New Movies 2017 Full Movies | VENGEANCE OF LOVE | Best Love story | English Full Movie 2017

New Movies 2017 Full Movies | VENGEANCE OF LOVE | Best Love story | English Full Movie 2017

Hello Hello Hello I can hear you.please
reduce the TV volume Yes..yes..I reduced Hello where are you
talking from? I’m Shanthi from
Selam Tell Shanti ..what are
you doing now? I’m a college
student welcome to the show When I heard your sweet voice
I knew it was a young girl.. I love your sweet
voice Shanti Thank you sir OK Shanti what song
do you want? I would like to listen
melody song please You have a beautiful voice.
Sing a song for us.. No way sir Don’t feel shy Everynight and my dreams .. wait a minute.. I think you are missing
someone No sir. I’m
feeling shy I think you are in
love with someone. Your voice is
very sweet. why don’t you sing
again for us? ok Shanthi . Now we’ll play
the song which you liked ok..? Thank you very
much Ma’am ok sir we shall finish it done sir ..Let him
come here My greetings.. greetings
please come..sit down sit down please I’m a popular leader My party is the biggest
case party based this state Yes I know Inspite of that you are not telecasting
our news in your channel we are telecasting your
party prove protest only How we can telecast the protest
for unnecessary reason? You are questioning
my boss? Please be silent.. Do you think media is
political party to change every time? If I want to I can close
your TV channel Don’t threaten me with
your political influence ok..? What..? Is it easy to
start a party? I have four of
my friends and 10 of my
cast people are started this
party you know that? Do you know my
influence? I want be the chief
minister of the state or atleast the positioned
party leader with my cast wards
I must be elected gone to the central Govt.
form an alliance and make lot of money and to do that should I
open up a new channel? This is your last warning You are telecasting our party
news in your channel if you don’t do that…. I will ask all my cast
people come.. to your channel
and protest.. I’ll burn all the
Govt. buses I’ll blast..I’ll blast and
distroy your office remember that . You must
start telelcasting our news Yes..You can’t make me
to obey your orders… we have very reputation
in the market We don’t see
partiality at all so could you please
get out from here You have invited trouble You will regret
for it. we’ll come again. ya…Good morning Good morning madam ya…Good morning
Take your seat Ma’am Anitha Chemicals has
made 50 crores profit Good Ma’am in Anitha Textile we
have got 100 crores profit very nice… In our Anitha Export
Company we’ve got 45 crores profit
in this year wow Our company has got a new
contract of 50 crores nice Ma’am we should get
that easier construction But policy of construction is got
we have last in the bid ma’am No there is no loss in this
Kanjana’s business We never loose How ma’am? CMDA has given the
permission Cange the order Madam that is
minister’s hand wait a second Hello madam Hello sir ya tell me I need to change the order
of that Balu Builders which he have
given already I can’t change
that madam Already we haved
ordered for CMDA I need you
to change You need money or or you need
land at ECR Madam… or else you want
Miss India…? or Miss Russia..? Madam you are
too sharp You completely understand
about me You are great ma’am If that is a Miss Russia
it will be nice….. She will be there
tomorrow You are great madam… If you need to loose you can go
in the straight way also But if you
need to win it happens for you to
take wrong road also Women will
never loose… Tha’s the history You are really
great ma’am Hi I’m Rithu ..I want to
MD Just a minute ya good morning sir someone called Rithu
wants to meet you sir oh..ok sir You can go in madam
thank you Good morning sir.Hi I’m
Miss Rithu Reporter nice to meet you
You’re welcome… Take your seat
Thank you sir By the by a reporter
should get lot of guts I’m sure you should
of get lot of guts That’s why I choose t
this job sir All my friends have chosen
arts, sciecne and engineering computer and else where.But
I’ve chosen only journalism good I appreciate
your interest Whom I should
take interview businessman or politician
or cocane seller all any other rowdies…
I’m ready sir You have to interview
different politicians Thank you sir
take care You too Hi did you write the
exam this time? Yes I have written Malar..your guy is coming He is brought something
very heavy in the bag Hey I love murkoos ok..ok shout your mouth
and keep quite what’s in your hands..?
Its a parcel..? ya..This is an important
parcel Malar I have to
give it you Please accept this what is this..? anything
to eat Its very weight hold this coconut..? Are you mental..?You are giving
me coconut int his parcel shit… what have you told Malar
this is the first coconut from the tree which
I planted earlier so that’s why… why are you giving
this to me..? Give this to a coconut
merchant then you will get
money also Not like that Malar
You are my God That’s what I would like
to offer this to you Malar I will do anything for you
whenever you want… Is that so..then
do onething…. Take this coconut
on your head and walk around this
round for 3 times That ‘s what I have
to tell you ok Malar go I got an idea Sabi, Roopa could you
please move that side? Sheen you also
go that side I don’t know buddy what this
is so funny Won’t you laugh what is this ground Malar?
You are my world Thats what I have
done like this hey Sabi he will not
change for ever come let’s go Malar This is not just
a coconut Next time I will get you an
expensive food stuff for you He has been talking
like a idiot I’ve never seen a
fool like him..ya come..sit down Priya you look
beautiful Prem I’m your
big fan I have never imagine that
I’ll be in your bed room hmm I’m so happy You also sexy
and hot You have the
beautiful body You adorning me on… then you take me
as you like little ..little Hi Dad
Let me some chutney welcome welcome
sit down Variety of food is available well Hey don’t you have any idea
to join the company work and get
settled in life..? Why are you wasting your
time on TV Channel..? Enough..enough
enough Leve him..Let him eat when he is eating
only you advice only in Break fast time he
is meeting me when else can I talk? My friend Profession
Nathan’s son… he is a software engineer
working in America. Every month he is earning
3 lakh rupees He is a year younger
to our boy None of the people knows
Nathan’s son But my sone ..the
world know him You know that..?
oh my god.. You are the one who
is spoiled him I have to pet him what
you think about it Wherever I go
they asking Oh..You are the mother
of Roja TV anchor..? My God I have so much
of fame. You know that.? I’m so happy Yesterday I met a
girl Aasha…. ..from Queen Marry’s college She is asking for
your number really…? I asked her why do
you want his number..? She is saying I’m
his wonderful fan so it is careful Don’t laugh too
much The days won’t be
same anymore Just be quite..You
eat my son… Listen to me. You have already
spoiled him completely You are not
allowed him come up on his own talk You go wash your mouth why should I washing
my mouth? I’m washing my hands off
useless You have your breakfast
bread. Don’t worry He is always like that.
