[Music] five years ago I thought I lost you forever there is no curse that could ever tell me away from you will you marry me yes [Music] mistress I have a little bit of news don’t ruin my morning there asked me to marry him no I wasn’t really asking nor was I love doesn’t always end well beasty trust me let us prove you wrong you have done an admirable job going against her own nature to raise this child but now she will finally get the love of a real mother tonight I consider Aurora my what have you done we go home now Aurora Maleficent is a threat to everyone because you are best potato well [Applause] one can never be too careful you you do not know me tell me what happened there was another creature you’ve spent years caring for a shoe now it’s time to care for your own there are old legends the talk of the place [Music] place there is a crossroad those who are chosen by the ancestors can communicate with some African cultures citizen comers can talk to your ancestors witch doctors that’s just superstition Mary it’s not just superstition it’s real enough about sangomas before we all get nervous [Music] there’s something in the yard mmm strange hi I just need to rest II letting him stay in the shed we-we-we van Landel a [Music] life is Devin I am the one death is life or whispering life is death but death and I in you and you are mine forever death is life life is death why not because I know the things that happen on spring break what kids above a protective parents could have reclaim a moment of sanity miners get high and smoke weed I agree with your mother looks like I have to leave first thing in the morning for Japan feeling that it sharp you think I enjoy being out of town for weeks on end well not really I should go maybe I don’t need his permission this is our last spring break ever I’m tired of my dad telling you I can t can’t do that’s my dad fine guys I don’t think it to you he’s looking for man your father’s a chief to make themselves still younger or age how is he trying to feel my woman he’s not just cheating it’s a second family you finally found your dad’s kryptonite you can get anything you want from him not for a TransAm sometimes our cool is your father home you’ve met my dad we go way back your mom really good cousin she is hard to believe that we keep missing each other after all these years souvenir my dad go that in Japan funny I have the exact same one no way way oh I felt good to be home told you be surprised what are you doing down here we’re up here why are you huh spring break there’s two sides to every story so it seems it’s not here for spring break he could really use a father like you you black belly I hope you’re having fun hey Allison don’t think she heard me you were very loud you should I be louder no I got grabbed a Ruth’s car this is your car it is that’s awesome it’s bush-league man sorry I don’t know all your covert rules rule number one only offer information when asked what’s the holdup have a little man talk sports drink and strippers rule number two when asked a question always answer with the question here’s one what’s gonna happen when you get caught they recognize you it’s like you’ve seen if of people think this is my first close call trial by fire like the Hindenburg [Music] bad life I’d like I can see that happen [Music] that’s fun time me too say Carla come on your accomplice better than my extortionist your husband’s here to see you what happened how did I get here Jennifer you were in an accident and you hit your head you remember me do you know your name I’m Russell it’s really nice to meet you this is really her house it’s been family for a while so quiet better be nearest neighbors over a mile away Oh a mile detective page I was wondering if your wife would come down to the station tomorrow at 11:00 to talk about the accident what’s tomorrow at 11:00 I overheard ad said on the phone I was worth calling you know wondering when I was coming back Russell there’s someone in the backyard I think I’m gonna head into town today you gonna be okay I’ll be fine I feel like I just need to take a look around maybe something will trigger memory don’t want to do it since Jennifer had no ID how did Russell prove he was her husband it says here that he showed some family photos [Music] Jennifer and Russell that’s the happy couple right there that’s Russell who’s that what did you do to my husband this was no accident [Music] all I ever wanted for you to love me [Music] if I need something and you lock it up when you say don’t do that again and ten years later you let it out what happens not all criminals rebels I’m talking about the endless voice in a Predators head that says do it do it do it sexy really it’s happening to me I’ve disarmed you it’s still there but it’s no longer possible for you to get an erection grace what are you gonna be signing your savings will be divided amongst the girls you abused the people I chase they live in the dark and I can see them really easily until you came along I ain’t comin I’m bored I want to go home young girl in here she left already we can’t go knocking down doors on the line right now right this second and here we are talking says that he’s fitted a girl with a tracker and he’s using her as bait get out there and find out Simon has multi personality traits each with their own realities but I don’t know if he’s even aware of that [Music] the girl is gone this well we caught him he’s right there he’s been in my house that’s impossible let me say I’m sorry for the things I’ve done and then I’ll tell you where the last warning [Music] Simon’s got friends [Music] [Applause] when you find them tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock [Music] let’s go the jungle is where I’m from there’s no need to be afraid just don’t touch me we’re gonna die out here or on to something big don’t have an ancient city made of gold what about that those bad guys are after this get that map we just have to get there first there’s no need to overreact okay what adults cry this don’t know where to look okay I’m gonna stop being surprised by the things you’re pulling out if your backpack excuse me you know the jungle it’s a part of you but exploring is not a game and you don’t look before you leap okay but we’re onto something big Dora an ancient city made of gold but about that and your mother and I are gonna prove it Amy I’m sorry sweetie you’re not going but being in the city around kids your own age like Diego might help are you gonna get invited some of these parties called rapes the music sounds like this get it be careful that’s what we want to say cousin take oh you’re so skinny and tough you are way more energetic than I remember Dora this isn’t the jungle it’s high school it’s life or death keep a low profile just and just be cool door okay what is this where did you transfer from the jungle here’s the scavenger hunt list team up in groups of four hola Dora you’ll help us find your parents and the lost city of gold where are we all I see is jungle see three mercenaries armed oh look Dora brought a knife on the field trip everybody who would maybe you want to leave and we’re with your parents you’re all in danger what’s gonna die out here there’s no need to overreact of course she knows this monkey [Applause] [Music] I have to keep going no matter what she’s freaking awesome I think we’re safe don’t think this film is not yet rated you

