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New Punjabi Movie || Latest punjabi movie 2019 || punjabi Comedy movie || Naukar Vahuti Da

There is but one God
True is His Name Chhinde… What do you want? Did you knead the dough? I’ll knead. Vegetables need to be cooked first. He has not brought oil yet. I have told many times
not to send him to buy anything. You should send me instead. Why? What’s the difference? I am worldly-wise You should send me to shop As if you could get
free mutton with oil Atleast I will get married You should start
thinking about my marriage What nonsense? Why should we send you? I do grocery shopping for you
and you ridicule me instead Do only we use this grocery? Don’t you need it? I cover a long distance
on foot to buy things You think we take a flight? Its ok Never mind I am extremely happy today Why? I have never been
so happy in my life Did you find any
girl on the way? Sort of Show me what you’ve got Look at this onion We have a basket full of onions I will meet a girl for
marriage after eating this Really!? How’s it possible? Lets eat all Fools! Always in hurry! This is not an ordinary onion Looks like the same. It is different Holy man has blown 7 times on it Told me to divide it in 8 parts After 9 days, I’ll find a girl. On 10th day, I’ll get married. Give it to me. Go away! Give me Let me take some rest I am tired. Bring a glass of water for me. Do one thing… Do not give this onion to me. Tell me that Holy man’s whereabouts. I request you, please. You’ll spoil my marriage prospects You are my sweet brother Go get water for our dear brother Oh yeah! Go get it. Listen… Bring buttermilk, not water. I’ll get it. Is there a milkplant inside? We’ll have to bring it from somewhere. Take a can and lets go. You also go. I am going but promise me
you’ll give me his whereabouts. I am taking rest. We’ll be back in a shortwhile Do not water down the buttermilk. Do not worry. What a plan! Made a fool of both of them. Are we his servant? Why should we get buttermilk
or anything for him? Don’t worry, bro! Just bear with him for one more day Once we get whereabouts of that holy-man. Leave buttermilk, we won’t
give him a glass of water! Brilliant idea! Hello, uncle We were coming to your home for buttermilk. Hello, boys But you won’t get any
buttermilk from our home today. Why? Last night, out buffalo got electrocuted. Ohh… then? We immediately called the doctor. But… But what? Doctor saw the buffalo
and said “I am sorry” “I am sorry” I am sorry means? I am sorry means buffalo has died. Ohh… so sad! It is. That’s why we neither milked
other buffaloes nor made buttermilk. We are really sorry about your buffalo. We are also very sad.
But what can be done now. Okay, I have to go. Okay, uncle. This buffalo incident is really sad. Now we have to arrange
buttermilk from somewhere else. Doesn’t matter, we can find it. Yeah We got to learn a new thing today Which one? “I am sorry” “Sorry” means? Didn’t you hear what uncle was saying? “I am sorry” means buffalo has died. Oh yes, bro.
Why didn’t I think of it? We’ve learnt one more English lesson. Just like this we can get educated one day! We’ve to get buttermilk from this house today. They are nice people. Yes, its true. Ohh! Sorry! Ohhh… When? What when? Your buffalo died. Buffalo? Which buffalo? The one which has died. Buffalo has died!?
I don’t know. I came only yesterday. Go ask inside. Its so weird! Here also buffalo died. What is this happening today? Where to find buttermilk now? Their buffalo has died and
you are asking for buttermilk! We should pay our condolences first. They are good people. We should console them. You are right! Lets go. There is quite hustle and bustle inside. Bro, take this “Prashad” Bro, Why are you distributing “Prashad” Prayer ceremony has been performed. Prayer ceremony? Bro, I got it! What? See how nice family this is. They’ve performed prayer
ceremony for their buffalo. You are right.
These are amazing people. They had kept the buffalo
like their family member. Yeah! Lets pay our condolence to them. But listen to me. yes We should grieve as if
our own buffalo had died. You are right! They should feel how sad we are. We will make them feel
how distressed we are. Extremely sad! Like our family member! Lets go. Let me do the talk there. We should comfort the grieving family. Hello Hello How are you, boys? We are fine. But this news is really saddening. What news?