I’ll talk to him Hello…May I know
who is on the line? hello I’m Malar from
Palamathivelu Malar what you do? I’m doing my BA Oh you have lot of
fans in your college? ya..some more Then you are definitely
beautiful No… see I found out ok tell us about
your family My daddy is working as a
manager in a textile shop ok..ok What song can be
play for you? I want one old and
very melodious song ok Malar ok ok..I just
call to say I love you This song is coming
for you shit praying we have 25 minutes
for playing time Hello who is
on the line? come here what’s noice inside
the home. I don’t know
what happened god. something
has burst here how this happened?
This is so scary I don’t know what
happened to her what happened..?why are
you people standing out? something has burst
in your house That’s why we all
came running Malar is inside.. Malar Oh my God Oh my God this girl…Malar… Malar… Malar… Wait I’ll come I like all the songs
that you ask for Malar…What I did say
you when I went..? Look here..what
did I say you ? After 3 whistles in the cooker I
asked you to switch off the gas Programme will over
in 5 minutes mom I’ll come what the hell is this? cooker is burst it out
and all the people are standing out for you TV
programme is so important Is it..?you grow so big and
you do non sense here Let your father
come I’ll decide I’ll just break the TV Too much of fatigue
for you… Because of this Tv everything
is wrong way All the latest imported
ladies items must be…. displayed here
separately ok… ok sir There is another
important matter There is a festival ahead.
so you must attract ladies place lot of ladies
garments order. ok All our shop branches
are pick up this branch should
also pick up ok.. ok sir… The past four years
you have been .. torturing is only
because of Malar Hey look man he
is coming …ya what is the solution
for it? Aruvi is got full love
feeling for you hey buddy you look after ya he is a big
romantic hero. he is coming for you why are you firing
him quite of him…? Hi Malar Shall I leave..? Don’t come again
go Malar… oh God leave please.. He is always roaming
behind me I don’t like these
at all what to do..?Its
my fate.. Must he love with
you so much He is torturing me Now we are going
to do this get up Good morning master
what happened..? My husband came home
drunk and broke the TV and the Fridge.I’m feel
so scared master… He is also beating everybody
in the house I’m feeling scared
master… Please advice my
husband master Hey Nataraja..
yes master Karate person
should not drink first stop that non sense Have you understood..? God promise..I won’t drink
anymore master Its ok just
leave. Thank you so
much master You don’t worry anything about
this… ok master Hello sir.. Greetings..Greetings.. start….start the
interview sir how did you
come into politics? That’s a big story. In our state… lot people were elected just
because of their speech.. some down fellows
were also elected The people who never
knew how to speak were also elected. I was inspired them and
started a political party sir how did you brought
up your party sir? That is another
big story I didn’t bring it up.. It grew automatically I also grow big You see My clothes was
too Kangaru cots you see if you want
redevelop a party if you want establish well
you need a popular face I mean actor or
actress I also want to be an
actor you see just waiting for Miss
Universe call sheet I just love to romance to
sing duets.. Sir..this is very
too much sir why do you say
this is too much? You see..I’m aged..
my party is grown If I had someone like you
for assistance in my help I will give your
portfolio You come and join
my party sir please leave
me sir.. why..? really you are very
different politician sir Congratulations Prem Thank you sir You have got lot of appreciation
for your live programme. Particularly you have
got lot of female fans so because of this your priority
is increase you know Prem I’m really
proud of you… Thank you sir.Thank
you for the opportunity ok from the next month your
salary going to be increased Are you happy..? Yes..Thank you very much.
I’ll take leave now good morning Keep this ..Here after
I’m Gym incharge Please sign and go Have you signed it..? Kanjana Madam
appointed me whatever you want
you just ask me Hi..
hello Prem hi Have Swapna and
Rekha come? Yes..she came Thanks ..
ok Hi friends has to know today
is valentine’s day and we are celebrating
Valentine’s day in a big way…in our
channel here ok..Prem going to
the programme Hold this OK..let’s see who is our
first caller today? Hello..who is on
the line? Hi I’m Uma oh..Uma.. who is this guy..? He is the king of
Roja TV He has got lot of ladies
fans you know From this minute onwards
no… From this second
onwards.. Kanjana is his fan Uma tell us what did
you gifted your lover? call him right now If we try we won’t
get the line It will be very
busy now for you and your lover we’ll
play a good song..hear it Thank you I need to talk to
him secretely. Make arrangements That’s why I’m here. for what..? just to make the
arrangements .. I need to see him live
in my house Whatever this Kanjana does
she’ll make it live and lovely That is the speciality
of this Kanjana whom you want
to see? I have to come to
meet ma’am. Have you got the
appointment? She is given me
her card Hello sir come on yaar..Prem By the by I’m
manager Cheenu hi You are such a
lucky guy man so many VIPs have tried
appointment with ma’am and never got it really..?
then what man..? You know who
is ma’am..? She is the MD of
20 companies Even she has got 20-20
cricket team you know..? Moreover 50 modern
gymms all over the city You know who are the
clients of the gymm? MLA, Ministers and
VIPs You see moreover
all of these.. ma’am’s property worth as
grows 3000 crores you know Now tell me aren’t
you so lucky..? You’re absolutely
right sir.. can I meet ma’am..? go and sit there.
I’ll tell ma’am I thought I’m the master
of womanising wow..look at her.
she is so hot.. She is so sexy control your emotions
buddy..control them Hey Prem..why is like this?
