“NEW X-MEN MOVIE TEASER” | How mutants will fit into MCU Marvel Phase 5 | Who Will Direct?

“NEW X-MEN MOVIE TEASER” | How mutants will fit into MCU Marvel Phase 5 | Who Will Direct?

This video is brought to you by Squarespace. “I see.” “No. I’m glad you called.” “In fact I’ve been waiting for a good excuse to reassemble the team.” “As soon as I can do so we’ll look into it.” “Not at all.” What’s up guys? RBG here, hitting you up with another MCU related video. I just wanna say thanks to all of those who gave my first video a chance. We currently have over a 100k views and over 2000 likes. So I think the positive reception indicates that you guys are really interested in what I have to say in regards to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 1 of my main goals is to give you a clear understanding of how things work and what you should expect with these movies. What I don’t wanna do is totally mislead you like other channels are doing because there are a lot of content creators out there who tell you what you wanna hear for clicks. Like there are obviously things you wanna see in the new phases of the Marvel movies. And when you hear about them potentially happening you tend to click on the video. 1 of the main things being the inclusion of the X-Men. This has undoubtedly been something that everyone has been salivating over especially since any video that dares mentions them in the same sentence with the MCU goes viral. And you also have things that get taken totally outta context because of the high demand of the X-Men’s inclusion in the real Marvel movies. For example about a month ago the official Marvel Entertainment Twitter account caused a bit of a hype storm when they posted a very cryptic tweet. And rightfully so fans as well as youtube content creators started speculating that this tweet could be hinting at Kevin Feige’s plans for the X-Men in phase 4. Like that thing got a whopping 22k favorites. So this was causing quite a bit of anticipation regarding Marvel’s next arc in their cinematic universe. Even though we already knew they were working on films about Black Widow, Shang-Chi, and The Eternals, so much about their future slate remained a mystery. So that would’ve been the perfect time to unveil what they were working on with the iconic mutant team. But as it turns out that big reveal was a promotion for the new Johnathan Hickman X-Men comic books by teasing it cryptically, which is something they’re very bad with. Like they know that the MCU fan base can be a cesspool of speculation. We love to correlate everything with the movies which just shows how impactful Marvel Studios has been to Hollywood cinema. So their branding division takes advantage of this and tries to pull those fans over to their other properties like the comics and shows. There was a similar case with the mysterious Spider-Man mini-series that’s being co-wrote by JJ Abrams. Because if you remember Marvel Entertainment thought it’d be a bright idea to start their countdown with a the number 4. And this caused people to believe that this had something to do with the Fantastic 4 or a possible 4th installment to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. Which was totally not the case. So I think it’s better to hear straight from the horses mouth when it comes to these kinds of things. Unless you hear it directly from Kevin Feige or Marvel Studios it’s just a speculation or it’s not true. But anyways let’s get back on the topic of the X-Men making their MCU debut. Because recently Kevin Feige actually did say that they have plans for the quote on quote Mutants but it won’t be for Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “There’s no time left to talk about mutants.” (Crowd Cheers) So it’s gonna be a while before we see them pop up. Which in my opinion is the right move to make because the Fox X-men films are still fresh on our minds with installments like Deadpool 2, X-Men Apocalypse, and Dark Phoenix. The best thing Marvel Studios should do is put them on the back burner and make the fans miss the X-Men. Because it’s obvious that franchise fatigue has started to set in. And as we all know although these characters originated in the comics and were absolutely killing it. The movies eventually became the ultimate representation of the franchise. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because as I mentioned in my previous MCU video. Movies like Blade only increased the popularity of the character and their comics. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has undoubtedly become the central nervous system, the freaking nucleus of all things Marvel. You can’t go without seeing any of iteration whether it be comics or cartoons having some form of MCU influence in them. But sometimes those influences can leave a negative impact on the franchise as I’m sure many of you are aware of with the X-men. There have been some successful X-Men films. But recently there have been more misses than hits with these movies. And for a while the comic book sales suffered because of the poor representation. We live in an age where people absolutely hate anything related to the Dark Phoenix saga because the movies have done a poor job showing how awesome it could be. But thankfully Kevin Feige and the brilliant minds at Marvel Studios can rectify this glaring issue the X-Men have been having. And I have some ideas on how they’ll do this. Firstly we have to take a look at what makes the MCU stand out from the rest of the superhero films. For the longest time Superhero films chose to loosely adapt stories from their comic book lore while keeping the movies somewhat grounded. To some extent that storytelling worked but it didn’t always turn out well. Sometimes they’d find themselves compromising with which direction they’d want to fully go in. On 1 hand you have those fans who want the movies to completely follow the lore. And on the other hand there were movie goers who found the comic book element to hokey & unrealistic