Why so sad? The reason for which
you’ve held prayer ceremony. We’re distressed the moment
we heard this news. If I could have my way,
I wouldn’t have let it happen. I would have taken
this tragedy upon me. What rubbish are you talking about? You are disheartened because
this thing has not happened to you? Certainly, Sir. If we could have our way,
we wouldn’t have let your buffalo go anywhere. What nonsense are you talking? These are my daughter’s
wedding preparations. Daughter!!! It means this all is your
daughter’s wedding preparations. Why are you listening
to their bullshit? They eve-tease village girls. No, bro!
I swear upon you. We don’t speak lie. We never got a chance
to eve-tease their daughter. Catch these scoundrels! Lets run! Where are you off to? What happened? You had gone to bring buttermilk. Dont even ask! Today again we got thrashed. Its all because of your English! He misunderstood their daughter’s wedding preparations for buffalo’s condolence prayer. There is a wedding? Yes Don’t get so excited. They gave us a good whipping. So what? This is not the first time for us. Usually, we get thrashed at the end of a function.
This time we had it in the beginning. You are absolutely right, bro. But they have not invited
us to the wedding. Tell me one thing What? Do we ever get invited to a wedding? No. Has anyone ever invited us? Never. We always go uninvited. We just gatecrash the weddings. That’s so true!
Lets go! Hurry up!
Make it fast! Hurry up! Keep one thing in mind. Quickly have your fill
and make a dash We’ve reached there
but keep patience. We should not make
a fool of ourselves. Listen to me carefully Act gracefully People should think
we are honourable persons. Understood? Make him understand. Now we have to go this way. We won’t climb wall. Or shall we? Climbing the wall is best to avoid
getting thrashed again. Lets go We are already too late. What a splendour! Lets climb the wall. Help him first. You’ll get us caught! I am also coming. Lets go in that tent. Lets go. There must be exciting
atmosphere inside. Beautiful girls everywhere. Look at all this hustle-bustle. Lets go to this side. Okay.
Be quick. Hurry up!
No one should notice us. Come inside. We have reached inside. What next now? Food is laid on the table. Lets have our fill. Lets go. [song] Almighty, please settle me down with a girl. God, please help me find a beautiful girl. Such a bad luck! Oh my God! How are you, man? We are good! What about you? Looking dapper! Where are you heading to? I had gone to fix a
match for someone. “Match-fixing”?
I didn’t get you. I fixed a girl with a boy today. Can you find a girl for us too? Yes, bro. You can make our lives better. Why don’t you find some girl for us also? Please do “match-fixing” for us too. I can find a girl for you. But firstly, I charge for my services. Secondly, the one who fixes a
match for you is called “Love Guru” “Love Guru”!? Huh? What kind of guru is this? No idea. Forget it.
You won’t understand. Do you want my services or not? Oh, yes! Even if I’ll have to sell my entire
ancestral property for “match-fixing”. Bro, didn’t we exaggerate a little? We have only one shed and
that too, is mortgaged in bank. Leave it! Ameen, what are your charges? I charge Rs. 20,000 from others. But never mind You are my friends You can give me Rs. 10,000 This is too much, bro. A little bit lower, please. Okay, Rs. 500 discount for you. No, its still too much. Alright, only Rs. 8,000 for you. A little bit more discount. Okay, settle it for Rs.4,000. Its still too much. Make it a little lower. How much can you pay? We… How much have you got, bro? You also check your pockets. How much have you got? I am giving you all my money. Empty your pockets. That is all the money I’ve got. Just Rs. 270? You can’t even buy
10 kg flour with this! And want a girl,
that too for marriage? Bro, please do something for us. We’ll thank you for life. No problem, you are like my brothers. Anything for you. Now, tell me what
kind of life partner do you want? Anyone, but it should be a girl! Consider it done! See you tomorrow at this place. Okay Stop! Stop! How am I looking? You are looking handsome, bro. But not more than me! Leave it. Stop daydreaming! The girl will pick me Because your younger brother
is looking like a hero. Tell me one thing Why wouldn’t a girl select
you in front of me? Do not argue. Time will tell who is
“hero” and who is “zero”. Look there, where Ameen is standing. Lets ask him. Lets go. I am the hero. [blabbering] How are you, Ameen? I am good! When will they get their sister-in-law? I am eagerly waiting. Keep in mind. She is your sis-in-law. Oh… Hello… Mind it. I am the elder one. So I’ll get married first. She is your sis-in-law. No… You listen to me. This is not right. Stop fighting and listen to me. Yes please The thing is… I have talked to a girl about you. And she’s agreed. Really? Where is she? I’ll tell you. But she wants to meet you first. Then decide about marriage. And she has a condition. I can grow vegetables
on moon to get married. I can fulfill all her conditions. Yes, man!