Its just a photo yar Ma’am is calling..
come on…. Nowadays these guys have got
no self control at all… Nowadays I’m more like a
body guard to ma’am hey don’t open
that door ok since 10 months
I’m here. But I never open that
door you know..? what’s inside
that room? That’s what I’m tellling never
open that door If you want to open
the door I’ll open it may be ma’am will fire
me black and blue That’s why I cancelled
the programme you see…
ok sir hey leave it yar..otherwise
ma’am will shoot you go man I don’t know where this
guy is coming here Ma’am May I come in? Hi..
hi.. please come Thank you Just sit next to me Its ok ma’am… You are feeling
very shy only after see
you ma’am The moment you saw me I think
you are feeling very shy isn’t it…? Yes ma’am… look at that… she is so beautiful
she is so sexy sorry… you know that…? I’m really sorry ma’am Look at me Prem Rather than pets I like the
robbery cattle a lot now let’s see you who
is our next caller? Hello..
hello May I know who is
on the line? I’m Malar speaking from
Palamathikudil velur Hey Malar you called
before you would have
asked to retry I’m doing Engineering
in Kumaraswami…. come swami
come here tell me sir Did you forget it
from your brain..? watch this at all..what
you doing now? sound like your
niece Malar yes sir..she is mad about
TV programmes she won’t miss Prem’s
comapring She is a big
fan of Prem play me new melody
song ok.. we have a festival
coming we should advertise in
the local theatres we should advertising
very well ok sir so you have to do that.. we should shoot an
add where Prem and a famous actress
should be talking about us ok sir So we need this
Prem’s number So talk to Malar and
get Prem’s no. surely we’ll
get you sir In our town our shop
should be the No.1 shop understand…?
understood sir Hi Kamali how
are you? I’m always following you But you don’t care
about me at all what is there in
your heart? I don’t have any thoughts
about you I won’t anything as
per your wish you know my father have
a big shop in this town You don’t how
rich he is whatever I want he’ll
get for me Kamali..your father can’t
get me with money. This related to heart
just go I’m going now.But if
I get married…. I will get marry only
to you ..remember that Its a promise… Mom..Its getting late
for my exam please come soon..
ya..ya its over I’m on the way
wait ya malar..its over.see
father is not in town don’t try to leave
the luch like that I will tell father..
so be careful ok what should I
eat for luch? Ladies finger and
potato Namasthe sister
come man Hey…Malar your father
has gone to Surat for purchasing
the clothes Today you were spoken
with that Prem who were comparing
in that Roja TV Yes unlce.. Can you please give
that Roja TV number Ya one minute They want to publish an
add in that chaneel oh you’re going to put
garment shop add…? ya sister..They want
Prem to add come on note
it down 0442654454 you have all the numbers
in this cell is this important for you
on your studies..? why you scolding her sister..?
leave it I’m leaving its ok come .Its
already been late I’m on the way to that
college. I’ll drop her careful..
ya sure..bye mom All the best take care
ya what kind of baniyan
you are wearing man? This just nobody like
white baniyan come on Arivu
come on Dad have it quickly.
Its so hot now You made hot..?If you are so
hungry you want feel the taste the hot meals We can’t have the food
at right time and you know that better Just do one thing.. Just gone give this bill book
to our textile manager. Can you do that? ok Dady I’ll give
now itself. He is such a fast
guy I think He will be more than happy
to go to our house come on give it
give it Take this For their textile shop we have been supplying the bill
book for the last 25 years ok dad.. Its a big credit for
us you know Malar be careful… Take care of your mom.
I’m leaving now Hey boy come Are your parents good..?
How’s your grandma..? ya..they are fine
she is good How’s your business..?
Everything is good good..Now tell me I came for give this
bill book to you ok..ok Malar..why didn’t you
serve him some coffee? It says quite some time
I met your father convey my regards to him
ya sure Have you brought the bill?
ya ..he is give it to me oh God Here it is come son..How
are you now..? Is everybody fine
at home? everyone is fine. why you make
him standing? Sit down and talk
to him… ya..sit down..sit down
please sit down Malar is making coffee He must not leave before
making coffee..ok ok I shall leave…
ok please ok sit down You please sit down
I’ll come now ya ok sure Oh God I would have
given the love letter. Malar..go give this
coffee to him I’ll arrange the tiffin You want to give
tiffin for him..? Just shut up
and go Take this coffee..
Thanks Malar Malar we studied together
for last four year Its been a year college
life is also over All together 5
years has gone 4 years you trouble
me in college one year in the city..
totally 5 years what is for that..? So for 5 years you haven’t
told me anything why are you asking
like this? You have given
the bill book. Go through machine and
run it properly Don’t tell 5 years
6 years Don’t tell those
dialogues to me What I’m coming
to say You don’t tell anything from past 5 years I
didn’t tell anything It means I didn’t
like you Don’t dream always
go and do your work go Instead of you I can’t even
imagine anyone else what is this?You
have such guts? what is this..?
love letter..? You have come to my
home to give this..? is
that’s what paper.. oh God Malar… Aunty I’m leaving aunty why..? I make the
tiffin. why are you moving now? No aunty ..My dad will
be waiting for me that’s ok..convey my
regards to him ok sure..I’m
leaving ok dear hi..hi sudha..
hi Rekha… give me the phone… hey leave me Prem Is it Swetha or Geetha? who is on the line? Hello…
everybody is watcing you Prem Give me the phone why did you torture is all like
this when phone ringing.? I’m sorry..sorry..
sorry.. please you don’t need to
say anything I know what you
will say I did add recently so many girls may
call me that’s why I want to
do pick up the call Further advertisement we
have fixed Prem itself Is it so..?
ya He will come within
this week I spoke with him straight
way through the phone Uncle please give me his
mobile number.. ya sure..I will
give you tell me
962973662 ok..thank you uncle I’ve so many
works in shop we will meet
afterwards ok You are very sweet uncle In my mobile I’m having
Prem’s mobile number Oh I’m so happy 962973662 what..? Malar..I brought a
gift for you Again another gift..?Give
me what’s that..? Its for you.. whenever you see
this mirror.. you remember my
face.. Whenever I see my image
I should remember you I don’t want this one.. take it and away Malar…
go I’m telling know go..
go from here Mom… malar…
oh god please leave I’m very happy to got
Prem’s number In between he is
disturbing.. Is the exam over..?
Yes sister How did you write..?
very well Will you pass..?
yes Kalyani sister..
look there Look at Malar sister..she
so happy today.. Kalyani… I’ve succeeded..
very happy I got everything Don’t blabber..what
are you saying..? Roja TV Prem’s number
in my hand Look his number I can talk to him
whenever I want The milk is boiling
please swim it down ok sister My mother is inside.
