New The Monkey King 1 Full Action Movie In Hindi HD V.2

New The Monkey King 1 Full Action Movie In Hindi HD V.2

In the eternal battle between the worlds Heaven was once again in danger. The demon from hell unleashed their powers upon heaven with everything they had Since the beginning of time Gods have been ruling over all 3 worlds They are superior . But the Demons could never accept this They wanted to defeat the Gods And take over Heaven as well as everything that is living They wanted to rule all 3 worlds And become superior But the Gods were ready to face the Demons The tornado demon Attacked heaven with all his power with the intentions to defeat Heaven at any cost He charged upon the gods with all his powers The Demon King Kalandhu challenged The Jade who was the king of Gods in order to defeat Heaven Brother no!! Spare him If you have to finish him off. then kill me first. Leave him Didn’t you always wish the deity and demons could get along? I can make this wish come true Gods and Demons don’t fall in love Dear brother By giving him a chance… you are not only giving me but this world a message of peace Take care dear Because he can’t be trusted Stay happy Attacking the Palace of Heaven is a major offence! Hence All demons will now have to stay in the Flaming Mountain . If any demon dares to offend Heaven again, the whole demon tribe will be exterminated. After this battle Heaven was turned into ashes To reconstruct it’s beauty and holyness Goddess Nuani sacrificed herself and turned
her body into thousands of crystals to give birth to heaven once again And once again Heaven was saved from this devastation In this recreation , Goddess Nuani’s sacrifice to protect Heaven created the Southern Heavenly Gate So that it will be impossible for any Demon to ever be able to enter here During this Goddess Nuan’s crystal part fell on Earth As time passed by That part of the Goddess Gave birth to a life ,in the mountains But he was no God , nor a Demon , or a Human But a Monkey A monkey with God like powers who was destined to end the eternal war between the worlds Greetings Goddess what brings you here? Master Puti, Born out of Nuwa’s crystals Will be a monkey he will be a divine blessing for the whole world But , this monkey has both good and bad powers inside of him And to control his emotions I want you to teach him patiently but where is this monkey ? Mount Huaguo And this how , born on earth Was a Superhero with divine powers The Monkey King I am coming! look ! ..Here comes one more Catch me !! help!!! Are you okay my friend? it’s dead How did you know it’s dead? i am pretty sure that this butterfly it’s dead I don’t want it to be dead. Teach me. how to do it ? You really want to learn? yes, i will learn so You will have to come with me bye bye friends Take care of yourself come back soon i’ll be back soon once i learn Master ,Can we fly faster? We are almost there In this school , we train our students in 12 stages And you are the youngest here Listen Fom now on, you are The Beautiful King Beautiful king ?! Beautiful king ! Monkey King Yes ,that’s right How dare you! Kingu ? you’re talented. Let me teach you the 72 transformations… Like the freezing trick Getting lost in the clouds Yes , But these are only tricks. In order to learn this , you have to practice from your mind and thoughts Now stop this nuisance , and focus The Demon King , The time has come , for the Demons to gain victory upon the Gods this is what our ancestor had prophesied … The three signs they told us about Firstly, a tsunami in the East Ocean. Secondly, Southern Heavenly Gate breaks open. Lastly, from the crystals of the Goddess Nua giving birth to a monkey And it’s been done Only he can crack open The Southern Heavenly Gate But how can monkey , break the Southern Heavenly Gate ? He will But we need some “inside help” in Heaven. That would be Yang Jian would be perfect fot this job. he is very unhappy with the Jage Emperor You should bribe him He wil surely help us Then i shall complete this task The day we break the Southern Heavenly Gate Will be the day the Demon exterminate the Deity. Demon king , we did attack last time But our tribe was condemned and suppressed on this vulcano If we loose this time , we will be finished Coward From the moment we were born We were destined to fight