We accept all her conditions. We have no problem. The matter is… Some miscreants are harassing her. She’ll marry the one
who’ll teach them a lesson. How dare anyone
tease my soon-to-be… sis-in-law! Exactly!
Both of yours soon-to-be sis-in-law. I’ll kill whoever tries to
eve-tease your sis-in-law! She is your sis-in-law. I will kill both of you for her. Bring it on! I’ll show you! Stop it! What is it? Stop this nonsense! You are fighting amongst yourselves. How will you fight
with the miscreants? We can sort our matters later, bro. We should see those miscreants first. Yes bro!
Lets go! Right! Tell us about them. Yes! Their death is on its way! They must be sitting near water pump. Enough! That’s it! Lets go, brothers! Lets go! Yes, lets go! These must be the miscreants. Catch them! Don’t let them go! Slap him hard! Where are going? Don’t let them go! Served them right! We did it! Made them run. I made them quit! No, I made them quit! Me! Not you, it was me! I punched them with my hands. My hand is hurting. My hands are also hurting. [blabbering] Keep quiet! I’ll get your sis-in-law. No, I’ll get married first. No, she is your sis-in-law. [blabbering] Who are you, bro? What’s the matter, bro? Why have you caught us? What is our fault? Why did you beat up our workers? What could we do? They had eve-teased my wife. Hey…She is my wife. [mimics] How many times I have told you. She is my wife. No…she is my wife. My wife! She is mine! This is so weird! You don’t know whose wife she is? Speak truth, whose wife is she? Whom did my workers eve-tease? She is mine. No way, she is mine. She is my wife, sir. Shut up! She is my wife, Sir. They are lying. Bloody liars! She is my wife. Mine! No… She is mine. She is my wife. You both are her bro-in-law. She is my wife. These fools are creating scene. Call your wife. What’s her name? NAME!!! Bro, what’s the name of your sis-in-law? Your sis-in-law, not mine. She is your sis-in-law. Shut up! Just tell her name. What’s her name? I also do not
remember her name. Bro, what is the name
of your sis-in-law? I too do not know her name. Do not call her my sis-in-law. These fools are creating scene. Just take us to your home. We will ask her
whose wife she is. Bro, why would she be at our home? Why won’t she be at your home? She must be at her own home, Sir. Why would she come to our home? Shut up! Tell us her name. I swear to God,
I do not know her name. What do you know about her then? Then tell us how does she look like? Bro…We also have never seen her. Neither you know her name or address. Nor do you know who she is. And you claim her your wife. You thrashed our workers too. Catch these rascals! [groaning] [groaning] Oh… Ameen… You scoundrel! You got us thrashed! Every part of my body is aching. They beat us mercilessly. We are also at fault. Without even knowing who your sis-in-law is,
we thrashed their workers. You are absolutely right. But she is your sis-in-law, not mine. And yours too. No… She is your sis-in-law. Your sis-in-law Why are you fighting? Good you are here. Who is this girl for which we got thrashed? Which girl? With whom I’ll get married. You are too much! Only a mad girl would agree to marry you. Uncivilized people! I was kidding with you! Looking for a girl for marriage for Rs. 270. Oh, man… He’s insulted us. But, bro… He is absolutely right. We are illiterate and uncivilized people. No girl would like to marry us. You are right but how
will I get a girl now? Who will teach us how to impress a girl? Oh God! Help us! Send a saviour for us! Wasn’t he Babbu, whose family
lives on the village outskirts? Yes, bro. He’s Babbu. He’s got so flashy nowadays. He’s found another girl from
the neighbourhood itself. His flamboyance is talk of the town. He has a flashy lifestyle. He is quite famous among girls. That’s surprising! What sorcery he practices. Then what are you waiting for? God has sent us our guardian angel. What do you mean? What guardian angel? Now Babbu will guide us how to impress a girl. Yes, bro! You are correct. If Babbu guides us, we can definitely
find girl for marriage. Hurry up then, lets go! Are we on the right path? This road leads to Babbu’s house. This is the correct road. Here he comes.
