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  1. Yeah she threw the food first, but you don't throw a blender in self defense from food. It's not like the customer had a gun or came behind the counter threatening. I worked at McDonald's years ago and the manager got a quarter pounder with cheese thrown at him and the manager just went to call the police

  2. I’m sorry, lady, however, U attempted to assault the manager first! Unfortunately u messed with the wrong one that day. Although she works in customer service, please know that Everyone is not going to be customer friendly at all times especially when provoked. Basically lady, YOU started it and the manager finished it! You went in all big and bad throwing food and having a tantrum. The manager stooped down to your level and said not today. Moving forward Be careful of who u try to bully! Btw, wasn’t u taught that it’s not nice to throw food?! Well if u didn’t know, Now you definitely know! 🤦🏾‍♀️

  3. You can't do something violent to someone else and not expect backlash. This may have been extreme . . . but in the heat of the moment things happen.

  4. Both parties are wrong but don't throw something at someone and expect them not to retaliate. Once you threw that food you no longer became a victim of poor customer service, you became a bully.

  5. stand your ground…….she ran out food to throw..what was she going to throw next….you pull out a knife but the other person has a gun..and she never admits that yes ..she may have been wrong in throwing the food

  6. Fire the manager for poor service and throwing and misuse of company equipment and pay for the medical bills. As for the woman, her act of disorderly conduct should disqualify her from any compensation and the lawyer can kick rocks.

    It just astonishes me that in today's world, we treat the perpetrators like victims. Why are we giving a microphone and airtime to someone you just showed perpetuating this incident? The moral of this story should be: "Hey kids, when you act the fool, expect foolish results!".

  7. If you dish it out like that..don't expect it not to come back at you…Why is it okay for her to use physical violence but not get it back? Silly

  8. I understand the customer service frustration, But throwing the food is unacceptable behavior, This lady threw the 1st punch, What if those French fries sharp edges hit an employee in the eyeball…..

    I feel bad for her, but, This incident would never have happened Had she not viciously thrown bags of food

    McDonald's should compensate this lady for half her medical, Anything beyond that, Would be considered ridiculous, And I'm saying that statement with generosity, Only because of the blender.

    I can feel a very large percentage of the population would say she should get nothing at all

    I'm a nice guy and if the blender to the face came without the food thrown first, I would say this lady has a valid lawsuit,

    Aside from that, dont throw stuff at people , it's not nice cause one day, somebody will have a blender waiting to retaliate….ouch!

    She didn't deserve the blender, but she deserved something for her actions, the blender just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, looked like a sturdy one too, it didn't shatter, too bad the blender was "Thrown" into it not by choice……lol

  9. I'm sorry but it was her choice to start throwing things. Customers like her think they can abuse employees with no repercussions. Finally someone snapped and this one got dealt with.

  10. How about someone try to rob you using knife and trying slash your hands to scare you and you got a gun ? Do you gonna let him keep threating you or self defense ? She should get her refund tho, but the law suit ? Let's judge decide

  11. without the food being thrown, she might have got a free meal instead of a free blender to the face. Not sure why I came a second time to respond but my goodness I was thinking about this while eating my McDouble inside a local restaurant and looking for where these blenders are strategically placed just waiting for people like this woman to act up, this way when I see an incident like this, I am getting clear out of the way……………..and taking my Fries with me………………… but not before refilling my drink and grabbing extra napkins……then I am out! LOL

  12. The manager was wrong, but she provoked him with her violent behavior. She's smiling and thinking about all the money she's going to sue McDonald's for. But she should have criminal charges pressed against her. If anybody else started throwing things at employees in any restaurant or business that person would go to jail. She should not get one dime over what her medical Bill's are and she should have to face a judge over what she did. Like yeah lady, show your 4 kids that it's okay for them to behave like that in public. I get mad about something everytime I go to a fast food place and have been just as pissed off as her, but I know it's better to walk out then to start a fight or argument with staff or customers.
    I'm sorry she got hurt, but I have to say she absolutely deserved a milkshake thrown on her, atleast.👍😉

  13. She said, “ I may have been wrong…. “. Lady, you started the fight by accosting an innocent person! That’s assault!!! I hope the store manager sues you and wins. PS take care of your children and set a proper example!

  14. 4 crack babies in a busted car. Have more kids. My doctor visits,my bills. You got treated exactly how you deserved to be treated. Someone took off in your car fatty.Section 8 parasitic ohio trash.

  15. Lady,i think you need to stop feeding your kids and yourself fastfood😂..i wonder what she said to the staff tho🤔for them to retaliate and threw blender at her

  16. Too bad that employee got fired. How do you go to someone's job a and assault them and then try to sue? Sounds like sis is just looking for a come up. That blender landed perfectly though.

  17. This was wrong all kinds of ways and if adults were adults could habe been avoided and if customer service was service could have been avoided it doesn't take 25 min for a refund and it doesn't ta k e assult with food to get a point across they were both wrong bottom line people need preschool reminders use your words managers need basic customer service this could have been avoided at all costs😒😒😒😒😒😤😤😤😤😘

  18. It's been 25mins. of waiting for her issues to be resolve, yet you're just ignoring her. What do you expect to happen?

  19. She’s deserved it. For $6 or something you almost lost your life. Be behind that counter and get the stress those people go through. You threw food at her expecting her to throw money back at you????? Well self defense with a blended was cool

  20. She started it by throwing Happy Meals–and as a current employee in the restaurant industry who has had these types of customers–this is soooooo gratifying to watch 😊

  21. If it was a white person and a black manager these comments would be soooo soooo sooooo different. I'm not even lying. And people will say that im victimising that lady but the truth is nobody has the right to do what that manager did. You can only do something as threatening as that if the person is threatening you to an extreme extent as well. All of you saying that manager is right are evil. So evil. What that lady did wasn't right. But that manager need to get some help. She has hella anger issues. I can't imagine how some people find relief in this video. It's actually alarming.

    -Only sane person here

  22. Serves her right. My new dream is to witness how this lady will treat McDonald's…no, Fast food Staff from now on. And let this be a lesson to all those people who are like her. An eye for an eye, be rude to a person, one day, all that negative energy will come back to you. Learn that lesson well, otherwise, keep at it.

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