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STAR MEDIA presents Oh, what’s the… Oh God. Ira, please, stop fussing. One could think it’s you
who’s getting married. ”My vanilla”. Irina Tarannik Aren’t you nervous at all? Well, I guess I am. But… There’s no need to lose my head. Anton Makarskiy You should have agreed
to have a real wedding. You’d have a veil, a dress and a cake.
Huh? As well as a white limo with a doll on it. And bunch of strangers. No thanks. I hate masquerades. I don’t understand why. It’s a festivity, after all. Anastasia Kasilova -Ira, please, sit and relax.
-All right. By the way, where’s my fiance? He is 15 minutes late. Viacheslav Dovzhenko There could be traffic jams. Yes, but he could’ve
thought about it beforehand. I’ve been working so hard on him,
but in vain. Here he is! Hello, Igor! It was a delivery man, not Igor. Probably it’s from the lab staff. So beautiful. Valeria Chertilina -There’s a note!
-Oh.. Probably some banal congratulations. What does it say? Ira, what’s wrong? ”I am sorry.
I’ll pick up my things later. Igor”. ”I’ll pick up my things later”. Is he crazy? Mila, please calm down! Don’t get nervous! No, wait, it’s impossible. It shouldn’t be like that. We had everything planned. Yes… I don’t understand. Screenplay by Marina Krymova Fresh flowers! -How much?
-35. Director of Photography –
Konstantin Tereshkov Production designer – Georgiy Usenko Executive Producer – Andrey Belous Producers –
Alexey Terentiev and Vlad Riashyn DESTINY CALLED LOVE Morning! Congratulations! Congratulations! What are you doing?
Quit this masquerade. Here. Who took my test tubes again? If you take them, at least put them back. Sorry, I needed them to… It’s not a reason to create a mess. Mila, are you all right? Yes. I am fine. -There was no wedding.
-How’s that? -It was cancelled.
-Oh… -Hello.
-Morning. -Good morning, Galina Ivanovna.
-Morning. Has my invitation to Venice arrived yet? When we get it,
you’ll be the first to know. I just thought,
maybe you forgot to tell me. Listen, Krylova… Why do you think you are
the only one who can work? I don’t think so. This conference is just
very important to me. I know. But you still shouldn’t bug
me about it all the time. Have a nice day. -Hello.
-Hello. -Well?
-It hasn’t arrived yet. Oh… I am sure everything will be fine. Hello? Ok, I’ll be there in a minute. -Who was it?
-Igor. I told you, it’s going to be fine!
– Oohh.. Go meet him. Go, go! Bioorganical institute. Hello. Hello. Would you care to explain what happened? What happened? I picked up my things and
gave you the keys back. Why? Why did you send the flowers? Couldn’t you just talk to me? I was afraid that you
would talk me out of it. That I’d accept your
decision instead of mine. As always. What do you mean? You’re a grown up, self-sufficient man. Oh really? You know,
I started to forget about it lately. Our marriage wouldn’t
have done us any good. How do you know? You didn’t even try! I didn’t try?
I’ve tried for 3 years, Mila! And I didn’t even notice
when I started to live the life you have planned for me,
not my own! I was suffocating from
your constant control! I couldn’t make a step
without your interference! You chose everything for me,
from job to underwear. I just cared about you. All right. Let’s call it care. My neighbor came over. Her husband brought you
filters for your camera. Here you go again. All the same! It was you who decided that
I needed those filters. And I don’t! I don’t need a camera too. Because I am a bad photographer.
A lousy one. And I will tell you more. I’m just an ordinary man. I am comfortable being ordinary. Don’t try to change me. If you found someone else,
you could’ve told me. I haven’t found anyone.
It’s not about that. I have an impression that
I’m talking to a stranger. Yes. That’s because I
finally became myself. I’m going to Thailand
as a diving instructor. I see. Good luck. See, you have a 3 here,
and it must be a 4. -Oh..
-Then everything will add up. What happened? He gave me the keys
from my apartment back. Oh… Ira, am I really such a tyrant? No! How can you say that? He said I was pushing him
and making all the decisions. Well… You really do
like to control things. Oh thank you. It made me feel better. Let’s get to work. Oh, finally! The list of the Venice
conference participants. So weird. You are not on this list. Well…It’s very interesting. Oh… -Hello.
-Hello. Evgeniy Sergeevich,
what is that supposed to mean? Why are you bursting
here without knocking? -And making a scene?