Babbu is coming. That is the same car. That is Babbu’s car only. Babbu, Stop! Stop the car! Stop! Stop! Come outside. How are you, Babbu? I am good. But my name is “Bobby”, not Babbu. Don’t lie. We call you Babbu since you were a child. Babbu was my childhood name. Now, I have grown up. Call me “Bobby” Ok, as you say. Just do a little favour for us. Favour? What favour? What is there for me to do for you? It is a petty job for you But it is a question of
life and death for us. Make it clear, what is it. Bro, you are quite popular among girls. Give us some advice so that
we can find girls to get married. No way, I cannot help you in this. There is nothing to be taught in this. We beg you.
Please be our coach. Please accept our request and guide us. I cannot do anything for you. I do not have time for you. Bro, do not talk like this. You are our last hope. Society makes fun of us. People cannot understand our pain and sufferings. Nobody can understand bachelors’ grief. But atleast you try to understand our pain. You can help us find girls to get married. Okay, calm down. Don’t cry. I’ll help you. Huh? Really, bro? What do you want me to do for you? Bro, nothing much. Just teach us some trick to woo a girl. See… No girl would agree to marry you at once. We need to know her first. Befriend her. Then only you can hope for the better. Bro, you just teach us how to talk to a girl. We will follow your advice. Gradually, we will get married. Okay, listen to me now. When you approach a girl Talk to her in English. She’ll be instantly impressed. “IMPRINSS” means… I didn’t get you. What is this thing? I mean she’ll be pleased. Ohh! Means… to get pleased. Okay, now listen. What and how you talk to a girl? “Hello madam, how are you? That’s it!
There you go! Bro, look a girl is coming this side. Oh! yes If you say, may I go and try? Yes, sure! Lets go! Where are you going?
Let me finish first. Just wait.
Listen to me. That’s enough for us. Let him go.
Lets see what he does. “HOW DO DO” I am fine. You say. [thrilled] Hey, bro. Babbu’s idea really worked. We should also go and try. Yes, hurry up. We also wish you the same. WHAT? Your face is beaming with “high WATTS” What do you say? Are you out of your mind? We are just repeating what he told you. You were talking to him fondly. Then why not with us? This is totally unfair. You have to talk fondly with us just like him. When did I talk to him fondly? We are not idiots. We saw you chatting cheerfully with him. Why are you upset with us? You have to talk to us lovingly. Bro… Shut up! Being younger to me, you cannot marry first. I’ll get married first. Listen, girl. He is your younger bro-in-law. You have to marry me. Got it? What the hell are you talking about? You’ll have to marry me. You go and make arrangements. Shut up! Ohh! Bloody, what was this? I didn’t get it. She hit me in anger or is she in love? Are you her cousin that
she’ll hit you with love? Your mom was angry with you. Huh? You devastated my happy home. Listen to me. Stop crying. What happened to you? Your crying makes me laugh. Don’t frighten the children with your crying. Did you see that, bro? They spoiled my marriage prospects. Idiots, that’s why I was calling you. All three are trying for the same girl. It doesn’t work like this. You didn’t let me finish my talk first. Bro, you suggest what should we do now? Listen to me carefully. You won’t go after a girl together. Only the one with whom the girl talks to,
will go and meet her. The other two won’t try to meet her. All right, bro! Go but be careful next time. Don’t make this blunder again. You must talk to the girl with respect. Got it, bro! Respect! Hurry up! We shouldn’t waste time. We are already too late. Yeah, lets go. We must do something today. Absolutely! What a beauty! Oh… yeah! Let me go and talk to her. No way! Why always you? Why? What happened? Who is the elder brother? You, of course! Then who should go first? Its okay! You go first. You are my elder brother. You may go first. Its a sin to be younger brother. He gets everything first. “HILLO” What nonsense is this? Such a shameless fellow! What rubbish! Talk this rubbish to your mother and sister. Scoundrel! Mind your tongue! Oh Madam…. Please. Oh my god! He is insulting me in English. He has disgraced me. What happened?