Talking in low voice You are talking as
a Prem is your hand who knows what will
happen tomorrow Even I’ll become
popular Don’t praise
yourself Be in your state..hey
call Prem up now ok That’s all..I will
call now 962973662 Its ringing Hello..Prem hear May who is on the line? Hello I’m Malar from
Palamathivelur How did you get
my number? that’s… Hello
hello what you have
doubt..? I put in speaker
you listen Malar..hello.. why you laughing? You are going to one Paramathivelur
Textile shop ad..? do
you know? You find it out..? You have very beautiful
and sweet voice Am sure you’re intelligent
and beautiful girl Am I right..? that’s right I’m very beautiful I’m a crow like colour and
fat looking girl. hey stop kidding me Bye Prem hey don’t say bye what you say
now..? Hey Malar..Can
I tell you something..? You are always
scolding Arivu But now see we have to
need Arivu’s help So long he is rounding
behind you Now you are coming
in search of him That’s very correct what Malar is also coming
along with us now see.. shut your mouth now. we never come
to meet him We want poster
to be done That’s it.. If you keep frawning
like this he won’t print
the posters keep smiling Is this ok..?
come Hey Ariuv..Is these the
marriage season? come Malar You have many orders
I see.. Its a surprise you
people are here. what’s the matter? I want to talk to you
come Let’s go inside what’s your name
baby..? Maneesha Koirala
mind your work come Malar Arivu also flirt..? this
fellow also flirt come insdie please come..
sit down sit down Mari..
what…? have a look at that
printer now..ya Saravana go to the
near by shop and get some tea
and snacks see he is looking us see why you are
looking at me ? go Tell me Malar First you wipe it off wipe properly What happened Malar? Its nothing actually. Malar wants some
posters printed Is there marriage function
your home? Its not like that Our Roja TV compare
Prem is there know.. next week he is coming
to our city I need a poster to
welcome him So what is the relationship
bewteen both of you..? oh he is asking the
relationship There is no connection
at all.we’e all Prem’s fan That is why we want
to welcome him I’m a very big
fan of Prem That’s why for poster how
much will you charge? If it is colour 10,000
will be charge.. If it is black and white
4000 is enough what you people
are discussing..? Nothing..even
if all of us combining the money, it
will probably be 2500 That’s all…. colour poster will only
look good.. But we don’t have
so much of money I’ll pay you
balance later can you help me
right now? what Malar..? is it
big deal or what? Have will completed
in 2 days I’ll paste all
over the city ok..? Are you happy..? Arivu is such a
nice man Take this now here.. Poster should
be good I’ll do it perfectly we’ll make a move
come wait Malar..This guy has gone
to get some snacks for you don’t want
to have anything come
ok Malar Prem you are going to
come here on 20th That day I cannot
forget forever whom we are loving from
our bottom of our heart…. one day surely we’ll
meet that guy I believe in that… That is going
to happen now In this get up… You are going to come
in this dress only know Am I correct..? Buddy paste it
properly buddy see it is not proper It isn’t straight Paste it quickly..we’ve to go
to lots of places now come on hurry up.Let’s
go to the next place come on guys ..
come on Are you pasting posters in
everywhere and every wall? hey Arivu..please don’t
mistake me Do you want this..? I’m doing everything
for Malar only come on do it faster
let’s go Malar what did you do to
bring Prem to this town ? How did you convince
him..? You absolutely
super Malar.. whenever Saras
asked for a load sending it immediately oh something
there right? I’ll also go to shooting
and surprise Prem… oh that means your
dreams will come true Its not like that.You
wait and see… then you’ll know what is this..?so long I’ve
been waiting for you what is that you are talking
without manners? I have seen a great
dream about you ma’am that’s what
I’m telling Don’t try to
dream like that I’ll dig your eyes Everyday dig my eyes I
can see dreams right first go and
search of job come on..take this
see you Good morning ma’am
Good morning I got recently signed
for an ad They pay me 2
lakh rupees wow They also casting a
heroine with me congratulation
Thank you ma’am I’m so happy Don’t be very happy
rounding in Velloore After shooting you have
to be very careful Don’t show your naughtiness
to that heroine You got it..? ma’am ok..let’s have breakfast
come on.. ok You see only after you and
your brother Chellappa joined us and we have grown
to this level today and that is the reason
I’ve handed over Madurai branch
to him and after this advertisement
we’ll be very popular It definitely happened sir That will happen sure and we should never
forget Malarkodi Your wishes sir They have come welcome Prem Hello come in please go Hello what’s this umbrella for? Its for madam. Your skin
shouldn’t get tanned Hello ma’am welcome
hello Please come ma’am Ma’am I’m Prem May I come in..? come in Namasthe ma’am sorry for the
disturbance My name is Prem. Roja
TV comparer I come for ad shoot I see In tomorrow’s
jewellery ad I’ll be acting with
you ma’am I have heard about your
live programme before I’ve also seen it. You are
doing a good job. Please take your seat Thank you ma’am Actually I’m only used to
trvellling by flight Since there is no airport here
I’ve to come by car I’m your big
fan ma’am I love all your
movies I’ve watched
all of them Will you also
drink with me? No ma’am no
thank you will you have or
you want? Its ok.. then take it You have such a
beautful smile You have so
many fans I’m your biggest
fan ma’am really..? ya Take it Thank you very
much ma’am cheers
cheers I’ve a lot of fans.. I know But I don’t know where
all of them live Ma’am..You are so
gorgeous.. Your skin tone..
your beautiful hands Can I hold
your hand..? why..? Your hand is so soft.
just like silk cot Ma’am if you want I
fall at your feet what are you doing? what is wrong
with you..? what are you doing? I’ve been in this
field for 10 years I have both short
and tall heroes. why..? I’ve seen long list
of comedians as well as long
list of villians You are nothing
at all to me oh my god.. I’m disgusted.. concentrate on your
career That’s good for you Everything else will follow
soon. You know that There were shooting
tomorrow Please concentrate on shooting
and career please There shooting tomorrow
right..? go go..will meet tomorrow
ok ma’am shooting at night
is so very tough Hello ma’am Did you sleep
well yesterday? ya I slept well Are you ok with the ad
concept ?. Yes..yes I’m
fine with it ok Are you ready..? See the concept is..