for their taste. What Marvel Studios did differently from other productions is appease both audiences. Creating this cinematic world that features all the characters we know and love in a re-imagined and modernized setting that harps on issues of the current time. I know I’ve said this in 1 of my Marvel’s Avengers videos but a good majority of the MCU films took place in the concurrent year they were released in. With the exception of a few mainly being the 1st Captain America film, Guardians 2, Captain Marvel, Endgame and a few others. But a good majority of them took place in the time they were released. And all the characters maintain all of their core concepts while existing in these modern times. This has been a very potent form of story telling for Marvel Studios that seems like something they originally came up with on their own. But on the contrary it’s not as original as some may think. Yeah they do a good job of balancing those comic elements and grounding them. And it may have seemed like they were the first to master this. But it was actually the Marvel comics lore, more specifically the Earth 1610 Ultimate Comics which Marvel Studios has borrow heavily from. Because like the MCU films they also featured re-imagined and updated versions of the company’s most popular superhero characters, including Spider-Man, Wolverine, the Hulk, Thor, Daredevil. All of the characters & their origins went into major overhauls, freeing them from the sometimes convoluted back-histories of the original versions which turned off new readers unfamiliar with their extensive histories. Talented writers like Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Millar were at the forefront of this Ultimate Universe. And they undoubtedly helped in shaping the current landscape of Marvel. You can’t go 1 movie without seeing a reference or flat out creation from Bendis in the MCU. Like when you look at their live action portrayal of Peter Parker you instantly think of Brian Michael Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man. He’s even influenced non-MCU related films like Into The Spider-Verse. And I’m not trying to give all the credit to the Ultimate Universe because Marvel Studios borrows from the other lore like the Earth 616 comics. Which is made apparent by use of story lines like Civil War. But that’s another story that comes from the brilliant mind of Mark Millar. These guys are a big deal and will continue to effect comics and movies for years to come. 1 story that I have strong feeling that Marvel Studios will borrow from is the Ultimate Origins comics. This is 1 of the later comics that backtracks and goes more in-depth of how the superheros were introduced into the human population. And it all begins with the super soldier program. This is what it was originally all about. Essentially creating a hero who would turn the tide. So during World War 2 President Roosevelt pushed the government to create America’s first super soldier. And that’s how we ultimately get Captain America which the MCU borrows heavily from with the super skinny Steve Rogers. But anyways in response America creating their first super soldier other countries would race to try and make their own versions of Captain America. 1 of the main 1’s being Canada who was already aligned with America in their battle with the Nazi’s. So they end up abducting 3 soldiers, and James Howlett better known as Logan was 1 of them. So he’s taken to the Weapon X complex for experiments. And he manages to escape but he wounds up getting shot before he nears freedom. The Weapon X soldiers notice that his wounds somehow healed. And 1 of the doctors explains that in attempting to create their own version of Captain America, they accidentally discovered a genome that, when genetically altered, grants the person carrying it various abilities based on their DNA. They would label these genetically altered humans quote on quote “mutants.” And James Howlette AKA Wolverine would be the first mutant they discover in the Ultimate timeline and rightfully so was dubbed Mutant Zero. Now what’s interesting about this particular story is how mutants were initially looked at because you’d think Weapon X would look at Mutant Zero as a failure. Because they failed to recreate the super soldier serum. But no it turned out to be the exact opposite. Because the lead scientist Abraham Cornelius believed that mankind would eventually become extinct from constant war. And this new mutant gene would ensure humanity’s survival. So as a precautionary measure to prevent humans from going extinct, Weapon X spread the mutant genome around the world, resulting in the creation of the mutant race. So as you see when it comes to X-Men, Marvel Studios can basically introduce them anywhere in their established timeline. They could easily go into a World War 2 recap and show that they had other nations desperately trying to recreate the super soldier serum. As a matter of fact they’ve already established that this was the case in a few of their earlier films. You obviously have Hydra who ultimately got their hands on the perfectly recreated serum after Bucky Barnes killed Howard and Maria Stark in 1991. Fast forward to 2001, General Ross attempts to relaunch the Bio-Tech Force Enhancement Project. Which was a failed attempt to reproduce the serum with added Gamma Radiation that led to Bruce Banner transforming into the Hulk. And this is another instance that’s very similar to the Ultimate comics. Banner’s transformer is labeled a mutation in the Ultimate Comics. Of coarse Marvel Studios couldn’t call it that at the time since the words mutant and mutation were owned by Fox. But it’s looking like they may use that terminology now that they officially own the X-Men and everything associated with them. And they can use the Super Soldier Serum as a plot device to drive the narrative forward. Because that’s basically all it was in the Ultimate Universe comics. A way to connect all of the many superheroes to Captain