Why are you crying? This scoundrel is eve-teasing. He stopped me in my way and insulted me. Is it so? Don’t you know how to respect women? There is some misunderstanding. I was just trying to greet her in English. Why greet her? Is she your cousin? How dare you eve-tease our village’s daughter? It’s all sorted out now! Your village’s daughter… Who doesn’t want a good match
for their daughter to get married? Do I have eczema? I can be a perfect groom for her. Lets teach him a lesson! Lets run! [groaning] What happened? What did you say to that girl? Nothing much! She misunderstood my English. We forgot to ask this. [crying] We forgot to ask Babbu what to
do next if that girl is also illiterate. Don’t worry, bro. We can ask him now. Scoundrels, why didn’t you ask him first? You got me thrashed. If you’re so smart, why didn’t you ask him? Lets not argue over it. Lets ask him. Lets go. Never mind. Keep patience. We’re going to talk to Babbu. I’ll apply hot pack on you. Hey, bro! Shinde! Come here. Babbu is sitting here. Lets go and talk to him. Did my tips work perfectly? Pathetically! Look what they have done to me. What happened to you? It all happened because of your guidance. My guidance? I’ll explain. Let me explain what they did to him. Hmmm… I see. It didn’t cross my mind that
what if the girl did not understand English. Leave it and tell us what to do next. Here comes my next idea. Go on. Start following a girl. Toss a handkerchief behind her. and call her lovingly “Dear, is this your handkerchief?” The girl would say, “No, its not mine”. What should you say next? This handkerchief is as lovely as you. Okay, then? Its okay. The girl would be flattered by the compliment. And there you go. Exchange pleasantries. Ask her some details about her. Get to know each other well. Bless you, bro. I can woo any girl now. Hey! Why would you try now? Its my turn now. Its my turn, bro. My turn. Stop fighting. Go by turn. Alright then. Being your elder brother,
I give you first chance to try your luck. I’ll go first. Me… me… me… I’ll go first. I am the youngest,
so I’ll go try first. Elder has the first right. I don’t anything about rights. Its my turn this time. Listen, bro. You’ll go first. See, I was right. Everyone should get a chance. Isn’t it fair? I’ll try my best. Lets go. I’ll make nice tea for you. Its your turn, bro. All the best! Just see the magic of handkerchief. I’ll do wonders. Go now. Excuse me. What is it? Umm… Is this your handkerchief? Yes, its mine. Huh? What was this? Absolute insult! She made fun of you! Go ahead. Look what I do now! Give back my handkerchief. Its my handkerchief. So smart! I bought it and its your now? Why? This is my handkerchief. Its mine. Give me back. He is teasing me. No, bro. I was… my handkerchief. Lets run. What took him so long? Don’t know what they
must be doing to him. Bro, what happened? [mimics] He also got spanked like me. Huh! What else? Its your younger brother’s turn now. Mind it, bro. She was a liar. Its still my turn. Let me try my luck with some other girl. I’ll show you how talented I am. Wow! Hey! Mind your dirty vision. Fools, mind your dirty mind’s vision. She’s your sis-in-law. Let me try my luck. What do you think, bro? Will he be successful this time? No way! He would be spanked again
and then back to square one. I bet. Are you sure? Lets see. Go… Just go… I am going. Excuse me, please. Please listen to me. Yes, what is it? Oh no! Your thing fell on the road behind you. What thing? This thing is yours only. Who told you this is mine? This is as beautiful as you. What nonsense! Your mother and sister must be a buffalo! Not this dung! There was a handkerchief lying on the road. Which handkerchief? There is nothing on the road. I myself had tossed the handkerchief on the road. Fool! Liar! Eve-teasing girls! Shall we run? Definitely! Your this trick also failed. Why? What happened? Let me explain. Hmmm… I see. Give us tips which you yourself use. Don’t try to get rid of us. I’ve tried and tested all my tips and tricks. I don’t know why it didn’t work for you. It always works for me. Bro, listen. You are very lucky. You are educated and affluent. We are not blessed like you. You can befriend any girl you want. We do not want a lot of girls. We just need girls to get married. We beg you. You can help us settle down. Assist us to impress a girl for marriage. You can’t understand, bro. People taunt us for being unmarried. They ridicule us. We are treated inhumanly. Only we know what sufferings
and tyrannies we unmarried men suffer. I plead you. Help us in setting up a girl for marriage. Don’t lose heart, bro. Let me think of another plan. I’ll teach not one but two tricks. I am sure you can definitely
