hit The terms of your father’s will are explicit if you take an active role in the company the shares how much are they worth We need to assign you a new close Protection Officer. Am I supposed to know who you are Sam? Nice to meet you You’re very company I decided to proceed report only to me understood Where are you taking us under? Let’s get one thing straight I no longer work for you from now on you do as I say The job is over. Why are you still here? Friends should trust each other promise me. I Promise What you’re about to hear is the most dramatic thing you ever heard in your whole life Do any of you know captain snowball yeah. Yes. Yes we do and here we go My name is Stacy and I really gotta talk to him. I don’t mean to sound dramatic But a poor defenseless animal needs saving I’m he captive snowball for All right, well I gotta go but nice meeting you uh, what was it again, okay, you don’t listen it’s Daisy whatever Okay, I got to get the dude to get stuff to do Not in any way No Hello citizens I’m captain Noble. Let’s free that tiger, but that’s Ryan Probably you huh, you’re wearing a bright suit everyone’s gonna notice you I’ll be fine It’s the new year which around here means it’s time for new dragons coming from New baby dragons people who fly with babies are the worst body break. No super huge dragons New never-before-seen dragons, he’s not the only one he’s a life fury Did he just disappear and a brand new hidden world of well, you guessed it Dragons we did it the world’s first dragon Viking utopia Julia. Don’t be on maybe mine’s less crowded and more Oh, Sanitary DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon the hidden world. I guess y’all know so bad after all Hello When I sleep when I’m not No, it’s not unreasonable at all, excuse me take it the boss lady’s on a warpath this morning Morning I Really think I could help this company You just gave me a chance just concentrate on being my assistant Or you always mean I got big and I got rich from now. I’m gonna check me boo I wish for my age and I check you. Well, I Wish you were little I told you watch it You want to bet groaning look up that’s for white people cuz black people don’t have the time Child Protective Services enrolled this child in school or somebody is going to jail. Somebody do you mean Shorten everyone else. You’re a child. So you have to start acting like it get back to work whose child is this tiny pink pants? I need you to cover for me in the office. I should really dress the part your body gets into my clothes Miss Pilates that body looks like baby. Damn Gymboree ass gospel. Gosh – bye Damn girl lookin like cookie from Empire I Could tell that you are a special young lady I faked it really I feel like I get you to say feel what I’m feeling No, I’m not feeling that at all. Don’t don’t look at me like that Just look look look at the other way. Look through it. Look the look up there What is going on Well, I’m April Think you’re the boss of me say one more thing. I dare you. You’re too fast for that skirt, okay See I’ve been looking at you like a total girl, but you a grown-ass woman. We have a BMW situation black momma whooping Spanking your kids mom. You’re my momma Oh

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  1. 00:03 Captain Marvel
    01:33 IO
    03:39 Polar
    06:06 Happy Death Day 2U
    07:26 Arctic
    09:42 The Punisher Season 2
    11:59 Velvet Buzzsaw
    14:37 Close
    16:38 The Secret Life Of Pets 2
    18:03 How To Train Your Dragon 3
    18:58 Little

  2. MAKE SURE YOU SEE THE LAST ONE IN THE VIDEO!!!! It's title is "Little". And it is the funniest movie you'll ever see!! WOW!

  3. what is this, a movie where they have to force a woman to be as masculine as possible and a john wick wanna be,……. no

  4. The black man and the picture some kind of leader but he's a luciferian he murders children he went to Africa with Obama and raped and tortured white people so we're supposed to believe that black people are leaders to save the planet bullshit blacks are the rapists and murderers in South Africa Masonic Prince Hall has to pay the price are there genocide. Scraped it Hollywood covers up so much.

  5. Just realized that movie Valentines is fucking real in real life. Look up Donald Marshall who were raised in cloning center. He did say celebrities consciousness are transferred to clone when they sleep, elites have “fun in rape kill” with them , when they wake up they are in their bodies at home. It’s fucking real guys. Britney Spears made replica cloning center in one her song clips, he said.

  6. Bree Larson will shit the bed somehow. I don'y think she's going to be able to control her impulses to say something offensive.

  7. What idiot came up with IO? Io is a volcanic moon that experiences a huge electrical exchange between Jupiter,
    incapable of supporting life no matter how much terraforming you try to do there.

  8. ENOUGH of these superhero movies! and please stop showing Netflix trailers…not everybody subscribes to this idiotic service!

  9. ENOUGH of these superhero movies! and please stop showing Netflix trailers…not everybody subscribes to this idiotic service!

  10. Why should the humanity move to Io ? cmon there is the jupiter gravity mostly will tear you apart. Be serious this Interracial agenda make me sick and ill stop to watching Shittywood films

  11. 2nd trailer looks like a good movie but why Io? Is it because most people don’t know anything about the moon or have never heard of it at all? If we’re going to a moon of a gas giant I would think that Titan would be a better pick. Check out this Wiki article about the moon Io: It is the inner most moon of Jupiter which means it is baked in radiation. It also has the least amount of water of any known astronomical object in the solar system. Finally, it is the most volcanically active body in the solar system. Even with more advanced technology then we currently have, going to Io makes no sense given several far better options.

  12. Same actor in a movie called Polar and Arctic coming out the same year with very different plots and genres? It is going to confuse people I think…

  13. This one's a good read!

  14. The worst part about " IO" Is that you know they're gonna pull some dumb plot twist like "The Earth was never toxic!" Or " IT WAS ALIENS!!!!" Every movie that is like that will have to have a twist and an obligatory message about how it's all Humankind fault.

  15. I just hate that actor from the walking dead, I don't know what it is, but to me he does not get cast correct. Or he is just a boring actor, yeah that's it. Hate him.

  16. your antman theory, it may not be that he is not affected while in the quatum, maybe he was just one of the ones that survived. just luck

  17. I love when they tell us from Hollywood how to solve the unsolvable, like domestic violence…..and then just make movies like cap marvel, showing her physically beating an elderly woman……sorry skrull.
    How many times do we see violence against women on our screens, written, directed, produced, acted and paid for by Hollywood.
    I'm sorry your not pointing out this issue, you are cultivating it into more violence and more violence.
    I'm sick of these superhero….sorry modern westerns movies, now for the international audience.
    Violence everywhere, my wife complains she can't a normal movie anymore, it's true.

  18. so much violence and killings in this movies like it a normal thing !
    educate kids to avoid movies with violence, brutality and killings!
    pls STOP buying tickets to this type of movies! you all want to live in a peacefull and joyfull world!

  19. so if i understand well…. in Polar a former killer fights to save his cute neighbor, for some reason they escape with a plane, but they crash in the middle of a snow desert… then in the following movie, Arctic, we see them trying to survive and go back to civilization to find emergency medical cares. right?

  20. Why does Netflix feel the need to put so much smoking into its original series? Is big tobacco funding their shows?

  21. השכנים האלו שישרפו בגהנום וכל מי שמשתף איתם פעולה גם, שמור להם לכולם, מקום מיוחד בגהנום ליד השטן!!! 👹👹👹👹 קרציות! מה נדבקו אלי ❗❗❗❗❗❗

  22. It's kind of stupid that all the sjw and feminist are getting their way with Hollywood now. Since when have women ever been able to beat up man on that mass of a scale. I'm just saying that's physically and scientifically incorrect and I'm done with this feminist sjw bulshit

  23. buzzsaw velvet was such a waste of talent. there was so many star power in that movie, and jake g. was good in his role, but the ending was meh… such a let down. on the other hand, Polar was f*cking AWESOME.

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