Selva Ganapathi Stores Best Textile in Namakkal Selva Ganapathi
Stores For all the functions
and festivals we can purchase everything at
Selva Ganapathi Stores listen carefully ma’am Christmas, Pongal
or Deepavali for each and
every festival you will get everything at
Selva Ganapathi Stores Now you are popular
actress and you will
do it nicely Prem cooperate with
ok ready ok..
ok sir ok start camera Namakkal street Biggest
family shop Selva Ganapathi
Showroom Diwali, Pongal,
Christamas.. come buy clothes from
Selva Ganapathi showroom Thank you very
much madam.. I’m now very confident My shop will doubled the
business You are going to be a
permananent model for our company
advertisement Thank you Buddy he is
looking smart But I smarter than
you know I’m really very happy The ad is come
out well Not possible without
your help Thank you very much
Malar oh..its ok sir Hi Prem Hello sir Our meeting was made
because of Malar oh namasthe Prem..she is a big
fan of you Malar oh..really..? Prem after finish
your shooting you should come to
our house ok ya ..definitely sir You should also visit
my home..ya sure I just came here only
see my Malar That happiness is
enough for me.. ok buddy..ok
guys..let’s go come..come.. ya I’m coming. look..who is
come here Do you recognize
him…? I don’t know He is Prem.He is
comparing in Roja TV He has come to our town
for textile ad I see aslo come to our house
just to meet us Hello why all these formality
please take this He is very
fond of us. Malar… Malar…come here.. there is a surprise
waiting for you coming dad do you recognize him..? Namasthe hello Aunty this gift
for you and and this one for
Malar Give it to her with
your hand why is all these gifts? Every year for Deepavali,
Pongal our Boss sent
everything to us why do you take
pain for buying this? Aunty please take
these gifts It was because of Malar
I got this ad I’m really greatful
to Malar keep talking..I’ll
come now sit down sit down Malar uncle your friend good
care of me on the shoot Is it..? I like this place a lot Our town is a
very likable town. We’ve a Siva temple very famous Siva
temple The temple was constructed
lot of centuries ago Do you know who
was the reason.. behind temple
construction? who..? You know music director
Ilayaraja He is the one please have this..
give it here Please take… thanks aunty what this snack aunty..
so nice aunty I really like it a lot Feel me some snacks what do you say..? I’m just jokking
kidding ok..ok you keep
talking I’ve to go. lot of
work in the shop have to take Prem
to our Siva temple and show it well ok..?
alright ok dad
see you then ok..ok
ya where is my it
on the table or… its there only ok aunty..I’ll go and
wait outside I’m really excited
to see the temple ok dear..ok where are
you going? You need not
go alone All your friends are here.
Take them also He is a young fellow
acting in TV The people may
talk wrong You understand…
Aunty… she is coming dear you will never
change mom The pillars are
so beautiful These are very
ancient ones very beautiful Look at this Everything is very safe
in this place..ya Not only that.. look at this.. This temple is very
ancient one King have builted
this.. wow..beautiful They built it
really well Not more to see
inside You come and
see that really..? come let’s go
ya come he is linga god.He
is very powerful This tree is very
old one. really..? for 600 years old oh my god the do you know the
name of this flower..? what is its name?
Nagalinga flower I love lord Linkeshwara
a lot are you his follower..? ya..even I like it come let’s go
ya..let’s go we are leaving now you can come
inside know… Its ok..both of
you talk why should we be
a nuisance? ok..bye
come Bye..
see you bye bye Prem you have
told to come here and you have
not come what happened..? Prem.. relax..relax
wait..wait.. Be stay still..if you don’t mind
I can remove it me..
come on bloody non sense..
this is plastic one this all your joke its just a surprise… what..what are you
talking about..? I want to talk to you
about something at the TV station but
I couldn’t… that’s why I
called you here what you have done
is enough.I’m leaving I’ll go home Rithu.. Rithu.. I won’t tp sleep at her. But she is not falling
in my trap oh my sweet love what is that you want…? If I’m a pet dog of an
actres I’m lucky otherwise I have to be
a puzzy cat atleast Taking birth is not
everything atleast I have to be
a doll like this oh my god..I have to
run along with her I’m suffocating
return is best my nose…my nose don’t tickle me Its enough..enough hey man why you blabbering
like a crack pot ..? yes ma’am..I’m really
a mad.. about you what did you say? What I’m coming
to say is…. I had a lot of respect..
devotion……. That’s what I’m
coming to say be carerful..its a girl stuff then you are in danger
position ok I’m leaving..what can
I do that..? Hello Prem
tell me Ranjith You have cheated
my Priya and also cheated
me too… which Priya..? oh Priya… Here after I won’t
leave you ever You want to see that..? wait and watch what’s this..? Excuse me Madam coime in Prem
sit down Tell me what is the reson..?
tell me Prem Actually Ma’am your
employer Ranjith is accusing me that I
have misbehave with his girlfriend
Priya He is calling and torturing
me ma’am don’t you know
Priya..? I’m sure I don’t
know her You are going to
cross me now There will be time for
me to know… whether you are a good
person or bad person Till then you keep carrying
on your drama Go Prem go Don’t let me
down ma’am come on Prem go.. don’t worry
I’ ll take care I will take leave..
go naughty fellow oh god I have faithing me through
this Kaveri river I’m going to send
this light as this light and oil you
have to give Prem to me You have to bless
both of us Is your boss available..? He is coming
madam welcome madam
welcome hello sir how are you madam?
Yes I am fine. Are you come alone? where is Malar? she went for
college result oh is it..? I just wanted to know
where is my husband There was an urgent call.
I’ll send him to Delhi here..sir.. This is for Deewali festival
oh my god..wht’s this..? as usual for
every festival Thank you for your husband’s quality
this all nothing madam Thank you so much
thank you Kalyani… I have thought onething
in my heart. Now let’s see..will
it become true or not ok.. I’m going to get
the fish now. How many fishes
you take..? I’m ready to cook and eat.
that’s all… Hey one fish is got I think we have to
got the fish hey you got the fish…
you got the fish see..the first fish is
for me even I got one… Did you see…? however
much you try… you are not going
to get any fish… Hello..
hello Chellappa yes..
who is this..? hello..