impress some girl with either of the trick. Okay, bro. Please tell. Here is my first plan. First of all, you should always dress impeccably. You should always look well-groomed and dapper. Really? Yeah. If a girl looks at you, give her a smile. SMELL?? I mean…laugh a little. Then she would agree to marry me? Let me finish first, man. Let him finish, bro. Go on, bro. And if the girl also smiles back,
then its a good start. Then you can start a conversation. Exchange personal details. Here you go. Really, bro? Is it so easy? Yes, bro. Dress smart and you can impress her. This is the first trick. Now, teach us the second trick. In the second trick… Get well-dressed and walk beside girl. Bump into her from a side and say “Sorry, I slipped”. And if the girl says “its okay”. Then its a good sign. Is it so, bro? Now you have disclosed your secret tricks. I’ll show my talent now. I’ll get married within a month. I’ll invite you to my marriage. You have to come. I’ll definitely come, bro. I’ll be upset if you don’t come. Don’t worry. I’ll surely come. A cat will always dream about rats. You haven’t met any girl yet
and daydreaming about marriage. Tomorrow you’ll be dreaming about
distributing sweets on your son’s birth. Don’t get upset. Can’t I even dream about marriage now? Listen to me. We should not waste time. We are already too late. Lets go and try somewhere. Yeah, lets move. Sure! I am quite confident of myself today. I am looking dashing today. Teji… Shinde… Come outside. Coming, bro. He’s pestering me. I need to apply kohl. Take it. I am done. My eyes will captivate your sis-in-law. Why not? There should be charisma in your eyes. You both take care of your charm. I’m leaving. I’m also leaving, bro. I am also coming. Pay attention, brothers. Yeah! Now we are all set. Yeah! God is by our side. We’ll definitely find a girl for marriage today. Absolutely correct. Your brother will undoubtedly
find a girl to get married. Just shut up! Its my turn today. Don’t you dare to interfere
in my business today. Alright, take your turn. Listen carefully. There is a dispensary. Yes. Girls visit here often. We can find some girl here. Look a girl is coming from there. Get ready. You are right. All the best! Don’t bring dishonour to us. We’ll hide here. I’ll impress her with my charm. Stop talking and go. My face is glowing. She’s smiling. Go, follow her. She’s impressed. Huh? Why did you gesture her? Mind your business. Why? She is my soon-to-be wife. Your wife? Yes. How come she is your wife? You can ask her. Shall I? Sure. Dear, come here. Oh no! It all got messed up. How does he know her? He claims you are his wife. Scoundrel, who are you? Curse upon you! He is my husband, not you. Don’t hit me. You also got your share of thrashing. What is this black colour on your face? What black? Oh! My kohl smudged all over my face. That’s why she was laughing at me. Yes. We learnt a lesson today. The girl may be laughing at you,
not reciprocating your love. Now, you too are laughing at me. Forget it Now, what other plan we’re going to try? What else? That “bumping” plan Babbu had advised us. Now, I’ll go and try that trick. Why only you have to try every trick? When will I get a chance? You just stay here. Okay, you go this time. Look, a girl is coming from that side. Her dress matches with my turban. She’s so beautiful. I am going to try now. Shall I? Sure! Best of luck! All our hopes are on you now. May you get success in your mission. Don’t worry, bro. Your brother will not disappoint you this time. See that girl coming. She’s going to be your sis-in-law. Yeah! Alright then. Ok, go ahead. Go! Go! Keep moving. I’m sure he’ll come back rebuked. Keep following her. Will he succeed? I don’t think so. Look at him. Keep following her. Just keep walking behind her. I am. Just go or I’ll give you a push. Do talk to her with respect. Keep going. O my god! She again took a turn. Its all because of my bad luck. I am going. I am so sorry, bro. Duh! I am trying, bro. I’ll give my best shot. [groans] My leg! Why are you laughing? This all happened because of you. Because of me? Yes. Can’t you walk properly? What problem do you have with my walk? Why not? I am following you from there to bump into you. But you keep walking zig-zag. Are you Public Transport vehicle? Can’t you walk properly? Scoundrel! You try to bump into girls! Please don’t hit me. Shameless fellow! Bro! We are so unlucky. Not even a single plan of Babbu worked for us. What can we do, bro. We stand nowhere before him. He is handsome, smart and wealthy. That’s right but what do we do now? Bro! I think we should meet Babbu just one last time. Alright. If you insist. But I don’t think we can achieve anything. We are ill-fated. We should not lose heart. Just one last time. Lets go. Okay. Mummy! Please listen to me. Mummy, I am talking to you. Mummy! I want Rs. 25,000 right now. I have to go. You know its my birthday today. I have to celebrate with my friends. Try to understand. Since your father got bedridden,