-I am sorry. I have read the Venice conference’
program. And I found my report. But there was only one
author’s name – yours. Yes. So what? What do you mean? I am an author too. Maybe even more than you are. Yes, you did a great job.
Thank you very much. I will make sure to
mention you in my report. But it was me who made
an overriding decision about this peptide’s synthesis. Are you kidding me? You were my research adviser. And I was just consulting with you,
is all! The chemical synthesis, the justification… -I did all of it!
-Listen, Liudmila… If you came to make a scene,
I don’t have time for that. -Here it is!
-So, I am not going to Venice? -What?
-You are not taking me to the conference? I don’t think your presence is necessary. Evgeniy Sergeevich,
I am the author of this work. It’s my peptide!
I invented and patented it’s name. -C15. And I…
– Krylova, do you hear yourself? ”I, my, mine”. You are working in the state
institution by the way. With the state equipment,
at the state expense. And you have to be greatful, dear. For having such a unique opportunity. I see you are not just a
tyrant but a rogue as well. Do you realize we can’t work together now? I respect myself too much
to work at your command. Oh, and by the way… I am not giving my peptide to you,
is that clear? You’re on the wrong track, Krylova! It might turn out badly for you! Krylova, are you crazy? Ah. I see the information
is spreading quickly. No, I am not crazy. But I am not going to work here with Ermakov as the
head of our department. I am not giving him my results too. And what are you going to do? I don’t know yet. First of all I’ll write a
report for General Director. -And you all will sign it.
-Aha… So you made a decision yourself. But you didn’t think of
asking for our opinion. Don’t play semantics. Mila, but why should we do it? What do you mean – why? All of you know about how
the work on C15 was done. Listen, Krylova… You solved all your
problems yourself before. So let it stay this way. I think Vadim is right. Why are you looking at me like that? I will sign everything you need.
Let’s hope it will help. Thank you, Ira. I just don’t understand
why you are so sure that nothing like this
will ever happen to you. Yes, hi, mom. How are you? I am fine, don’t worry. How are my sisters? You should hire a private tutor. I’ll send you the money. Do you have your medicine? If you run out of it, let me know. Say hi to the girls. Kisses. It turns out the horoscopes are true. They predicted trouble for today. Mila’s hanging on,
she doesn’t show her feelings. But she can’t fool me. What should we do about her then? I don’t know.
We might introduce her to some guy. As a replacement therapy. Pasha, are there any
nice guys at your work? -There might be.
-Oh! But how do you imagine this? It would be like throwing a
guy into the tiger’s cage. I agree, Mila is no picnic. But you still think about it, okay? -I will.
-Good. -Oh!
-What? Shoot! I lost my coin purse! I have it. Here. -What would I do without you?
-You’d cry. Let’s go home, my daydreamer. Hi guys.
-Hi. Hi.
-Hello. When will you tell me the
secret of this fragrance? -I love it.
– Never ever. It’s mine.
I’ve been concocting it for 2 years. -You are so greedy.
-I’ll let you wear it some day. Thank you for inviting me.
The place is very nice. Pasha likes to surprise me sometimes. -He’s a perfect husband.
-Yes, I am. I am very hungry too. -Vitalik!
-Ira! Pasha! Hi. -Hi.
-Vitalik. -Hello.
-Hi. What are you doing here? -I came here for dinner.
-Sit with us. -We are having dinner too.
-You wouldn’t mind? -We wouldn’t, right?
-Sit down. Cool. This is my friend Vitaliy. We played volleyball in college together. -Oh, come on.
-And this is Mila. -Smart and beautiful.
-Yes. Ira’s best friend,
that means our family’s. Very nice to meet you. You have a beautiful name, Mila. It’s a common name. Liudmila. Mila is a short variant, for my friends. It’s so good you came here. The food is great. -I have to try it.
-Yes. Vitaliy Konstantinovich, I am sorry but… The seafood has arrived. The driver wants to pull
into the guest parking lot. Tell him to go ahead. -Sorry.
-Go away. Let’s go to the city carnival on Saturday.
All of us. I heard it’s going to be fun. -I don’t mind.
-And I don’t even need to be asked. -Mila! Will you go with us?
-Huh? We won’t take «no» for an answer. Yes. Yes, maybe. Excuse me. Well… We are not good at conspiracy. -Hi.
-Hi. You came here quickly. I was hurrying to see my best friend. Best friends don’t do what you did. Mila, come on!
We spent time in a nice restaurant. Had a dinner and a talk. Yes, it belongs to Pasha’s friend,
so what’s the deal? -You don’t understand?
