Newly-Discovered Trump Tax Documents Show Mysterious Inconsistencies

Newly-Discovered Trump Tax Documents Show Mysterious Inconsistencies

Michael Cohen told Congress in February
that Donald Trump cooked the books on his company’s tax documents. Trump wouldn’t turn over those documents, but ProPublica reporter Heather Vogell found some of them anyway. Trump reported on tax forms that his company spent more than $740,000 on property insurance for its
building at 40 Wall St. in 2017. But on loan documents, Trump reported
that the company spent significantly less on property insurance for the building that year. The $287,000 discrepancy made the building appear more profitable to the lender and less profitable to the officials who calculated the building’s property tax. Trump reported conflicting
information about the occupancy rate at 40 Wall St. Tax experts told us
that lenders see more steeply rising occupancy level as a sign of “leasing
momentum,” which could make a property appear more valuable. Find out more about these discrepancies and others we found in Trump’s tax documents at

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  1. Meh , show us the Clinton emails and your fancy investigating skills working for the people and maybe I won't think you're a bunch of hacks working for the DNC .

  2. Democrats are scamming Americans and broken up the impeachment scam into four committees so that they can subpoena people, access vital information, call witnesses, and so on while they ram it all through a secretive House Intelligence Committee and while they say the WH and Republicans will not be allowed to subpoena others, etc, as,they are doing.

    Then to top it all off, Democrats have declared if Trump and the WH say no to this Kangaroo Court and fail to bow and scrape before Democrats then they are somehow obstructing.

    Dems are effectively saying the trial of Trump will be held at 3PM, verdict at 4, followed by a hanging at 5.

  3. Look closely the first example was for employee's and the other was for property …………yes the insurance would be different dumbass. page not found….what I expected must be CNN

  4. "No clear explanation" it's pretty obvious they were lying. I'm sure Trump's personal returns are full of weird discrepancies

  5. cool ……. But, uhhh, WHO CARES??? To use the words of your god, Hillary Clinton, "what difference does it make at this point?"

  6. Notice they didnt show the full doc's. They are hiding something. They are not showing the dates also. They should have journalistic integrity and tell us they are rabid liberal Trump haters.

  7. The human trash supporting Trump would walk off of a cliff if he told them to do so. These blind, conspiracy perpetuating, brain stem thinkers need to be deported to Russia.

  8. I see discrepancies in this reporting, tale a look at the entry for "repairs and Maintenance" $1,653,485 reported on tax doc, and $4,982,764 for the loan doc, ?? utilities also higher on loan doc, in the immortal words of Joe Pesci in My cousin Vinnie, "Im done with this one"……

  9. "There can be legitimate reasons for numbers to diverge between tax and loan documents, the experts noted" that makes this one more case of democrats in new York twisting the facts just like they've done with the russia and Ukraine hoaxes. In other words this story is fake news.

  10. Tax-subpoena appears to be looking only for hush-$$$-payments to women, and marked off as business expenses, according to Cohen!!!

  11. Propublica claims to be a non profit, non bias news organization. That's funny because they only employee partisan leftist/democrats and only publish DNC propaganda. If you doubt it go to their site and have a look at the propaganda they publish and who they employee. For bonus points check out where they get funding.

  12. ProPublica, a left -wing activist group funded by the literal nazi collaborator George Soros and hundreds of other dnc slush fund foundations.

  13. If you got to dig for past tax document then Trump must be close in destroying libtards burn snowflakes burn. Fisa brings down the house.

  14. Are SDNY and/or NY AG quietly looking into this already? Oh, and let's not forget NYT exposé of All County Building Maintenance and Supply dump-family tax-evasion scam.

  15. America doesn't need to see the tax returns of a billionaire that became president, America needs to see the tax returns of public servants that get paid $125k a year and became billionaires

  16. That background music was an odd choice to say the least. For the subject it just didn't fit. Anywho – take that malignant narcissist pathological lying sociopath and throw his orange ass in prison for life!

  17. Let's be real…of everything we know about Trump….finding out that he's committed tax fraud is probably one of the least surprising things ever.
    That said, it still needs to be fully investigated and added to the long list of crimes for his impeachment.

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