our financial condition has deteriorated. It has become difficult to
manage household expenses. That’s why I am pleading you
to manage your father’s work. And stop this lavishness. Rubbish! You always keep preaching me! You’ve told me a thousand time
about land being mortgaged. What led you mortgage the land? We’ve reached Babbu’s place. Knock the door. Stop here. Something is going on inside. We should stay here and listen it. Yes, we should listen slyly what’s going on. He’s arguing with someone. Mummy, I do not know. Just give me money. I have to go. Servants are there to look after the business. She is not preaching you. She is talking about our circumstances, son. We took loan and mortgaged
the land for your education only. You should take care of your crops yourself. After getting so educated,
you want me to work in fields? Impossible! You want me to work in the fields like a servant? Forget it. Don’t say like this, son. This land is our mother. I also used to work with my father in the fields. I have toiled hard in the fields to earn all this. Your mother and I have fulfilled all your wishes. You think you gave me a favour? Not at all, father! Every parent does it for their children. You have not done anything special for me. Don’t try to be great. Mummy, give me money. I’ve to go. No son, don’t be adamant. You are my beloved son. You are aware that this year we had low crop yield. We have to pay installments
to the bank and the middlemen. You know very well how much
is spent on my failing health. That’s great, father! You are tormenting me for a single penny. You’re spending lavishly in your old age. Spare some money for me too. After all, you’ve to die one day. What is the use of your being healthy? Would you participate in marathon? Oh my god! It’d be better if I’d died before
seeing this ill-fated day. I must have committed
some sin that you’re my son. It was better if we were childless. I also feel that being an orphan
is better than being your son. There would’ve been no one
to give me stress and tension. I would have been so blissful. Hey, bro! That’s it, bro. Don’t say a word. We thought you to be so lucky. But you… You have cleared our misunderstanding. What misunderstanding? It was our misunderstanding. We used to think that you
are blessed and we are ill-fated. You’ve got everything. But you are more unlucky than us. Because orphans like us,
who’re deprived of parents’ love, are ill-fated. But people like you, who neglect and
disregard their parents, are more ill-fated than us. Ask us. How do we live without parents? What kind of life an orphan lives? That is beyond your imagination. Only our parents can teach us ways of life. They enable us to differentiate
between good and evil. Parents play a big role in giving right direction to our life. Look at us! We lost our parents at a tender age. Nobody guided us through the ups and down of life. We life a miserable life. You’re saying it’d have been
better if you were an orphan. Your parents’ reprimands are a nuisance for you. But we long for those reprimands. What do I say about a father? The father whom you think as a nuisance, must have gone through hard times to keep you happy. He must have sacrificed his own happiness for you. A person continues to live his life for himself
before the birth of his child. But once he’s blessed with a child,
he starts living for the happiness of his child. So that he could give his child a good upbringing. He wants to fulfill all his desires and needs. He provides each and everything to his child. He goes through adverse circumstances
just for the welfare of his child. So that his child doesn’t face scarcity in life. He loses his sleep for his child. So that he can provide every joy of life to his child. What more I can say about a father? A father keeps on wearing the same
old clothes and shoes for years. But he ensures that there is never a shortage
of anything for his child. Your father who worked hard day and night for your happiness only, has become a nuisance for you now? Your father was by your side
in every ups and down of your life. He held your hand in difficult times. And today you are telling him that
he has not done any favour to you? You can never repay their deeds. Your mother, with whom you are misbehaving… You can not even think how much
she had compromised for your happiness. A mother’s foremost debt is that she
keeps you in her womb for nine months. She undergoes a lot of pain. And it does not end here. A mother takes every care of his child
till he becomes independent. A mother takes care of our hunger, sleep
and all our day to day needs. She even cleanses our waste and changes nappies. If the child wets his bed at night… The mother puts the child on dry side of the bed. And she herself sleeps on the wet side whole night. What do I say about a mother? Nobody in this world can