for the glory of the Demon. Whoever dare says something like he did Will just die as horribly as he did Transform! Transform! Namo bhagawate, transform! kingu ? what are you doing in the tree? Come on down and practice! I’ve learned everything Just by wearing clothes , You think you can become like us ? Don’t even think about being an immortal. Hey An animal will always be an animal. Save me ! You called me an animal ?! a monkey !? now say no , don’t harm him away! You shouldn’t do this Making fun of me brother , careful ! Come on ! where did you get hurt ? I am the greatest did you got hurt over there ,again ? Master is back ,Master is back stop fighting Big rother , wake up Are you okay ? Kingu ? if you keep on acting like this .. you’ll never get to learn the most important thing. I’ve learned transformation and I’m working very hard. No matter that you have learned But it’s useless if your thoughts are not
positive. He hit me He called me an animal . Come , follow me Master where are you going? Kingu ? have you awakened yet? Yes no , not now tellme , What did you just see? a dream It isn’t a dream. That is the fate of your life. fate of life.? I met you… is it my numeration? yes , even that was your fate But now You’re destined to be struck by lightning. Burned by fire blown by a hurricane. If you can avoid them, you’d live till the end of time. But if you can’t, you’d be burned to ashes What should I do? It’s hard to say, will I die ? All things alive must die one day. Teach me ,how to never die then . I’ve taught you everything I can. But the answer to the mystery between alive and death , You will have to find on your own but where should i find it ? You have to decide that master What will i do ? Will you leave me ? Now a days, It’s cold outside , wear warn clothes take care Bye bye ! Always have free time as a heavenly gate watcher? How dare you step on this land I can arrest you Needless to say, the fact that you showed up… It means you need me too. I am here to arrest you, and after I arrest you I’ll be rewarded by the Jade Emperor ,with the control of the army. You expect something from that useless emperor? Even after knowing you are skilled , you want to stay a heavenly gate watcher? Enough talk. I know you seek revenge You can indeed attack Heaven I just want the throne Then I will have my victory over Heaven You don’t have the ability to
break through the Southern Heavenly Gate. If anyone from the Demon tribe approaches Will be burned to ashes We have a weapon That Diving Monkey From now on you are our lord! The handsome ,mischievous , most powerful Monkey king! Mischievous King ! Mischievous King Mischievous King Most Powerful , monkey king , I’ll protect everyone. But, what if you’re not here? Who will protect us? Don’t panic!Don’t panic!Don’t panic! I’ll find you some powerful weapons! Weapons!Weapons! Come here ,Come here Whats there ? Come here see i’ll show you The water beneath the bridge is connected
with the Dragon Palace in the East Ocean. There are many weapons there. But the Palace is located very deep in the sea. It could be dangerous. If your majesty could bring back weapons. We can then protect ourselves! Wait for me. I’ll bring them oh no ,It’s really deep Time for dinner! dinner , was amazing I loved it Seems like my stomach is going to explode You’ve grown I’ve taken care of you for so long.

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It’s time you do something for me.

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Go to Mount Huaguo and look for your old friends.

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No matter what happens.

271 It’s time you do something for me. Go to Mount Huaguo and look for your old friend the monkey just don’t fall in love with him Just pretend to Become his weakness Let him think that you are by his side. Never reveal the relationship between you and me. Got it? Yes , Okay. My friend! leave me I am giving you a chance! or else you will regret this Don’t be scare ,Don’t be scare I brought a prey What ? You killed my marshal? You! Wait , you are a monkey I’m your neighbour, the Handsome Monkey King from Mount Huaguo. The reason I am here is I want to borrow some weapons from you. You come to borrow some weapons? Turtle Minister, Yes bring out the weapons. And Kill him. Why are you hitting me ? You fooled me. That was amazing Don’t come near! Open ! why don’t you just give him a second-rate weapon… and drive this demonic monkey away quickly. then we can complain to Heaven later. Bring them out quick! Yes Your majesty Bring out the weapons!! Take as much as you wish Take it all.Take it all. What is this? This is a Gold chain armour. with cloud-walking boots and a phoenix-feather cap. It is spiritual. It turns good on a good guy, and turns bad on a bad guy Let’s see if you’re a good guy or bad guy? Transform! I looked so great when I last wore it . It looks bad on you. I love it Don’t take it! No! don’t take it It fits me perfectly! They are the beloved treasure from