This is chellappan’s number right now he is Delhi..
but the voice is different Hello who is this..? I told you I go with my friends
and wash this clothes You never
you are suffering what is this mom..? why you
are doing like this ? what is this..?You will be playing
the pool with your friends and you will be come
on the evening That is why I asked to
wash the clothes here I can’t wait so long This is the age for me to
roam with my friends you give to me very
good food know Dad is there to
earn money then what I have to do..? I’m SI from railway
accident site… accident site..? I’m speaking from the
dead man’s mobile You mean Chellappa
is dead..? yes… Chellappa is dead This time when your
father was leaving… he said take care of Malar
very well Oh god..Dad everytime
will tell like this only No Malar..this time he went
to the street and he came back and he said take care of
Malar very well I’m little annoyed oh God.. what is this
sentiment..? what happened sir..? Today at dawn there
was an train accident yes sir.. Our Chellap was ..
sir what you are saying?my
brother was dead..he is like my father sir oh God what is this mom..?whay are
you feeling like this? don’t playing
what is this Now you are looking
very beautiful we can take a photo now
and frame it on a wall just shut up Mom..uncle has come sister..
what is this brother? you never went to the
garment shop..? ya gone there Malar..have you
seen the TV news..? we didn’t see
uncle The train from Delhi have
fired in the morning.. ok..why the hell are
you being like this? In the train my
brother was there Daddy… I do want to
got there Everyone have burned
inside there The railway authority couldn’t have
to able to identify any of them So they have sent them to keep all
the bodies in graveyard I can’t even see
him now… what is happening to me.. why is fate like this..? I don’t know how
we’ll survive I don’t whoever take
care of you Malar.. Everything is gone Before could he leave can’t
arrange a marriage for this girl and go I will look after
don’t worry about it No brother..this guy
is very stubborn I don’t how I
will manage her She is a little girl. she will
change completely afterwards You don’t worry. I’m not a small girl I will not be a burden
for you Don’t worry… Thinking
of me Hello..who
is this..? I’m Malar here from
Palamathivelur what is the matter? If Prem there whenever I
call you tell he is not there Malar… what’s the matter? Don’t you know why
I came here I want to talk to you
in personally No one is here.tell me But I don’t know
how to say then leave it Malar.. Malar..I love you Malar shit I have tell your friends
I don’t like you Don’t keep on telling and
dont’ torturing me like this I’m not feeling well.. That’s why I want to be
alone here Don’t spoil my
mood like this Malar..if you don’t like
I’ll leave from here But I don’t want to disturb
your privacy Gajani invaded India
for seventeen times But on the 18th time he won the battle and stole
all the wealth from India But I’m tried a lot of time to convince
you to accept my proposal But I couldn’t I’m telling you again..
before I make first You please leave the place. Don’t stand before me
please leave. Malar..I don’t know when
you’ll understand me sir… ok just leave.
I’ll take care… Hey Prem where are you?
in the office sir.. come to my room
immediately ok sir Good morning sir what’s happening here? what are you thinking
in your mind? I can create thousands
of Prem like you sir what did I do? I know everything what
you are doing here Get lost from here
get out sir please sir you are dismissed sir sir please sir
sorry sir out..get out Hello Is Prem there..? No ma’am..he has left the
job from here ma’am dont call here
anymore ok.. Is there any other
way to talk to him? I don’t know Brother please tell me
I have to talk to him Brother I want
to talk to him Please please
help me Brother… shit..Prem did
biggest mistake Prem cheated such a
poor innocent girl very bad hello sir you ask me to come I call for you Don’t cry It is very hard because
it is very lose for us too Its all my fate sir I think I should
forget all this but I’m not able to… Twenty five years
of my life suddenly a shock
like this… sir..look up sister how
she is crying.. I know ..I see her
control yourself Brother You have to advice me..why
are you crying like this..? wipe your tears 5 lakh rupees Oh my God don’t want
all this Madam..this is for your
daughter’s marriage what will you do
in the future..? Please accept Take it please take it Thank you so
much sir’t do whenever you want..
whatever it is…. just tell Kantha swami
I’ll do that Don’t worry Thank you sir come sister what Kalyani..?you want to say
something about Malar now what’s that Kalyani? Malar been cheated.. The company of Prem
in Roja TV may have believed
and cheated her I can’t understand what
you are saying.. He acted like was in
love with Malar Malar heart is so
sweet and innocent but she broke her
heart for him Malar heart is now on
pieces and she is very sad Did Malar try
contacting Prem Yes she did..but she
couldn’t get connected Then she call the main
line of Roja TV They said that he
left from the job Why they have
dismiss Prem? Actually Prem has name
as a womanizer Like Malar he has spoiled
the lives of many woman Malar is one in
the list of woman that Prem has
cheated what I have to
do now..? This is fate Arivu..You
are in love with Malar But Malar does not
respect you at all Now her heart is
broken by Prem Like a lamb she went
to the slaughterer We are all
her friends so we have to stand
by her right now and help her to get over
the heart break I will do anything for Malar Good morning sir.. why the delay..?I was waiting
for the newspaper sir your son is in the
front page Read the’ll
understand everything Headlines..?my son.. Kamala I told you thousand time
Did you listen to me..? see how you are
spoiled your son.. why are you shouting? Look at the newspaper.
what your son is done look at it what is the biggest
mistake my son is did..? You are a scoundrel you have only taught
all these things to him Hey Prem…Prem..
Prem… Dad..why you
so tensed…? You are the
reason of it what happened dad..? what happened you
rascal… read it You are the one
behind this Yes..I gave that You have cheated my Priya
and try to cheat other girls I won’t leave you I will kill you leave me I will kill you You got a call just calm down
please sit down Tell me ma’am..
look him sir ok ma’am I won’t leave you..