America’s super soldier serum in one form or another whether it be intentional or an accident. That’s basically how we got Spider-Man in that particular run. Like Norman Obsborn accidentally created Spidey while attempting to recreate the serum for the government. Don’t be surprised if Marvel Studios decides to reuse that origin for Spider-Man because the MCU never really went into detail of how Peter got his powers. We don’t know if he was bitten by a OZ Formula infused Spider or what. I’m getting excited just thinking about all the endless possibilities in regards to the Super Soldier Serum. Like we already have confirmation of the Red Guardian appearing in the new Black Widow movie. And he’s basically a Russian Captain America, so I think it’s safe to assume that the Super Soldier Serum plot device will still be utilized in future MCU films. Everyone’s gonna be trying to come up with their own version of America’s ass. But let’s talk about how the mutants will surface in modern times. Because I already mentioned that they could potentially be created in the 1940’s. As I mentioned earlier, humans who have that mutant genealogy can gain various abilities if their genetically altered in any kind of way. So let’s just say that Weapon X or someone depending on what Marvel changes it to spread the genome around the world in the 1940’s. And it didn’t really have an instant effect on humans and their offspring. They would need something to trigger those powers. Hypothetically we already have Bruce Banner who was injected with a remade Super Soldier Serum and mutated by Gamma radiation. So there’s 1. But we also have well known characters who’re are heavily associated with X-Men and mutants in general. And that’s Wanda & Pietro Maximoff also known as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Two mutants who are offspring of 1 of the most powerful villains in the X-Men comics. And 1 of the things I find interesting about the MCU’s version of the characters is that they’re very similar to mutants in the Ultimate comics. They were experiments who were exposed to cosmic energy from the Scepter which turned out to be the Mind Stone. This energy proved to be fatal to other volunteers but somehow the twins survived and the energy ended up unlocking superpowers that were latent within them. So what’s not to say that Wanda & Pietro didn’t already have the mutant genome coursing through them and it just so happened to be altered by the Stone, granting them with powers like Psionic Energy Manipulation and super speed? I think you see where I’m going with this. That’s why I say that the mutants can be introduced at anytime in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Because they’ve pretty much already been included without Marvel Studios flat out saying they are. Now that they have the rights to actually say the words mutant or mutation they can classify Wanda as such. And now that we’ve established that the Mutant possess powers that are laid dormant and can be fully tapped into by something like cosmic energy or radiation. We’re gonna need a power source that’ll create mutants all over the world and completely shake the Marvel Cinematic Universe to it’s core. And I think it’ll be the infamous Infinity Gauntlet snap. Spoilers to those who haven’t seen Infinity War or Endgame. It was revealed that after Thanos used the full power of the Infinity stones on Earth, it let out a large burst of energy. And at the end of Endgame when the Avengers are deciding on who should use the Nano Gauntlet to harness the stones. Bruce Banner ultimately deduces that the energy is mostly Gamma Radiation. Now what’s funny is that the snap was done 3 times on Earth. 1 from Thanos in Wakanda. A 2nd time by Professor Hulk. And a 3rd by Tony Stark. So that’s a good amount of gamma radiation or cosmic energy exposure to Earth’s inhabitants, especially 1’s who carry the mutant genome and haven’t unlocked their abilities. Can you imagine how impactful that would be? Not to mention that those mutant genes just don’t stop at super powers. You also have the 1’s who’re physically altered by the mutation like the Hulk. Those are gonna be some of the most devastating characters that will undoubtedly cause a seismic shift in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just look at the Scarlet Witch. She already caused quite a stir after accidentally killing a few Nigerian civilians in Civil War. So the lingering seeds of fear for superhuman or mutants have already been planted. And you just know that Marvel Studios is really gonna up the ante on her powers in her Wanda Vision series. Like they’ve only scratch the surface with Scarlet Witch’s powers so I think she’s gonna be the leading example of why the mutants are a threat to humanity. We know that mutant powers can be catastrophic if they’re untamed or the wielder is over emotional when using them. Because you see how Wanda almost single-handedly rips Thanos in half due to her losing her loved 1 which is Vision. And if you think about it it was only a few minutes since Vision was killed in her eyes because as Peter Parker stated, what was 5 years in actual time felt like 5 seconds after they were snapped. So I think it’s a safe bet that Wanda will still be coping with the death of Vision in her own show. And her powers will continue to evolve and potentially prove to be unstable. But anyways the other thing we have to wonder about is who’ll direct the X-Men movies. Like it’s obviously gonna take a talented director to handle all of these characters. And as we’ve witnessed the X-Men have been shown to hold up well without any outside assistance from other Marvel heroes. You gotta remember before the Avengers become this box office juggernaut and gained all their popularity not that many people knew about them. From the late 70’s to early 2000’s it was all about the X-Men. You couldn’t go without seeing them in anything whether it be cartoons, video games, movies, whatever. They were essentially