-No, I don’t. I don’t want to meet anyone. Is it clear? Yes. It’s clear. Ok, sit down, I will make you tea. I felt so stupid. Like a guinea pig. Why are you dramatizing? I am not dramatizing. I just want to decide myself,
whom to have dinner with… -To meet, to talk to…
-You don’t let me help you! I don’t need help.
I’ll manage everything by myself. You’ve been by yourself
for the half of your life. You care about your Mom
and sisters by yourself. You need someone to support you. That’s what I need you and Pasha for. You are talking about me
like about some weakling. Mila… So, are we good? -Promise it won’t happen again.
-Promise. Besides,
we don’t have other single friends. It makes me happy. We are going to the masquerade tomorrow.
Remember? Yes, I remember. I’d never agree if I knew what
a madhouse this place was. Come on! It’s fun! Look! Oh, Vitalik! Here you are. Your coffee. -Thank you.
-Thanks. I’m sorry,
I wasn’t very polite the other day. It’s not you.
It’s just my friend didn’t forewarn me… Don’t worry, I understand. I felt awkward too. -Where’s Pasha?
-He’s probably parking. I will go look for him. And you stay there so we won’t lose you. Okay. Go! -See? He’s a good guy.
-What? Nothing!
Oh, I love this fragrance so much! -Here.
-Oh, no, I can’t! Yes, you can. It’s a gift. I’ll make more when the inspiration comes. Cool! Thank you so much! Oh, I want one too. So much fun! Come on! Guys, stop, my friends
are looking for me. What will we paint? Venetian mask? A flower?
Even your husband won’t recognize you. -I don’t have a husband.
-Even better. It’s carnival, everything can happen here. My friends!
Those who cope with all the tasks will get a great prize. Please join us. Great. But we need one more couple. -Here he is! Come here.
-No. Nobody had ever escaped from Berta. Here she is, our wonderful girl. Okay, stand here. Now our task. You have to stay on that
paper as long as you can. -Can you dance?
-No. And you? Me neither. Should we run away now
or wait for the music? -No way. I am not used to giving up.
-Me too. -So, let’s begin!
-Come on. Where did she go? I think she ran away because of me. I feel like a criminal, really. Vitalik, you are wrong.
Mila is not like that. She just likes to control everything. She lets only close people into her life. And I want to become
such a person for her. But I think she is not interested in me. Great job! Go on! Stop! Stop the music! We have winners of this contest. We did a good job. And now – the super contest! My assistants will bring some apples and I will tell you the rules of the next contest. My heart will jump out and
I’ll die on your hands. You said you are not used to giving up. -Dying doesn’t mean giving up.
-Yes, it does. -All right, let’s go on with the battle.
-Here is the task. You have to eat these apples
without touching them. I don’t know how they are going to do it. But it is going to be interesting. My friends! We have winners! Here they are!
They get tickets to the waterpark. And you get this shoe as
the consolation prize. -So we lost.
-I don’t think so. I’ve never eaten such
a tasty apple before. Me too. Your scent drives me crazy.
Let’s run away. Wait! Wait! No! I have to… Hey! Excuse me. Here you are! Sorry. Let’s go home. You miss all the time. Ira, quit saying that. I want to win a toy
for Vitalik’s daughter. Are you kidding, Pasha?
When did you last see her? She is nearly 13. Oh, she is a young lady. Do the boys walk her home from school? Bite your tongue! No boys! Ira, don’t give him a heart attack. What’s wrong with that? I was 10 when I went to
the movies with a boy. -I have to go.
-Where? There’s a wedding in my restaurant. Such things never end
well if I am not there. -Well, bye-bye.
-Bye. So, Ira, let’s go look for your friend. -Ok.
-Where should we go? -There.
-There. All right, let’s go there. -Oh, here you are!
-I beg your pardon? -It’s me!
-Oh! Mila! Such a beauty. Let’s go home, girls. No, wait. I have to find someone. You have 10 minutes. I will take the car
closer to the entrance. Whom are you looking for?
Vitalik has left. No. I met someone here. But then we lost each other. Ok, let’s shout for him. What’s the name? I don’t know.
I don’t even know what he looks like. How’s that? -He has this too.
-Oh… Look at them. Let’s go, Pasha is waiting. There are plenty of men,
you’ll find another one. -I need that one.
-What’s so special about him? His hands, lips, the lightness of being… Krylova, you surprise me.