my brothers . No, you can’t take it! I’ll return it! Give it back! you can’t do this Give it back. Hey , don’t go over there Monkey King. Don’t mess with this thing . This is to control flooding and calm the sea. It is a most divine device. You can’t move it . Your Majesty , challenger him . So that we could embarrass him . Go ahead If you can pull it out of the ground,
you can take it with you. Then I’ll surely try What is happening ? I’ts destroyed !! See ya Are you okay? The Divine powers are taking over ,your Majesty . It’s the crystal monkey who is behind all this Two signs out of the three. Came to be true It’s time for the demon tribe to rule over Heaven What happened at the East Ocean? You don’t have to worry Let’s get inside Where are we going anyway? We have to find a new home. Let’s hope we find it soon . Come on I’m too tired We should rest for a while . Who are you ? Leave us Leave us Go away 5,001 5,002 5,003 5,004 Who are you Why are you here ? Speak up now! Do you remember ? It’s me , that fox We met when we were young! You remember me right ? Beautiful I remember , I remember you, the fox girl! I remember Little Monkey ! I was the monkey boy. And now I am , the Handsome Monkey King! I am the monkey king The monkey king of mount Hugo You are very beautiful very beautiful What brings you here? Our homeland , was ruined by the big wave. You mean The big wave from yesterday ? Yes You may live here. But I have a lot of companions. What if they bother you? It’s alright, follow me. come ! It’s all mine Look Isn’t it beautiful Slow down! All these tall mountains , belongs to me. And I am the king here Wait here, I will be back soon. Sea King. Why are you here ? any problem ? My Sea Palace was torn down. my weapons , treasures and my , magical suits He snatched them all Everyone is scared due to the tsunami But who did this ? That Monkey from the Huaguo mountains A Monkey ! Yes It’s too trivial to mention to Jade Emperor. I’ll take care of it. Angarak Yes Go to Mount Huaguo and arrest the monkey monkey ? This is my order Don’t turn up empty handed Doesn’t it burn your feet when , you wear them Mind your own business Come on. Eat!Eat!Eat! You see my body hair? it’s bright and soft because I’ve been eating this. Let’s eat. It’s very good , it’s very good I’ve known you for so long, but, but I don’t know your name. I’m Ruxue. Ruxue. nice I’m Monkey King , but master calls me Kingu You used to be a monkey boy. Now you’re the Handsome Monkey King! You used to this small. Now you’re this big! I’m still young. 120 years old this year. How about you? I don’t know You too are my age About 120 years old 120 years ! I am 120 years old ? Minor spirits like me can live
for about 200 more years. I’ll die after 200 years. After death, you can resurrect! NO ! That’s why I , cherish every day. I wake up daily to see the sunrise. every day. ? Look ! It’s a sunrise! It looks nice ,right ? The sun looks different today. Yes really It’s coming towards us ! Run!! Hold tight You monkey You destroyed the Sea Palace, caused the East Ocean tsunami! You will pay for this Who are you? I’m Angarak , assigned
to arrest you! Save me My tail is on fire! Save me into to water ? Who are you? Are you okay? I’m fine. Your Majesty! Who are you? He’s the king of all spirits
from the Flaming Mountain. The Demon King. Thank you. I just can’t bear to see any injustice. It’s not a bad idea to be friends him. This is the king of all monkeys in Mount Huaguo. you must have heard his name He is the Handsome Monkey King. I am Monkey King! You caused that tidal wave? Jade Emperor. The monkey is performing bad deeds on Earth. We have to track him down , as soon as possible. Your Majesty , He is not just a simple monkey . That naughty monkey is my student He was born out of the crystals that, Goddess Nuwa used to patch Heaven. He has a divine predisposition And that is why , He should be enlisted as a deity Your Majesty He is immature but he’s not evil in nature. It was very kind and generous of Nuwa to turn herself into crystals , and repair Heaven. Thanks to her, we’ve enjoyed peace for hundreds of thousands of years. As Sun Wukong is born from her crystal, we should educate and take care of him. Master Puti, let’s give him a chance. Hey ! , this is for you Thank you. I heard the Handsome Monkey King’s
