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  1. For the love of god I’ve never heard people pronounce it as (Semee) I’ve always heard it was pronounced (semeye)

  2. The only way I can think of traditional vehicles outracing electric vehicles in the future is through a perfected CVT. This would theoretically allow an ICE to replicate the electric motor powerband; in other words, ICEs would have max power immediately and would also eliminate the need to shift gears. Currently, the problem remains a matter of torque. If this issue is resolved, ICEs should be able to easily beat out EVs. In any case, I'm not biased towards either side.

  3. US truck driver is required to take 30 min break every 8 hours, so its important for the battery to last 8 hours with 30 min charge.

  4. Now that the Model 3 is up and running I think the fate of the company now lies with the model Y and the pick up truck. Both of which could be unveiled this year

  5. I wish there was additional relevant information like: Power to weight ratio / Weight distribution / will it hold up for track use and if so, how good/bad? A 1/4 mile time plus mph tells you more about what's happening than simply 0-60 which only captures a small segment. $200k… It'll be interesting if people who are in that income bracket will buy based on numbers or based on intangibles like how a car can make you feel (some of us enjoy the sound of motors/rawness). I wonder how long before economies of scale can happen to where we can get a 35k version of a 2 door coupe. Personally I wish Tesla would just make a 2 door model S for 45k which would include a nicer interior/build/power. Again TWO doors. 4-door cars look stupid.

  6. Uma advertência… um elefante, hipopótamo, rinoceronte, jirafa, búfalo, touro, cavalo, urso,tigre, leão, esmaga esses carros facilmente, uma rocha que rola em uma encosta, a água o anula, um furacão de 300 km/h, uma lava vulcânica, um terremoto, um soterramento, pare pense $200K não me faça rir, animais e fenômenos dos 4 elementos terra, água, fogo e ar pode destruí-lo e morremos, ou seja, pagamos bem caro pelo risco de morrermos não acham!!! estamos muito atrasados por falta dos Deuses se não os tivéssemos afastados de nós com nossos defeitos psicológicos ainda estaríamos com eles e ainda seríamos os gigantes de outrora, poderosos, viajantes das galáxias, falaríamos todas as línguas e com todos os seres do espaço infinito, teríamos a fragrância da amizade com os seres maiores do espaço, logo por $200k tínhamos que ter um carro bem mais poderoso, isso é abusar demais de nós terráqueos prisioneiros desse zoológico que criamos para nós mesmos e espero que ajudemos ao Elon Musk a nos dar de novo lugar em dimensões, que outrora visitávamos: os Céus que nos expulsamos a nós mesmos… espero que Elon faça investimentos em desdobramentos das cores do espectro solar buscando a diapositiva da positiva ultravioleta é mais ou menos por aí, daí surgira os discos voadores… façam chegar até ele essa informação por gentileza irmãos telúricos ou terrícolas ou terráqueos, antigos Deuses, hoje uns vermes… precisamos mudar-nos antes que seja tarde demais… consciência fabriquemo-la urgente…

  7. 6:32
    If we are comparing apples to apples why not compare Rimac Concept One, which is an all electric limited production car since 2014 and has the concept two production planned for 2019 and can do 0-60 in 1.85 sec

  8. 2:00 charging that fast would require roughly a 3+ MW charger (1875 kWh battery, charging from 0 to 80% in 30 min). these couldn't be installed just anywhere and would be very impressive.

  9. Sorry to hear of your health and security issues. Really enjoy your videos: so well presented and showing up 90% of YouTube efforts as the cr*p they are.

  10. I love all of it is definitely the future I can see it now especially since my neighbor got model 3 and I drove it I liked it a lot stupid Fest I couldn't believe it is super fast

  11. WHAT DO MOST PEOPLE DO WHEN THEY FEAR SOMETHING OR DON'T UNDERSTAND IT? They try to KILL it or talk the worst about it. All the gas lover of cars and trucks that don't like the things the electric world brings are the main haters.
    Life is and has ever evolved mostly for more production and efficiencies. Gas cars will still be around much like classics and muscle cars. And those that won't yet be able to afford the base will drive gas until they can.
    This will create more jobs in the tech and engineering areas but keep jobs in the tire biz, charge stations and services. Oil n gas product still produce to other things that still use it. Plenty of job potential in the green industry.

  12. I'm almost 1.5 years late watching this video: I dont own a Tesla but I hope they get the Model 3 right. It can only spark competition and ramp up the pressure on other car makers to make better products. Cheers!