I will kill you just leave here..will
see what happened sir just leave it He is foolish fellow take care
you leave it come on ya If you hadn’t call
I was killed him I am so angry..Did
you see the paper..? I didn’t see.But I want to know
when you will come there.. That’s why I called the
Gymm manager then I told him be alert..Prem
is coming to kick him ma’am I feeling
really gloomy That guy Ranjith has ruined
my name completely ma’am you know my father is
really angry with me He wants to leave
the house what is the solution you
going to look for..? You have to help
me ma’am… please I beg you Don’t let me down My life is at stick.. Don’t worry Prem..This
Kanjana is there for you whatever the problem is that
will be solved very quickly Every starting is always
got an ending You have cheated
me Prem Don’t marry
that Rithu You have cheated me I have believed
you so much But you have punished
me like this… Kalyani ..that Prem
cheated me just leave it Malar..I am on
the way to your house Stay at your home ok.. ok..come soon Yes Malar..I’m
coming now Prem has cheated me why are you jump
into conclusion..? It is come in paper..
then what…? There are lot of rumours
in the papers you know that..? Is this rumour..? Now you have to be
very barave… your mom will
come now don’t cry..wipe
your tears… can you just get up
and come now call Arivu and to come
to good conclusion sorry Kalyani..its
already late.. Tell me..
what happened? She went after him becuase
he was popular know.. now he doesn’t
even care for her In this time I told you to
marry boy who loves you Did you listen to me..? Did she listen to us fame
totally blined her All of the problem are
entirely for her fault Malar is already
depressed. Please don’t talk
like this Prem is going to marry
his collegue But Malar’s life is
totally gone Even Malar if say Yes I will carry her now I’m not much beautiful
as Prem but still I love
Malar alone You can never ever find
such a good man like Arivu Try to change
your heart.. Malar please
forget Prem and change your life
by marrying Arivu.. Its not possible.. why..? because Prem has not
cheated me in one way wow..what a beautiful place I’m never seen like
this place in my life really..? Yes true..can I tell
you something… I didn’t come here
for a shoot I came only
to see you what you are saying..?
I can’t believe this You don’t believe me I don’t know to
swim at all I will show you wait Prem..
leave me what are you doing?
I’ll jump Do you like me
that much Prem..? I was born in Chennai But I want to fall in love with
a village girl like you Malar I like you a lot I’m so happy to spend my
time with you Malar It is one of the most
happiest days in my life The first time when I saw you
I knew you are nice girl I don’t think I am
not able to meet another girl like you
Malar in my life I think we should get
married soon Malar I think I found the
love of my life I want to express my
love to you Yes Prem..its true.. I want to strengthen
this bond between us then…what is the meaning
for both of our love.. You still don’t
understand..? I don’t understand I love you so
much Malar what happened Malar..? why you so worry..? I have lost everything
now I don’t have anything
more with me now The one and only
trust in me is this Kaveri river only Please don’t
leave me Prem I never do that Malar..
please next time i come to see
you we’are getting married promise I’ll take leave now
Malar why so sad..? I lost everything You got it from me In all the places only men will
get respect not woman Prem I’m asking again please don’t leave
me Prem Don’t worry Malar.. Next I tell my parents to come
and see your parents will get married
next month..ok..? I’ll be waiting for you ok please don’t cry..
I will be back ..bye Take care of yourself
see you bye..see you I’m telling you
everything really this was happened.. Believe me Kalyani what are you
to do now? I am going to ask justice
to get Prem You think you will
get justice..? I trust in god he will not leave
me like this now we will all
go to Chennai I will stop the Prem’s
marriage for that I need
your help Malar..when you
go to Chennai take your uncle
and go also because your mother doesn’t
know all this But your uncle has to know
because he can support you If he come to along he
will be protection for you please don’t feel bad
that I’m not coming.. sorry what Malar..? why you are crying? Uncle I got
cheated uncle That Roja TV anchor Prem look you don’t worry
about that please stop crying..I’ll
come with you to Chennai enough sister My cute are
my sweet darling please little more…
little more… Have your coffee Please leave it Bhavani mom
I’ll drink it later.. what is this..? can’t I take care
sending Anita to school Yes..same like that
Bhavani aunty do you need
all this sister..? hey come on..I could do
everything for you Your mother and father
were going to Thrirupathi and died in an accident after that being like
a mother you are taking
care of Anitha first you get married mom if you leave her like this sister
will become grandmother we have to find husband
for my sister.. not only that I’ll only
select your husband you study well and become
an IAS officer I’ll be very happy
about it Even for my business licence I
should come and stand before you Then this marriage….
this family way I am not interested
in all that all this business..
factory… I’ll keep my life
running just like that Do you love me
so much sister…? come..its late…
we will move go dear take your lunch box shall we go..? bye Bhawani aunty what buddy the power has gone
still they haven’t switch on the temperature..crazy guy excuse that
Roja TV..? yes come with me come Malar..let’s
go inside Can I meet
Ramki now He is on holiday ma’am can I get his
phone number I don’t know
Ramiki’s number I will ask this jack
and light Cheenu please wait… Hello brother Kamal..can you
please come to therrecception now? good morning ma’am I came out here to talk
about Prem ma’am Even I told him several
times Ma’am to rectify your mistake…
rectify..rectify But he hasn’t done
anything at all… Now decision is in
your hand ma’am please take it fared
decision ma’am what is problem? sir they have come
and search of Prem tell me Borther you know where
Ramki’s brother is..? He is on
leave today Don’t tell like that. I have to
talk to him urgently Can you give his
number please 9840077888 Brother I’m Malar from
Palamathivelur ya tell me I have to meet Prem. see already he has left
job and I told you earlier I hve to come to
Chennai now I have to meet
him right now I’m three months
pregnant now Prem has cheated me and getting married to
some other girl I have seen in paper. please help
me brother Give his number
to me please brother please and he is so pity
for you sister At any cost I’ll get him
over the Bini mills and you also come
over there ok Uncle do you know
where is Bini Mills ? ya I know..
then come over fast ok ok Brother I’ll
come there come on uncle
ok..come Are you call me ma’am..? come Ranjith I’m waiting for you
ya.. tell me That Prem ruined
your lover I know you are
aware of it He is played a fool and ruined
even in my sisters life Not only me.. There is so many girls ruined
their life because of that Prem you know that…? After so much I have to put
of full stop for all this…. wherever he is just
bringing to me go… have
said know.. I won’t leave him..