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    0:05 – MALEFICENT 2 Final Trailer (2019)

    2:17 – 8 Official Trailer (2019) Horror

    4:37 – KNIVES OUT Official Trailer (2019) Chris Evans, Daniel Craig

    6:45 – BEING FRANK Official Trailer (2019) Comedy

    9:16 – SECRET OBSESSION Official Trailer (2019) Psycho Thriller

    10:59 – NIGHT HUNTER Official Trailer (2019) Alexandra Daddario, Henry Cavill

    13:34 – DORA THE EXPLORER Final Trailer (2019)

  2. Wow Hollywood is in such a slump phase that it's just painful to watch the junk coming out from the studios!.Pure garbage and a waist of time!.

  3. Michelle Pfeiffer….👏🏾👏🏾 long time.👍🏾😌👐🏾 Angelina…so glad to see you again!! Looks like it's going to be better than the first movie.

  4. 2:10 it was apparently too hard for PC to keep this movie great and spoiling it by putting a black actor as the main role of the "race" of malefique. They just can't let white people alone together right ! This is a boring multiracial propaganda and i've enough of this bs.

  5. I want to fuck Maleficent in the ass. Like right in the motherfuckin' ass and have her scream my name. She makes me so hard.

  6. Waiting on underdog NIGHT HUNTER tbh, cuz of alex. Good trailers be good trailers, hella interesting. They all need like more heavy rock music in the trailers and movies tho. It missing. Ten times better if I just have it on repeat and listen to like Slipknot or Delta Parole both just release new song recently that I like rn as background music. Banger

  7. It’s sad to see the new Maleficent trailer because they did a good job of not sexualizing the character in the first movie and now they are just throwing that out the window. The movie looks good tho 🙂

  8. I’m not sorry, fuck Dora the movie! I wanna watch something that is PC and socially inappropriate to American children!

  9. MALEFICENT 2 seems like it could be entertaining.
    Secret Obsession looked pretty cool until they spoiled their own plot twist. Maybe they can put a weird spin on it tp where she actually starts to fall in love with the stalker before she finds out the truth.
    Why is there a Dora movie? Why?

  10. Angelina Jolie plays a "Mistress of Evil." To prepare for this role, all she had to do was follow herself around for a month.

  11. another black person interjected into a historically white European fairy tale led by the international (((cabal)))

  12. Ok, first off, DAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMM!!! I DID NOT EXPECT TO START OFF THE NEW MOVIES WITH A BANG!!! Definitely gonna watch Maleficent when it comes out cause it looks so goood!!!!!

  13. This is not the kind of film that we need ever. Life imitates art, not that I can call this art. It is glorified violence and puts more demented ideas into our youth and those with mental health issues. This along with violent video games should be banned. People say someone's going to kill they will kill regardless of this hollywood crap. I believe that the environment, upbringing and media feed the demented minds into pulling the trigger as well. Desesitizing is what violent movies do. Do not support. If you do, you are as guilty as the person who gets fired up by it. And the saddest thing is they actually mention "hunting pelorables". That is a sick writer. Shame on all of you for promoting hatred and further dividing a divided nation all for the "mega bucks". When will all the hate stop from both sides of the country?

  14. So doras in the jungle…then goes to school, then goes back to the jungle…..hahah Dora the explora has to be the most terrible movie trailer ive ever seen. It gonna flop so hard

  15. The biggest horror story hinted at in this movie is the grotesque and violent torture murders of white farmers in South Africa. The greatest horror of all ? Other whites do not care, but would if the races were reversed.

  16. Whatever happened to showing a trailer without telling the entire movie. Gosshhh😔 nowadays you're not left with wanting more.

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