  13. This tech is a HUGE game changer. With the autopilot tech etc. companies will buy fleets if these trucks without paying a driver to pilot them.

  14. As much as I like the supercars out there today I think and know that Mr. Musk is headed in the only direction for trucks and cars. He is a visionary man and I wish him well. One more thing. The trucks he is putting out are the bomb.

  15. I wish someone would make a video on the true carbon footprint of these vehicles. They are sold as zero emissions vehicle when that is so far from the truth . It’s a convenient lie to limit all the emissions to the manufacturing process but no one seems to care about that or even think about where the cars come from like they are Babies brought from a stork. Not one video has brought light to this issue, cold fusion why don’t you make a video about the issues these vehicles were supposed to solve but are not at all doing that.

  16. I have a Model 3 long range all wheel drive and it is by far the best vehicle I have ever driven! It And yes I too woke up to it being even better, faster and smarter once again last week! It is several levels of magnitude better than any other car i have ever been in. It has exceeded my expectations and even surprised me on several fronts. For example I had a false belief that it might be inconvenient to charge a car instead of stopping and getting gas at a "convenience" store. It is the opposite. It's so easy, saves me time, keeps me from spilling stinking, toxic gasoline on my clothes and hands and maybe most importantly I am taking money away from the industry that is pushing it's costs off on the health care industry not to mention the perennial subsides. I installed a solar array before I purchased the car and also installed a 240 volt outlet. It is so much easier and literally takes 5 seconds for 98 percent of my charges. The super charging network is also very good and the V3 super charger is going to once again change everything forever! I just, yet again took a group of old friends for a ride in it over the Easter Weekend and the "Tesla Smiles" are literally worth every penny! Oh did I mention I woke up last week and the car had 5% more peak power which is noticeably faster. The AWD is by far the best traction control system I have ever experienced 10,000 miles in I have had zero problems, no oil changes (which have taken completely out of my perennial To Do list) my garage smells way better even in way I never imagined possible. Too many upsides to list. It's not perfect but it is the closest to perfect vehicle I have ever driven hands down.

  17. Tesla has a long way to go to replace car market with their prices on cars ,they simply cant compete with 10 to 35 thousand prices on cars

  18. I believe we owe a debt of gratitude to Tesla for the way they have forced all the other car manufactures in taking a more active roll in producing electric cars for the people.

  19. Stop talking as if 0-60 and cost means worth it or not worth it. There is so much more to a car that dictates cost.

  20. It's been a year and a half since this video, and Tesla is failing, but has also succeeded. Everyone is making an EV now.

  21. Elon Musk has FORCED the Automotive World to change…and for the BETTER !! Companies made Electric cars once before and loved them !! But for some reason, the companies DEMANDED them back and crushed them, some even Sued trying to keep them…to no avail !! There is a great Doc on it called, " Who Killed The Electric Car and Why ?" A definite must watch flick !!

    Does Tesla have problems, sure. But he is a small start up business in a world of Giants who are doing their hardest to squash him out ANYWAY THEY CAN !!

    When those companies sent their Fleets of dirty Lawyers out to each state in order to STOP him from setting up Selling Locations…that was one of the lowest / dirtiest / shadiest business things I have ever heard of !!

    He has also invested heavily in the Giga Factory with a Partner to develope NEW Battery Tech. I have no doubt, with his drive they will break the energy storage barrier…THEN HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS…A WHOLE NEW WORLD WILL OPEN UP !!

    Lastly as you know, Elon has spread into Space too. He succeeds at what ever he dives into and I wish him all the best at what ever he dreams…because WE ALL BENEFIT FROM HIM !!

  22. Tesla should build a long range model LR with a smaller motor, less acceleration and 1000 mile range.

  23. finally someone that gets it and that doesn't like many other peopel that sits and whine like a 6 year old kids

  24. Rimac C_2 is beter (beter in peformance)then Tesla roadster but Tesla is much biger company then Rimac and it can make a lot of them(Tesla)in shorter time.

  25. But the problem isn't the cars, the productions or anything wrong that Tesla makes.. The fun that gasoline cars come with makes it so so so hard for people to shift to electric cars.. It's gonna take decades and decades, maybe even a century/ies for electric cars to penetrate the industry

  26. I am waiting for the 2020 Tesla Roadster….That 997 kilometers per single charge will make all the difference.

  27. Normal trucks have over 16 gears ? No 10spd and 8spd are the most common transmissions on the road. 18spd is very rare.