I will kill him let him come now where is Malar is come
with her uncle I’m sure Ramki is
behind this don’t leave him.. who are you.? get inside go..go go fast we’ll definitely kill go fast go..go …go go fast ..go fast come on go fast come on why did you bring
me here..? just look who
are all they..? leave her
leave me come on..get in come on fast you don’t know
about me leave me get out you stupid you show him madam now you recoganize
who am I…? Good evening everybody… Now our Kanthaswami
kandar’s college and for the matriculation school
annual sports day function popular Roja TV comparer
Mr. Prem has come over here congratulations and
hearty welcome For the shot put competition
in our school first winner of the
competition S. Anitha please come over
to the stage Anitha congratz..
thank you so much sir this is my number
call me Here you go..congratulations
thank you sir All the best I’m request Prem sir to
share a few words with us please come sir hi Thank you I have been to many
school’s annual sports day Anitha is really a
super….. performer she is really good.. Any way thanks for
calling me here Thank you..Thank you..
Anitha see you Anitha speaking Prem Thanks for calling me you give your personal number
what is it..?tell me.. I’m never seen such a
beautiful girl like you… in my life ..I’m not
able to forget you what..? In your thoughts… you even time to think
about a girl like me..? yes…of course.. I’m missing you
a lot Anitha what are you saying..?
I don’t understand oh come will
understand soon what do you mean..? If you are my
true friend… I want you to come and see
me 4 pm at Adayar Bus Dipo I’ll come and
pick you up I feel very..what
about all this sir..? I’m there..don’t
be scared.. ok Prem I’ll wait
for you Yes..she is fallen
for my trap come..come come Anitha Give that to me sit down…. I will sit here
sit down Anitha can I tell
you something.. If you would act in movies
you’ll become a big star.. Really me that…? Really Anitha why did you
bring me here? It is such a
lonely place. That’s what I
want Anitha I want spent time
with you alone I don’t understand.. Initially when you
start acting.. you will be very
very shy… You have to overcome
your fear for that… there are few
exercises.. I will teach you
those exercises.. what is that
exercise..? very good come
to the point… These are know
those exercises we should learn in
your school.. These are brain’s
exercises… Is it..?
yes.. In a body A,B and C Three parts are there
I will show you now what they are… There is a romantic couple
come to our place yes brother we’ll join who are you..? we there Don’t touch her.
I’ll call the police brother is come right Brother I have seen
him in TV Brother don’t
talk with him just leave
from here leave
from here stop go..go Do you know what
happened after that.. stop there
don’t run we won’t leave you catch her catch her leave me please leave me I didn’t do anything
leave me please please leave me I will be the first one please leave me sister… sister… sister… Madam..sorry madam It shouldn’t have happen
in your family and my deep condolence
for this If you give permission
I’ll put an FIR and I will arrest
the accuse don’t arrest him How much ever money you
want I will give you I will take care
everything here after Only for this day I was waiting
and I left you loose so long and now my sister’s… soul will rest
and peace oh god..please don’t
shoot him I beg you don’t
shoot him who the hell are you..? My name is Malar what is the reason
you come? I want justice from Prem what justice..? I’m pregnant now For my baby’s sake.. You please leave him Apologize…? The person like this who
ruined all the female’s life I should shoot
them everyday He is not given
you only a baby He is given all the
girls to a baby These so many girls who lost
their life because of this fellow Inspite of so many girls
I have come here for justice… I beg you sister.. please leave him I cannot leave him
for the sake of you You lost only
your virgin But my sister
she have to live But in this small age her life
was ruined because of him She shattered her died she was distroyed
by four rowdies for their hunger..
you know that…? because of this fellow Ma’am..I need to
say something I don’t know I
would be a life or I’m going to die Malar..please
forgive me Ma’am..I beg you
please forgive me Apoligise..?I will never
apologize sinners like you Do you know the price
of life you scoundrel..? I’m going to shoot you
and going to die Shoot me first and then
you can shoot him you stupid..he
cheated me too Definitley he will die Ranjith..she is the juliet
who is in love with Romeo I’m not a juliet
as you say and you are not a
Yamadarmaraja I’m just begging
as a girl please leave him
for my sake If I doesn’t
give him…? I’ll ruined myself I don’t care
about that sister… Think me as
your sister For my baby’s sake we should know
his father’s name I’m telling this need
very serious note I’m a small girl For my baby… I can’t show
any other guy I need father of
my baby sister For my sake leave him Please give my
Prem to me sister Prem uncle Prem Malar I’m really sorry I deserve to die. I shouldn’t
have cheated you please take good care
of our child keep the child happy I’m sorry Mala….r Prem Prem Prem Mummy..mummy please
buy me an icecream please..I want
an icecream Please mummy..I really
want one please… Please mummy Will you not listen to me..?
I’ll buy it later Don’t talk to me are you? That’s not important Malar why these kids
are crying? uncle..uncle I ask mummy
for an icecream but she is not
buying me one she is shouting at me
and beating me I feel so hungry I want an icecream
right now uncle..uncle..I want an
ice cream uncle I will get everything
for both of you kids don’t cry Kamali can you take
that biscuit packet? what is this..?
they are very poor Do that woman and children
want help from us..? Just do what I say
take that here take this..ok.. You shouldn’t cry Thank you so much for this
biscuit packet uncle Thanks uncle..Thank
you so much uncle Malar..I’m really sad to see you in this
situation Malar If you want any
help at any time don’t hesitate
to ask me I will do anything
for you Malar What this kids want don’t beat them If your mother beat
you tell me ok..? Yes uncle ok dear… Is she your wife..? Yes Malar..she is
Kamali Hello
hello who is this..? She is my friend Please do come to our
house with your children Yes have to
bring them there Definitely I will come I’m leaving Malar Brother..if the rhythm goes
wrong we can correct it But here the life
has gone wrong It is very tough to take
care of a single child Now she has
got two I don’t know what she is going
to do with that kids

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  1. Hi girls na fresh suli evarikina girls ki puku lo ki guuda lo ki freshga kavalante 7036464465 ki mesg whatsup me !

  2. Really great movie how every girl trapped so easily in fake love & attraction and after all she gets nothing except ruined her own life.
    Be practical in life at initial age there is no love only attraction.
    A good lesson was shown in this movie to teenagers. The movie themes is really admirable.

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