The day of discoveries. Listen,
it’s impossible to find him here today. Let’s go home, all right? Let’s go. Come on, come on. So, my resignation letter
had been signed off. As well as the exit checklist. Seems that everyone’s
happy to get rid of me. No, Mila.
Everyone at the institute treats you well. Oh yeah, right. -Where are my journals?
-I don’t know. Who took my journals? -Tania, did you take my journals?
-No, Mila. -I don’t need them.
-I told you so many times… If you take something, put it back. -You know it’s very important to me.
-Calm down. You have everything in your computer. No, just the main stages
of synthesis are there. All the rest is in my journals. Experiments, mistakes – everything. Give me my journals back,
and I won’t say a word to you. Are you nuts? I don’t have your journals. Ok, I want to seach all the desks. -I won’t let you do it.
-Why? Do you have something to hide? Hey, Mila, Mila, calm down. Calm down. All right. All right. I can’t help you, Liudmila Alexandrovna. But why, Arkadiy Petrovich? I came here because you’ve
asked me to work for you. You said that I would be welcome any time. That there would always be a job for me. It was a long time ago. No, just 3 months ago. The time flies and the
circumstances change. -As well as plans…
-Oh.. I have also found out… You haven’t had any serious
publications over the last year. Yes. I’ve been busy with
a new peptide’s synthesis. And finishing my Ph.D. thesis as well. At the conference in
Venice I was going to… I heard. The famous C15. But I have also heard that
Evgeniy Sergeevich Ermakov will be the one giving a
report on C15 in Venice. And I haven’t seen your
name among the researchers’. Rather strange situation, don’t you think? Very strange.
But I can explain everything. I don’t think it’s necessary.
It was nice to see you. Maybe, I should visit you again later? I don’t think so. -Hello.
-Afternoon. -Victor Ivanovich, can we talk?
-Sorry, next time. Hello. Hello.
I wanted you to know that this matter… The City Masquerade. Lebedinsky talked to me like
I was an obnoxious beggar. Or a worthless person. He seemed to forget he
begged me to work for him. This one is almost new.
And this one’s too. Can I buy it from you? I need a dress to wear to
Pasha’s Birthday party. Stop it. That’s not your style at all. I don’t need any charity. And then – imagine this!
– he just bolted me out. In a very polite way, of course. -You know his aristocratic manners.
-Yes. But he is not the only one
who can give you a job. There is Nazarenko Institute… The Pharmacological Research Institute,
the IFT! I’ve been to all of them.
They turned me down. For different reasons. I am sure it’s all Ermakov’s doing. I am surprised he found
the time to tell everyone what an ungrateful and
quarrelsome person I was. I can sell my jewelry.
I don’t wear it anyway. Mila! How can you say that? Don’t you have any money left? Practically yes. I sent some to my Mom. The girls need a tutor.
Then I paid a mortgage loan. I only have some money for gas,
but I’m not touching it. If I don’t set a high price,
I will sell the jewelry pretty fast. I can’t believe that a
talented and determined person can’t find a job in a big city. That’s what I thought too.
There, you can see for yourself. Ok. Well… Hmm… Oh! Come here. Look! Here. -Nice vacancy.
-Look at the salary. My mortgage loan is twice bigger. Really… And this one… Also a small sum. This one too. Did you say you needed a new dress? -Yes.
-Come on. -So, do you like it?
-Yes. It looks good on you. Mila, what do you think? And what do you think yourself? -I don’t know.
-I think it looks great on you. -Really? I think so too.
-Oh yeah? -You don’t like all these trinkets.
-It’s the latest fashion. You have to experiment
and try something new. Do you have an occasion coming? My husband’s Birthday. -You remember you had that dress?
-A pink one? Yes. You have never worn it, have you? -No, I haven’t.
-See? Miss, can we try that blue one,
from the dress stand? Okay, but if I were you… -Miss! Please.
-Ok. -Take this monstrosity off!
-Ok. Pasha’s right,
I shouldn’t go shopping by myself. -Would you mind a company?
-No, I wouldn’t. Pasha’s dancing samba in there. I’d be suprised if he
doesn’t hurt himself. -Do you dance?
-No. I guess you’d rather be by yourself now. What do you want to hear from me? Vitaliy Konstantinovich, the cake’s here. Ok, I’m coming. I am sorry. -Mila!
-Hm? What happened? -I don’t know. Ira, I am going home. Ok?
-Why? Is it because of Vitalik?