comprehend the greatness of a mother. But keep one thing in mind… Our mother can understand our needs and
thoughts when we are just an infant. A mother can figure out if
we are hungry or in pain then also And today you are telling your mother
that she does not know anything? The mother who used to understand even your silence,
can’t she understand you know? Your mother must have had sleepless nights
waiting for you to come home and have dinner. She would feed you your favourite dishes. She is the same mother, who used to pray all night
to God for your well being, whenever you would get ill. They say a mother is the second form of God. And this is absolutely true. Not only a mother, a father is also
second form of God, my little bro. Who leads us by example. Your parents’ little things which annoy you,
we yearn for those things. If only our parents were alive,
they’d have educate us about good and evil. They’d have taught us the difference
between right and wrong. But look how unfortunate we are! There is no mother waiting for us at home… to feed her sons with her own hands. You cannot understand agony of orphans. We do not have a mother who comforts us
when we are unwell or in pain. You are lucky to have a mother. But you keep snubbing her. When we are in distress or in trouble… we don’t have a father who’d say
“Don’t worry! I am there for you”. God hasn’t given us a father like you have. Parents are like second God for us. But you don’t value them. Ignore them as much as you want. But keep in mind. You’d realize their true significance
when they’d be no more one day. We three always contemplate. By making us orphan, God must have punished
us for our sins committed in past life. But now we got it. Just like you, we too must have disrespected
our parents in our past life. God has punished us for the mistakes of our past life. You are asking God to orphan you. You should ask orphans like us,
what terrible life we life. We always pray to God that not
even our enemies should get orphaned. Nobody should get parentless. Enough, bro! I got it. I was at fault. I am sorry. I am sorry. Little bro! Don’t say sorry to us. If you are really sorry, ask your parents for forgiveness. Forgive me, dad. We should leave, bro. Well done, boys! I was wrong about you. But you… You have made me realize my mistake. You are so good at heart. I realized it only today. Whether we are good or bad… How does it matter, uncle? We are suffering because of our past life’s sins. That’s why neither we have parents nor do we have a family. I think we’ll die unmarried. There would be no one to call us family. Don’t lose heart. Now, I won’t let you be unmarried anymore. I’ll find a girl for you tomorrow. Gradually, these two will also get married. Really, uncle? Sure? Absolutely sure, boys! You go and make arrangements. I know a girl’s family. I’ll go and talk to them tomorrow. Don’t worry at all! Okay, uncle. As you say. Make arrangements. Hurry up! We are already too late. [Ours is a flock of sparrows, dear father,
We’ll fly away on a long, long flight] Whats up, boys? All set? Uncle, we are all set. That’s good! Well done. Uncle, what brought you here, anyway? There is a message for you from the girl’s family. What is it? They want to bring some relative with them. And if they like the boy, they’ll fix the marriage. Congratulations, bro! Uncle, tell them to bring as many relatives as they want and organize the marriage the same day. Make arrangements then. Its almost done, uncle. Only one room’s floor is left to coat. I’m done with the front yard. Keep it up! Sprinkle some water. Take as much as you want. Did you like the boy? Definitely! Congratulations! Lets proceed for engagement then. Doesn’t the boy want to see the girl first? Don’t worry about that. The boy approves of the girl. Yes, I approve of the girl. Don’t complaint later that you wanted to see the girl. Are you sure? We won’t complain. Just go ahead with the ceremony. Hurry up! Make it fast. You go ahead with the rituals. Congratulations! But one thing just crossed my mind. What? Do you remember what had
happened last time with us? Our alliance was broken
at the time of engagement only. It should not happen again. Alright, let me talk to them. I wanted to appeal to you all. Yes, please. Until and unless I get married Nothing bad should happen to anyone in your family I don’t care if your whole family dies the very next day. Leave me. Don’t hit. Please don’t hit me. Get up, bro. We’re left unmarried in this movie also. Hmmm… But need not worry. Don’t get disheartened. God will answer our prayers one day. We’ll definitely get married in the next part of this movie “Chhadeyan di 753” The world survives on hope. We should not lose hope. See you soon in the next part of this movie
“Chhadeyan di 753”

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