heroic story long ago. You wrecked the Dragon Palace
and snatched a sacred weapon Your magical power surpasses anyone in Heaven. But , I think the title Handsome Monkey King doesn’t do you justice. You need something more flashy and powerful. really? What’s your suggestion? You alone , are as powerful as Heaven. Let’s call you “Great Sage equal of Heaven”. Great Sage ? Great Sage ! What a great name! I love it. My dear brothers! Don’t call me the
Handsome Monkey King anymore! Call me “Great Sage equal of Heaven”! You are such a nice guy. You know how to think up names. This is great friends! Great Sage. You are born from Goddess Nuwa’s crystal. You are as powerful as Heaven. You are not suppose to just stay in Mount Huaguo. I love this place,
I don’t want to go anywhere else. You belong in the Heavenly Palace. Heaven .. Could it be any better than my
Water Curtain Cave? I heard Heavenly Palace
is boundless and very beautiful. really ? There is the 33rd level of Heaven. Some immortals have the ability
to “Resurrect the Dead”. “Resurrect the Dead”? Then I will go to Heaven and , learn to ”Resurrect the Dead”. Who’s in charge there? The Jade Emperor! Where are you going? Heaven To learn how to resurrect the dead! Hey! This is where we first met! Wait for me! I’ll be back soon. Stay here! I’ll be waiting Wait for me! Although this monkey spirit is powerful But ,he’s still not powerful enough to break the Southern Heavenly Gate. There is an elixir pill in the Heavenly Palace. The Jade Emperor’s elixir pill. It boosts one’s power hundreds times. But if you let this untamed monkey ,have such magical power will he still listen to you? I’ll let him run loose. I’ll instigate his hatred to fight all resistance in the Heavenly Palace. You take care of the rest. This is the Southern Heavenly Gate.
The entrance to the Heavenly Palace. Animals are not allowed inside . You call me an animal , who are you then ? Who are you? I am Jung Giyaan I’m in charge of Heaven’s security. You cannot go inside Anyone who comes too close will
be burned to ashes by the crystals. I don’t care who you are. I’m The Handsome Monkey King from the
Water Curtain Cave at Mount Huaguo! You can’t stop me Is your eye on the wrong position? What you’re looking at? If you still want to go ahead , then I won’t stop you . However, You’re going to be burned to ashes, Because , You are just a stupid Monkey Just wait And Watch how I get in! Leave me What is going on ? leave me I’m in! Your friend looks ill With so much stuff on his shoulders, how could he be happy? Go! Enjoy Yourself Take a walk. That’s strange. I’ve kept this Dragon Horse for so many years. He never lets anyone except me to touch him. You’re the only exception. Where’s Jade Emperor? Right in front of you You are the king I am. You are the Jade Emperor? And you are The monkey king ,right ? Right in front of you Forgive us your majesty Master Your majesty. My disgraceful disciple Sun Wukong
is new to Heaven, he got lost. I hope your majesty will forgive him? Kingu, come here! Monkey King ? Kingu! Senior sister. Long time no see, you look even more
beautiful after all this time Wukong, your armour and cap look beautiful. Really? I borrowed them. I’ll have to return them later. Way better then that security guard’s clothes Mind your tongue monkey Yang Jian! you take this too serious. I understand the irrepressible
joy of meeting old-time friends. Sun Wukong, why are you looking for me? I have to learn the trick to “Resurrect the Dead” Why would you like to learn it? If I learned this I wouldn’t have to see my monkey brothers die one by one. Please teach me The road to deity isn’t as simple as you think. You need to accumulate experience
and practice for a long time. It all depends on you, whether you can be a deity or not. When you understand the true meaning
of life and death, one day You’ll see what I mean Come over and see. This little Dragon Horse is so happy today. It seems like that you two know each other very well. I’ll give you the responsibility of the Heavenly Horse Keeper. From now on, you’re in charge of
caring for all the Heavenly Horses. I Really like you Why? Because you appreciate the sovereign. You hear that ? The Royal Stable is responsible