-No, of course not. To be honest,
I am not interested in him at all. You should be. He is decent. Serious. A very good man. By the way,
Pasha said you two are very much alike. -I meant your personalities.
-Thank you very much. -I think we have nothing in common.
-As you say. But it’s no fun to be alone either. -I’m not alone.
-Well… Is there something I don’t know? You know it all.
I told you about that stranger. -At the carnival.
-Oh my! I see now. Five minutes in arms of a masked man.
Very romantic. You know what? It was 25 minutes, not 5. Liudmila Krylova! I don’t recognize you. Where’s your pragmatism? Where’s your rational life strategy?
What’s going on? I don’t know. I really don’t. I didn’t see his face because of the mask, didn’t hear his voice
because of the noise. But I still can’t forget his kiss. Oh my… -You’re looking great, girl.
-Thanks to you. Pasha likes my dress too. And that fragrance is a real bomb. Oh, here he is. Oh you guys… -Quit, Pasha.
-Hm? We need to find Mila a job. -But…
-You have to think of something. I’d be happy to help,
but I have an IT company. -So what?
-And Mila is not an experienced user. We need narrowly focused specialists. What position can I offer
her – a cleaning lady? No, of course not. -Are you leaving already?
-Yes. Good bye. Pasha, Happy Birthday and
sorry for leaving early. -I have to go. Bye, Ira.
-Bye. Thanks, Mila. -What happened?
-Vitalik, you know… Oh, by the way! I wanted to thank you
for this awesome party. See, how happy Pasha is. And Mila… She’s just having trouble with a job. She can’t find one.
And it’s a real disaster for her. -Yes.
-Yeah. Why didn’t you tell me before? Let’s go to my office and
you’ll tell me everything. -Every problem can be solved. Come on. Vitalik! She’s very gifted. -Go ahead.
-I’ll take this one. Will you tell me what it says? Beautiful stranger,
pick a cookie for yourself. -No thanks.
-Oh please, pick one! You won’t regret it. The prediction you’ll
find there will come true. -Ok. How much is one cookie?
-It’s free. -Thank you.
-You are welcome. Rostik, now you listen to me. This sum will be taken from your salary.
Clear? -Yes, sir.
– This is the last time! Get back to work. -Sorry, man.
-It’s all right. My friend had his Birthday
party here yesterday. Now we’re counting how
many glasses were broken. If it’s a good friend,
the glasses don’t matter. Yes, a good friend.
We were in college together. Well, it’s all lyrics. Let’s get to business,
as my ex-mother-in-law said. Ok. I want to open a new room here
and to order the furniture from you. Sure thing. I will send a designer to you. You’ll get a good discount too. I owe you. What are you talking about? Don’t you remember? You persuaded me to invest in the Internet shop for home supplies. -Oh..
-The business is going very well. -Really?
-We are going to expand. Congratulations. Listen… Do you need an employee? A very decent person,
gifted and organized. Hard working too.
With a University degree. This person needs a
job with a good salary. Why don’t you hire this person yourself? Because she refuses my help.
Doesn’t like favours. She’s used to doing everything herself. -So it’s a woman?
-Yes. -Is she pretty?
-That’s not the point. I didn’t hire a record manager yet, but… This job requires cool
head more than experience. No problem at all. So…? Send her to me after lunch. -Deal. But don’t tell her I asked you.
-Sure. Thanks. Hello? Hi, how are you doing? Hello, Ira. I’ve been to 3 job interviews.
No luck so far. Listen,
I found this vacancy in the Internet. It has just been posted. It’s an administrative job,
but with a good salary. I called them and arranged
a job interview for you. -Ira! I asked you not to do it!
-Please don’t be mad. What if it’s your dream job? All right. I don’t have much choice now. When is it? In a half an hour. Their office is near the Central Mall. It’ll take me 40 minutes to get there! Ok, I’ll try to make it. Thank you. Bye. Is it your first time driving? Or do you have bad eyesight? You are asking ME about that? Can’t you read signs?
Right turn isn’t allowed here. -Besides, from the left lane!
-Don’t you teach me! Watch the road instead
of looking in the mirror! What does the mirror have to do with you having problems with traffic rules? As well as with good manners, by the way. You are lucky I am in a hurry. Nobody passed the test. And then… There was an inspection. It was so… I’ll be right back. -Hello.
-Hello. I’m Liudmila Krylova. -For a job interview.
-Ok. Follow me. Come in! Alexey Mikhailovich, you have a visitor. -Thank you.
-Aha… Hello. I came for a job interview.

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