  28. I was looking at the new Stingray, of which I was disappointed. Then I saw this Tesla Roadster, wow – that is what I was hoping the Corvette would have put out. Great form factor, latest in technology, fast and American made, but that $200K cost is prohibitive, on that note the Corvette has a win based on the $60K cost. Here's hoping that with added production, the cost of the roadster comes down.

  29. I don’t wanna be a killjoys but wouldn’t Tesla making autonomous semi trucks take away jobs from virtually every truck driver in America?

  30. The oil industry makes 2.8 billion a day they want to stop all electric cars for as long as possible! Tesla is just too good though! you can't stop it!

  31. I think they should race those"STUPID NOISING TUNNEL CONBUSTING ENGINES WHO ARE REALLY EXPENSIVE" against Roadster 2020

  32. Other cars have already gotten under 2 seconds, and have better quater mile and top speed.
    Geez a $65.000 corvete will get you under 3 seconds, with no range anxiety all day, and handle like a champ with brakes that hold up in an extended race.
    And will ship much sooner, if not already.
    Nice try Tesla, great promises as usual, too little too late.
    Who will service and mod it, what race program do they have going.
    fit and finish, body shop, basic service, and yes it needs some service.
    spy mobile.

  33. The success of the Tesla company is NOT dependent on the Model 3. Elan will keep improving his line of amazing electric vehicles and whatever problems the Model 3 has will be soon forgotten. It is clear, based on the Tesla vehicles now in production, that Tesla electric cars are here to stay. More companies will have to compete or will be left behind just like the internal combustion cars are left behind on the drag races by the Tesla vehicles now. Thanks for this and all your videos.

  34. Now you got the Rimac that does the 0-60 mph in 1.85 Witch is faster but the price is i think a bit over 2 millions , but it’s absolutely amazing all you can do with this car 😍😍😍

  35. Why is a young female giving information on a semi truck? She has less likelihood of ever driving this type of vehicle or even owning a fleet!

  36. A perfect market short is not Tesla you dummies, but Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, BMW. Their stock prices can go in only one direction. Down and down all the way to 0.
    For practically all Tesla sales are coming from their luxury market segment.

  37. In 1962, my parents bought me an American Flyer car race set for Christmas that ran on electric motors. I thought "Why aren't they making electric cars like this? Thanks, Elon Musk. 😊 Now I'm waiting for you to invent flying cars too.

  38. All Tesla needs to do to sell their cars faster than they're manufacturing them, is give test drives that turn the event into a really fun Family day for everyone.

  39. Tesla is a unrealistic company. There is no way Electric cars can replace fossil fuel cars

    Now you can throw those eggs in my face

  40. Ok so your saying to get the dodge since all you have to do is tune it and you’ll do two seconds .and cost half the price of everything you showed 🤣🤣🤣

  41. As I've stated before, aside from their production problems the two areas that Tesla needs to concentrate on, especially with their other car models, is getting mileage range up and the initial purchase cost down. With his hands in so many other ventures, I just hope Elon isn't chewing more than he can swallow and end up blowing the whole thing.

  42. 0-60 is not the same as 0-100, many cars have well over 0.1-2 second difference when you equate that. also konigseg is not the fastest anymore

  43. Tesla, It's a company who dares to show us what is coming soon. Elon Musk, just one man who came here and brought his dreams with him and manifested it into a real Car Company of the Future. A company who cares about improving Mankind. Musk dared to face the big companies and the news media who criticised him. And, I laugh when Porsche challenges Musk saying their car is better. Well, I hope so, as Porsche is a large company who has been in business for well over 80 years. They have at their disposal many, many designers who can give them whatever they want. Let's hope they can build it. When a reporter asked Musk what advice he would give to students entering college on what courses to take he stated "Major in something to Help Mankind." What is the amazing fact is it took Musk to wake all the other car companies up, who were just as content to keep us in cars that burned fossil fuel and tell everyone we can't make a better car. In ten to fifteen years from now we all will be driving electric or will be driven by autonomous cars. The Tesla Truck when it gets out there will replace all the trucks in America and then we will start to see cleaner air and more efficient ways to move product and prices will come down on everything and make everything more affordable for Everyone. Turn off then news and tune into companies who are working right now like Tesla, to make our Future – Today.

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