franchise viagra because you could put them in something and whatever that something is would only become more awesome. Case and point the Marvel vs Capcom games which all started from the X-Men Children of the Atom. So as you can see it’s gonna take a lot to translate all of that awesomeness to the big screen and juggle all of those characters. And I think Marvel Studios has proven that they know how to hand pick directors who’re are gonna do their properties justice. If you ask me I think it would be wise if they considered bringing back 1 of their former directors to work on the X-Men. And that is the guy who proved that we could even have a successful Avengers movie, Joss Whedon. Say what you want about how he stifled the moment of the Avengers in Age of Ultron. And how you think the Russo Bros. fixed what he messed up. But if it wasn’t for Joss Whedon the Russo’s wouldn’t necessarily know how to handle a star studded team. Whedon pretty much laid down the blue print and landed Marvel’s first billion dollar film. Not to mention that although the Russo’s have been a major contribution to characters like Captain America and the latest Avengers films. Keep in mind that they had help. Because while there 2 men directing, there was also 2 men screen writing all the films the Russo’s have worked on. Those writers being Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely. Two guys who’ve been around since the first Captain America film. So the Russo’s had a decent amount of help. Guess how many it took to write and direct the 1st 2 Avengers films? 1 person and it’s Joss Whedon. That shows the level of passion & talent the man has. And this is no disrespect to what the Russo’s but Whedon was the first to successfully put the main cast you know & love into 1 movie and make them play off each other. And I think it should be credited to his knowledge of the lore. He knows what makes the characters awesome and he’s managed to translate that to the big screen in the form of these epic sequences that look like splash pages brought to life. So he’s proven that he’s worthy of directing a movie with a dynamic team like the X-Men. And I’m not sure if a lot of you are aware of this but Joss Whedon has written for Marvel comics way before he was hired to write & direct their movies. And 1 of if not the best works has been the Astonishing X-Men comics. This took place after Grant Morrison’s run and essentially retcons and slightly reboots certain aspects of earlier X-Men comics. And they were freaking awesome. There’s so many things that Whedon did right with these characters. From opting to reduce the number of members to tell a more focused story. To actually putting the X-Men in their original costumes. Which were for the longest time these crappy leather uniforms that Grant Morrison insisted they wear because he thought it didn’t make sense for a covert team to wear vibrant colors. But as we see in today’s Marvel films that couldn’t be any further from the truth. But anyways yeah, Whedon would be a prime candidate. He’s come up with some original ideas that have already made their way into the MCU. 1 of them being the Sentient World Observation and Response Department better known as S.W.O.R.D. During the development of the first Thor movie, Marvel Studios originally intended to feature the intergalactic agency in a post credit scene. But due to film right complications with 20th Century Fox who at the time owned the X-Men it was cut. Fast forward to 2019 in Spider-Man Far From Home, we see Nick Fury just chilling on large space station orbiting Earth, which is very reminiscent of S.W.O.R.D. It hasn’t been confirmed if this new ship is actually the S.W.O.R.D. agency but I think it’s safe to assume that it is the MCU films are going more cosmic. So yeah Marvel Studios didn’t waste anytime using some of those newly acquired X-Men entities which just so happens to be created by Joss Whedon. But I could go on and on with this video. I think you guys get my point and hopefully I didn’t bore you to death. Marvel Studios desperately needs to revamp the perception of the X-Men franchise. And with the right introduction and writers & directors I believe they’ll do just that. But what do you guys think? Did you like my theory of how Marvel could introduce the mutants into the MCU? And who do you think should direct the X-Men films? Lemme know down in the comments below. If you enjoyed the vid it would help me out tremendously if shared on social media outlets with all your friends and followers. Sharing really makes a difference. Once again I wanna thank you guys for the awesome turn-out on the last video and the massive amount of support you’re giving on all of my Marvel related videos. This has definitely inspired me to expand my channel brand to other platforms. And I think the first step in doing so is starting a website. That’s why I’ve linked up with Squarespace. I’ve always been 1 of those creators who’s very apprehensive about making my own website. Because like a lot of people I’m not that well-versed on web design or the creative process that goes into making a good website. Thankfully Squarespace makes this tedious chore a fun & easy process. It offers a very welcoming guide where you can create a powerful visual experience. And utilize templates made by some of the best designers in the world. 1 of the things that I think is gonna benefit me as well as you is how much traffic Squarespace is gonna bring to my website. Because they include all the best known practices for search engine optimization without the need of additional plugins. So what are you waiting on? Head over to Squarespace.com with me for a free trial, and when you’re ready to launch, go to squarespace.com/randomblackgamer to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain. The link will be in the description and pinned in the comments below so you got no excuse. But anyways this was your boy RBG signing out on another video. I’ll catch you guys later. Peace out.