for training the Heavenly Horses. To accompany the Jade Emperor when traveling. All horses are carefully groomed, Polite and absolutely obedient. Hi everyone! How are you ? From now on, I’ll take care of you I am Monkey King Have Fun ? Right ? Ain’t I awesome Come on , come on let’s go pee pee No we can’t. It’s only allowed in the morning and in the evening Well, then it’s okay to eat No Food is only allowed in the afternoon and at night Well, then …drink some water. No we can’t. Water is only allowed after having food Even drinking water is scheduled? Heaven is the sacred site for deities
to manage matters among the three realms. Don’t try to teach me us the law Kneel. Right now! The law and order in Heaven is stringent and must be strictly adhered to. You should first learn to kneel , before the gods Got it? I will never kneel before a simple guard like you. A beast is a beast after all. You don’t understand the language of Gods Stop it! Don’t hurt them. discipline ! Even a beast should be disciplined! Did it hurt? You will pay for this You don’t give the orders here . I’m the horse keeper! Alright, horsies. lets go for a ride Come back here! Call the army. lets’s go lets’s go There are very little peaches this year And that’s why we should take extra care this time . Be careful , they are very precious Can i try one ? No !, they are strictly for Gods only Where is he ?! find him ! Sister look , it smells so great I wish i could try one . These over here take 6,000 years to blossom then 6,000 more years to bear fruit. The other one take 9,000 years to blossom , then 9,000 more years to bear fruit. Sour ! Aren’t they great ? Indeed These must be so delicious where are that peach come from? another ? look one more it’s coming from over there ? come let’s see 1,2,3,4 which one should i eat first ? Horse keeper! How dare you eat the divine peach without permission! It’s just a peach. What’s the big deal? Only privileged deities can enjoy
the peaches at the banquet. Not you! I’m the Heavenly Horse Keeper personally
appointed by the Jade Emperor himself. I can at least have one Don’t you know what important means ? You are not important here What do you mean , i’m not important ? We’re not high up in the hierarchy ,but you’re even lower than us. You can’t tell the ranks of deities. Shame on you! No prestige at all! Wanna steal peaches! *everyone blamin* Release. Your Excellency. You’re all injured. Did the monkey spirit do that to you? Yes He even ate the divine peaches
without permission Go and complain to Jade Emperor. Tell him how the monkey and intentionally hurt you all. Okay I’ll go right away Poke. How about that ? How dare you! How dare you hit me? I beg your forgiveness, your majesty. The monkey
was stealing the divine peaches That’s why I chased after him and hit him. I want to get rid of evil spirits in Heaven. We’ve grown so many peaches in Heaven. For whom ? Aren’t they only reserved for senior deity officials? Will they , be able to eat all of them ? What if Monkey king had a few of them ? Isn’t that clear, huh? let him have some ,peaches , let him eat huh ?, huh? ,huh? , huh?, huh?, huh ?,huh ? This ungrateful monkey ! How dare you offend the Emperor? Let go of my majesty. Your majesty. The whole demon tribe
has followed your instruction. They are prepared to sacrifice themselves
to use their souls to make the Demon Axe. The power of hatred and grievance in the
Axe is strong enough to destroy Heaven and Earth I’m sure your majesty will defeat the Jade Emperor with it. You won’t do any such thing . What are you doing here ? You promised me you’d drop the grudges against the deities and never offend Heaven again. That day , I left the Heavenly Palace and followed you, I broke the rule that forbids love affairs
between demons and deities just to be with you. how can you forget this ? Battle is our Religion It’s either Heaven, or me . You pick a side. I want them both! Get ready ! Prepare for the Sacrifice ! Don’t worry, soon , you’ll be the queen of Heaven And I’ll be the King The Demon Axe is done! No one from Heaven can bear its attack! Give your sacrifice sacrifice ! sacrifice ! sacrifice ! sacrifice ! sacrifice !sacrifice ! sacrifice ! sacrifice ! sacrifice ! Let us revive the almighty demon tribe with the Demon Axe!! Stop ! stop ! Stop now kingu What’s this ? Let’s see stove ? Are they preparing for dinner ? You are the Mighty and Handsome Monkey King, right? yes , i am This is the place where the elixir pills are made. I’m collecting divine energy
to make the pills for Jade Emperor. Elixir pills ? Deities will have their magical