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  35. Best theory Ive heard! MCU does operate in current times, with all that back in time stuff with it will be refreshing to see the mutants devolp over time into the X-men we love and have that 2012 avenger feeling . I always wondered how the maximof twins got their powers in the MCU, so it makes sense that muntants will be people with dormant abilities that unlocked due to the snap mixed with Wanda developing reality manipulation in the new Dr strange movie, with a dash of experimentation to replicate super soldiers personally, I'd love the introduction of mutants to be with Storm in black panther 2. its rumored that Namor will be the protagonist as he is the first mutant. Very excited

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  37. I agree 100%. I think some people became mutants in the past and that was the first experiments like Logan then did it on the public which created Charles X & Eric and a few other older mutants powers and they went in hiding trying to find more like then and hid coz of Charles powers and then he found the OG X men but then the snap happened and they got dusted so a new team (giant size x men) was made in the 5 years coz more mutants were made. Now more mutants = more bait = people find out about them and the X-Men go public. I want old men Steve (New Head of shield) and (Head of sword) nick fury to find it out in secret coz its deep down in old shield/hydra files

  38. They should pay it out as the reason why people hate mutants but love other powered hero is that, mutants are the next gen and will replace humans 1day +they should do something like lots of people died round the world in the course of a year coz powers were beginning activated and the avengers has to be neutral coz they cant be picking sides as that will piss of the public and thats why the avengers barely get involved with mutants problems

  39. There is one thing I was thinking thou… Thanos said before he ofred gamorah for the soul stone.. he said he already gave up his dreams once, never again.. what if way before the avengers he already used the gauntlet and snapped the x-men.. and now that hulk snapped everyone taken by the snap also returned the xmen. They could totally start with Thanos vs the Xmen ends it with the Xmen being snapped then with an end credit scene them returning but years later after that snap. What do you think? Haha

  40. I need for Cyclops to finally be a true leader and just the guy who loved Jean. I need Storm to be somewhat tall, brown skin if not darker, blue eyes long hair and second to Cyclops. She needs to have a presence and motivation on the team. And to showcase her powers. And overall I need the team battles to be worth something and look like something

  41. Mutant Genome has been pass down to all generations but Inactive unless exposed to Cosmic Energy such as “snappening”!

  42. I agree with you on who should direct the music I want to see is Iceman I would love to see and Iceman and human torch movie their books or great they came up with three or four of them in the 60s and 70s

  43. I think Whedon did a great job with A1 and Ultron. If he gets the X-men , I just hope he doesn’t turn Logan into a middle eastern female.

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