power multiplied after taking the elixir. One pill takes 30,000 years to make . The Jade Emperor has been refining , his practice since young. He experienced 1,750 painful mishaps. Each of which lasts 129,600 years. That’s why this time , I’ve prepared it such that . After drinking it , his powers will become limitless It’s a restricted area in Heaven. You can’t stay here. Otherwise, you will be punished Go away ! Stupid . Master , Why did you tie me up ? Because you are stirring up a fuss in Heaven! Arrest him Beat him up! Leave me let me go ! leave me Master ! Master ! Go ahead and fly! Do your flips and jump Master! Do your flips, will ya ? Do your 72 transformations! Come on! Do your dance ! What else can you do, huh? Or is this all you’ve got ? You stole the divine peaches. Now planning to steal Jade Emperor’s elixir pill. Wukong, just follow the rules. If You plead guilty , they’ll forgive you. I never thought about stealing the pill! He’s lying So, you’re still not telling the truth! Admit your Mistakes ! Master ! Master! Untie my hands at least You want to burn off the lasso? Go ahead and get in. Don’t! WukOng! Listen to me. Don’t jump That’s Samadhi Flame! It Will kill you!! If you have the guts , them jump Yang Jian! Kingu ! Master ! No matter dead or alive! It’s my choice! The three disasters. I am back Remember my name. The Great Sage equal of Heaven I stole nothing ! I am not a beast! Come on. WukOng! Wait ! Master Puti Let him go. Forgive me your Majesty It’s my fault. No it’s not your fault He made his choice. No one can stop him. Get up ! Resurrect the dead ! Resurrect the dead ! Resurrect the dead ! Congratulations, your Majesty! For what? Congratulations on being bullied ! Think again. Congratulations, on being bullied ! Think again ! Don’t say that Congratulations, for us not being bullied any more! We are Protected ! No one can harm us now ! Monkey King The soldiers from heaven , they did all this Heavenly soldiers? But Why? It was already a mess when I arrived. The heavenly soldiers killed all monkeys and spirit. As a payback , to what you did for Heaven It costed you , their lives Heaven is powerful , And both you and I are those
whom Heaven wants to get rid of. Mount Huaguo will become
another Flame Mountain. If you hesitate, Great Sage. Let’s fight cooperatively against Heaven ,and destroy them . We will erase them from existence This is exactly what I wanted Vaisravana in the North Dhrita-rastra in the East, Ruxue, it’s time you make your sacrifice. Why? Because , he loves you And it’s exactly what i need to drive him crazy Your story ends here I stared all this , And now i’ll end it I beg you please don’t hurt him. Let’s fight! Go! Attack ! Go ! What are doing , monkey king ? This fight will bring no good to anyone You burned down my Mount Huaguo and killed my friends ! Heaven wouldn’t do such a thing. Listen I’ll give you one last chance. Come to your senses now! I’m not giving you any chance! Master !! That butterfly , is dead You ! you did this ! Come one ! Let’s finish the Monkey first traitor ! I wear the silver robe and gold armour. I should be the King Monkey King , What did you see ? I saw myself. But I don’t understand If you are born immortal Thats why you’re destined to experience countless mishaps and catastrophes. If you repeatedly commit evil, what’s the point of being alive? Learn the difference between alive and death And bring changes your soul accordingly Monkey King From this moment forward , You are immortal “Resurrect the Dead” Ain’t I awesome ? No one can defeat me ! So You can transform too huh ?! Time to teach you your lessons Let’s get stared! Come on! No matter what you become, we will always ,be by your side. It’s seriously damaged. It takes how long to repair? A few hundred years, I suppose. Really? Really. Wukong. Where will you escape to? I didn’t plan to escape. I’m thinking about repairing Heaven. It’s out of your control. Nor it’s your responsibility. You have to follow your destiny , and work on it From now on, you’ll stay under the Five-finger Mountain Learn from your mistakes And work on them The day you learn the difference between good and bad You’ll will be able to write your own destiny Yes Buddha, your hand is heavy. no worries I’ll manage Wukong is kept under the
Five-finger Mountain by Buddha. He has to train himself for 500 years , to make up for his mistakes. And now Sonn , he’ll have to leave this mountain and go on another journey As his destiny awaits for him

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